My life with a Teenage Invader

In the city of Tremorton, we see it is very peaceful and calm, with birds chirping and the sweet sound of silence…well..except for the giant rocket in the middle of the street! Tied to it, was Brad Carbunkle and his little brother, Tucker "Tuck" Carbunkle. On a platform we can see the ex-queen of Cluster Prime, Vexus, who was laughing evilly and had a remote control in her hand. On the ground stood Jenny, with an angry expression on her face.

"Give it up Vexus!" Jenny screamed and Vexus gained a serious face.

"NEVER! I shall have my revenge, since YOU ruined MY LIFE!" Vexus yelled and proceeded to laugh. Vexus swinged her arm in the air, ready to push the button that would send Jenny's friends into outer space.

"Oh no you don't!" Jenny said and ran over to Vexus and transformed her arm into a giant flyswatter. Vexus stopped right before she was about to push the button, when she saw the giant flyswatter.

"That's a giant flyswatter! Isn't it?" Vexus said in a somewhat frightened tone.

"Yup" Jenny simply said with a smile.

"HHHHAAAAAAAA!" Vexus screamed and started to run, only to be squashed like a bug, by Jenny. Jenny lifted her flyswatter arm to find that Vexus was stuck on it and made a proclaimed "Eeeewwwwww!".

"Curse…you….XJ9!" Vexus weakly said with anger. Jenny walked over to the rocket and un-tied her friends.

"Thanks Jenny!" Both the two said with happiness. Jenny's arm returned back to normal and Vexus fell down with a loud thud. Jenny picked up Vexus and placed her on the rocket, then proceeded to wrap the rope around her waist.

"W-what are you doing?!" Vexus asked, gaining her energy back, looking scared.

"Tying you to the rocket, of course. This way, I won't have to worry about you anymore and you won't hurt my friends!" Jenny said with delight and anger. Jenny picked up the broken remote and fixed it and pressed the "Launch" button. A countdown screen appeared on the top of the rocket and started to go down.

Vexus looked up at the screen and then at Jenny, who was smiling and waving.

"You know I really should have seen this coming but, oh well!" Vexus said with some surprise and frowned. The countdown was at 3, then 2, and finally 1. The rocket blasted off into the sky.

"CURSE YOU XJ9!" Vexus screamed at the top of her lungs and went threw Earth's atmosphere. Vexus looked right and left to see nothing coming that would cause the rocket to explode, but gasped when she saw that the rocket was heading straight into an asteroid!

"Why ME?" Vexus said to herself, whimpering and the rocket imploded with the asteroid. Vexus drifted into space, only to be hit with very small meteorites, but was able to dodge them. She laughed out loud, only to be hit by a much larger meteorite and screamed while being sent into deep space.

Back on Earth, we see that Jenny transformed herself into a telescope and the three saw the whole thing. They were laughing like crazy.

"Man, you sure showed Vexus!" Brad said while tears of laughter went down his cheeks.

"Yeah!" Jenny replied and continued to laugh. Tuck looked like he was going to die from all the laughter, but was able to stop.

"Great work Jen! You really are amazing!" Tuck said.

"Yup, I am amazing! I can take care of anything!" Jenny proclaimed and did a heroic pose.

"Hey! How about we get a soda?" Brad asked. The other two nodded and went off to go get a soda.

A/N : Tell me what you think, okay? This chapter doesn't deal with Zim, because I wanted to show what happens to Vexus, since I might want to make a sequel to this after I finish it. I already have the ending planned. In the next chapter Zim decides to move to Tremorton. Also, the reason I haven't updated anything is because I'm lazy right now, BUT don't worry for I shall make another chapter to my Teen Titans story. Bye!