Eye of the Tiger

The third Hokage sat behind his desk as his shinobi all filed into the room. Hyate Gekko had been brutally murdered sometime last night. And everyone wanted to know the whys, and the whos, of the mans death. Many of the men, and women in the room were all friends and comrads of the young man. Many had never met the man before, but were still upset about his death. He had been one of them. One of the defenders of the that reason alone someone would die for his death.

As soon as everyone was inside the building the old man started his meeting. First starting by thanking the shinobi for assembling so quickly, then followed with the news of Hyate's death. The people who didn't know of his death all started to cry, and curse. It was one of the things about the people of the leaf village that the seventy three year old man found endearing. Even the most battle hardened man would cry if a comrade fell in the line of duty.

Once the room was relativly calm again the old man delivered the next bit of bad news. Orochimaru was alive, and he was somewhere in the village. Everyone got very quiet as the room was suddenly filled with the killing intent of over three hundred ninjas. The old man sighed and was about to carry on when someone asked why Orochimaru was there. Before the Hokage could answer one of his former teamates answered for him. "We believe that he is after Uchiha Sauske." Homura said.

Kakashi tensed. He had been afraid that that was what he would hear and now there it was. It made him uneasy to hear that one of his students could be lost to him because of someone's thirst for power. Sarutobi studied Kakashi as he listened to those words. It had to be hard on the man to hear that. But the bitter truth of the matter was that Sauske was nothing but bait to lure in the snake sanin's real target. Uzu Uzumaki the late fourth Hokage's only living heir. The container for the nine tailed fox demon that had attacked the village thirteen years ago.

"Actually, that is'nt true.-" Sarutobi said as he steepled his fingers on the table in front of him. Everyone looked at him. Hamura frowned. "Then who?" Anko a burgany haired kinochi growled. "He is after the fouth Hokage's heir." Sarutobi said as his eyes continued to study Kakashi. Beside him Iruka Umino looked uneasy.

"The forth Hokage's heir? The fourth Hokage had a kid but the kid died the same day it was born!" Hamura snapped. Sarutobi had always been crazy. But to suggest that Orochimaru was in the village for a dead kid was just too much. Sarutobi turned and snarled something at the man that had him shutting up really fast.

It was around then that Jiraiya walked into the room-wearing an Anbu outfit and being followed by several other Anbu- behind a hands-on-drop-dead-gorgous thirteen year old girl with long silver-platnum blond hair that hung to the small of her back, she was wearing an black cotton shirt without sleeves over a red mesh shirt, torn black jeans, fingerless gloves like Kakashi always wore, and combat boots with heels. She was a strikeing vision in those threads.

The girl stopped in front of the table and stared at the Hokage who was staring right back at her. The two looked like they were sizing each other up. Sarutobi was the first to say something. "It's good to see you, my queen." The man was smiling as he said those words. The girl nodded politly in his direction to aknowledge that she had heard him. Sarutobi smiled again as he stood up and walked around the table and stood in front of the girl. "Do you know why I asked you to come here, my lady?" Sarutobi asked as he lifted the girls chin so that she was looking him in the eye since she would'nt look at him on her own.

She said nothing merly nodded slightly. Hamura came up out of his seat and slammed his hands down on the table; hard and snarled, "There is no way that that girl is the fourth Hokage's daughter! The fourth Hokage's child is dead! That girl is an imposter. You should have her lying tongue cut out, and then have her publicly exicuted!" the man yelled. Sarutobi wrapped his arms protectively around the girl when she looked like she was frightened. Jiraiya and the Anbu that had come in with the girl all tensed and got ready to move if their leader needed them.

"You would like that, would'nt you Homura? Since your the one who sent that asassin to kill her thirteen years ago." Sarutobi sneered at his former teamate, and friend. He would like to kill the fool for making the child suffer, but knew that there was little point to doing so. Uzu was no wilting flower no matter how fragil she may look. The kid had a sadistic streak a mile deep. He and the Anbu would know; they had suffered her wrath on more than one occasion.

Like the last time they had played a practical joke on her and dyed everything in her room pink, her curtains, her clothes, her rugs, hell they had even gone so far as to paint her place the same hidious color and decorated everything with ribbons and bows. In retaliation she had waited until the Anbu and Sarutobi had all just returned to the village after a long mission and had switched out the regular coffee with decafe, spiked with ink that dyed their mouths dark purple, and enough latcitives to keep them out of cammision for almost a week. That had been the last time anyone had tried to match wits with her.

The mere memeory of that occasion still reduced many of his men to tears and others to paranoid nervous wrecks. The day that they had dubbed Judgment Day.

