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N.E.S.T Base

Autobot Hanger

Dirty and Sore. That is how young Samuel Witwicky felt at this particular moment as he sat huddled in the corner, curled against his girlfriend's body. His hand rested idly on her hip as they faced each other in silence. No words were needed. Not now. There was something about 'saving the world' that made silence more appreciated than the small talk or chatter. The boy's clothes were ragged, burned, and torn beyond repair and more than likely to become another one of his 'saving the world' mementos. The black glyphs that decorated his arm, Cybertronian words almost long forgotten, set into his flesh marking him for the rest of his life.

Although in much better shape than her boyfriend, Mikaela Banes appeared to be just as filthy and worn. She moved closer, gently touching Sam's lips with her own. It was only a few hours ago that she had admitted her love for him and he for her. It was a memorable occasion, but then again seeing your boyfriend's lifeless body can have a strong effect on anyone. The fact that Samuel Witwicky was back with them, with her, from the dead was a gift from the departed seven Primes themselves. She would never forget their generosity.

Further off to the right and out of eavesdropping earshot, Judy Witwicky snuggled deeper into her husband's arm. Her red hair looked disheveled as it stuck out in every direction. Her clothes torn and covered in the Egyptian dust which had almost become her family's tomb. All of her family, including the metallic ones…

Ron sighed as he leaned down placing his chin upon his wife's hair. Relief was flooding off him in waves as he watched his son in the distance. He had never dreamed that the fruit of his loins could have become someone so important in Earth's history. The boy acted unselfishly without a second thought, as he battled for his life…no wait. Sam had not been concerned with himself at all. It was Ron, who had been concerned about that. Sam was too determined to save his friend's life. A slight chuckle left him, drawing his wife's attention.

Judy looked up, confusion evident on her face. "Ron?" She leaned back sitting into a more comfortable position for conversation. She couldn't help but mirror his mood as her own smile started to grow. Happiness, like most diseases, was contagious. "What's so funny?"

"I just realized something…" Ron's own eyes locked with Judy's as he placed her hand within his own patting it a few times. "Our son's best friends are giant alien robots…" Just

Outside the Hanger

A heavy stream of water rushed over metallic bodies bringing the necessary cooling relief each required. Large puddles of soap and mud filled water covered the concrete as soldiers hurried to clean the dust from each Autobot frame. A line had formed as each mech waited for their turn. Ratchet had disappeared as usual claiming to be finishing repairs on one of Arcee's motorcycle forms. It was a hoax of course.

Two of Arcee's forms had been placed into stasis lock to allow internal healing systems to work to finish what the medic could not. There was only so much one could do with repairs. It was all up to her now, but Ratchet showed no signs of worry about her recovery time. Things seemed to be in order, but the others couldn't help but be curious of his strange behavior.

"And there he goes again…" Ironhide commented off hand as a large brush ran down his side revealing his natural black painting. Someone in jest had taken the time to write 'wash me please' on his tailgate much to his annoyance. He had demanded that he be the first to wash after Optimus had turned the position down. "What's he doing in that stupid hanger anyway…?"

A silver deep-voiced mech to his left laughed shaking his head as the water pooled onto his helm catching in the crevices. His clawed hands moved wiping it off much like the woman from the shampoo commercials found on American television. It seemed that Sideswipe had picked up some of his brother's habits during his twins absence. "I don't know. Maybe he's a Decepticon spy sent here to give helm-aches with that bloody wrench of his…"

The silver mech had meant it as a joke, but quickly became quite when the recently arrived Jolt glared in his direction. Quickly, Sides put his hands up showing he meant no harm. A small yelp escaped him as a small electric current passed through his systems, giving him a momentary buzz. One of Jolt's electric whips worked its way back to its hiding place before Sideswipe could regain his focus or composure.

"Did ya see that?" A smaller green mech laughed as he stepped forward. He was quickly joined by a similar formed orange mech. Skids and Mudflap, a strange duo to say the least. Skids seemed very enthused by Jolt's choice of punishment. "Bitch-ass just got shocked!"

Mudflap joined his brother's laughter as the humans that had been assigned to clean them ran forward panting. They had loudly compared washing the somewhat hyperactive twins to bathing earthen dogs. The comparison was not baseless.

The orange twin made the equivalent of a whipping noise, drawing a growl from their current object of attention. "Oh Oh!" Mudflap moved closer to his twin putting up a brave front. Neither of them could take on a mech of Sideswipe's caliber, but that didn't mean they weren't dumb enough to try. "Bitch's getting mad! Why don't you go cry to your mama."

The clap of a high-five sounded loudly over the rushing water hoses. In complete silence, Sideswipe moved forward, almost knocking his human washer off from his ladder. He grabbed one of each twins' feet, hoisting them into the air. "What you got to say now huh?"

"We're sorry!"

"It was all Skids' fault! He made me do it!"


Side chuckled, dropping the now quarrelling bots to their own fates. He was just glad that his twin and he could get along with out resorting to fighting every few seconds. It took them minutes…"Now whose the bitch...?" he questioned lowly as he made his way back to his much needed bath.

Optimus watched it all with a smile resting on his facial plating, as he ran his fingers over the new blackbird armor. They had won for now. Their spirits were high. Peace. His only worry was just how long they would manage to keep it that way with Megatron still alive somewhere out there….

Onboard the ruins of Nemesis

A growl escaped his lips as his treads ground deeper into Starscream's chest tearing away at the bleeding metal. The mech below him yelled in pain for mercy, but it fell upon deaf audios. He was too angry at his failure for mercy and Starscream had always been at the bud of his temper tantrums.

"Please, Master!" The F-22's hand gripped Megatron's leg trying desperately to pull his foot off. It wasn't the pain. No. Starscream could take pain. He had been at Megatron's side for far too long not to taste the agony of it. No. It wasn't that. Never That. The glowing liquid began to literally flow from his chest as Megatron grew closer and closer to his precious spark chamber.

Then the pressure was gone. In fact, Megatron had stepped away from his frame all together, no longer amused. He looked thoughtful as if contemplating something. His clawed hands ran over his newly grafted face as he took a seat upon the throne. The Fallen's throne…

Metal cords whizzed as they fell from the ceiling latching onto Megatron's frame as the energy drain began. The silver lord could not stay in this position long, but he could feed the hatchling enough to survive just another day.

His gaze suddenly locked back onto Starscream, earning a cowardly whimper from the wounded mech. Music to his audios. "Starscream! I need you to contact Soundwave in orbit…."

"Y-Yes, Lord Megatron. Right away." The jet scrambled to his feet quickly, not wanting to anger his master more by any other failures.

"Starscream, wait…" Megatron's voice had changed. It sounded somewhat affectionate now. "How long has it been since you have seen your brothers…?"

"A…long time, my lord…" Very rarely did Starscream let any form of weak emotions show. Love and Affection being two of them, but when it came to one's family it was expectable, even by Megatron's standards.

"I thought as much…Let's change that shall we?"