Hello again, everyone! I've got you this week's response for TheTwilightChallenge's challenge. In this one, Edward must face all alone the decision of letting Bella die or make her a vampire after killing James in Twilight. As you all must remember, in the book, all the members of his family (minus Rosalie and Esme) are with him in the ballroom. Here's what happens... and don't forget to review after! :)

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by Dazzle Me Again

Why was this happening to her? I knew why; it was all because of me. Because I couldn't leave her alone, live her human, normal life like she was supposed to. I was a selfish monster, and she was dying because of it. Her moans were breaking my already dead heart; I couldn't bear to see her suffering like this. She was badly injured—her right leg was broken, along with a few of her ribs, and her head injury didn't look good at all. As I was looking for more injuries, I saw it—the bite mark. The bastard had bitten her! He had bitten my angel. I hadn't seen it when I read his thoughts before finishing him off. I had only heard about Alice, and how proud he was of himself and his plan— how it all had worked out the way he wanted… until I killed him, of course.

I had to make a choice; either let the transformation take its course and make her a monster just like I was, or suck the venom out of her petite body and let her die as a human. Neither of the choices was acceptable. How could I choose? How could I make such a decision with her life at stake like this? Was I able to live without her? No, I already knew I couldn't live in a world where Bella didn't exist; it was impossible, unimaginable. But how could I live with myself if I let the transformation finish and she hated me afterwards? She seemed okay with what I was, but forcing her into this lifestyle wasn't my choice to make. It was her life… and it was slipping away quickly before my eyes.

Then I remembered Alice's vision. She had seen Bella as a vampire, a true member of our family, one of us. What if it was this moment, this decision that led to that vision? I had seen it, too—she looked so happy, and I looked so happy… we could be together for eternity. But Alice's visions weren't always accurate, they changed sometimes. What if it had changed since the last time I talked to her? What if that first vision was wrong? I couldn't make a decision like this only trusting that one vision would come true. I couldn't risk Bella's future like that.

Her screams got louder and louder as the seconds passed by. And even in the state she was now, she was still the most beautiful creature I had ever seen; she was an angel, and she shouldn't be suffering like this. An angel like her should not be harmed in any way. Her now hoarse voice was mumbling something about the fire, and I winced; I could still remember the feeling of my transformation. I knew the venom was spreading through her veins, slowly burning everything in its path. I had to do something; either suck it out or bite her myself for the transformation to be quicker and more thorough. I needed to decide soon, or there wasn't going to be a choice to make at all. I wasn't one hundred percent sure of my choice, I could never be. But I couldn't dwell anymore on what ifs.

I bit her.