My life with a Teenage Invader Part 3

In Jenny's room, it was peaceful and quite. Not one little sound could be heard…well, except for Jenny's snoring that is! Jenny a-woke from sleep mode and yawned. Jenny got up and left her room. She walked down the stairs and saw her "mother", Nora Wakeman in a robe and sipping some coffee.

"Morning mom" Jenny greeted her, picking up a can of oil and punching a straw into it.

"Good morning XJ9" Nora said to Jenny.

"Mom! I told you to call me Jenny, remember?" Jenny asked, getting annoyed that her mom would always forget to call her Jenny.

"Oh right! Sorry dear!" Nora said, then chuckled and sat down at the table. Jenny walked over to the window and peered out and gave a gasp!

"Jenny! What is it!" Nora asked while getting up from her seat.

"We have a new neighbor!" Jenny exclaimed and almost screamed with joy. Nora walked up beside Jenny and peered out the window. Sure enough, their stood a green house with windows on the front and a satellite on the roof, but what was the weird part was that there were giant gnomes all over the yard. It sorta freaked Nora out, but she let it slide.

"Mom, we should introduce our self's!" Jenny said and was about to run out the door but Nora stopped her.

"Hold on Jenny! We have no idea what the person or people that live there is like! You better let me talk and then you can talk to them, okay?" Nora asked.

"I guess so" Jenny replied slowly and started to walk up to her room. Nora quickly went to her room and got dressed. She left the house and walked toward Zims' house.

Meanwhile inside the Base

Zim was out of his disguise and was watching a movie with Gir. Zim sighed with relief and joy and turned to Gir, who was getting a bag of un-popped popcorn.

"It feels so much better…and quieter without the Dib-human! Isn't it?" Zim asked Gir.

"You mean the big-headed kid? YEAH! It is quieter!" Gir replied.

"Yeah, he sure does have a big head! It's probably the BIGGEST head in the universe!" Zim said to Gir. Suddenly, their was a knock on the door and Zim started to panic.

"Hhhhaaaaaaaa! The humans have found me out! Gir, go down into the base and wait for me!" Zim said and Gir started to walk toward the toilet.

"If you hear the screams of ZIM! Come to my rescue!" Zim said while putting on his disguise and Gir nodded while jumping down the toilet. Zim walked over to the door and opened it to see Nora Wakeman. When Nora saw Zim, she gasped at seeing his green skin and no ears.

"Um, y-you do-don't have any ear's!" Nora almost screamed.

"Ah yes, it's because I have a rare skin condition" Zim said, relieved that the humans hadn't figured him out.

"Oh I almost forgot about that disease! It isn't so often is it?" Nora asked, dumbstruck that she had forgotten about that a-while ago.

"I'm Nora Wakeman. Your neighbor" Nora said with a smile.

"I AM ZIM!" Zim proclaimed loudly.

"Are you the owner of this house?" Nora asked, while trying to look inside his house.

"Yes, yes I am. I'm very short for my age" Zim said.

"Oh, would you care to join me at my house? So we can get to know each other?" Nora asked. Zim stood their for a few seconds, deciding what to do.

"I don't want to leave Gir all alone. He might break something important! But, I don't want this Nora-human suspecting that I'm an alien! Plus, I'll only be gone for a minute" Zim said to himself.

"Okay, but only for a few minutes" Zim said and went with Nora to her house. When Zim walked in, he saw loads of advance technology! He quickly ran from one spot to another. Zim gasped and picked up a large device that looked like a turret gun.

"A hyper-powered plasma-inducing turret rifle! I haven't created one is weeks!" Zim said and looked quite amazed, even though it was created by a human.

"Hm, you must be a man of science!" Nora asked.

"You could say that!" Zim said.

"Well, I think their's someone you would love to meet then!" Nora said and Zim had a confused look on his face.

"XJ9! Could you come down here for a moment!" Nora said and suddenly Jenny walked down the stairs.

"Hi, you must be our new neighbor! It's nice to meet you" Jenny said to Zim, who's mouth was a-gapped. Zim quickly regained his posture.

"I am the almighty Zim! Creator of machinery!" Zim said with a proud smile.

"Cool, I'm XJ9, but you can call me Jenny. Um, is there a reason why you have green skin?" Jenny asked.

"Ugh, I've got a rare…VERY RARE skin condition" Zim said with anger.

"Whoa! Sorry! Didn't mean to get you mad!" Jenny said and stuck out her arm for a handshake. Zim calmed down and stuck out his arm for the handshake, but when Jenny clamed down on Zims' hand he screamed in pain! Jenny quickly let go of Zims'.

"Oh, I'm sssoooooo sorry! Is it broken!" Jenny asked, very worried! Zim was on the ground but quickly got up.

"I'm fine" Zim replied. Then suddenly, Gir rocketed throw the window! Jenny and Nora gasped at the sight of Gir, who wasn't in his disguise.

"GIR! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Zim screamed with rage at the top of his lungs. Gir walked over to Zim.

"You told me if I heard the screams of YOU! I was to come and get ya!" Gir said and then Zim remembered.

"Oh yeah! I did, didn't I!" Zim said with ease. Both Jenny and Nora were in shock. What stood in front of them was a robot that was even shorter than Zim!

"Did you create him?" Nora finally asked, still amazed at the sight of the robot.

"Hm? Of course! I am the great ZIM! I put my blood and tears into him!" Zim said with proud, though he was actually trying to think of a way to make sure they didn't figure out that he was an alien. Quickly, Jenny picked up Zim and Gir and hugged them.

"WOW! I don't believe this! A new neighbor AND a new robotic friend!" Jenny said and let go of the two. Nora walked over to Gir, who waved at her.

"Hi there! I be Gir. Nice to meet ya!" Gir said and walked over to a wall.

"Amazing!" Nora said and then saw Gir hitting himself over the wall and singing the doom song. Nora turned to Zim and gave him a "what's with him?" look.

"He still has some bugs to…work around" Zim said and picked up Gir and the two turned to look at Jenny and Nora.

"Now, this is our little secret, okay? No one and I mean NO ONE must ever know about this EVER, okay?" Zim asked, pleading they wouldn't tell or it would be the end of him.

"Why not?" Jenny asked.

"Because Jen-ny! Gir doesn't go…good with the pub-lic! If he ever is in public then it would result in horrible DOOM FOR US ALL! He would probably destroy and enslave all of humanity, that is until I can fix him of course!" Zim said.

"Oh my! Well then, we promise not to tell anyone! Right Jenny?" Nora asked.

"Sure mom" Jenny simply replied. Zim let go of Gir and he turned around to leave, but Gir stayed and looked at Jenny.

"Come on Gir!" Zim said and motioned Gir to follow.

"Bye-bye pretty robot girl!" Gir said and ran out the door with Zim. Zim closed the door and quickly picked up Gir and ran into his house.

"Gir, how could you! You almost gave us away!" Zim yelled.

"Sorry master" Gir said very sadly.

"Well, don't worry about it. The human and robot promised to not tell, but I'll have to erase their minds sometime, though the robot seems quite……interesting! I'll have to study about her!" Zim said and then went into an evil laugh.

Meanwhile in Jenny's house

Nora was still amazed by the little robot, while Jenny was blushing from what Gir had said to her.

"Well, This morning was pretty interesting!" Nora said and went outside to pick up the newspaper.

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