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Chapter 1: Something's Coming

Son Gohan sat by the coffee table, completely immersed in his new book detailing "the chemical equations necessary to predict the activity and reactions of dihydrogen monoxide with Alkali metals." Truly enthralling material, at least in Gohan's opinion. Just as he turned the page to begin the chapter on sodium ions, the door burst open. An orange blur rushed to the couch, taking a seat next to him and knocking the book clean out of his hands.

Gohan calmly straightened his glasses and set the book on the table. "Hi, Dad," he greeted cheerfully. Son Goku grinned almost childishly. As usual, he was wearing his orange gi with the same navy blue t-shirt, belt, and wristbands. Completely average, mundane for Goku, except for the fact that the clothes happened to be soaking wet.

"Hey, son! I was out looking for dinner," he explained gleefully. "I tried to catch us some fish, but there wasn't anything big enough, so I got us a giant boar instead!" Gohan smiled at his father's enthusiasm.

"Sounds great, Dad; I haven't had boar in a long time." Goku nodded, truly proud of his accomplishment. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the neglected book on the table.

"So…what-cha readin'?" Gohan beamed at that.

"Oh! It's a fascinating book about water's reactivity with the Alkali metals! It's wonderful!" Goku blinked, trying to wrap his mind around the basic concept of what his son had just explained. He managed to grasp, "…book…water…wonderful."

"Well," he began uncertainly, "that's- that's just fine." Gohan continued to smile, seemingly ignoring his father's lack of understanding. They lapsed into a comfortable silence.

"When's Goten coming home?" Gohan asked, trying to start another conversation. He did enjoy talking to his father after all. Goku shrugged.

"Soon I hope. Man, I wish Chichi would stop sending him to that school place. We haven't had a chance to go on a training trip in ages!"

Gohan chuckled, "Yeah, I suppose you haven't."

"You should come next time, Gohan," Goku suggested. He always insisted such when the subject of training came up. They had had this conversation dozens of times, but his son would always decline the offer.

Gohan's brow furrowed as he contemplated the idea. "I don't know, Dad."

"C'mon! When's the last time you trained with your old man and little brother?"

"A long time," Gohan sighed. "I really don't know. You know I've never been much of a fighter, Dad."

"Yeah, I know…" Goku gazed at Gohan with a serious expression. "Trust me, I really do." "If there's anything I regret, it's making you fight as a kid," he murmured.

Gohan paused, staring up at the ceiling. "…I'll think about it."

Upon hearing the remark, Goku's eyes brightened. "Really?"

"Yeah. I could use a break from things."

"Then it's a plan!" Goku punched the air with excitement. "When Goten gets his next break from school, we'll go camping, just the three of us! Nothing but training and relaxing. I can't wait!" This was true, for Goku could hardly contain his joy.

The two sat in silence from there, as Gohan continued to read his awfully boring (at least in Goku's opinion) chemistry book. Goku left only for a moment to tell Chichi of his amazing catch, returning as soon as she began cooking. At approximately five o' clock, the door burst open once again.

This time, a blue blur sprinted across the room, once more knocking the book out of Gohan's hands. The blur took a seat on Gohan's other side.

"Hi, Dad! Hi, Nii-chan!" shouted Goku's youngest son happily.

Gohan blinked, "…Well, you certainly are energetic today."

Goten grinned. "I have good reason to be! Guess what came out today."

Goku shrugged, whereas Gohan smiled knowingly. "It was one of your mangas, wasn't it?"

The seventeen year old proudly held up the manga for both his brother and father to see. "Not just any manga, it's Shonen Jump! And it's got an all-new Naruto this week! I hear Gaara's finally coming back!"

"Oh," Goku began. "He's the one you don't like, right?"

"No, Dad, that's Sasuke…" Gohan watched with amusement as his younger brother animately described the series to his father. He smiled, only incidentally noting the similarities between the father-son duo.

