Not edited people. This is the epilogue. You might notice this is not bold italicized. It's because it made me dizzy XD. Anywho this is kind of the fluffier (heh if Malfoy and Potter can fit the category so as fluffy as they can get) version of their relationship.

I hope you enjoy it!

hey peeps its morning so i'm a bit meeeh. anywho is it epilogue or prologue for when the story is finished? my mind can't remember at the moment. oi don't laugh at me ya i just hit a door a few minutes ago can't help if it injured the few braincells i have left. anywho yeaaaah....ugh...anywho yeah this story is finished sorry for the reviewer who wanted more...just wait til my newly typed oneshot comes out and it's Drarry locked in a closet. cliche but hot.


It was Friday Morning. A wonderful morning if you asked anyone near you. It was the end of the week.

Birds were chirping. Bees were buzzing and…


Students at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry were finding House Unity in secret and more private 'classes'.

"F-fuck!" the blonde moaned from underneath the tan body. He screamed when his prostate was hit with unbelievable accuracy.

"Already doing that love…" the raven whispered. He stopped and the blond whimpered. "Draco…"

"Harry if you want to keep your dick you better keep fucking me and you better fuck me hard." Draco demanded and glared at the raven. Even in bed he manages to act like a snotty prat. "You fucking owe-oooooohhhh…" Draco sentence was interrupted when Harry began fucking him again. The raven's thrust becoming more hectic and fast. Draco let out a low moan and began grinding himself down on Harry's absolutely magnificent cock.

Harry thanked his lucky stars that Draco Malfoy loves his cock.

--Flashback to Monday morning--

It was a boring Monday morning for Draco Malfoy. He was lounged on a black sofa in the Slytherin Common Room staring up at his oh-so-boring stone ceiling. He let out a long sigh.

"I know I'm bored too love." Harry said from the floor. Draco snorted and ignored him. "Aw come on you're not still ignoring me are you? I said I was sorry!"

Draco once again snorted.

"It was an accident I swear!" Harry said raising his hands over his head which had no real affect since he was lying on the ground.


'Shit!' Harry thought frantically finding ways to get the blond to forgive him. He smiled. "If I let you do anything you want for the day will you forgive me?"

Draco blinked and glared. "I know what you're doing Harry James Potter-" Harry gulped. Draco really is pissed to use his full name. "- And if you think I'm going to fall for it you have another thing coming."

"Speaking of coming…" Harry started but stopped when he found himself straddled and looking at the end of a wand.

"Speak if you think it'll be good for your health." Draco said with a low threatening voice. Harry felt himself becoming aroused.

Draco wanted to shake the idiot when a pink tongue darted onto the wand. He pulled his back almost violently and was going to get off Potter when warm arms went around his waist.

"I'm really sorry Draco. Please forgive me?"

He almost melted. The key word is almost. An evil idea came to his mind and he smirked. He felt Harry tense and those arms loosened.

"No sex for a week." Draco declared. Harry eyes went wide.

"What?! Oh come on!"

"I made my statement." Draco said prying away from the shock Gryffindor. He was about to leave when the stupid, stupid (you get the point) idiot spoke.

"You wouldn't last the week without me!" Harry screamed out – now standing.

Draco turned and pinned Harry with a glare. "I'm sorry? Did you say I wouldn't last a week without you?" Draco grinned evilly.

Harry gulped. 'He makes Voldemort look almost serene.' He couldn't help but think.

"See, Harry that is where you are wrong. You can't last a week without me."

Someone walked into the common room. A loud groan came from that person. "Not again."

"I can last a week without you!" Harry declared stupidly. A bad foreboding feeling piling up in his stomach. His brain... and dick yelled at him to shut up because Merlin knows he can't stay away from the blond for two minutes.

Draco smirked. "You can't touch me until next Monday then. Enjoy your week Potter." Harry watched as the blond walked up to the boys' dorm rooms.

The person chuckled. "You're going to get your ass handed to you Potter."

"Shut it Nott." Harry paused and glared at Nott. "Stay away from Draco."

Nott sighed. "Dear Merlin you weren't even together when I kissed him! Besides you know I'm with Neville now!"

Harry growled and stalked out of the Slytherin common rooms. He ran into someone.

"Hello Harry." A dreamy voice said.

Harry looked at the blond girl named Luna. He really wasn't in the mood for her antics right now. "Luna."

The girls blue eyes glazed over and flashed white. She smiled just to show off her white teeth and looked Harry in the eye. "He will give in before you do." Luna left leaving an air of mystery after her.

Harry blinked and walked on.

-- Monday --



"…" (You can just picture the glaring/staring match. GRRRRR!)

