This Is The Normal

(A Normal Day In Hearth)

The door opened. He did not bother to move, because there was no where to go. If Vash was going to say anything, he would say it now.

The strange thing was that he was not saying anything. Vash seemed rather so diligent and similar in his routines. Francis could not understand why the man had not done as he had all of yesterday and the day before. Really, had he found anyone to pay the fine yet? Francis wished he could go out and do some convincing himself. He was very good at that.

And this time he would choose someone that did not have a boyfriend around who could probably crush walls with his hands.


"Arthur!" Francis turned, rising to his feet instantly. "Is it really you?"

Arthur tapped his fingers again a box and seemed to just appraise him for a few moments.

"Oh, of course you would come for me!" Francis gripped the bars. Arthur turned and grabbed a chair. It was Francis' first sign something was wrong. "Arthur?" Arthur opened the box he had with him, showing the still steaming crêpes. "What are... what are you doing?"

Arthur pulled out a fork and knife and dug in. "I'm enjoying myself."

Francis gaped as Arthur ate his crêpes. "You... horrid!" he reached through the bars, only a few centimeters from being able to reach Arthur's leg. "I should be the one outside the cell eating crêpes!"

"But you're not, you're in jail," Arthur mentioned, quite contented. "Where you belong."

"Where I belong?" Francis questioned, stopping his frantic reaching to regain his poise. "Whatever did I do to deserve being in jail before you left me, ma belle femme?"

"That!" Arthur threw the crêpes at him, already stomping towards the door.

"Oh non..." Francis stared at the door in slight shock and disbelief. Then he shouted: "You cannot have left me because I called you a woman!"

"Fuck off!" came the response.

Francis felt both horrible, cheated, and he started to laugh.

Only a woman would take so much offense at that!

"Git," Arthur muttered as he stepped out of the jail. Staring up at the sky, he smirked. Francis will regret coming back here. Mark my words I will make him regret it. He turned to look at Vash, who was looking annoyed. Probably because he knew where the food ended up. Arthur was slightly apologetic, but still very irritated.

"Let him out in an hour or so."

"...sure," Vash shrugged, not seeming to allow himself to say anything more. Arthur thanked him and headed to the restaurant.

"Feliciano, table five wants an order of manicotti."

"But I want to make veal parmesan!"

"Whatever. Your boyfriend is gonna get baccalà."

"But he ordered potatoes!"

"So?" Lovino scoffed, stopping as he saw Antonio leaning against the door frame. "Customers aren't supposed to come back here."

"What about fiancés?" Antonio questioned, a look of concern on his face. Not that he was actually concerned. Not anymore.

"I... think we can make an exception for those," Lovino said breathlessly. Feliciano grabbed the platter in Lovino's hands before he could drop it. Once relieved of that duty, Lovino ran to Antonio, practically jumping him. Antonio laughed and kissed him.

Feliciano smiled and headed out, setting the tray down and almost mimicking Lovino's actions and jumping Ludwig. Ludwig was sitting in a chair though and it was a bit awkward. At least, it was for him. Feliciano did not seem to notice.

"And this is where everyone who is anyone comes to eat," Alfred told Matthew as they stepped in. "Hey Feli! Have room for us?"

"Of course!" Feliciano chirped, sliding out of Ludwig's lap. "Arthur coming too?"


"Oh... um... then you're Matthew?"

Matthew turned to see Heidi, wringing something between her hands. "Uh, yeah, eh."

"I'm Heidi. I found your wallet," she handed it over, looking a little upset about it. Matthew gave her a smile and took it.

"Thanks, Heidi."

"Hey, why's that corner all closed up?" Alfred asked Ludwig, pointing in the general direction.

"Quiet," Ludwig frowned. "Elizaveta and Roderich are making up."

"Making up, or making out?"

"De former. I hope." The look on Ludwig's face was disgusted. Of course it would, he was gay and he never liked thinking about a woman in the equation. Plus there was the fact that since they were in the corner, Roderich would likely give in to the latter if Elizaveta opened up the suggestion. Heidi had a camera and was probably taking pictures for Elizaveta's future enjoyment.

"Well–" Alfred was cut off by a tug on his sleeve.

"May... may I impose myself?" asked Kiku quietly.

"Feliciano!" Alfred called. "Make that four!"

"Here's your table!" Feliciano waved them over, where the three took their places. Matthew saw Ivan and his seemingly nervous older sister at another table, already eating. Ivan, upon seeing him, gave a hesitant wave, which he returned.

"Why does Muhammad laugh every time I ask about Alfred and Ivan, aru?" Yao demanded as soon as he entered the door. Everyone turned to look at him.

"Me and Ivan what?" Alfred asked.

"Ah..." Yao looked hesitant. Kiku turned towards Alfred.

"What I asked yesterday. About... you... um... sleeping. Together." Kiku's voice got smaller and smaller. Alfred was about to laugh, except he saw Matthew's cheeks turn bright red.

"Oh! No!" Alfred pointed at him. "No! Ew! No!"

"Alfred, that's rude," Kiku said quietly, trying to get him to stop.

"No, Matty! Ivan is just creepy. That is not a good thing at all! I mean, you should see what he does with his other sister!"

Ivan glowered at him. "I do not and you know it, Alfred."

"Uh, yeah right!"

Arthur came in and took his seat, just as Matthew tried to stop the argument.

"I'll sleep with whoever I want to, eh!"

Arthur burst into tears.

The end. Sort of. Poor Arthur. Yes, he did pay Francis' bail. And no, being called a woman is not really why he left. It just did not make him predisposed to hearing Francis out about anything else.

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