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His Smile

Raven sighed, pushing his hand through his hair wearily, brushing the black hat off his head.

He couldn't take those memories sometimes. What had he become?

The room was dark, the only light coming from the moon, filtering in through the window behind the armchair where two children slept.

Well. One of them slept in the armchair, looking perfectly comfortable, her leg outstretched and using Oz Bezarius's head as a footrest.

Raven's eye twitched and he huffed over to his master, pushing back the arrogant rabbit's foot. Stupid rodent.

He carefully slipped his arms under his master's body and lifted. Immediately, Oz fell against Raven's chest, his face tilting so his cheek was pressed against Raven's neck.

Raven paused, then continued to walk towards his own temporary headquarters in the house. He laid Oz down gently in his bed, reluctantly letting the fragile frame slip from his arms.

His heart seemed to swell as he gazed down at his young master; the boy who had been taken away from him so suddenly, and been kept away for ten years. In that time span, Oz had not changed once.

But Gil.

But Raven.

But he was a completely different person. Oz shouldn't be forced to associate with him…

But Oz wanted him to stay. And Raven himself wanted to stay at his master's side, more than anything in the world.

Oz's lips were parted in his sleep, and he looked so peaceful…so innocent.

So exactly as beautiful as Raven remembered him to be.

Raven leaned forward, his blood thrumming in quick beats beneath his skin. His lips burned, and his fingers seemed to have developed a life of their own. They fingered Oz's bright golden hair, and Raven wished he wasn't wearing the damn gloves; he wanted to feel the contact.

With his face hovering mere inches above Oz's, his eyes focused, intent and adoring, Raven snapped back into logical thinking.

What the…

His fingers slipped from Oz's hair, and the young master's eyes flickered open.

Raven tensed up, his body freezing.

Damn it. He…I…

Oz's eyes were still clouded from his sleep, but it only took him a few moments to come to his full senses.

"Gil…" he murmured, frowning slightly. "Are you…what's wrong?"

He would ask him if something was wrong. Oz had always shocked Raven when they were little, by showing that he cared for him. Even in his dominating, teasing way of expressing himself, it was apparent that he cared.

"I—I don't…" Raven eyes went wide when Oz's hand found its way to Raven's cheek. The small hand, smooth and pale from lack of labor, sent sparks shooting off through Raven's body.

Stop, stop, stop.

"Gil…" Oz said. He smiled complacently, and his fingers curled in and out oh-so-gently on Raven's pale cheek, caressing the flushed skin.

Raven pushed himself up into a sitting position. Oz braced himself on the bed and followed Raven up, his eyes alight and glinting.

"You're embarrassed."


Oz smiled, tilting his head to the left and pulling off the mischievous puppy dog pout to perfection.

"Then why…what's the reason for this?" Oz asked, reaching out and skimming his fingers down Raven's cheeks, which were dusted pink.

"It's just hot in here."

Ah, how brilliant.

Oz leaned forward on his knees and reached out to hold Raven's face in his hands; small compared to Raven's, who suppressed a pleasured shiver. Oz studied him seriously.

"Thanks for putting me in bed."

"It's the least I could do."

"No…" Oz looked away over Raven's shoulder, a distant smile forming on his face. "Not really. Thank you."

They sat there in the quiet room. The moon shined down through the window, illuminating Oz's face, giving him the appearance of a glowing angel.

"What were you doing before, Gil?"


"Right before I woke up."

"I was just…."

Oz turned to meet his eyes.


"Just looking," Raven muttered, wishing Oz wasn't so forward with him. He always has been. "Can you…get off…" he trailed off meekly, the Gil Oz had grown up with shining through his dark, mysterious façade for the briefest of moments.

Oz's smile widened and he leaned forward, his forehead bumping against Raven's. "Gil?"

Raven froze up again and closed his eyes. "Yes, master?"

And then there were lips touching his: firm, confident, teasing, and gentle all at once.

Oz. Oz's lips.