They turned and walked in the opposite direction. Hermione and Ron looked at Draco's friends, Blaise and Theodore. The four shook their heads and let out an exaggerated sigh. Ron went to Blaise and they went to their class together. Theodore walked to Herbology so he could find Neville and Hermione found Pansy.

Pansy looked at Hermione. "Another fight?"


"A stupid fight?"

"Is there any other kind?"

"My bet is on Potter caving in."

"Damn. Fine I put mine on Malfoy."

The two nodded to each other and decided to talk about hot newly turned gay men.

-- Tuesday--



(Insert glares here.)

Ginny Weasley walks by and stops to stare at the two. She raises an eyebrow. Dean comes up from behind her.

"Just keep walking they do that every time they see each other." He said before walking past her. Ginny blinked and followed Dean.

"I bet Malfoy caves." Ginny said. Dean nodded. "I put my bet on him too."

Colin Creevy comes across the scene. He smiles and takes a picture of the two glaring lovers. He runs off.

"CREEVY!" Harry yells before chasing after him. No need to have this in front of the school's paper.

Draco makes a whining noise, looks back, then walks on with a new determined face.

-- Wednesday--



(Enter Draco's pouty face and Harry's inner turmoil scrunch up face.)

Ron comes up from around the corner and pauses. He smacks his for head. "Oh for fucks sake…" He walks around the two and goes into the Potions classroom.

"Mr. Weasley are Potter and Malfoy having a staring contest outside my classroom door again?"

"Yes, sir." Ron sat down next to Theodore Nott. "Nice hair." Ron said pointing to Theodore's bright pink hair.

"Shut up Weasley. My bets on Potter caving."

"Mine's on Malfoy."

Someone behind them snorted. A 'go figure' was murmured.

-- Thursday--

Draco was sitting in the library writing his essay for Transfiguration. He skimmed across the pages with ease and only stopped when someone sat next to him. A couple more people joined.


"Draco." Harry pleaded.

"Harry." Draco said softly. His eyes were still skimming the page.

"You're not going to start making out right here are you?" Crabbe asked dumbly. Goyle hit him in the back of the head. "OW!"

"Quiet boys." Madam Prince said not looking up from her book.

Draco eyes narrowed and he slammed his book shut with one hand. He gathered his things and made his way to another table.

Harry pinned Crabbe with a glare.


-- Friday Morning--



Ron raised his hands in the hair. "I GIVE UP!" He walked to DADA class.

Draco and Harry watched as the red head stomped off. They chuckled and looked at each other.

"Wonder what's got his knickers in a twist?" Draco said casually.

"I don't want you to find out." Harry said with a jokingly possessive tone.

The shifted awkwardly. They froze as eye contact was made. Draco dropped his stuff and walked up to Harry. Harry stood where he was and watched as the blond grabbed his robes. Their lips meet forcefully and teeth accidently clashed but they kept going.

The two broke apart for air.

"You're dorm or mine?" Harry asked in a husky voice. Draco took the raven's hand and they ran to the Gryffindor rooms.


-- Present--

Draco arched up and his nails left pink trails on Harry's skin. "H-Harry I-I'm coming! I'm coming!!"

Harry pressed his lover's legs up against that pale chest and began thrusting harder. "Come with me then." He panted out. He watched as Draco's hand slithered down and gripped his own erection. The hand started to match with their beat and soon they screamed out. Both of them collapsed on each other.

Harry wrapped his arms around the blond and kissed those lips. Draco hummed and casted a cleaning charm before sliding his hands around Harry's shoulders. They broke the kiss. Harry buried his face in the crook of Draco's neck.

"Love you…" Harry whispered before falling into slumber. Draco hummed again and followed soon after.

Neither got to see the door close.

-- In the Great Hall--

A red Howler glided in when the owl dropped it. It stopped just above everyone. Many people raised an eyebrow while some others held a knowing look.

"OKAY PEOPLE! WHOEVER BETTED ON HARRY CAVING IN - I JUST GOT ONE THING TO SAY! YOU LOSE SUCKERS! HAHAHAHAHA!" The voice softened. "Anyone who betted on Draco please get your money from Pansy Parkinson. Oh Pansy, Theodore, Blaise I found out a reversal spell for the twins pranks. Meet me in the library after classes okay?"

The howler burned into crisps leaving cheering or gaping students and teachers behind.

Snape cursed behind his breath. He picked at his food while McGonagall sent him a gloating smirk.

"You owe me 10 galleons Professor Snape."

Snape sniffed. "I'll only pay you after we find out if Longbottom passes my class."

McGonagall just sent him a pitiful smile while her eyes danced like the devil.

-- The Crappy End--

It is unedited as said. I ran out of like writer creativity while typing this. I was like DAMN YOU BRAIN! Anywhooooooo…I hoped you enjoyed it either way. It's as close to fluffy as I can get to those two. Hmmmn its soo early. Night peoples!