Here guys, i hope you like this story. I watched the movie "Bootcamp" recsently and thats where this idea came from. So if you like the story, you'd love the movie. Hope you like it.

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Chapter 1

I awoke when the freezing cold water was splashed against my face.

"What the hell is going on?" I screamed, looking around in terror.

"Get up." A deep voice said, grabbing my arm and hauling me off my bed.

"Put these on." a female spoke, throwing a pile of ugly clothes at me.

"Hurry up!" the boy yelled. He was scary! I obeyed swiftly, hauling the orange shirt over my head and tying up the pants. They were the same color as the shirt. Ugh

"Come on." The man tied my hands behind my back with handcuffs and began to walk forcefully leading me down the staircase. My mom and stepdad were standing at the bottom.

"Mom, Brian why are you letting them do this? What did I ever do?" I screamed in their direction and tried to kick the man. His grip tightened. "OW! He s hurting me!! Mom! Why don t you help?" I said between kicks.

"They ll help you Bella." She said, wiping tears from her face. Brian glared in my direction.

"Help? How are they going to help?! I ve done nothing wrong!"

"Shut up and listen to them." Brian yelled.

"You shut up Brian! Nobody likes you. I ve always hated you." I yelled, still trying to roundhouse kick the man s face. "Get the hell off of me, you ..."

"I said to shut up. Shut your frigin mouth Isabella Swan. You are a bitch!" Look at me! Brian grabbed my face, digging his pinky fingers into my cheeks and stared me in the eye. "You are a bitch." He repeated. Tears began to run down my cheeks. I could see my mother bawling behind him.

"Let go of her." The man behind me said. "We ll take care of this." He said as the woman opened the door. "Come on Bella." He said, dragging me out the door.

"There was a big, black S.U.V waiting for us." The woman reached in the front door and picked up a piece of black cloth. She slowly walked over to me and tied it around my eyes.

"It s alright," she spoke quietly. "Nobody is going to hurt her. She will be absolutely fine! And when she comes back, her attitude will be completely different." She reassured my family.

"I will not be fine! Look, they re hurting me already!"

"You haven t seen anything yet. I suggest you stop talking before I m forced to actually show you pain." The man whispered in my ear while pushing me into the trunk of the cold vehicle. It was suddenly silent. I guessed he shut the door. I heard another door open and the car shook.

"Alright, let s get outta here before they change their minds." The woman laughed. I heard the door close.

"Damn." The male said, loudly.

"What the hell Emmett?" the woman screamed at him. "Your such an idiot." I heard a slapping noise.

"Ow. Don t hit me. Besides, I closed the door on my foot. I think that s enough pain."

"How do you even manage?" the woman asked. "Just start the car."

"Fine." He said. I heard the ignition rev up and we started moving. "Oh, be carful back there." He laughed as I began rolling around beating my body all around the back of the vehicle.

"Ow!" I cried.

"You ll get used to it." The woman laughed.

"How long do you want to drive for Rosalie?"

Please, don t drive for long! I thought as I beat my head off the floor.

"Let s go for a couple hours." The woman laughed.