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~ Chapter Eighteen ~

"I am so sorry about this officer, she makes all sort of trouble." Connie shook her head and looked at her daughter,

"Sonny don't do this, don't please." Sonny stood there with Chad and his mum, shaking her head, watching the tears fall down her mothers face,

"Tell them mum."

"She is lying." Sonny looked from Chad to her mum and then at the officers, her eyes settling back on her mum's black eye,

"Don't do this mum."

"Sonny, we can't do anything without your mums statement." She heard the officer whispered in her ear, she shook her head and ran towards the woman,

"Don't do this to me. You owe me!" She glared at her and bit down on her lip,

"You promised me! You said if he raised his voice even once and when he did, and worse, you let him back in anyway. Why are you so stupid? Just tell them mum, please." Tears ran down her face, Chad sighed and puled her back, watching his mum take Connie by she shoulders. He bit down on his lip when Connie nodded and smiled at the other woman who understood her more than anyone else,

"He's in the house." She whispered, nodding at the two officers who smiled and then ran past her, Sonny wrapped her arms around Chad and looked up at him, burying her head in his chest when her dad was brought out. Chad shook his head,

"Look at him Sonny, look at him. I want you to remember this for the rest of your life. Remember everything." Sonny looked up at Chad and frowned, she didn't want to remember any of this, Chad shook his head and held her in his arms as they both watched her father was taken away by the police.

"It's better to remember what you survived." Chad whispered to her, wiping away the tears that fell from her face, she nodded slowly and then sighed,

"I guess.." He nodded and then smiled,

"Take it from someone who knows." She wrapped her arms around him tighter and watched the police car drive away,

"It's over." She took a deep breath as she spoke, looking behind her as Sonny's and Chad's mum spoke to each other, she shook her head,

"Looks like they have made friends then." He nodded and then kissed her on the lips,

"They understand each other." He shrugged and then looked down at his girlfriend, brushing a hair out of her eyes and then kissing her again.

"You are never going to have to worry about anyone hurting you ever again, I will make sure of it." She nodded,

"I know." She put her head on his chest and then moved her hands up to his hair,

"Can I stay with you a while? I feel safer with you." He nodded and grinned,

"You would stay with me forever if it was up to me." She giggled, blushing a little and then shook her head, looking back at her mum,

"I will never understand why she let him do it again, I don't think I can even think about it anymore. I keep trying to come up with the possible reasons as to why she never phoned the police on him but I can't come up with one..."

"She was scared Sonny, just like you."

"I know but -" She shrugged and ran a finger through her own long hair, it had been a long night and she was about to fall asleep standing right there.

"It's okay, it's going to be okay soon." Chad smiled,

"It takes time to get over it but the nightmares soon stop and the fear leaves your eyes and although you will always remember it's always going to be a distant memory, something that you went through but overcome.. it makes you stronger." Sonny nodded and then closed her eyes as they stood there, knowing that for the first time in a long time nothing was going to happen to her, Chad was going to keep her safe. Love was enough.

~ The End ~