He remembered when he had gotten Goten his first copy of Naruto. It had been only six years prior when an alien syndicate came to Earth to covet the dragonballs (same old, same old). To make a long story short, Earth won, and Goten ended up with his leg broken in five places. He was bedridden until Master Karin was able to grow a new batch of senzu beans. In the meantime, Gohan decided to get a manga for Goten to cheer him up. He had happened across a copy of Naruto, and, well, the rest is history.

Gohan snapped out of his reverie as Goten said, "All right, I'm gonna go to my room. Call me when dinner's ready!" And with that, he was off.

Goku shook his head fondly. "He sure does love those ninjas." Gohan grinned.

"He really does, doesn't he?"


It was peaceful enough in the village of Konoha, or rather, what was left of it. Yes, it was true; the famed village had been absolutely decimated when the head of Akatsuki came looking for Naruto. Now, things were beginning to return to normal, and the villagers could rebuild. Still, Konohagakure was between a rock and a hard place in many ways: they were down a Hokage (or rather, down a Hokage with a soul), and there were enemies lurking behind every tree. At least their shinobi quota was still up to par (some miracle that).

In a particularly dilapidated part of the village, the fully intact Team Gai was helping the villagers to rebuild their homes. Lee and Gai used their superhuman strength to remove rubble and carry lumber, Tenten was not half-bad with a hammer, and Neji directed the three of them with his Byakugan.

The Hyuuga genius of the team let out yet another sigh as he told Lee where to put the support beam. Neji was worried about Naruto. He had gone off with Sakura and his other teammate (whose name Neji had yet to learn). That was perfectly normal. No, what bothered Neji was that a group of Cloud-nin had followed after them. Cloud-nin had always unnerved Neji (they were the root cause of his father's sacrifice after all). Even so, what bothered him the most was that he could not find any justification to go after them.

In the past, he would have followed them without hesitation, knowing that he would be an asset should a fight break out. But now, now Naruto had grown so much more powerful than he. Neji was no longer an asset to Naruto; he was a liability. He would only get in the way. At this thought, again, Neji sighed.

He looked up only to find Lee and Tenten looking at him curiously. "What?" he asked, a tad miffed. Lee put down the lumber he was holding and approached Neji with caution, like one would a threatened animal.

"Well, it is just that…you have been sighing more than usual today, Neji-kun. Tenten-chan and I are just worried about you." Tenten hopped down from the ladder.

"Yeah, what's wrong, Nej?" The brunette refused to look his friends in the eye.

"Nothing," he lied. Tenten rolled her eyes, grabbed Neji's arm, and forced him to sit down next to her, Lee following after.

"It is all right, Neji-kun," Lee continued. "You can tell us; we are your friends." Neji looked from Lee to Tenten and back again; their eyes were concerned yet determined. These were his friends, his teammates of four years, his makeshift family that had become far closer to him than any real family could have. They had confided in him when they were distressed. Perhaps it was time for him to return the gesture.

"It's just…" Another sigh. "I'm so useless."

"What?!" The two cried in unison, never expecting Neji to say such a thing.

"Of course you're not useless!" Tenten shouted.

"Yes!" Lee began almost frantic. "You are very useful, Neji-kun. You have saved us so many times; Tenten-chan and I probably would not even be here without you!"

"Yeah, I mean just now you've made working on the houses much easier. We'd probably still be working on that first house if you weren't here to direct us!" Neji refused to meet either of his teammates eyes.

"I guess," he mumbled uncertainly. This time, Tenten sighed…in frustration that is. Lee's large brow furrowed.

"Neji-kun, what is making you feel this way?" Neji briefly glanced up at Lee. He saw no pity in those onyx eyes, no condescension, just concern for his only brother.

"It's just," Neji found himself replying before his brain even consented. "I used to put myself on equal terms with Naruto, or at least close to equal terms. But now, it's as it all I can do is sit and watch from the sidelines as he takes on opponents far stronger than I can even imagine." Tenten tried to understand what her best friend was going through; she really did, but somehow, it just did not seem like that big of a deal to her. Lee, however, nodded in full comprehension.

"I understand, Neji-kun," he murmured. "I used to get that feeling too."