Raven jerked back, almost toppling right off the bed, his gold eyes wide and his pink face about five shades darker than it had been two seconds ago. He felt a lurching sense of déjà vu.

"O-Oz? Are you crazy—what was that for?!"

Oz puffed out an amused whiff of breath, a giggle slipping past his lips.

"Gil—I'm sorry," he said between chuckles. "That…Did that bother you?"

Raven tried to hide his grimace. Bother him? No. At least, not the way Oz was asking. His lips were still tingling, and he wanted that pressure again so badly…but…but why was Oz doing this? Out of nowhere, too! What actually bothered Raven was that Oz was probably just joking around. Just like he had been before.

"It just surprised me," Raven said honestly, looking away. His hands curled into fists at his sides, but the shadowy room hid them from view. Oz was acting so strange. But then again, strange was the norm for the young master.

The bed sheets ruffled in warning, and then Oz was right there in front of him again, inches away from his face. Raven glared at Oz.

"Stop. I don't know what's wrong with you, but you're acting weird."

Oz shook his head. "Gil…what are you?"

Raven stared at him blankly.

"What am I?"

"What are you to me?"

"I…I am your servant."

Oz's eyes seemed to light up again. He casually turned to Gil's hands, gently sliding the gloves off. "And a servant does his master's will right?"

Raven stared at Oz numbly.

Oz flicked Raven in the forehead once, a playful look in his eyes as he mimicked the action Raven usually performed on him. "What else are you, Gil?"

"I…I am your friend, young master."

"And friends should…?" Oz leaned closer still, his breath a gentle caress over Raven's lips.

"Should—Master," Raven protested, but Oz closed the distance between them and Raven's mouth was unable to say anything more.

"Mas—" Raven pulled his head back to protest but Oz just leaned forward, directing his servant so that his head bumped against the wall and he no longer had an escape.

"Mm," Oz purred and Raven's inhibitions snapped.

He opened his mouth and traced his tongue over Oz's lips, those lips, nearly always curved in a smile, whether it was cruel, happy, fake, mischievous, cold…


The smirk on Oz's lips right now was positively wicked. Raven could feel the curve of his mouth as he parted his lips to make way for his servant's tongue, and Raven moaned, reaching up with a hand to clutch painfully at Oz's yellow gold hair.

"Gil," Oz said, his voice coming out in a gasp. Raven felt something deep within him shudder and suddenly, Oz was on his back with a thump, his hair spread around his face like a sinful angel. As if to prove that analogy, Oz smirked at his grown servant…

and licked his lips.

Raven bit back a groan and clutched the material at the front of Oz's shirt in a dangerous grip. "What are you doing?" he demanded.

Oz reached up, sliding his hands into Raven's glossy black hair and again, there it was, that wicked smile. Raven had to fight very hard not to bring his young master's delicate body up against his own and just…


Oz's smile was relentless, and his eyes twinkled mischievously as if he knew what Raven was thinking. And then there was—fuck!

"Ah!" Raven gasped, his grip on Oz's shirt tightening even more. He slid one hand around to Oz's back, pressing—God, yes—pressing their hips together. Raven gasped again as Oz moved up against Raven's trembling body.

"O-Oz," Raven choked, squeezing his eyes shut. "Damn it, you—"

"I'm just helping you out a bit," Oz said with a grin, in response to Raven's previous question. "You don't seem to mind."

"Are you—crazy?" Raven ground out. His grip on Oz's shirt slackened, and now both hands were on Oz's lower back, pulling the body up against his, and oh if felt good, and he'd wanted this ever since he'd hit fucking puberty at thirteen, maybe even before that. He'd become aware of his desire…ever since that one joke of a kiss.

He'd always thought Oz was beautiful, inside and out. Inside—he was confused and hurt and, yes, messed up—but Raven—but Gil believed that Oz was still utterly and wholly beautiful.

