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Ratchet sighed heavily as he laid the oil covered tool upon a table directly to his right. He had been working for almost two years on his current project and still it remained unfinished, but he wouldn't give up hope just yet. Let it be said that Ratchet was no quitter.

"What am I going to do with you…" He muttered sadly below his breath covering the prone form of his once functioning companion. Failure. That was the true reason he had kept his attempts a secret. Giving the others hope and then ripping it away seemed somewhat torturous and cruel, he refused to do it.

The heavy footsteps of a certain yellow camero echoed through the hollow hallways as he approached. The younger mech had been worried about his friend since the mission city battle. The start of all the medic's odd and somewhat reclusive behavior. Bumblebee was ….frightened.

Pausing at the medic's door, the yellow and black mech leaned against its frame sounded a series of clicks and beeps alerting the green medic to his presence. 'Lucy! I'm home!'

After much debate between Sam and his 'guardian', it was decided that Bumblebee would remain with the Autobots during at least his first semester allowing the other humans to adjust to the new alien presence on their planet.

"Ah.." Ratchet began wiping his hands clean of the building black grit. "I was expecting to see you soon. I think I have a surprise for you…"

'For me? You shouldn't have!' Although unrecognizable to the medic, the sound bite sounded much like that of an older television commercial from a period long since past. Hopefully, Ratchet's surprise would end the need for any more 'broadcasts'.

"Stay put…" The medic turned to leave, but thought better of it. He wasn't sure if he could trust the young mech not to explore. Not that he could blame him. Curiosity among other things was a critical part of any development, but Ratchet was unsure of the effect if Jazz was uncovered by accident. Especially when said mech was supposed to be buried deep within the Earth's surface…

"Better yet…come with me."

Ironhide groaned slightly in annoyance as the beginning of another fight between Mudflap and Skids came barreling his way. The old black warrior could take just about anything, but this was beyond even the most painful torture.

Bang. Bing. Boom. The sounds of the scuffle drew closer and closer. A small R/C car raced behind Ironhide's right foot taking cover as it transformed into bi-pedal mode. More than once Wheelie had been underfoot when a fight broke out, and more than once he had ended up injured in someway. One fact was certain…he didn't like the twins.

"Don't they ever knock it off!" A series of distasteful curses left the mini-bot's vocals. Some of them actually putting Ironhide's colorful tongue to same. Youths these days…

"I'm afraid not..well until someone steps in and ends it for them. Forcefully…"

A third voice joined them in the shape of Sideswipe. His silver coat glistened with fresh water droplets from his recent bath. "Like Me?"

Wheelie gripped Ironhide's foot even tighter. He had not had good experiences with this mech either…

Sides smirked for a moment before sticking out his tongue at the smaller bot in a tease. Practical jokes had always been a favorite past time; Wheelie was just the latest in a long line of victims.

"Tell me , old timer, where me and Sunny that bad?"

Swallowing a hard lump that had suddenly appeared in his throat, Ironhide nodded negatively. "No…you were that bad…" He knew he had to walk on a thin line when speaking of the silver mech's lost twin, but it wouldn't hurt to jest a bit. "you were worse…"

Thundercracker sneered as a burning hatred filled his spark. He shouldn't feel such an emotion when it considered his youngest sibling, but Starscream had betrayed him in a manner. All of them. Greed and Lust had driven the Arial commander in a deep pit filled with lies, mistrust, and death…

He wouldn't allow himself and his other brother to be sucked into it. That was until the beacon had arrived. 'Come to Planet Earth. Megatron Orders it. Coordinates given.'

A simple yet damning message. Now Thundercracker would have to face him again, and there would be no strength for grudges…

"Skywarp…" The black and blue flyer touched a smile button behind his audio opening a private com to his brother and wingmate. "I hope your up for a nice long trip…We've been summoned…"

A gleeful voice crackled as it irrupted from the other side of the communication's line. "Well it's about slaggin time! I was getting bored!"