Summary: On the last night of her annual trip to Forks to see her Dad Bella finds herself a gorgeous distraction from ex boyfriend James. Thinking she'll never see Edward again she goes further than she ever thought she would with a complete stranger. But was that the last she'll see of Edward? AH BxE

AN: So this prologue is pretty long, most of the other chapters for this story won't end up this long, but I had to set a few things up for the rest of the story as well as make the scenario plausible. I hope you like it!



"Come on Bella, you've spent your entire visit to Forks this Summer moping around about James. You go home tomorrow, you may as well enjoy your last 24 hours."

"Angela, I appreciate you trying to get me out of the house, I really do. But I'm not going to know anyone at the party. You're the only person I know in Forks other than Charlie and your parents. It's going to be all of your friends there and I'm just going to feel uncomfortable."

"Bella, it will help take your mind off James. Don't you want to go back to Phoenix and at least be able to tell him that you had a great summer and make it look like you're over him." She was pleading with me now.

"You've got a point."

"Good, now go upstairs, get changed and we're going to a party!"

Twenty minutes later I came downstairs in a short dark navy denim skirt, ballet flats and a cute hot pink band t-shirt. I didn't really have many options in my bag, I wasn't used to going out partying when I came to visit my father.

Angela and I arrived at the party at her friend's house. It was an incredible house on a property a bit out of town. I had no idea who it belonged to, someone that Angela went to High School with I guess. I hadn't been very interested before when Angela told me. I hadn't been interested in much over the last two weeks. James had screwed me, royally. He was my boyfriend.......ex boyfriend actually. I spent the last six months with him, but just found out that he had been with someone else at his graduation in the Fall. Asshole. So now, here I was visiting my Dad in Forks as I did every Summer holidays, and James was doing who the fuck knows with who the fuck cares back in Phoenix.

The house was amazing, I'd never seen anything like it. All windows and light and incredible furniture. Not that you could see a lot of it through the sixty or so bodies that were standing around talking, dancing, drinking, kissing.....whatever.

Angela dragged me into the house and straight to the kitchen.

"You need a drink." She stated matter of factly. She went to the fridge and took out two bottles of red stuff. I looked at her sceptically. "It's got vodka in it, I'm sure it will do the trick." Good. I wanted to take my mind off James and the hurt he had caused me, and what better way to do it.

6 months I'd wasted on that guy. It had all started out so sweetly. My first boyfriend, the older senior who was smart and popular and sweet, but most of all super charming. That should have set the alarm bells ringing. His charm always attracted other girls, but he always assured me I was the only one for him. And I'd believed him, mostly. That is until my best friend in Phoenix found out otherwise and told me about his 'indiscretion'. Everyone thought I'd over reacted by dumping him, even my Mom. But there had always been this niggling feeling of distrust even before I'd found out about slutty grad girl. Thank god for my Dad and Angela, they supported me, but then they didn't know him.

Angela and I went and sat on the plush lounges with a few other girls. Angela introduced me and I immediately forgot everyone's names. God, was I that angry and unsociable? They were all excited about starting their Senior year in school next week, and then the conversation turned to gossip. I tried to pay more attention to them but was finding it difficult because they were talking about people I didn't know. Mostly boys. Which was clearly a subject I needed to steer clear of at the moment.

Pretending to listen had never been my strong point so I didn't even hide the fact that I wasn't interested in their conversation. I found myself looking around the room at the scene in front of me. I could have been at any high school party anywhere in the country. The clique's were all the same, the behaviour differed little. The only difference between Phoenix and Forks was I was at a house party where everyone knew everyone. Forks was not a very big town, and I stuck out like the proverbial.

A group of three guys on the other side of the room caught my attention. They were all tall and breath takingly good looking. But they really caught my attention because one of them was looking at me. I could see he was trying to pay attention to his mate, but his eyes kept wandering in my direction. He was beautiful, like, model beautiful. He lazily ran his hand through is very sexy hair as he looked away from me a little embarrassed that I'd caught him. He looked back and smirked, but not at me, he was smirking at something his friend was saying to him because I saw him nod. He was still looking at me as he responded to his friend saying something they all found very funny.