"Oz," Raven—Gil—whispered into the delicate skin of his neck. His tongue slipped out from between his lips and he tasted sweat and his mind was utterly blown away by an essence that was purely Oz; Oz who was suddenly gasping beneath him, his eyes half closed and shimmering.

"Gil," Oz said, and his voice was no longer in control and amused—it was breathy, almost a whimper, and the boy blinked heavily, turning his head so more of his neck was exposed, an open invitation for Gil to continue.

Gil shook his head, and feeling the movement with his hands that were still woven into the black hair, Oz turned his head to look up at him.

Before Oz could speak or even throw him another seductive smirk, Gil leaned down and his lips smashed messily against Oz's. He felt Oz's legs wrap around his waist, he felt Oz's erection pressing against his and Gil's mouth fell open in a moan, one Oz quickly smothered with another kiss.

Their tongues slid over each other slowly; Gil thought Oz was being a little playful, and he prevented himself from making a face. It made sense that Oz would still trying to be playful, teasing, and dominant while they were making out.

Oz pulled back, and that submissive, starry-eyed look he'd had before was gone. Gil wondered if he'd imagined it. The sinful smile was back, made all the wickeder because Gil was very aware of Oz's hips grinding slowly up against him.

Where the freaking hell did this child learn how to do this?!

Oz grinned at him and said, "Gil, where did you learn how to kiss so well? When we kissed last time, you were completely clueless."

Gil flushed, much to his young master's pleasure. The memory of that awkward kiss had been poking at his consciousness ever since Oz had started whatever the hell this was. It finally pushed itself to the front of his mind.

It had been another one of Oz's little pranks, another one of his games, poking fun at Gil. They been alone, exploring the woods around Oz's house, about six months before the blonde boy's disappearance. Gil was struggling to keep up with Oz, who was taking all sorts of complicated paths over tree roots and boulders.

"Young master!" Gil panted, his voice coming out in an exhausted squeak. "Please, this is hard, can't we just sit down for a moment?"

Oz glanced over his shoulder at Gil, and Gil had about two seconds of forewarning: he saw the familiar wicked gleam shine in the boy's eyes, and then he was airborne, flying at Gil. Gil yelped, but he didn't have time to duck or step out of the way—Oz had slammed into Gil painfully, sending them both flying backwards. Gil yelped again when his hip knocked against a rock, and he felt the tears of pain fill his eyes.

"Young master," he whimpered, his wet eyes wide. "Wh-wh-what was that for?"

Oz grinned down at him, looking very pleased. "Well, you wanted to rest! Look, we're not walking anymore."

"B-but my hip hurts," Gil whined.

Oz was still smiling, but a thoughtful had begun to settle over his eyes. It made Gil very nervous, and he began to struggle to get his master off of him.

"Ah—master, you're heavy!"

"Your hip? Here?" Oz ignored Gil's complaints and touched the sore hip gently, making Gil freeze.

"Um, yes," he mumbled, his face heating up shamefully.

Oz glanced at Gil's blushing face and his grin morphed into a smirk. "What's wrong?"

"I-I-I…" Gil said uselessly.

"Gil, you are such a blubbering idiot."

Gil sniffed and then he squeaked, the sound coming out muffled—because Oz was now kissing him.

Gil's eyes were very wide as he felt Oz's lips move against his. And his face was probably just a mortifying shade of red right now. God he felt so hot…

"Nn," Gil tried to talk, but Oz wasn't making that an option—in fact, he made it totally impossible when he pushed his tongue into the other boys mouth.

Gil's heart thudded at a painful rate. Oz's tongue licked the inside of his cheek and he had to hold back a...a moan? Gil stayed unresponsive for a good ten seconds when he suddenly became aware that Oz was doing all the work. Hesitantly, totally terrified out of his mind, he tried moving his lips so they were pressing back against Oz's at least a little. He felt a whoosh of sudden breath wash over Gil's face, dispelling from Oz's nose, and he wondered if that was expressing disapproval, amusement, arousal or…

Arousal? What?!