Hamura's eyes widened in suprise and he started to studder as his face turned red with anger. "Careful Sarutobi, or I'll let it slip about who your little whore really is. You might be able to fight me, but what about everyone else in the village? Do you plan to kill them to protect that, that bitch too?" Hamura growled. If looks could kill then Hamura would be dead. Sarutobi looked like he was about to slit the man's throat for calling the girl such colorful names.

"Go ahead." Sarutobi said as he pulled the girl closer to him just in case. Hamura smirked at the Hokage and looked at the girl who was staring at him warily. "Kyubbi no Kitsune, the great nine tailed fox stands before us in her true form. I say we kill the bitch before she can influence anyone else." Hamura said. The room had been quiet before. Everyone was curious to see where this fight was going. And now that they knew everyone begain to buzz with curious questions and outrage.

Kakashi cocked his head to the side, was'nt Naruto the demon container? And if so then why did Hamura believe that the fourth Hokage's daughter was the demon? Unless.....was the girl actually Naruto? If Hamura had sent an asassin after the kid the same day that she was born then it would stand to reason that Sarutobi would take the girl into hiding for her own safety.

Kakashi shifted his position and stood. "Is this kid Naruto? Really Minato-sensei's daughter?" Kakashi asked as he stared at the kid. Her facial features were almost an exact match of Naruto's face. Sarutobi nodded and Kakashi smiled at the girl. She looked wary of him. L:ike she didn't trust him now that he knew who she really was. It hurt him to see her look at him like that.

Moving past Sarutobi and his student he walked over to Hamura and before anyone could say anything punched the man in the face, breaking his nose and sending the elderly man tumbling to the floor bleeding and uncounsious. He knew now why the third Hokage had placed her on his team. He was her bodyguard. And that was fine with him.

Today was an eye opener in more than one way. Today had been the day when he had found a new reason to continue to live. His beloved sensei had left him a treasure to protect and care for and by god that was what he was going to do. She was his now, and that was the end of that. Turning to Sarutobi he said, "Have her things sent to my family estate, and I'll see the two of you there later today." The third Hokage smiled at him and nodded. "I'll do that, Kakashi."


It was about six that evening when Sarutobi and Uzu arrived in front of the Hatake family estate where Kakashi stood leaning against the brick wall that surrounded the place, dressed in a tight short sleeved shirt with mesh sleeves, black leather pants that clung to his legs like a second skin, black boots, with leather bands around his upper arms and a collar around his neck. His head band was missing, replaced by an eye patch and his silver hair had been brushed, and slicked back away from his face but some of the shorter strands still feel in his face. And he wasn't wearing his mask. Holy hotty with chocolot and sprinkles on top.

To say that Sarutobi was suprised to see him wearing his old work uniform would be an understatment. He almost died on the spot. Super Sex God Kakashi had finally returned and the innocent thirteen year old next to him was going to be in the man's care twenty four seven. Three hundred and sixty five days a year until she was married, or killed. Dear god help us all. Sarutobi thought as Kakashi pushed away from the wall and walked over to Uzu and dropped to one knee and took her small hand in his and brought it to his lips and kissed it before turning it over and kissing the inside of her wrist; a sign that he was pledging his loyalty and his life to her service. By doing this he was stripping himself of his dignity, and pride as a man and would be seen as little more than an animal or a slave unless she said other wise.

She now owned him, heart, body and soul. "I welcome you to the home of my clansmen, and pledge to serve you all the days of my life in any way you camand me to. Do you understand?" Kakashi said gently as he studied her. She nodded. Kakashi frowned. She still had'nt spoken, was there something wrong perhaps? Sarutobi smiled at the man, knowing what had put the frown on his face. "She's shy. Uzu he needs you to say the words." Sarutobi said with a reasureing smile.

Uzu. So that was the name of his mistress. What a cute name. Kakashi thought with a smile.

Uzu's mouthed an "oh" as she finally understood what Kakashi wanted. "I understand." she said her voice had a soft, lyrical sound. She missed the look of primal triumph that flickered in Kakashi's expression for a moment but was quickly masked when he caught Sarutobi staring at him with a curious expression on his face.

The next thing on their agenda was for Uzu's family crest to be branded into his skin using a strange jutsu that would put the mark of his new master on his skin without harming him. In many ways the jutsu to be used was similar to a sealing jutsu. The mark would only disappear when one of them was dead. Once that was done Sarutobi left after getting a hug from Uzu.

Once Kakashi was alone with Uzu she begain to look uneasy. "Mistress, it's getting late. Would you like to see your new hime? Or maybe you want to eat dinner and get ready for bed?" Kakashi asked curious to know what she wanted him to do. She sighed. "Have you eaten yet?" She asked feeling a little embaressed about her new situation. Kakashi smiled; shook his head and waited for her to move toward the house.