They were all still laughing when the big guy in the group dug into his pocket and handed the other two something each. They both laughed. The beautiful guy looked a bit embarrassed when the big guy slapped him on the back and immediately put whatever it was into his pocket shaking his head nervously.


As the night went on the music that was playing got worse. I swear to god, whoever lived here needed some serious education when it came to their music taste. Every so often when I glanced up I would catch the guy I had noticed earlier looking at me. His eyes would usually dart away so as I wouldn't notice he was looking, but as we both had more to drink they would linger just a little longer. It was a silent flirtation that neither of us acknowledged verbally, but we both knew what was going on. It was kind of fun.....surprisingly.

His bronze hair was only being tamed by the hand that continually ran through it, as if to keep it under some control. His smile was the best bit though, I believe the term 'panty dropper' would have done it justice. It was gorgeous and I could see the affect it had on several of the girls in the room, all vying for his attention at one time or another. But he seemed somewhat oblivious to the attention, as if he wasn't deserving of it, or just wasn't interested. I couldn't quite tell. But it gave him a vulnerability that you usually didn't see in guys who were that good looking. I couldn't help but compare him to James. James had a confidence that his looks didn't deserve, he knew his charm was enough to get him by though. But this guy seemed oblivious to his looks which made him charming in an altogether different way to James.

He was an interesting distraction from James. The only thing to have taken my mind off him since finding out three weeks ago that he'd done the dirty on me. So I was grateful for the distraction, even if I was unlikely to ever speak to him, and even if it was only for one night. It felt that the damage that had been done to my heart was finally starting to mend itself, if only just a little bit, all because of the looks this boy was sending in my direction.

Angela and the other girls got up to dance, and she tried to drag me with her.

"Come on Bella, come dance with us, I don't want to leave you here by yourself. Besides, you really are a good dancer!" The last part was said sarcastically.

"It's not the dancing that I'm worried about Ange. Hell, it's not like I can make a fool of myself in front of people I don't know. It's this shitty music, you know I can't stand it. I'm just going to take a look around. You go dance." I looked at her, pleading to let me go. I really had to get out of the living room and away from this music.

I walked outside to get away from whatever Boys R Us band happened to be playing. I was proud to say I couldn't identify which crappy band it was.

I walked out the front door and onto the veranda that seemed to wrap around the entire bottom floor of this amazing house. It was much more peaceful out here and it was a beautiful night, which was saying something for this part of Washington. I sat down on the end of the veranda and swung my legs over the end looking up into the night sky which was awash with stars. It was nice getting out of the city sometimes, I enjoyed getting out of Phoenix for two weeks every year, but I always loved going back. Back to my friends, back to the heat, back to the smells, but most of all back to my Mom who I always missed the most.

Only this time, I would also be going back to a place that was full of pain and regret. Coming away to Forks this year had been a god send. It was a chance to get away from James and all of the places that reminded me of him.

"Not a big fan of Beyonce?" A smooth voice asked from behind me. I turned just in time to see him lower himself and sit down next to me.

My breath caught in my throat, my chest constricting as I was even more struck by the beauty of his face up close. Oh god.

"How did you guess?" I tried to sound calm, hopefully I was pulling it off. He looked down at my Death Cab For Cutie t-shirt, and then looked back up into my eyes with his eyebrows raised as if that explained everything. He had a point. "Uh, yeah. I guess you're right."

He handed me a bottle of the red vodka crap I'd been drinking all night. I eyed him suspiciously. There were so many drinks in that kitchen to choose from, but he just happened to choose the one I'd been drinking.

He shrugged his shoulders, "I pay attention." He smirked and then looked away from me out into the expansive garden and to the forest beyond.

"Is that right?" I asked a little flirtatiously. Bella Swan. You are supposed to be angry. Angry with your cheating son of a bitch ex boyfriend who broke your heart. Not flirting shamelessly with the gorgeous stranger who hasn't even introduced himself yet!

"I'm Edward Cullen by the way." He looked back at me still smirking and held out his hand.

"It's nice to meet you Edward Cullen. I'm Bella." I took his hand and shook it, hoping like hell my hand wasn't still sweaty. It felt like he didn't want to let go.

"Just Bella?"

Hmmmm, probably best not to alert people at a party with underage drinkers that the police chief's daughter is here. "Yes, just Bella."