"Mm!" Gil tried to speak again, but Oz only swirled his tongue around the inside of Gil's mouth. Gil's eyes fluttered closed and, without thinking, he sucked.


Oz pulled back suddenly, and Gil's eyes snapped open in time to see Oz pulling his tongue back into his mouth.

He squeaked and shoved at Oz with enough force to knock the boy onto his back.

"Oz, what are you doing?! I mean….you're crazy!"

"Gil has never kissed someone before," Oz said with a delighted grin.

Gil sputtered, not even bothering to mention that that had most likely been Oz's first kiss too—the boy had been too good at it for him to have a reason to argue about his statement.

Gil, meanwhile, had been totally clueless.

Snapping back to the present, Gil glared down at Oz. "What did you expect, an expert? Of course I was clueless!"

"But what about now?" Oz murmured, and he pulled himself closer to Gil, his lips brushing against his servant's as he spoke. Gil wondered if sexual appeal just came naturally to some people.

It must have, for Oz. There was no way he'd done anything like this with…anyone at all.

Unless that damn rabbit had tried something, and Gil wasn't aware—?!

"What?" Gil said stubbornly, cutting of his thoughts; he moved his head so he wouldn't have to talk against Oz's mouth. Oz giggled and then Gil felt something wet and glorious tracing patterns around his ear. He shivered and sat back so he could lean against the wall by the bed. Oz adjusted himself to the movement, straddling Gil's hips with his legs, his tongue still teasing the skin around Gil's ear.

"Your kissing has improved," Oz said quietly. "How did that happen?"

Gil bit back a gasp as Oz delved his tongue right into his ear. "H-how the hell w-would you know an—ah—anything about good kissing?!"

Oz giggled, tugging on the curve of Gil's ear with his teeth. "You're not answering the question."

Gil bit back a shudder and remained silent. The Nightray household required you to do many things to get what they needed: Kill, seduce, steal, lie…

"Gil, are you a virgin?"

Gil's eyes snapped open and he felt his cheeks darken.


Oz leaned back, and looked at Gil curiously, his lips curving wickedly. "Giil," he sang, and Gil turned his head, avoiding his master's eyes.

"Gil's done it, Gil's done it!" Oz sang. Gil growled angrily and tried to keep ignoring him. If he said nothing, maybe he'd just drop it—

"Was it a boy or a girl?"

Gil's face was beet red, just like it had been when Oz had kissed him that time ten years ago.

"Was it both?"

"It's not your business; I never said I did it, anyway," Gil mumbled.

"Gil's embarrassed," Oz grinned, sliding his hands around Gil's neck. "You think you'd be more confident after—"

Gil slapped a hand over Oz's mouth, his gold eyes narrowed. "Be quiet!"

Gil felt Oz's lip move under his hand in a smile, and then something wet was sliding over his fingers.

"Geh—" Gil made to jerk his hand away but Oz's fingers were no longer playing with the back of his hair—they were locked around his wrist, holding it there, and his mouth was covering one of Gil's fingers, his tongue wrapping around it like—like…

"Ah," Gil squeezed his eyes shut, his breath coming in sudden, loud gasps. Oz was watching him, his green eyes shining. He slowly pulled Gil's finger out of his mouth, nipping the end playfully. Gil jerked it back, feeling alarmed by the way he was reacting. Where the hell was his control?

You have no control with Oz, Gil. Oz is Gil's master.

Oz is your master.

Oz put a finger up to his lower lip and looked up at Gil through his eyelashes. The look was pure temptation and Gil actually clenched his fists hard enough to tear through skin so he wouldn't—

"Gil," Oz said, and Gil's train of thought was cut off (fortunately) by the suddenly innocent tone of Oz's voice. Oz pressed his finger against his lip, as if he was nervous. He locked eyes with Gil and said, "Would you take me?"


Oz bit his nail and Gil felt something was very off about the boy's nervous behavior. What the hell, what was he trying to…?

"Well since Gil seems to be such an expert," Oz said demurely, "I was thinking he'd be willing to help me."