"Okay then. Lets both get something to eat, then we'll go from there." Uzu said as she started past him, then grabbed his hand and gently pulled him along beside her instead of behind her. Kakashi was a little more than suprised by her actions. Most masters treated their servents like animals or like slaves. If she ordered him to do something he would normally be against then he would have no choice but to obey her or the mark that had been placed on him would hurt him.

As soon as they were in the house she paused in the living room. Jesus, it was huge. Everything was neat, clean, and tastfully decorated. The walls were a cream color, with the most lovely paintings that she had ever seen. The tables in the room were cherry wood, in a light finish that made them look like new. There were porcaline vases with fresh cut flowers in them. the floor was covered in a white carpet. The chairs were white with cream colored stripes.

Kakashi watched her as she let go of his hand and moved from one side of the room to another studying the items that he had bought with her in mind. Did she like it? He wondered as she moved back to his side. "It's perfect. Thank you, Kakashi." she said as she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. He stood there both pleased and shocked. She liked it. She hugged him. It made him happy to know that she had liked it enough to touch him.

"Just wait until you see your room and the rest of the house." Kakashi said as she motioned for him to lead the way. He showed her around the whole house. The kitchen was any womans dream. And they had their own hot spring, that Kakashi's father had had the bathroom built around. Her room was the biggest bedroom in the house. Her things had already been unpacked and put away. Shortly after that Kakashi cooked them both something to eat and as they were both sitting down to eat Uzu finally asked the question that had been bothering her.

"Why are'nt you wearing your mask, and head band?" She asked curiously as he sat down across the way from her. Did she not like the way he looked? He wondered and felt a pain in his chest at the thought of not being found appealing to his mistress. "I wanted you to see me as someone other than your jounin sensei. Do you not find me appealing?" he asked as a sudden sadness gripped his heart and started to churn his stomach, almost making him ill.

He had expected her to simply say 'yes' or 'no'. Not get up out of her chair and walk around the table to his side and touch his face lightly. His heart beat sped up at the contact. "I would have to be dead not to find you appealing. Your a very beautiful man. Your strong, fierce, brave, cunning, loyal.....do you get where I'm going with this?" she asked with a smile as she lightly trailed her finger tips along the side of his face. The slight contact tickled him a bit and made his fingers- which had been clutching the arms of his chair- twitch.

The relief he felt at her words caught him off guard. He spoke to her in a different language. Saying, "You honor me, beloved one."

Uzu cocked her head and smiled as Kyuubi translated the words he had just spoken to her. Then returned to her seat and lapsed into silence as they ate. As the dishes had been cleared away, and washed; Uzu made use of the hot spring to bathe. She had just walked out of the bathroom when she ran into Kakashi who had been looking for her. She blushed and stuttered as she tried to tell him that she had taken a bath. Kakash gave her a bemused look. "I'm going to go to bed now, Kakashi." she said as she turned and was about to go to her room but hesitated. Damn it, she could'nt go to sleep without a kiss from someone. It was her bedtime tradition. She could never sleep unless she got a kiss from Sarutobi, or Jiraiya.

Kakashi stood there watchng her. She had the oddest expression on her face. What was she thinking? He was about to ask her what was wrong when she turned around. Her face was a cute pale pink, whatever was on her mind it was enough to make her blush. He waited for her to say something for a second before she spoke. "I cant go to sleep unless I get a kiss from someone. It's a bedtime tradition for me." she said in almost a whisper. Ah, now he understood what was wrong. She wanted to ask him but was too embaressed to do so.

Kakashi reached out and framed her face with his hands and leaned down and covered her mouth with his. Uzu opened her mouth at the soft pressure and was startled when Kakashi slid his tongue into her mouth deepening the kiss. It took a minute to understand what he was doing but now that she thought about what she had said, she realised that....she was an idiot. She had said that she could'nt sleep without a kiss from someone. She had never said what kind of kiss. Kakashi had some what misunderstood her words and was simply trying to give her what she needed to help her sleep. And man, oh man the guy could kiss.

She melted against him as she started to get dizzy, and whimpered. She needed air! She didn't wanna die from air deprivation.

Kakashi heard the soft whimper and lifted his head breaking the kiss. She was panting and trembling slightly. Her eyes had a dazed look to them that was adorable to him. He started to let go of her when her legs buckled and she fell to the floor in a dead faint.

"Oh my god, Uzu! Are you okay!?" Kakashi yelled as he caught her and pulled her against him in a panic. He was probably going to catch hell for this tomorrow.