"So Bella, is that a bit like Beyonce, or Madonna or something. Are you planning on becoming some sort of super famous singer so you're just going with the one name thing?"

I giggled, "no, nothing quite so aspirational. You don't have any need for my last name."

"Hmmm, a girl of mystery." He paused for a moment smirking, "so mystery girl, what are you doing here?"

"I thought we already established that Edward." I was being evasive on purpose.

"You know what I mean. I've never seen you before, are you new to Forks? Will we have the pleasure of your company at Forks High School this year?"

"No, no. I'm just visiting. I'm from Phoenix. I fly home tomorrow." His face dropped a little as I said it. He looked......disappointed? I wasn't quite sure.

"I see, so you're spending your last night getting drunk in a strangers house while your friend, cousin, sister....?"

His eyes were looking at me expectantly, waiting for the information he needed to piece my identity together, but I wasn't going to give it. The less he knew the better.

"Yes, my 'friend' inside probably dancing to this hideous music." I nodded at him going along with the story he was trying to create but not giving him the information that he wanted. Which of course, was Angela's name, he wanted to know who I came with. I was starting to enjoy this little game we were playing.

"I see. And your 'friend' would be one of the girls I think?" Was he fishing for information on whether I came here with a guy?

"I thought you said you paid attention?"

Edward leaned over and whispered into my ear, "I only noticed you, I didn't notice who you were with." The closeness of his face to mine sent a chill down my spine. But he looked away quickly as if a little embarrassed by the forwardness of his line. Oh god, I didn't think it would ever be possible to feel like this again. James left me broken hearted. Or so I'd thought. Yes of course he had. I'd cried for three days straight and then spent the next two and half weeks being an angry cow to everyone around me. How was it that this complete stranger was making me feel things I imagined would never be possible again. If in fact I'd ever felt them in the first place.

We heard a group of people noisily spill through the front door not far from where we were perched, laughing and falling over as they came out. Edward quickly jumped down off the veranda onto the grass, grabbed my free hand and made me jump down with him.

I landed not so daintily falling towards his body, needing to put my hands on his chest to rite myself. He placed his hands on my hips to help steady me. But it took a moment for him to remove them as he looked down into my eyes. My breath hitched as I noticed for the first time the deep beautiful green of his eyes as they looked intently into mine. He smiled at my clumsiness as I slowly melted into him.

"Where are we going?" I enquired as I looked up into his face, the closeness of his body making me blush. Edward was certifiably hot, and he had me all worked up just by touching me.

He smirked mischievously down at me. "We're getting away from Emmett and Jasper." I raised my eyebrows in question for him to explain what the problem was. "Trust me, you don't want to know. Come on."

Edward gently took my hand in his and smiled as he lead me into the garden, through the flower beds and down on to a gently sloping lawn that sounded as if it may lead to a stream. It was a little too dark for me to see for sure. But I could see the manicured gardens that lined the lawn.

"Do you know where you're going? It's kind of dark out here."

"It's not that dark. There's a full moon. And yes I should know where I'm going. I live here."

I stopped in my tracks. "What do you mean you live here? I thought A........." should probably rephrase that, "I'm sure my friend said this was one of her girlfriend's houses. That, and Beyonce.....really?"

He turned and looked at me. "So your female friend is friends with my sister Alice? Well that narrows it down a bit doesn't it." He went to move forward again but stopped, "oh and just for the record Alice is the one with the shitty taste in music." I eyed him suspiciously. "Seriously! Do I look like a Beyonce fan?"

I looked him up and down, doing more than just checking him out from the point of view of deciding whether he liked Beyonce or not. And I'd been busted. I blushed profusely as I tried not to let on the affect he had on me. But I think it was a bit late for that, he had already busted me several times checking him out inside, I think it was already well established that there was an undeniable attraction between the two of us, that we would probably give into at some point. Sooner rather than later given the fact that we were now completely alone.

Edward took his jacket off and laid it on the soft grass for me to sit on. I sat with my knees tucked up around me leaning my arms across them, with my head resting looking over at Edward. I had never felt so relaxed with someone before. Our conversation was easy, and I hadn't felt awkward walking into the dark with a complete stranger. Quite honestly anything could have happened. And there's no way I would have done it in Phoenix, but I felt safe in this town. I knew all I had to do was tell him who my father was and he'd probably back off. But there was something about Edward that made me feel protected.

