A/N: I'll make this author's note short. The outfit Kyouko's wearing is the same she wore in the manga, chapter 47, page 29. It's when she and Maria are investigating Kanae and dressing up as private detectives. I tried to describe it to the best of my ability, but hey, just thought you should know. Please, enjoy. See you all around campus. ;)

February 15

The calm after the storm. After all the chaos and broken hearts Valentine's Day ensued, the day after was usually calm, like walking onto a battlefield a few hours after the battle. The casualties are still laying around, the blood still fresh but the madness and bloodthirsty nature has already gone from the scene. The cleansing can begin now, healing can flourish in the quiet brokenness. Scars will still remain, however, and they never go away entirely. But for the most part, February 15 can be thought of as the antithesis to the fourteenth. It was not an anthem to couples and love, but a tribute to singles and strength.

And so, on this quiet day, a young woman with short hair dressed herself in the early morning, far earlier than even the time this early riser usually gets up. She shrugged on a trench-coat and did up the buttons of the work coat she wore underneath. She snapped the gloves over her tiny hands, testing their flexibility. Flipping a hat on her head and pushing sunglasses up to her eyes, she turned to look at herself in the mirror. This outfit brought back memories, walking beside little sister and following her best friend secretively. Well, this morning the objective was quite different. She wasn't looking out for anyone's well-being or trying to find secrets. She was working alone here, with only one purpose in mind: revenge.

Slipping out of her room and down the stairs, she glanced at the clock. The couple she stayed with shouldn't be up for another hour, before they had to get ready for the day. Perfect timing. She had plenty of time to work her dark magic before returning. Quietly closing the door behind her, she disregarded the bicycle, leaning against the side of the building, instead opting to walk. Her destination was across the city, but public transportation could get her there fast enough. She walked to the end of the street and paused.

A casual observer would not see anything in her stance or face to give her away. In fact, the only thing they would see would be a young woman, dressed in dark detective-style, with her eyes closed in the pale light of dawn. But if you were gifted in the supernatural, you could see her aura pulsing as the gateways to her soul opened, allowing one tiny presence to join its master on the Tokyo sidewalk. The little monster appeared nervous, as if it was afraid of something out in the streets, but it calmed under the steady hand of the young woman. There was a moment of reconnection between master and demon before both opened their eyes. The demon settled itself on her shoulder, hiding underneath the large brim of her hat. The young woman turned on her heel, walking confidently to her destination. At the next street, she walked underneath the plastic shading of the bus stop, checking her watch. Satisfied, she looked up and around, scanning for the bus. A mere heartbeat later, the metal beast rumbled its way around the corner, stopping to pick up its only new passenger; the young woman.

She took her seat near the middle, a window seat that overlooked the sidewalk. She sat in total silence, never reaching for her phone or a music player or making conversation with the few other passengers also on board. She checked her watch occasionally, but mostly seemed content with watching the city pass slowly by her window. Every once in a while, her demon whispered something in her ear, and the young woman would nod in agreement. Twenty minutes passed like this, her sitting there and watching with unseeing eyes as she watched the city wake up.

Then her stop came up, and she got up, giving the driver his money before disembarking in one of the wealthier neighborhoods of the city. She navigated her way amongst high-rises and skyscrapers until she came to a stop in the middle of the sidewalk, near a lamppost. Resting a hand against the cool metal of the lamppost, she looked up to the building across the street. It was an apartment complex, no different than the many others she passed on her way to this place. Her demon abandoned her shoulder, nodding and pointing excitedly to the building. With a placating smile, she calmed her demon, and then smirked.

Every gateway she had erupted open, and many demons, identical to the one that had been on her shoulder, streamed from her being, gathering in a dark purple ribbon above her head. They seethed with malice, begging to be released for a few moments of black intent. When their numbers totaled in the hundreds of thousands, she nodded once, and that was all the permission they needed.

Bursting from their places, every last demon deserted her, leaving her on the street below, as they rushed towards one of the windows of the apartment complex, cackling with evil pleasure. The onslaught was headed by that first demon, who charged into the window with viciousness. The demons moved in a torrent through the window, and in a moment all of them were inside, and February 15 was quiet once more.

For a mere moment that held true. The young woman held her breath in anticipation until the rooms beyond the window exploded with activity. Her demons were raising hell in there. She couldn't see it, but she knew what they were doing. Driving themselves into a frenzy, they worked in those few moments when the sole occupant of the apartment was asleep. They trashed the place, overthrowing furniture, shredding the carpet, tearing apart shrines, and throwing themselves against the walls, denting it. Working quickly lest the occupant wake and find them, a small squadron (totaling 1,502 demons) painted on one of the walls one message. Amidst the chaos their fellows were building, it could very well be missed, had it not extended from floor to ceiling. Painted in the matter from their hate-filled world of emotion were the words: Damn Beagle!

Down on the streets below, their master signaled the retreat. In a moment, the demons made their escape, draining out of the room as quickly as they had flooded into it. The last ones were exiting the apartment when the occupant, an attractive man in his early twenties, stumbled out of his bedroom and found his apartment trashed and dirtied by paranormal beings.

The master sucked all the demons back into her, and, satisfied that all of her forces were inside her again, none of them trapped inside the apartment, she set off down the street, back to the bus stop that would take her back to her place. The man just barely made it to the window in time to see her back as she rounded a corner and was lost to sight.

As she made her way back in the strengthening light of day, a brightly colored sign caught her eye. Turning her head, she saw that it was an advertisement in a display window, colored bright pink and purple with white accents.

Been slighted by your dear? asked the sign, Tired of love? Here are the perfect chocolates for you! Suited for only one person, with the themes being "hate", "revenge" and "goodbye". Buy one and flaunt it to his face! Take one home and show her just how much you don't need her! For a limited time only.

Smirking at the good timing of the sign, she entered the store. Nodding in greeting to the man behind the counter, she made her way to the table that displayed the chocolates, in all their multicolored glory. Picking up a few boxes, she deduced that the pink boxes were "hate", the purple ones were "revenge" and the white was "goodbye". Selecting a purple box, she paid for it using the only money she had on her; the thirty yen she had tried to give back to him. Smiling as the man thanked her for her patronage, she exited the store, holding the box in one hand as she made her way home. The sun finally broke its way over the low buildings, and the woman squinted in the sudden brightness. All in all, it was a good day's work, and the day had barely begun.