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She never smiled ever. She avoided talking to people and she had no friends because of this. She was never mean towards anyone and was quite, but for some reason they targeted her. Jabbed her with mean comments, made fun of her, and would "accidently" trip her. She wouldn't defend herself or say anything mean back. She would just take it and then sit by herself at lunch with her head phones in and have some form of the rock genre blasting to drown out the snickers of the other students. And this girl's name was Sakura Haruno, she was 17 years old. And she hasn't always been in the situation that she was in now. At one time she was actually pretty popular and had a boyfriend along with many friends, but that was all before the accident, when she lost her parents and her younger brother, but she had survived, leaving her to ask every day why? She was sent to the hospital and was in a coma for 3 months. Eventually when she a woke, hoping to see the faces of her okaasan, otoosan, and otouto,she was instead greeted by the unfamiliar faces of the nurses who had been talking care of her, while she was in her unresponsive state. "Okaasan!" Was the first thing she called as her eyes fluttered open. But she was met with the tragic news of her parent's and her brother's deaths. And No one was there to claim her. Her grandparents had been dead before she was even born and both of her parents had been the only child in their families. So this lead to Sakura being put in foster care.

And when she went back to school people could tell that she was changed. Sakura no loner wore girly clothes, like skirts or anything fitting to show off her curves. All she would wear now was jeans, an oversized hoody, and a pair of high-top converses. What made matters worse for Sakura when she got back to school was the fact that while she was in a coma she heard that her boyfriend Sasuke, of 9 months had been cheating on her with her bestfriend Ino.


"We were sad and we both needed comforting! And he was just there for me Sakura! I'm sorry!"

"You needed comforting!? I was the one in a coma and I am the one who at this point has lost her parents, brother, best friend, boyfriend, and any sliver of happiness I ever had. And you don't see me going out and fucking someone else's boyfriend!"

"How dare you! It's not like anyone one would want to fuck you any way! You're always wearing the stupid hoody all the time now and you've been acting so weird ever since you've been back!" Ino shot back with a glare.

"Ohh I'm sorry, it's not like it's an every day thing to lose everything! And to make things worse you have and insensitive friend who's a complete bitch!" I screamed as my eyes started to tear up.

"Look...I'm sorry! I just don't know how to handle this. And Sasuke tried to be there for you, but you were always closed up! Hiding under your hood with you head phones on, blasting God knows what! He tried! So stop bitching! You pushed him away!"

"I'll keep that in mind next time when I'm in a coma, since that's when you both started fucking for 'closure'."I sobbed as I ran out of my ex-best friend's house.


"Sakura?" Annie, my foster mom called from the kitchen when she heard the screen door open and close.

Annie was my 3rd foster Mother, because so far every foster parent I have had, had found me to be alittle disturbing, once they discovered the habit I had developed of cutting myself.

"Yes Annie?" I called back as I made my way to the kitchen

I was only slightly suprised when I saw another women there wearing a business suit sitting at Annie's kitchen table with a glass of water in front of her.

That time again? Funny how people start to reject you after you have no parents...or popularity and status. I thought grimly.

"Hello Sakura, I'm M s. Gorski ." The woman in the suit said standing up and reaching to shake my hand.

I took her hand and shook it.

"So where am I going to now in Konoha?" I asked in an emotionless voice.

Over the couple of foster parent's I've had, I slowly learned to never get attached, that way I wasn't filled with the pain of rejection and loneliness every time they decided they didn't want me any more.

M s. Gorski seemed suprised at my words and Annie had a look of pity on her face.

"It's alright, it's not the first time this has happened...I've had worse things happen anyways."

"Oh well have a seat Sakura." M s. Gorski said.

I took the seat directly across from the suited lady. Noting how Annie was leaning on the kitchen counter as far from me as possible.

"Where to?" I asked again.

"Uhh Well Sakura, actually you're going to be going some where outside of Konoha. You're going to the Hidden Rain Villiage."

"...Who is it?"


"Who is taking me?" I asked as kindly as possible.

"Ohh let me see..." M s. Gorski said grabbing some papers out of a suit case that had been sitting hidden under the kitchen table.

She skimmed over the papers for my relocation. "It seems that your new foster dad is known as..errr named Pain."

Foster dad? Not mom?

As if to of read my thoughts added,"I think that the Foster parenting orgaization felt that a foster dad might be a better idea then a mom and it's always nice to try something new, right?" She said trying to make my newest rejection seem like it was only a freezer burnt popsicle and I was now getting an ice cream sundae.


"Great when do I leave?"

I can get out of here and leave these memories behind...I thought as I gritted my teeth holding tears back.

She flipped through the papers some more. "Ummm Well...Ohh." A look of embarssment seemed to spread across her face.


"It seems that I misread...my apologise, but actually Pain is adopting you."


"But..I've never even met him before!? Don't you guys usually let people meet before just shipping them off to people!?"

"Yes, but it seems that Pain has adopted a great number of kids and the organization didn't see a need to investigate him, once he showed an interest in adopting you when he saw you In our files."

What if I don't like him? Or is this just because none of the foster parent's have wanted me so far and now that someone even wants to adopt me it doesn't matter what I think?

"Oh and to answer you're question you'll be leaving to Pain's within the next week." She said with a smile.


"Here's the last suitcase." Annie said as she set it in the back of the black car, that was to take me to my new "home".

"Thanks Annie."

"Have a safe trip."

In other words..please leave.

"Right." I replied in a dead tone.

I got in the back of the car and closed my eyes as the vehicle lurched forward. As soon as the black car started moving the driver, decided that it would be a good idea to turn the radio on to avoid any akward silence of conversations.

Fine with me. I thought putting my head phones in as some weird Beatles song came on the radio.

I scrolled through my Zune looking for the best song to fit my mood for the ride to the new village and decided on listening to Skillet's Comatose.

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