Protected enough to tell him about James.

"So James cheated on you?" He looked incredulous.

"Yes, he's an ass....."

"You got that right!"

"....hole. He hooked up with one of the other Senior's who was graduating last year at their grad party. I was told it was just some kissing, but still. I feel like such an idiot you know. And now I have to go back to start my senior year with everyone at school knowing all about it. I really just want to forget he ever existed, but my Mom just loves him you know, so it's kind of hard because she thinks I should give him a second chance. He keeps calling her and buttering her up."

"Slime ball!"

"That's right. I just want to forget about him. Which is hard to say when he was my first.....everything really."

Edward looked over at me wistfully, "so no one else but James has ever had the privilege of kissing those lips." I bit down on my bottom lip as he looked deeply into my eyes. He was sitting very close to me.

"No." I shook my head slowly as I answered him. As I looked into his sparkling eyes I contemplated what he just said to me. Coming from anyone else it would have sounded like a cheesy line of some description, but the vulnerable nervous look on his face told me it was not meant that way.

"Bella, do you mind if I do something?" He had an intense look in his eyes now.

I slowly shook my head from side to side letting him know that I didn't mind.

He reached over and placed his cool hand on my cheek gently tilting my face, he then slowly moved his face towards me, never taking his dazzling green eyes from mine. His lips on mine were firm but gentle. I had never felt anything like it before in my life. His kiss was slow and earth shatteringly good. He gently prized my lips apart and I felt his tongue against mine. It slowly ran across my top lip before disappearing. In all the time I was with James I had never felt anything like this. My thighs were on fire. I never thought I could feel so aroused from just one kiss.

He pulled just far enough away so he could look deeply into my eyes again then whispered, "Bella, if you were mine you would never have to feel that type of heartbreak again." Was he serious? My heart was pounding a million miles an hour. I had no words to say to him, nothing came out that could possibly allow me to respond to what he just said to me.

There was a loud noise up at the house, as the volume from the music was suddenly turned up and everyone started singing. He pulled away and we both laughed, needing to make light of the situation. I was going back to Phoenix tomorrow for god's sake!

Edward leaned back sexily on his hands looking pretty happy with himself. I just tried not to look stunned.

"You know, I wish James had never happened. I wish I had given it up for someone who I would always feel the same about. Not necessarily love, but someone who would always remain in my memory as something special you know, someone who I would always have good memories about. Instead all I feel about James is regret."

Edward was now lying on his back on the grass so I lay next to him watching the stars.

"Yeah, I think I know what you mean. Although I've only got the first kiss to go by."

I looked over at Edward, he was looking directly up at the starts, not meeting my gaze.


"Yes Bella?"

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"What do you think I'm saying?"

"Are you saying that you're a virgin."


"Are you sure? Because from what that kiss just did to me I find it impossible to believe that no girl has ever jumped you after.....well, that good of a kiss!"

"To be perfectly honest I haven't wanted to kiss anyone like that before. I mean I have kissed girls, plenty of girls, but I just never wanted to take it any further with them for any reason other than getting myself off. And I never really thought that was a good enough reason." Edward was looking up into the sky away from me. "Sorry, I can't believe I said all of that to you. I don't even know you!"

"That's OK," I breathed quietly, not entirely sure what to feel about what Edward had just said to me.

We sat looking at each other for I don't know how long. I'm sure it was only a few seconds but it felt like forever. How was it possible that Edward was single, let alone a virgin. He was a god, and I wished to god that I could stay here and not fly back to Phoenix. As that wasn't possible maybe there was something else I could do.

"Want to do something about it?" I smirked mischievously at him as the words left my mouth. I can't believe I actually said that. I didn't even wait for his answer, I sat up quickly and playfully straddled his body, my skirt riding right up, my hands resting on his very taught stomach. He grinned wickedly up at me. His hands moved slowly up my bare thighs. I'll take that as a yes then?