"Help you with what?" Gil said stupidly.

"It doesn't make sense that my servant would have sex before his master. I want you to amend that, Gil."

Gil's mouth dropped open in complete shock. Oz's innocent expression was shattered when he smiled up at Gil, that—that stupid, stupid glint shining in his eyes.

He didn't know what he was feeling. His emotions all seemed like a big sea of crashing waves, mixing and roaring and smashing together, and he couldn't make sense of it—and then…

"Oz!" Gil protested, but no, Oz's lips were on his neck, and Gil moaned, feeling utterly wretched and sinful and right.

He was now practically ten years older than Oz. Oz was still a teenager (though that mouth was not something a fifteen year old boy should posses) and Gil was in his twenties and…

…and his tongue felt so good sliding against the skin on his neck.

"Oz," Gil moaned, grabbing the younger boy's hips and pulling him as close as physically possible.

"I take that a yes," Oz said, sounding very pleased.

"Shut up," Gil said, not sounding half as irritable as he should have. Oz closed his eyes and hummed happily, brushing his lips up Gil's neck.

"You're very handsome, Gil," Oz murmured in his ear as Gil moved up against him. His voice was a little breathless and it just turned Gil on even more.

"Ah," Oz gasped as Gil grip tightened and his thrusts against his young master became wilder. The blonde clutched at Gil's shoulders with small hands and bit his lip to hold back a moan. "You were cute back then, Gil."

"Nn," Gil growled, planting a sloppy kiss of Oz's lips in a weak attempt to shut him up.

"Did you—ah—think about me?"

Gil grabbed the back of Oz's head and pulled him in so his ear was level with Gil's lips. "Everyday," was the simple, breathless reply.

Oz shivered and turned his head, kissing his servant hard. Gil nipped at Oz's lips and Oz opened his mouth, letting Gil's tongue slide in over his own. He rubbed against it with his own, and, for the second time that night, he was pushed onto his back, with Gil hovering over him.

"Gil," Oz whimpered, his legs still locked around Gil's hips. He clutched at Gil's shirt, popping open the first few buttons.

"Oz…" Gil said, his gold eyes dark. He lifted a hand to rest on top of Oz's fumbling ones, but made no move to stop his master.

"Ne, Gil," Oz said with a shimmer of his old smirk. His eyes glinted again. "You know, technically speaking, I'm twenty-five."

Gil pursed his lips. "You have the body of a teenage boy, though."

"But you're still turned on," Oz whispered, pushing himself up closer to Gil with his free hand. Leaving Gil's shirt half open, he snaked his other arm around Gil's neck and kissed him quickly, his lips now fully upturned in that smile.

Gil grunted and grabbed Oz around the middle, pulling him up fully against him; then he turned so his back was on the bed and Oz hovered over him.

"I know you're 'older than me', but you're still in danger of being crushed," Gil said snidely, and Oz bit back his chuckle. He pushed himself off of Gil and settled in between his legs. His hands drifted towards his servant's pant fastenings. Gil yelped and tried to sit back up, but Oz pressed his hand down on Gil's arousal, and Gil fell back flat on his back, drawing up his legs so they bent at the knee around Oz. "Ah, don't—" he protested weakly as Oz pulled at his pants. His body betrayed what he said, and his hips lifted so Oz could pull them off.

"Hey, Gil, you're not wearing anything underneath," Oz said with a delighted smile. "I—"

"Oh Gilbert!"

Gil paled and sat up as though someone had poured a bucket of ice water on his head. "Shit!"

Oz was trailing fingers up over his servant's throbbing erection, his eyes intent. "That sounds like Break."

"It is—ah! Stop that!"

Oz grinned. "It feels good? I've never done this before."

"Nng—please—I mean, stop!"

"Giilbert!" Break's obnoxious voice was coming closer. Gil's heart was thudding fast in his chest. Knowing that weirdo, he wouldn't be surprised if the clown popped out from out of the closer any second now.