"When you watched Naruto?" Lee chuckled at that.

"No, Neji-kun, when I watched you." Neji looked up at Lee, shocked, but soon that expression transformed into a smile, a true smile.

"Thanks, Lee," he whispered.

"Well, is that it?" Tenten cut in. Both boys stared at her, confused. She chuckled. "I mean, is that all that's all that's bothering you? Or is there something else?" Neji paused for a moment. Was there something else? It was true; he had not been feeling like himself as of late.

"No…I guess there is." Lee and Tenten's expressions grew serious. They briefly glanced at each other before turning back to their dear friend in need. Neji continued. "I've been feeling almost…empty lately, like there's something out there that I'm missing."

"Like what?" asked Tenten, legitimately curious.

"I don't know. It's just…lately, I've been wondering if I should even be in Konoha at all." Both Tenten and Lee's eyes widened.

"What?!" Tenten cried.

"Why, Neji-kun?"

"I…it's like…I'm surrounded by people I love and that I know love me back, but I've been feeling like something isn't right. I cringe every time I think of an upcoming mission, and I can barely get myself out of bed in the morning to do something unless you two and Gai-sensei are involved. I'm sixteen years old for God's sake! I shouldn't be feeling this trapped!" There was a deep, tense silence.

"I-I had no idea that you felt this way, Neji-kun," Lee managed. Tenten nodded in agreement.

"Maybe…" she began hesitantly, "Maybe we should go on a long trip. Us three and Gai-sensei that is. We can travel all around the world, relax, and have a little fun for once. And, Neji, you can find yourself. Who knows what you might figure out? You could decide to change careers, be a writer like Jiraiya-sama, or a doctor like Tsunade-sama, or maybe even open up a restaurant like Teuchi-san."

"Or Sansho-baa-san," Lee cut in. The three chuckled at the thought.

"Yeah," Tenten continued, "we'll finish things up here in Konoha and pack up to leave. This is in our Neji-chan's best interest!" Neji frowned at the honorific. "And if Danzou-kage-teme tries to stop us…we'll kick 'im in the nuts and go anyway!" Lee burst out laughing at the premise, while Neji simply shook his head.

"I think that physically harming the Hokage may be considered treason, Tenten-chan," Lee chuckled out. Neji, however, simply smiled. He did have good friends after all.

"That sounds…" he began softly, "great. Thanks, you guys. I don't know what I'd do without you, sometimes." Lee and Tenten turned on Neji with equally huge grins before pouncing on him, practically smothering the brunette.

"Aw! Neji-chan!"

"You are most welcome, Neji-kun!" The two spent the rest of their time together laughing at Neji's fiery blush ("You look like Hinata-chan," cut in Tenten snidely), until one of the carpenters from the Land of Waves shouted, "Get back to work, you crazy kids!" The three glanced at each other before realized that they had, in fact, been lying around on the job.

"Well, we had better get back to work," Lee said simply as he picked his lumber back up. Tenten nodded, grabbing her hammer and nails. Neji simply sighed one final time as he watched his teammates run ahead of him. He picked up the building plans from beside him and stood up.

However, the brunette did not notice the unnatural pitch-black shadow that appeared behind him on the bench. Nor did he notice as a humanoid creature came through the shadow-like portal. It smirked, licking its lips at the sight of Neji and his almost palpable power.

"He's perfect," it hissed, sibilant, snake-like.

Neji started at the noise, turning in time to see the creature reaching out to grab him. The brunette bit back the urge to flee and instead, shouted, "Byakugan!" With that yell, Neji got the attention of Lee, Tenten, and the nearby Maito Gai. They all ran after him, sensing an inevitable fight.

But Neji barely noticed; he was too shocked by what he saw with his Byakugan, or rather, what he did not see. His opponent had no chakra circulatory system, no keirakukei, no tenketsu, nothing. Neji only saw the outline of his opponent's body, filled with blue light, solid energy. What on Earth was he fighting?! It could not have been a genjutsu; Neji's Byakugan would have seen through it. Neji knew only one thing about this otherworldly creature, and that was that without a chakra circulatory system, Neji's jyuuken, the entire basis of his fighting style, was worthless. This could be a problem.