The touch of Edward's hands on my legs bought goosebumps to the surface. One of his hands worked its way up my back and pressed firmly in the middle of my shoulders, forcing my body forward and into full contact with him. Before my lips met his I pulled back and grinned down at him.

He had a puzzled look on his face.

"You still haven't answered my question?" I was playing with him again.

"Hell yes," he practically yelled as he pulled my head down to his, our lips smashing together in an incredibly passionate kiss. I wanted Edward with all my body and soul. I knew after tonight I would likely never see him again. I decided this must be the reason I felt so comfortable with him, so comfortable in being this forward with him. His hands worked through my hair and up and down my back and thighs as his mouth left me breathless.

But oh god, we couldn't. "Edward, we can't. We don't have any protection." He smiled wryly at me.

"Please don't think I planned this," he chuckled as he reached around and pulled something out of his back pocket. "I know this looks bad, but it's a tradition. Emmett hands them out to Jasper and I at the start of every party just in case. I swear to god I have a draw full of un used condoms next to my bed." He looked mortified.

I took his face in mine and kissed him again, and then laughed. So that's what the big guy had been handing out earlier.

"Bella, are you sure?" He murmured into my mouth, but I could see he was desperate that I say yes. I simply nodded my head, confirming that I was more than willing to go ahead with this. "Then we're not going to stay here." I pulled back and looked puzzled at him. "I know somewhere a whole lot more comfortable."

We stood up and Edward grinned at me before bending down and manoeuvring me onto his back, piggy back style.

"Where are we going Edward," I breathed into his ear.

"You'll see."

Edward walked back up towards the house but went around to the side, onto a paved area where I could see there was a pool. He lowered me gently onto a large poolside recliner that was laid out flat.

"Moor comfortable?" He lowered himself next to me as I nodded in agreement.

Edward wrapped his arms around me and braced his leg, gently flipping me over so I was on my back. He pulled away and looked down at me, a soft smile playing at his mouth as his eyes took in every detail of my face. I blushed under his intense gaze, but I was pretty sure under the moonlight and the light coming from the house he wouldn't have been able to see it.

"You're so beautiful when you blush Bella." Apparently he could. I tried to hide my face but there was really nowhere to hide. His hands were on either side of my head, his face hovering directly above mine, his breath warming my face. His mouth descended to my neck, just below my ear lobe, where he proceeded to kiss his way down, and then back up the other side. The feeling of his body resting on mine was amazing, and only made my need for this stranger increase. Only he didn't feel like a stranger anymore.

"Bella." Edward breathed my name as he kissed his way down my neck, his hands playing with the hem of my t-shirt. "I want you so badly. I wanted you from the first moment I saw you walk through the door."

"I want you too Edward...please...." His hand reached down and ran down my thigh. I couldn't help but moan as his hand found my underwear. He sat up abruptly, pulling my skirt up and looking at my panties.

"Bella?" clearly he found something amusing, he was smiling wryly.

"What?" Oh, god what?

"What's with the......." Oh god, that's right. I flung my hand up over my face and giggled, trying to push my skirt down at the same time.

"Well, clearly I wasn't expecting that anyone would see them was I!" I pleaded with him.

"No, no, I think they're kind of....cute?" He was getting a better look at my panties. "So you're a big fan of the Simpsons then?"

"Stop it!" I grabbed his shirt and pulled him back down towards me.

"I think it's cute Bella...." I was pouting at him now. "No seriously, you're adorable!" We were both in hysterics, Edward hovering above me trying not to put too much weight on me. He sat back up and looked down at me seriously, he slowly ran both of his hands up my thighs this time, hooking his fingers into the sides of my Simpsons underpants. As he slowly pulled them down my legs he didn't take his eyes from mine. It was hands down the sexiest look I'd ever seen on anyone. The desire in his eyes was unlike anything I'd ever seen with James. He had me so turned on right now. But I could still see a flicker of vulnerability there, as opposed to outright confidence in what he was doing.

Edward lowered himself to me again and slowly moved one of his hands between my thighs, inching up further and further until he couldn't go any further.

"ugh....oh god Edward." I arched up into his body needing to have him closer to me as he ran his fingers between my legs.

"Bella.....Bella you are so....." I didn't hear what he said, over the top of my own moans. He slowly pushed one of his fingers inside me.