Heh, came out of the closet—

"Get under the covers!" Gil hissed to Oz.

"Ah, it's dark, though Gil," Oz said, pouting as Gil scrambled to yank the covers back and pull them over Oz's head.

"Shut up. Don't move!" Gil ordered.

"Gil, you shouldn't be telling me what to—mmf!"

A pillow was shoved into his face. "Stick that somewhere next to you so you're not some random lump."

"Gil, your pants are still undone. And I'm not going to be the only random lump if you don't take care of your problem—"

"Shut up!" Gil hissed, his face flaming. He heard footsteps outside of his room. Damn, damn it. What was he going to do…?

He pulled the covers up to his chin and promptly turned on his side so he was staring at the wall, his back to the door. Oz shifted near his legs, and Gil felt his fingers trailing up his exposed skin.

"Don't you dare," Gil snapped. "I swear…"

"Heh," was Oz's reply.

The door burst open right about then, silencing the retort Gil had been about to make.

"Sleeping, little Raven?"

"Shut up!"

You idiot!! You could have just faked sleep, you damn idiot.

"Not sleeping, I see. I was wondering where that brat went off to?"

"Don't call him a brat."

"You're avoiding the question!" Emily cut in snidely.

Gil looked over his shoulder at the pair, wishing they'd drop dead. "He's not with the rabbit?"

Break was smiling at him in a way that made Gil really, really uncomfortable. As if he knew that Oz was—

Oh fuck.

Gil's body jerked in shock, his eyes going wide.

That little BASTARD.

Not only was he ignoring Gil's explicit orders to not touch him there, he was totally making this situation a million times more difficult for Gil than he needed it to be.

Oh. That felt good. Shit.

Oz was sucking him off from under the covers and it felt—

"What's wrong?" Break asked, his smile growing. "Did something bite you?"

"Nng—what the hell—no!" Gil ground out, trying to ignore the feel of Oz's tongue swirling arou—

"You look uncomfortable. Are you perhaps worried for where that young master might have gone off to?"

Gil grit his teeth and reached down to grab roughly at Oz's hair. Oz ignored the warning and continued to lick his erection, knowing that Gil wouldn't dare tug on his head, lest he draw too much notice to the oddly shaped lump that he was.

"Oh­—" Gil gasped when he felt Oz's fingers trailing up the insides of his thighs. His stomach clenched, and he felt…

He needed to stop before Gil fucking orgasmed right there with Break and his creepy doll five feet away.

"Raven?" Break tiptoed closer, grinning like a maniac. "It's very odd that you don't know where the boy is. I mean you're always so keen on his safety. What if something's happened to him?"

"No—no, ah—nothing!" Gil squeaked, holding back the animalistic urge to thrust his hips forward as Oz gave a particularly hard suck. "Nothing's happened!" he said quickly, burying his face into the pillow so he wouldn't have to look at Break.

"How do you know?"

Dammit, he was going to kill both Break and Oz!

"I'm his servant!" Gil snapped, ripping out a few strands of Oz's hair with his tight grip. "I just know!"

"Ne, Raven, why did that pillow just move?"

Gil whipped his head around and shrieked when he found that Break's face was only inches away from his own.


"Oo, someone is touchy. You look flushed. You must be catching a fever. Is your stomach feeling okay?"

That stupid smile was stuck fast on his face as he spoke. Dammit.

"Ah!" Gil gasped when he felt Oz's hand circle around the base of his erection. The little bastard was probably enjoying this whole thing.

"The pillow moved again," Break said happily, pointing at the lump that was Oz. "What are you hiding there, Raven?"

"Nng," Gil squeezed his eyes shut as Oz's mouth pulled back along his erection, and then moved forward again. His hand followed the motion. Gil thought his eyes were going to roll back into his head when he felt Oz's tongue stroke slowly along the bottom of his arousal.

"Gil, I think whatever's down there is the cause of your flushed state. I should probably take a look—"

"Don't you dare!"

