HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (why do I do that?)

Zoe, Takuya and Shinya reached the group of trees, they looked around for a kitten but didn't even find a hair.

"Takuya? I thought you said he was here?" Zoe asked with teary eyes.

"He must of gone some were else then…" Takuya pondered. Zoe burst into a shower tears.

"Ah Zoe please stop crying!" Takuya started panicking.

"But what if he's dead!" Zoe cried.

"Please stop crying everyone's starting to look!"

"I don't care!"

"I can smell the cat!" Shinya squealed jumping in the air. As he said this Zoe stopped crying and Takuya stared at his brother with a worried look.

"You… erm… smell him?" Takuya asked.

"Yes! He smells like carrots YUCKY!" Shinya wrinkled his nose.

"Do carrots have a smell?" Zoe whispered into Takuya's ear.

"I don't know but Shinya's scaring me!" Takuya whispered back.

"I can hear you whispering! I have senses like a lizard!" Shinya laughed.

"A lizard?" Zoe sighed.

"Shinya, if you can really smell Kouji take us to him!" Takuya stated. Shinya got on all fours and bounded off.

"Ok… I don't think even I'M that weird…" Takuya sighed.

"Let's go then!" Zoe said following Shinya.

"WAIT UP LIZARD BUDDY THE IGUANA IS COMING!" Takuya squealed running after Shinya.

"Erm… I'm surrounded by reptiles!" Zoe grumbled.

Shinya led Takuya the iguana and Zoe to Kouichi's house.

"Shinya you just led us to Kouichi's house…" Zoe pointed out.

"And that's were fluffy carrot smelling kitty is!" Shinya giggled.

"Ok I'll ask Kouichi then." Zoe walked up to Kouichi's door and rang the door bell.


Kouji ran to Kouichi's house.

"Crap I can't get in!" Kouji hissed. He saw his mum coming back from the shopping and an idea struck him.

He walked up to his mum and started weaving in and out of her legs purring and trying to look adorable.

"Oh my what an adorable kitten!" His mum squealed a little girl squeal. This is so humiliating!

"Why don't I take you inside and get you some milk!" His mum scooped him up with her one free arm and carried him into the kitchen. YES! I am in! His mum set out a dish of milk then started unloading the shopping she had just bought. I better… That milk looks good… Kouji ran up to the dish and started lapping at the milk.

Shit kitty moment! He pulled himself away from the milk and ran out of the kitchen. He headed towards his brothers bedroom hoping he was in.

"WHAT!? THE DAMN DOOR IS CLOSED!" Kouji spat. He flexed his sheathed his claws and started scratching at the door. A few moments later the door swung open and Kouichi was standing there looking pretty pale.

"Oh it's just a cat." He sighed.

"WAIT!? A CAT!?" He suddenly dropped down to his knees and looked into Kouji's eyes.

"Hey you're that cat that Takuya found aren't you?" He asked. Kouji nodded his head.

"Wow you really are a smart cat." Hmmm maybe because I'M HUMAN!

"Your eyes remind me of Kouji. Isn't that your name?" Kouji nodded again.

Suddenly the door bell sounded and Kouichi abandoned Kouji to answer the door.

T/n OMG! Will Kouji get Kouichi to understand? Or will he have to go back to powder puff land with Zoe? Or maybe even go with Takuya to the super reptiles united base! lol

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