"Edward.....Edward I want you inside me." I ran my hands down to his belt and undid it as quickly as I could. He pulled back and pushed his jeans & boxers down, taking the condom out of his back pocket as he went.

Edward shifted his weight so he was directly on top of me. I could feel his hardness between my legs and I felt the need to take the lead, given that I was the one with the experience. I tilted my hips so he was at my entrance and I felt him very slowly slide inside of me. With my legs wrapped tightly around his body he waited for a moment as I got used to the feeling and then slid deeper inside me. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and I heard him moan my name. My breath caught in my throat at the feeling of him buried deep inside me and he started to gently pull out again before slowly thrusting into me, over and over and over.

As my need for him built up more and more his thrusts became harder and deeper. It was as if he sensed exactly what I needed. I could see him holding back though, not wanting to finish before he knew I was getting some satisfaction out of our encounter. And god was I getting satisfaction out of him. With one hand holding himself just above me he used the other to caress up and down my body, running over my thigh as he pumped in and out, tracing the line of my body, over my breast, up to my hair, before finally cupping my face in his.

"Oh god, Edward..." I moaned as he gently teased my ear lobe with his teeth. There was no way Edward was a virgin. My body was melded into his as if we had been doing this together for centuries. He touched me like I'd never been touched by anyone else, his fingertips eliciting a desire in me that I never thought was possible. I felt an unfamiliar tightness between my legs, a pressure building that I had never experienced during sex. His thrusts kept coming harder and faster.

"Fuck Edward," I panted as I realised I was going to come.

"Bella.....I can't.....hold off any longer."

"Ungh, Edward.......then don't," I cried. His mouthing clamped down over mine as we both came together. Our cries of pleasure muffled by our lips clashing together, our tongues dancing fiercely around each other.

Edward's head rested in the crook of my neck as we both slowly caught out breath. My heart was racing at a million miles an hour though as I wrapped my arms tightly around his body, running my hands over his muscled back to help keep him a little warmer.

Edward slowly propped himself up on his left elbow and gazed down at me with a very satisfied smirk on his face.

"Fucking hell Bella, that is the single greatest moment of my life," he grinned mischievously. I giggled back at him as my cheeks flushed from the intensity of his gaze. I felt like he could see straight through me. I ran one of my hands up through his sexy hair and giggled again as I realised something.

"Well, there's a first I got to share with you," I said to him, a little embarrassed but proud that there was something I could give him.

"What was that?" he eyed me suspiciously

"My first orgasm during sex." I breathed quietly.

"You're shitting me aren't you?" He looked shocked, as if he didn't know it was possible for a girl not to orgasm during sex. Personally I didn't think it was possible to orgasm during sex without some sort of other manual stimulation!

"Trust me, it was definitely the first."

He looked smug, snuggling his head back into the crook of my neck and sighing with contentment as we lay in each others arms, my legs still wrapped around him, my hands in his hair.

After a few minutes Edward lifted his head and gazed deeply into my eyes. I was mesmerized by him. His hand came up to cup my face, gently running his thumb across my cheek bone.

"You're so beautiful Bella. I wanted to tell you that before. I wanted to say it from the first moment I saw you, but I didn't want to make it sound like I just wanted to get into your pants." He grinned at me, obviously thinking about what we had just done together

A wave of guilt washed over me as I realised what I'd done. But why should I feel guilty, I was a single girl, and my attraction to Edward was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I put it down to not seeing him ever again, there was an urgency in what I wanted to show him, what I wanted to give him. I felt like I needed to give him a piece of me. Something more solid to remember me by. And take something from him that would help cleanse my heart and body of the hurt that it had felt over the last few weeks. But as I lay there I felt like more than that had happened, I was going to walk away feeling like this had nothing to do with James and everything to do with the beautiful boy who still lay in my arms.

"We should probably get back to your party," I whispered softly into his ear.

"No, please say you don't want to go back, I want you to myself for a bit longer." And I wanted nothing more than to lie in his arms for the rest of the night.

"Edward, I know this is way more fun, but they'll probably be wondering where we are, we've been gone a while." Angela would be going out of her mind if she was looking for me, hopefully she hadn't really noticed I was gone.

