Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Legendary & Ancient Discoveries

Book I



It consumes the light, allowing evil to stir. If darkness consumes what is righteous and powerful, then what will happen? This is a question that has been asked for centuries, never with an answer. Until one fateful night.

"Come to your senses!" a pokemon plead.

"This isn't right! You're defying ancient laws!" another shouted.

"Put Palkia and Dialga down now!" a third pokemon commanded.

"Silence!" barked the pokemon that held the Time and Space pokemon hostage. "You all try to stop me using your words, but are any of you courageous enough to really stop me?!"

The pokemon all backed away sheepishly.

"That's what I thought." The pokemon gloated in a quiet and smooth tone.

"What are you doing?! Fight him!" Palkia roared.

"Be quiet!" The mysterious pokemon shouted as he punished Palkia with a stinging attack.

The captor of the two pokemon looked into the distance and saw others advancing to the scene. "Well, I'd love to stay and be punished, but I must go!" He said. He then released the binds on Palkia and Dialga, only to replace them with glowing blue chain-link reins. "Palkia, Dialga, I command you! Open the rift!" The two pokemon were reluctant, but they knew they had no choice. Their eyes glowed a fearsome red. The gems on their bodies glowed as well. The fan-like part at Dialga's lower back grew, as did Palkia's wings, and they both roared their infamous and mighty roars at the moon.

A gigantic time-space portal opened up behind them and their kidnapper flew in, the Time and Space pokemon unwillingly following behind.

After a short trip through the rift, the three pokemon appeared through a smaller portal in the sky of a small moonlit town. The mystery pokemon was infuriated. "You fools! This is not our destination!"

Dialga took advantage of the pokemon's lowered gaurd and blind sided him. The pokemon was angered even further by this, and began to charge an attack against Dialga when Palkia shot a ball of powerful energy at his captor.

"That's it!" He said. He pulled on the reins and the pokemon once again opened a portal, this time leading to the correct place. "Now that you've opened the RIGHT portal, I guess it's time to punish you two for that insubordination just now!" He charged a dark purple attack in his mouth and released it on his captives at point blank range. Pieces of this attack rained upon the dark, sleepy town, and crashed into the ground and some buildings. The pokemon grabbed it's now unconscious hostages by the reins and took off into the portal with them, leaving no trace behind, excluding the meteorites from his attack.

The entire town was awakened, and everybody rushed outside. But even with the whole town outside, one boy in particular stayed in his room. He was too amazed by the dark piece of the brilliant attack that had crashed into his room and woken him up, with purple fire still burning at some parts. Unfortunately, this boy did not go outside to join his parents and fellow townsfolk. This young lad was curious. So he went over and touched the meteorite. There was a sudden flash of light, and then a scream that was cut off. The child's parents had heard the scream and noticed he wasn't with them, so they rushed to their house and ran up to their son's room to see if he was okay. But when they got to his room, the boy-and the meteorite-were gone.

Revised 12-6-09