Hello everyone!

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and if you haven't? Let me know!

I want to know what you liked, I want to know what you hated, as long as it's constructive it's good for me to know! This story started as a little side project for me way back in 2009 as a way to kill time while awaiting the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum and it ended up turning into a labor of love (more labor than love if I'm honest!) that refused to let me go until I'd seen it through to the end. It's been a long run and there were a few times when I really just wanted to abandon it but I'm really glad to see it all the way through to the end.

If you really liked this story I hope you'll let me know, and if you want more of my work you can look forward to an original piece, not on FictionPress, but on store shelves! I hope to have it there by early 2014, and if you liked my character work in Inside Eden's Mind you'll love what I can do with original characters!

As for Poison Ivy, this is the end of this adventure for her but my hope is to go back and revise the chapters, cleaning up typos, errors in grammar, and other things easily overlooked when I first started this as nothing but a simple bit of fan fiction. I'll be honest when I say I don't know how often I'll revise chapters. The college semester is starting back up soon and it'll keep me very busy, but I'll keep a list on this page to note which chapters have been revised.

Thank you so very much for reading my story, supporting my work, and encouraging me to see it all the way through!