"Fun isn't exactly the word I'd use to describe what we just did....mind blowing, crazy, what I would have said."

I giggled at his descriptions. He was right. This was the craziest thing I'd ever done, and I'd cherish it forever. Cherish the way he touched me, the way he made feel, the way he looked at me. My last Summer in Forks had certainly ended on a high.

I slowly lifted my body from his, and looked around for my underpants. In the dark I couldn't see them. Shit.

"Looking for these?" Edward was holding them up.

I held out my hand for him to give them to me, I was still mortified that he'd seen them.

"Hand them over Edward."

"Not on your life!"

"You can't keep them! That's just creepy!"

"They're mine Bella. I want something to remember you by." He was still just holding them up in front of me. I figured if I was quick I could grab them and get them back. The thought of walking back into that party knowing what I'd just done was one thing, walking in without my underpants on was another.

"Didn't I already give you enough?" I quickly grabbed them and bent down to put them on. "Besides, just watch the Simpsons if you want a reminder."

We quickly finished getting dressed and Edward twined his fingers with mine as we walked back up towards the house, it was different to the way he'd held my hand when we'd first walked down into the garden. We were both silent, not quite sure what to say to each other. The entire experience had been a bit surreal. We'd both been so at ease with each other. It felt like I'd known him my whole life.

As we neared the house I dropped Edward's hand. The separation was the first awkward moment we'd experienced in our time together. He looked down to where our hands were no longer connected and then looked back up at me, a look of sadness on his too perfect face. He turned around and kept walking. We walked in through the garage rather than walking through the front door.

"Nice Volvo," I said sarcastically under my breath, I needed to break the tension between us somehow.

"Hey, don't knock it until you've been in it"

"Well, I guess I'll never know."

He turned to look at me with a crest fallen look on his face. He took one step towards me throwing his arms around me, pressing me up against the back of the car, he looked very serious now.

"I want more time with you Bella." He sounded almost desperate, his eyes scouring my face desperate for more time. "Can I at least email you or call or something? Will you be coming back to Forks anytime?"

"Edward.......I'll be back in Forks one day, but not any time soon. I think it would be best if we just walked away from this, don't you?" I had more to say, I really wanted to tell him how great a time I'd had, that he could call me if he wanted, but I could see if I didn't leave it at that it was just going to get harder. He looked so hurt and I didn't want him to feel hurt after this night. I didn't want him to be holding out with the promise of something I knew neither of us could commit to due to geography. I didn't want my heart torn in two again so soon, I couldn't do it. I knew that if I walked away now I would be OK, I would have an incredible memory that I could cherish secretly forever, my heart would stay intact.

He nodded, but I could see the look of disappointment. He bent his head to mine and gave me one last kiss that made me weak at the knees. He pulled away slightly before inhaling deeply and then quickly kissed me on the forehead before letting go of me for the last time. He backed silently away from me then turned and walked towards the door that lead into the house.

"Edward," I called to him and he turned to face me, his eyes shining expectantly, "I wish you had have been the first everything." He smiled knowingly at me and turned and walked into the house. And I meant it. James was an ass. Edward would always remain like a god in my mind.

I composed myself and then walked back into the house, not seeing where Edward had disappeared to.

"Bella, where have you been? We've got to go, I've got to take Jessica home, she's an absolute nightmare. She's so drunk, she really needs to just get out of here before she makes a complete idiot out of herself. Not that I'd care that much if she did, but Alice asked me to get rid of her." Angela sounded a little impatient, but she didn't sound like she'd been looking for me for too long.

"Sure. What's wrong with her. She seems a bit upset."

"Ugh, I think Alice said something about not being able to find her brother or something. She's got it bad for him."

"Right, should you be driving?" I tried not to look too guilty.

"I'm fine, I stopped drinking hours ago." I looked down at my watch and realised it was 1am. I had no idea we'd been gone quite that long.

We helped Jessica into Angela's car and I realised I'd seen this girl hanging off Edward several times during the night. I looked around for him as I got into the car. He was nowhere to be seen. All I wanted was one last look, one last glimpse of that smile, one last chance to get lost in those eyes. But he wasn't there. I'd just have to draw on those images from my memory, I just hoped I had the ability to remember that smile, his smell, those eyes, that voice........

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