Just then, Gai, Lee, and Tenten appeared beside him, all ready for battle. His team could compensate for his inability to use jyuuken!

"Neji! Just what is this guy?" cried Tenten. Neji simply shook his head, quite unsure himself.

"I don't know, but I can't use my jyuuken on hi-"

"Hand over the boy!" the creature interrupted with a snarl. It took Neji a moment to realize that this monster was referring to the brunette himself. It quickly became clear that this creature was targeting Neji, no one else.

With that realization, Gai stepped forward, pushing Neji behind him and stepped into a fighting stance. "Over my dead body," the man growled out. No one threatened one of Maito Gai's students and lived to tell the tale.

"That can be arranged," the creature hissed with a villainous smirk. It held out both of its hands, palms facing its opponents. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, bright beams of light shot out from its hands, hitting both Gai and Tenten straight on. They flew backwards nearly fifty meters headlong into the nearest building.

Lee and Neji glanced at each other, eyes wide and mouths agape. They had never seen anything like it! Lee was the first to recover, jumping in front of Neji and slipping into his unmistakable stance. "Stay back, Neji-kun," Lee murmured in a low, serious voice, eyes never leaving his enemy.

Neji shook himself out of his shock. "No, Lee," Neji pleaded. "Let me help you; I can fight!"

"No you cannot. This monster is immune to your best techniques, is he not?" Lee's eyes softened as he noticed the expression on the brunette's face: frightened for his friends' safety, but also determined. "Let me handle this," he finished with a warm smile, before turning on the creature with a daunting look. "I will not let you lay a hand on Neji-kun," he snarled lowly. For once, Neji listened to Lee and backed off some. Truth be told, he was scared for the taijutsu-specialist. If there was one person in Konoha that Neji could not bear to see lying lifeless on the ground, it was Rock Lee.

"Be careful," he whispered, knowing that Lee probably could not even hear him.

The creature cackled a high, mad laugh. "Oh, you'll 'handle' me, will you?" Another laugh. "We'll see just how well you 'handled' me when your friend's head is hanging over my mantle! Well, what are you waiting for? Come at me, you-" The creature never got a chance to finish his taunt, as Lee, enraged by its threat, swiftly Konoha Sempuu'd the dreadful thing in the face.

Lee bared his teeth, voice becoming bestial, blood boiling. "Threaten him again, and I'll take your head clean off!!" he thundered. Neji had never heard Lee so angry. He was so furious that he had begun speaking informally. Well, it seemed that one should never cross Lee's teammates either.

The creature stood up slowly, laughing manically. "Well then," he chuckled, "what if I did this?" Before Lee or Neji could blink, the monster had grabbed Neji from behind, nevermind that he had been a good ten meters away from him beforehand.

Lee's eyes widened. "He's fast," was all that he could manage to think.

"Let me go!" Neji cried as he struggled against the creature, receiving only a chuckle in response. Lee rushed to aid his teammate, but Neji, not one to be counted out, grabbed the creature's arms and threw it over his shoulder. Lee jumped up, landing with his knee thrusting into the monster's stomach. The creature lurched, coughing up a mixture of blood and saliva. The taijutsu-specialist landed gracefully on his feet before again stepping in front of Neji.

"Stay close," he murmured, "we cannot risk him catching you again." The brunette merely nodded dumbly, shocked by Lee's sudden ability to take command. Lee turned, smiling at him with warm, kind eyes. "No worries, Neji-kun. I will protect you with my life, and that is my promise." To prove so, the black-haired boy gave Neji a thumbs up. Somehow, that made the Hyuuga feel just a tiny bit better. That is, until a rumble of a chuckle came from the recovering monster. It stood, clapping slowly, mockingly.

