Severed Ties

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It was the dead of night on the starship most of the day crew had already fallen into peaceful slumber in their own quarters. Little did they know a certain Captain and First Officer were still very much awake and very much enjoying themselves, well, Jim was anyway. He was pretty sure his First was too but he could be wrong considering the position he put him in…

"Check." He said simply while watching the Vulcan's face for a hint of anything. Spock with careful practice moved his king in a safer position away from the impending doom of his Captain's next move.

This was usual. This casual play of chess. Generally, it didn't happen this late in the evening, but still. After the last mission any time they could get together was better than nothing. Even if it was covert chess games in one or the other's quarters. Well, to the public eye it was just chess games and what would appear to be a tight knit friendship. What happened afterwards was essentially more than just what everyone thought. As he finally got his First into checkmate Spock raised a quizzical brow while Kirk smirked back.

"I was not anticipating that move." He said evenly.

"I know." Jim answered

Jim began to help the Vulcan put away the chess board. After a beat Spock admitted his defeat.

"I lost."

With a devilish smirk Kirk sauntered over to his first officer with one of the alien's phrases on his tongue

"Indeed," and that was the end of that as their lips melded together, much like their minds did on several occasions.

In one swift motion the Vulcan used his more-than-human-strength to lift Jim. With graceful and almost feline movements he laid him onto the single bed with the utmost care as if he may break his fragile Captain, their lips never breaking contact.

Being himself and feeling bold Jim teased Spock's lips with his tongue asking for entrance. Tentatively the other obliged allowing himself to let out a small sigh. It was only Jim that could evoke these human responses out of him.

In his head he did a silent victory dance as he dove his muscle into that hot wet cavern. Reveling in the taste that was alien, but vividly Spock. Grinning into the kiss he engaged said alien's tongue to join his own.

Of course, he obliged. But don't think it ever used to come this easy to them. It took time to come to this level of intimacy and a lot of effort on both parts…a lot. Spock learning it was okay to let his guard down around Jim, that it wouldn't be held against him if he showed emotion. Jim learning patience and restraint, giving Spock the time he needs. Speaking of patience, although he had it, it was beginning to wear thin.

Wanting no more than the feel of his First Officer's pale, olive toned, skin, sweat slicked, and sliding against his own he began to tug on the familiar blue and black regulated attire. Breaking the kiss breathlessly Spock leaned back and stared down at Jim's flushed, cheeks and full, panting lips.

"It appears you are more sexually frustrated than I had predicted." He stated, quirking an eyebrow.

Jim let out a guttural groan and shamelessly pressed up into the Vulcan hybrid straddling his hips causing his erection to grow harder-if possible. This caused both eyebrows to shoot up and a slight green flush to appear on Spock's cheeks.

"We've been busy. What, with the last mission and everything. It feels like I haven't seen you in ages." Jim admitted, sitting up and wrapping his arms around Spock's neck, pouting slightly.

His first officer's eyes lingered on those pink puffy lips as he spoke, not wanting the full force of Jim's "puppy dog eyes" which did not have any effect on him at all…whatsoever.

"On the contrary Jim. We have been on the bridge together for the same shift for the duration of the mission. Although, we have not had our usual number of daily activities or nightly…encounters for that matter. I too have pondered over the fact that we have not spent as much time together as we generally do. Seeing as how the mission had consumed most of it like you just stated." He elaborated without so much as taking a breath. Damn, how did he do that?

Jim felt the comfort of arms being wrapped around him and hands being pressed at the small of his back. The soft vibration of what would be anticipation, lust, and affection projected through the contact from both parties.

"So the feeling is mutual." He summed up.


That was the only reply needed as both of them leaned in for another breathtaking kiss. It was only broken as shirts were removed. Having more skin at his disposal Jim took the opportunity to assault his first officer's neck nipping and sucking on smooth skin. A smile bloomed on his face as Spock inclined his head, giving him better access.

Moments like this never ceased to amaze him, when Spock would show him his more human side. Something that was reserved only for Jim. While smiling like a madman and kissing down Spock's neck he never noticed the soft pillows meeting the back of his head. He also didn't hear the unfastening of his belt and his pants being gone as feather-light kisses were being placed down his abdomen by a pair of very warm lips leaving a tingling sensation behind. Another plus of being with Spock-his efficiency-.

Jim brought the Vulcan's face back up to his, their fore-heads resting together, and stared into warm pools of black. Spock's eyes reminded him of the deep depths of space. He could very easily get lost in them. They had a slight twinkle in them, much like the stars as they stared at Jim.

He pulled his officer's face to his for another kiss that was out of this world. His hands, however, left. They had a mind of their own as they moved to the front of the slacks Spock was still wearing. While fumbling with the belt the Vulcan's warmer hands enclosed over Jim's and guided them with ease.

