So You (The Reader) Know What No One Else Will...

"But monsieur! I beg thee to reconsider!"

Constable Vash Zwingli sighed. How many times had he heard this? Too many. And the man was not really doing anything that would make him want to reconsider anything.

"The law is the law, Frenchman," he frowned, locking the cell and staring at the other inside. "You said you didn't have the money on you."

"Not as of now~"

Vash winced. He could only imagine what sort of thing this prisoner might try to do to raise the money for the fine. "No."


"You don't plead with the law. You plead with the justice when they interpret it."

"And you seem a little young to be part of the law."

Vash did not bother to respond to that.

His prisoner sighed, leaning against the back wall where he sat. "Oh, I suppose there is nothing to it then. My life cannot get any worse then it is now."

"Good for you," Vash responded, walking back over towards his desk. The other pouted, as if he had expected him to question into it. Vash did not bother. He was likely to hear the story anyway. And he was likely to let him say it. A lot of the stories were obviously fabricated, but sometimes Vash needed some new material for his sister's bed time stories.

"I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for my ex."

"Oh?" Vash began looking through the paperwork he had to fill out. "What is your name?"

"Francis Bonnefoy." Francis sighed again, as if being Francis Bonnefoy was such a burden. Vash had no doubt. It probably was.

"Does your ex live here?" Vash prompted. He was a little surprised this was not brought up earlier. Most convicts seemed absolutely certain even an ex would help them out of jail.

"I have no idea," Francis shrugged, a slight smile on his face. "I haven't seen him for years."

Him. Oh, well, that explains it.

"Talk about a rule breaker! The man did not know when to stop, really. But the most amazing part was that his boy looked exactly like mine! They could have been twins."

"You have children?" Vash sent out mental apologies to society in general.

"Yes... and they did look exactly alike. But they did not act anything similar, no not at all." Francis seemed to think about it for a while before speaking up again. "And everything was perfect for such a long time."

The Frenchman paused for dramatic effect and Vash squeezed his eyes shut tightly. "And then?"

"Oh, he and the older boy just vanished one day. He was always rather sensitive and stubborn, taking offense at something and then refusing an apology."

"What did you do?" It would have had to have been bad, if the other man just left him. Vash still mentally hit himself for asking. Francis looked like he had no idea. Of course he would not think whatever had happened was his fault. Vash could already tell that about him and he had only known him for an hour.

"And mon chéri decided to go looking for his brother just last year," Francis shook his head, eyes shutting. "I told him not too, I've been looking for his brother and mother for years."

Vash really hoped 'mother' did not refer to the other man.

"Kirkland. Does that ring any bells?"

"Sorry," Vash shook his head, setting down his pen. He turned his head to look back towards Francis. "You'll probably have a few days here before they send someone down to pick you up and take you into the city for your sentence."

"All right," Bonnefoy breathed out. Vash rubbed his temple.

"I'll send word out to ask if anyone's heard of you and wishes to pay your fine." Francis opened his eyes, looking at him with some surprise.


"But you don't seem like someone who has been looking for their..." Vash hesitated, trying to think of the right word, "wife." Now he was reminded too much of Berwald.

"Well, he left the divorce papers. You don't expect me just to wait around until I find him, do you?"

Vash had a headache.

Here are the notes, just so no one is confused:

Vash is the only policeman in town. Do not ask how he manages it by himself, but he does and he is good at it. He has only had to fire his gun once. At Ivan. Right before Alfred, Arthur, and Gilbert restrained the Russian for him. To be fair, Ivan was just trying to protect himself. Natalia is scary.

What did Francis do? Think about it. Really think. I believe the real answer will be brought up later. If not, just hit me with a brick and I will squawk.