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~ Prologue ~

The little girl looked up at the man in front of her, hot tears running down her face as she shook her head. She stuttered and stammered his name over and over again as he raised a fist to punch her again.

She could hear her mum's whimpers in the background as she called her daughters name constantly, screaming out for her small daughter. She wanted to help, but she couldn't move. She had taken her own beating a minute ago and as much as she wanted to save her she couldn't do anything.

She felt ashamed that her own little girl, the tiny girl that she was supposed to protect was taking her daily beating that her own mother could not save her from. She wished she could do something but she was terrified.

Her daughter cried out for her mummy one more time, both of them knowing it was hopeless. She closed her eyes, ignoring the pain that rushed through her own body as she tried to focus on her own daughter. And then her little girl went quiet, and she opened her eyes and snapped her head up to look at her.

Her daughters eyes were closed, blood dripped heavily from her head as the man who had hurt her so much stood above her tiny body and laughed. She screamed out when he kicked her again and again despite the little girl being unconscious.

Only then did she find the energy to get up, run over to her daughter, ignoring her own broken bones, forgetting all about the blood that dripped from her. She shook her lightly and then looked up at her husband,

"How could you do this to her? To your own daughter?" She screamed and screamed at him, holding her daughter in her arms as she rocked her back and forth willing her to wake up. He ignored them both and then walked off to grab another shot of vodka, he grinned at them both before walking out of the house.

The woman just sat there, willing her eyes to open as she bit down hard on her lip. She refused to think about her own pain, her daughters pain was that much more important. Her daughters pain hurt more than any physical pain.

"Wake up." She croaked, holding the twelve year old close to her, her tears splashed onto her small child's skin. She knew she had to leave then, she knew that it was time to get out of there, if not for herself then for Allison.

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