Finally it was the skin-to-skin contact Jim had been desiring for over the past month. Been dreaming about. It had been lonely in his quarters when he hit the hay. Albeit he was tired but still…even a game of chess would have been better than nothing.

All thoughts were shut down as a moan erupted from deep in his throat. It appeared Spock cut him off by using his hand. He grabbed Jim's throbbing member, giving it a few good strokes.

"Oh god." Jim let out shakily. With that same warmth and amusement in his eye Spock sealed their lips in a heated kiss where teeth mashed and tongues wrestled. Their lips would be bruised tomorrow, no doubt.

Spock continued his stroking as Jim practically bucked into his hand. He groaned as he reached for Spock's other hand twining them together, wanting more of the pleasant thrum of their mental connection. Spock let go of Jim's member making the man underneath him whimper into the kiss because of the loss of contact.

Knowing by now that he wasn't actually hurting Jim he gave him another kiss for good measure before reaching into the bed-side table's drawer for the tube of lube. Spreading it evenly on his fingers he kissed down the cleft of Jim's firm chest.

Jim began to complain at the loss of contact to his hard-on when Spock slowly inserted the first digit. Jim was cut off as he shamelessly moaned and tangled his finger's in the unnaturally soft straight hair.

Spock's lips moved over a sensitive nipple as he slid in another finger. The stimulation seemed almost overwhelming. Damn. Has it really been this long? Jim wondered as his physical mouth was reduced to vowels.

The Vulcan gave the same treatment to the other nipple as he slowly scissored his finger's inside Jim. Not having this feeling in a while Jim grunted seeing as it was a bit uncomfortable, but nothing he couldn't get reacquainted with.

Making sure he stretched him enough, Spock reached down to cover his own throbbing member in lube thoroughly. He didn't want to take any chances. As they discussed earlier it had been quite some time.

With that thought his human half seemed to recognize the need for this contact-although it didn't agree with his logic- but when it came to Jim nothing ever truly seemed logical.

With that thought he sealed their lips together while he slid in partially as Jim grunted and clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth together. He thrusted his tongue into Jim's mouth as he eased in a bit more. Grabbing one of his Captain's hands and ran their finger's together in the fashion of the Vulcan kiss.

Jim panted, as Spock breathed heavier than normal. Those pale blue eyes of Kirk's is what kept him from losing it. He determined to take it slow. Jim ran his index and middle finger up and down Spock's very slowly.

The Vulcan shivered all over from the simple action that was so sensual and seductive. After Jim adjusted some he continued to push in until he was to the hilt.

He willed his muscles not to move as he nosed up Jim's jaw line and sucked on the spot behind it under Jim's earlobe. Another sound came out that was a mix between a moan and a whimper. He gritted his teeth as short puffs of air pushed out between.

"Spock." Jim let out, strained and yet relieved.

Unsure if he should respond or not Jim squeezed his hand and tried to move his jutting hips that were pinned by his first officer. Positioning his lips next to Spock's ear.

"Move," he breathed heavily into the organ.

With that said, he gave the organ a swift lick and nibbled on the outer rim.

Turning his head, Spock caught Jim's lips as he began to set a slow and steady pace. Jim gasped at the contact that he'd missed for too long. He'd missed Spock for too long. Playing the role of Captain and First Officer on the bridge just wouldn't suffice anymore.

Their movements were languid and natural, but it slowly tuned heated as their hips found a more suitable rhythm once the slow pace and Jim's discomfort wore off.

Their hands still twined together as Spock's nose bumped into Jim's cheek. After a time or two Jim started to kiss him all over. Anywhere his mouth could reach. The corner of Spock's slightly parted lips, his cheek, nose, temple.

Then on a particular thrust Spock had hit the bundle of nerves that made Jim cry out his name. His own mouth parted in a silent moan as he did it again. Jim wrapped his legs around Spock's waist, his muscles clenching around the organ in him.

His Vulcan fist reached in between them and stroked Jim's already hard member. Grunting because of the sound Jim made. Their lips and teeth mashed together as he sucked on Spock's lower lip and ran his tongue over the roof of his mouth. Jim moaned into him and gasped as fingers pressed lightly over the slit as drops of pr-cum slicked Spock's fingers.

He pumped Jim in contrast to his thrusts, washing Jim with a wave of pleasure every time he pulled nearly all the way out and then slammed back in. He brought his lips to Jim's in a kiss that lost some of the lust but truly showed how much he missed this as well without saying it.

Jim's hips faltered as he found his orgasm. Crying out Spock's name he wrapped his arms around him. Spock swallowed his screams as the muscles tightened around his aching member he came not long after Jim.