"Very well spoken. How sweet! You'll protect 'Neji-kun,' will you?" It shook its head, still laughing. "Well then, Hero-Boy, let's see you protect him from this!" At the last two words, the creature slammed its palms on the ground with a dark smirk. There was a quiet rumbling, which grew louder and louder, until a bright beam of red light pierced through the earth from below and completely engulfed Neji. Lee could only stare wide-eyed as a cylindrical prism of pure energy surrounded Neji's body. Bolts of energy encircled him, sparked by the energy itself. He floated a few inches above the ground, his clothes and hair being blown upwards as if by the wind.

Neji was absolutely in agony! Burning, white-hot pain ripped through every single inch of his body, Every one of his cells were on fire, screaming out in torture. The brunette had only felt this much pain when he had had his seal activated, and like that throbbing pain, this only seemed to get worse as time progressed. He could not move a muscle. Pain, fire, agony, lightning, torment. Neji screamed.

"Neji!" Lee nearly shrieked, forgoing his usual honorific. He ran towards the Hyuuga, trying to pull him out of the beam, but the taijutsu-specialist was merely blown back by a bolt of lightning. Neji's yelling stopped, but his mouth was still open in a silent scream, his entire body racked with tremors. The monster released its abominable technique. Neji hovered in midair for a moment before he collapsed to the ground, haggard and pale, eyes closed, and limp as a ragdoll. "Neji!" Lee cried again, dashing to his friend. He pulled the brunette into his arms before calling his name over and over. "Neji! Wake up! Speak to me!" But the Hyuuga remained enervated in his arms. Lee's eyes narrowed with rage as he heard a familiar cackle.

"It would seem you need a but more work on your protecting skills," he laughed.

"You," Lee snarled.

"What's wrong, kid? Are you angry because I hurt your little 'Neji-kun'?" Lee gently lay Neji on the ground and quickly took off his weights. He recalled Gai-sensei's words from so many years ago: "Lee, remember, never, and I mean NEVER remove those weights unless you're defended the lives of people who're precious to you." Again, he looked at Neji, truly one of his most precious people, before looking back to his enemy.

Lee rushed the creature, hoping his speed would be enough to turn the tables. Not so, for every time he came at the creature with a powerful blow, it would simply dodge.

"I've had enough of you, kid. I've got a delivery to make, so if you don't mind-" It punched Lee in the gut grinding its fist deep into the black-haired boy's abdomen. Lee nearly heaved, but the monster was not finished just yet; it released another energy blast from his fist, blasting Lee against a tree with enough force to break the trunk in half.

The creature approached the unconscious Neji with a smirk. "I'll be taking this," it commented as it threw the brunette's limp body over its shoulder with ease. It headed for the shadow-portal.

Lee crawled his way out of the tree's branches, doubled over and clutching at his wounded stomach. He watched as Neji briefly came to, groggy and in pain. Still, with glazed-over, half-lidded white eyes, he gazed at Lee. With what little strength he had left, he reached out to his teammate; the black-haired boy returned the gesture. Then, the creature jumped through the portal with Neji, and the shadow simply vanished.

Lee fell onto his hands and knees, teary-eyed. "Oh, Neji-kun," he managed, "I have failed you." With that he collapsed.


Neji awoke, only to see that he was flying over a forest. A rather blurry forest, but Neji assumed that his eyes were merely playing tricks on him. He also assumed that the forest was Ho no Kuni. Weakly, he turned his head to see the back of the monster that had captured him. It chuckled.

"The Boss'll be happy with this catch. This kid's power is perfect, so pure. I can practically taste it." Neji could hear the monster lick its lips. "He has so much of it too. Maybe once the Boss's had his fill, he'll let me have the remains." It could hardly contain its glee. "And maybe the body too, he is quite the looker."

Neji had heard enough. Summoning all of his chakra, he released it out of every single pore in his body. The monster shouted at the sudden burst of energy. He was so caught off guard that he dropped Neji's limp body. The monster had been momentarily stunned, so there was no one to catch the brunette as he fell into the forest below. The canopy of trees slowed his fall, but he still hit the ground with enough force to knock him unconscious once more.

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