Oh dear. The dreaded SH fic.

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The 'Leave' (SH2) and 'Possessed' (SH3) endings are canon for this fic.

Chapter one

"Kzzzzh… Kzzzh"

Laura woke slowly. Her room was still dark, so it must've been really late… Why was she up?


Huh? Radio?


What the? Laura's feet brushed the carpet. She glanced around. Nothing abnormal was in her room… who..?


The radio. She left her room and wandered down the hallway. Laura wasn't entirely sure where James kept the ratty old thing; only that he kept it somewhere in the house.

Living room? No. Kitchen? Under the sink? Nothing. Laundry room? Zip. Hall closet? She paused. Behind the coats, even in the dull moonlight from the windows, Laura could see the black case hidden in the back. She reached and touched it; James had kept the Knife… Why? Laura would probably never know, but it was there, in the closet and out of sight.

Still no radio.


All that left was the master bedroom, but James was such a light sleeper, why hadn't he freaked out yet?

Static had that effect on him. Even in the car if static ever played on the radio he'd have a white knuckled grip on the wheel and a paranoid look in his eye until it was over.

The door opened with a light creak. Laura could see the little light on the radio from the door.


Laura walked in and snatched the little hunk of plastic with barely a whisper of noise. In the living room, she sat in a plush chair and stared at the radio.


The static grew in volume in seconds.

"Kzzzh…Kzzzh! Kzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…."

Someone touched her shoulder.

Laura didn't flinch; she slowly turned her head and asked, "I have to, don't I?"

The thing behind her nodded.

Laura turned off the radio, "So soon? I'm so…unprepared. So young. I don't know if I can handle…" She took a deep steadying breath and lowered her voice, "I have no choice…"

It nodded again.

"At least let me tell James I'm leav-" She tried to rise from her chair, but she was restrained.

It stepped around the chair to stand in front of Laura and shook its head.

Laura cast a pleading, pitiful look that had no effect. It tossed a duffle bag at her feet and pointed down the hall.

Only what she needed.

Laura rose and packed her things quickly and quietly. On her way back, she paused at James's room. The hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her away. They paused at the hall closet long enough for it to fetch the Knife.

Laura bent to pick up the radio, but was stopped by a forceful grip on her wrist. There was a strange pause.

"Yes…I understand," Laura pulled away, but the grip on her wrist tightened. "Yes, I understand… Master Valtiel."


James woke up before his alarm clock and had a strange feeling of distress all the way to the kitchen. He poured a cup of coffee and leaned against the counter trying to shake off that feeling. Thirty more minutes and he called for Laura to get up. When she didn't answer, he shrugged and went to knock on her door.

It was open slightly.

In the five and a half years Laura had lived with him, James couldn't remember one time the girl had left her door open even a smidge. He pushed it the rest of the way, and she was gone.

Laura was missing… No.. She'd just gone to school early.

She did that sometimes just to scare him. James shrugged it off.

He found the radio on the coffee table, another pang of anxiety, but again, James chocked it up to Laura just trying to freak him out. It wasn't going to work this time.

The day continued as normal… only, Laura didn't come home.

He asked around, no one had really seen her, but she would turn up. Right?

The night dragged on, still nothing. Maybe she'd just forgotten to check in? She was alrgith.

Day two, no sign. Okay, what the fuck?

He asked around again, 'Have you seen Laura?' 'Is Laura with you?'

No. And no.

He called the police.

Day three, no word from anyone. James paced across his living room, "Okay Laura," he said to the empty room, "you got me."

His phone rang. James answered it with some trepidation. What if she was dead?

"Mr. Sunderland?"


"I'm sorry, but we don't believe your daughter's in town…"

"She's n-" he paused. He'd almost said 'she's not my daughter' to the cop. That would've blown over well… "Okay, Thank you."

"You don't sound worried…"

"I'm not." James hung up.

The strange thing about it was, he wasn't worried. At least, not the way a parent should be. No. He wasn't a parent… Laura wasn't his. James sat down.

He was nervous, mildly concerned for her safety, and whatnot. But he wasn't fretting. Should he be fretting?

James felt strange at the revelation:

He should be.


Months passed. Laura was officially outside of the tri-county area.

She could be anywhere in the country at this point… and a part of James wasn't bothered at all.

He couldn't get over that disturbingly numb feeling that washed over his brain whenever he thought about her.

James got the same feeling whenever he thought about Mary… whoa, where did that come from? He had thought of Mary for years.

Ever since Laura had started becoming even more of a nuisance than she already was James's thoughts didn't wander very much. Once she was old enough to have friends that could drive her hither and yon, Laura would always ponder new ways to make James worry, or scare him just because she could.

It was strangely quiet and peaceful with her gone…

James shook the thought from his head. He had to find Laura.


Again James shook his head.

Maybe he should get out of the house… James rose from the plush chair he'd been musing in and went to the hall closet to get his coat. The calendar nailed to the door said it was Laura's fourteenth birthday, and again the numbness set in.

That feeling was starting to bother him.

James fetched his coat and noted something was amiss.

The Knife…

James dug through the closet, thinking it had only fallen. It wasn't in there.

Several emotions welled up in his chest. Rage, fear, concern, but none of them were given a voice. Numbness settled back in.

He walked slowly to his bedroom and took the little radio out from the nightstand drawer. "Where is she?" he asked it, as though it could answer him.


James blinked a few times. "Tell me!" he shouted at it, "Is she…" No, no! She couldn't have gone back to…


"Is Laura in Silent Hill?!"


That was when James realized he was talking to a radio.

So Laura and the monster-knife were both gone now. Well, at least she was armed.



"Is she in Silent Hill?"

A voice crackled its way through the radio static "Congratulations!! Kzzzh Ricky, tell him what he's won!"

James stared at the hunk of plastic for a moment.

In less than an hour James had loaded up his truck with what he thought would be the necessary supplies

Then he was on a second, reluctant trip to Silent Hill.

James wasn't entirely sure what he expected to find there.


End chapter 1

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