Break raised his eyebrows, his fingers inches from the top of the covers. "Ooo, how scary."

"Get out! Oz is—hah—f-fine, dammit! Leave!"

"But Raven, I am worried for—oh, look at the time. I guess I've been here for too long." Break smiled, holding up his hands in surrender as Gil's gun knocked into his forehead. "See you tomorrow, Raven!"

"Goodnight, Oz Bezarius," Emily catcalled as the door shut.

What?! That damn clown, he must be bluff—

"Ah! Goddammit you're…so stupid!" Gil moaned, the gun clattering back onto his nightstand as Oz pushed Gil over so he was flat on his back again. With his free hand, Oz flipped the covers back over his head. He made eye contact with Gil, and Gil almost came right then and there—Oz's green eyes were dark and heavy lidded; his hair was ruffled, hanging in his eyes. A few pieces stuck to his sweaty, hollowed cheeks.

"Ahhh," Gil moaned, reaching down and gripping Oz's hair with his other hand. Oz closed his eyes and let Gil push him back and forward over his erection. Gil tried his best not to get too rough but…

"Mm," Oz hummed, his eyes flickering open, shining mischievously. Gil gasped raggedly at the vibration the sound made and his legs jerked. Oz glanced to the side at Gil's s trembling thighs and the devious glint in his eyes strengthened.

Dammit, now what is he—ack!

Oz's hands were now drifting up and down Gil's thighs, his touch feather light and tingling. Gil was this close to screaming like girl—when Oz moved forward with determination and Gil felt the back of his length hit Oz's throat.

Oh my God how did he—this isn't—

"Oz!" Gil said in a choked whisper, trying to keep his voice down. He was sure Break was keeping an ear open. "God, Oz—Oz I'm about to—"

Oz pulled back slowly, but didn't seem to be worried about Gil coming right in his mouth. And Gil did. White liquid spilled out around Oz's lips, and the rest he swallowed, looking perfectly happy about the whole situation.

"Dammit!" Gil moaned, gasping pathetically. Oz had turned around and was pulling Gil's pants off the rest of the way as if nothing had just happened.


"That was interesting!' Oz said with a smile, and Gil flushed at the white splatters on his master's face. Oz leaned forward over Gil and licked his lips. "You taste good."

"Sh-shut up," Gil mumbled, blushing furiously. "That was uncalled for. Break was right there."

Oz grinned. "That's what made it so fun."

He leaned down and kissed Gil chastely and Gil could taste him on Oz's lips. His tongue slipped out and licked a trail of the drying come off of Oz's cheeks. He was shocked, and pleased, to see a light blush dust his master's features.

"I love you," Gil whispered without thinking.

Oz froze, and then Gil froze himself, realizing that…

What?! Oh God. What had he just—

Oz leaned back and stared at Gil, his green eyes wide. His cheeks were an absolute delicious shade of pink now, and one of those rare, truly surprised looks was on his face. "Gil?"

"Uh," Gil said, fumbling around for something to say, to cover what he'd just—

Oz then smiled, and all other thoughts flew from his mind. This smile wasn't playful, or filled with ill intentions.

This smile was pure and happy. And Gil hoped he wasn't being presumptuous in thinking it was real happiness, not fake or put on like Oz's normal expressions.

"Gil," Oz said softly, running his hand down Gil's cheek. He wrapped his arms around Gil's neck and hugged him tightly, kissing his neck. He was quiet for a moment, and then said, "I love you too. You're my best friend…"

Gil laughed dryly. "Oz, best friends don't…do what you just did."

Oz grinned against his neck. "Can you show me what other things they don't do?" he asked impishly, pulling back to give Gil a coy look.

Gil flushed, but caught Oz (and himself, admittedly) by surprise when he took Oz's bottom lip between his teeth and pulled back playfully. "You don't know what you're asking for, young master," he said quietly, trying to hide his smile.

Oz smiled, and with his sweaty, bed rumpled appearance, he looked like the picture of sin.

"Then show me."


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