Not wanting to collapse on him he swiftly rolled them over. Both, their hearts frantic and breathing erratic. Jim nuzzled his cheek against Spock's until he settled into the crook of his neck.

The feel of his first officers rough cheek was surprising but welcomed. The stubble grazing his own cheek. As he settled back down and breathed in the musky scent of their lovemaking. Hmmmmm it must have been a long mission. You didn't even shave before you came here. Not that I mind. He thought to himself. He moved his ear over Spock's chest and listened to his heart beat even out.

Said man of his musings ran the tips of his sensitive fingers in soothing circles across Jim's back.

"Hmmmm. That feels nice." He hummed absentmindedly.

Spock replied by kissing his forehead and his temples. He brought his hands to Jim's shoulders and slowly pulled out. Jim shuddered from the now empty feeling and wrapped his arms around Spock.

"Are you now satisfied?" Spock inquired in a low rumbled tone that sounded husky to Jim compared to normal Vulcan intonation.

"More than satisfied." Jim replied while holding his finger's to Spock's in a Vulcan kiss.

It was Spock's turn to shudder-even if it was a small one. He retuned the kiss by pressing his lip's to Jim's. Jim's toes curled and he sighed.

After some more kissing that he never grew tired of he went to move and nearly toppled over but a strong pair of arms wrapped around him and pushed back down onto the bed.

Spock-having a faster recovery rate than Jim- came back with a warm washcloth. After wiping Jim off he wiped himself down. Raising an eyebrow in contemplation he crawled over Jim's dozing form and experimentally nibbled on Jim's abdomen. He squirmed underneath him as his eyes shot open. He laughed and tried to tell Spock to stop.

" Fascinating." The Vulcan mumbled as he climbed back onto the bed next to Jim after dropping the cloth in the laundry chute. Jim took the liberty of draping himself over Spock. He rested his head on his chest and tangled their legs. Automatically warm arms wrapped around him and lips kissed the top of his head.

"Thank you." Jim whispered breathily while turning to kiss a svelte pectoral.

"You are welcome." Spock replied kissing the crown of his Captain's head again.

"G'night Spock." Jim yawned out as his eyes drifted closed.

"Good night Jim." Spock said back above a whisper.

He could tell by the evened out breathing Jim was already asleep, but he returned the sentiment anyways. Even if it was illogical. With that he kissed one of Jim's brows and entwined their hands together before following him into sleep.


The next morning Jim awoke to the insistent beeping of his alarm clock and no Spock. He pouted even though it was the usual routine. They had to be sure no one would find out. It was only natural Spock sneak out early in the morning while not a soul would be found changing shifts.

It was their plan. The only person that could catch them doing anything was Bones, and he already knew. He was the only person privy to their secret. Although he was none to happy about it and at first thought it was some sort of joke. Boy was he wrong.

Shaking his head to release that thought he hit the shower. After getting fully dressed and grabbing a quick bit to eat in the mess then proceeded to the bridge to meet his crew.

He couldn't help the shit-eating grin that was plastered on his face. After last night, nothing could spoil his mood. Sure, he woke up sore this morning but that was all part of the fun wasn't it?

With that in mind he exited the turbo lift, all smiles.

"Good morning crew!" His voice boomed, waking up the half asleep and jolting the other's out of daydreams.

He stood behind his chair and smirked. "Sulu do you have a status report?" he asked in his very captainly voice.

"Everything is in working order Captain. Nothing has changed since yesterday." He replied with an easygoing smile.

"Good to hear." He said as he collapsed into his chair.

Well, he tried to anyway. he went to move to his chair when suddenly the whole ship jerked. He was sent tumbling to the ground with a thud. Shaking, his head he collected his marbles and looked around as some got back into their own chairs while other's shook their heads much like Jim.

"What the hell is going on?" Jim asked looking from person to person.

Sulu answered him first, "Sir, we're being fired upon."

With a curt nod. Jim looked to Chekov, "Get the shields up and running." he said sternly. Chekov bobbed his head in compliance and started to work on doing what he was told.

"Uhura, hail the enemy."

"Yes, sir." She replied after several moments of buttons being pressed and flips being switched she looked back shaking her head, her ponytail swishing. "They aren't responding, sir." She added

He shook his head as well and gave a dismissive wave. Jim was now in full Captain mode he glanced over at Spock who naturally didn't lose his footing during the unexpected movement. "Any idea who this is? Everything was running smoothly and they blind sighted us."

"Not entirely Captain, the only thing that can be certain is their technology is to some extent more advanced than ours, seeing as we did not notice them until a few moments ago."

After a moment Jim's memory jogged an alien race while a light bulb went off, "It must be those damn-" He was going to say the name but was cut off sharply as the ship tossed again.

"Captain." Spock said firmly in his stoic voice but was thrown to the ground as well.


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