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Epilogue: I Caught Fire

One year later

Jim yawned and stretched against the warm body he was laying against, relishing in the warmth that spread through his muscles afterwards.

He curled back up, on top of his T'hy'la's chest like a feline and gave a quiet sigh.

It wasn't like Jim to wake up first. Normally Spock was well up before the lazy Captain that enjoyed sleeping in more than the routinely, early rising, Vulcan.

Kirk settled his hand over the fluttering heart that rested in Spock's side while his other hand's digits traced the muscles of the lean abdomen.

Dark lashes fluttered to reveal black eyes before they closed again for a moment and Spock pulled Jim closer.

"Why are you awake?" his First questioned lowly. "It is much too early. Even I do not wake at this untimely hour this early in the morning."

"Can't sleep." Jim muffled, as he hid his face against Spock's neck.

The hybrid's long fingers threaded through Jim's hair at the nape of his neck as he turned his head to brush his lips against one of Kirk's exposed temples.

"Perhaps I can remedy the situation?" He asked lifting a brow a small smirk gracing his lips.

Jim pulled back with a big grin.

Unable to control himself he kissed the corner of Spock's mouth only to be pleasantly surprised as the Vulcan's head turned at the last moment to capture his lips instead.

Jim's hand moved to the curvature of a slim hip and rubbed his thumb into the bone.

Spock's own hand went to kiss Jim's, fingers vigorously rubbing together.

"Hmmmmm Someone's a little needy." Jim hummed with a chuckle.

"You will have to pardon me for indulging." he answered in a low murmur, delving a tongue into Kirk's welcome, open mouth.

They rolled over until Jim was underneath with the strong Vulcan hovering over him.

The Captain moaned into the kiss and wrapped an arm around Spock's back, to bring him closer. His hand dipped below the thin sheet to the small of his back, then lower groping a firm cheek and pulling him in.

Bodies met in perfect synchronization to each other.

Spock rolled into Jim, the friction on their swelling organs only making them grow as the blonde-haired man underneath writhed in pleasure, gasping for air.

"Spock!" he puffed, nails lightly digging into the strong back as he arched into the body above him.

Jim's shoulder's gave an involuntary jump as a slick finger teased the outer ring of his entrance.

Spock kissed the broad expanse of Jim's chest, the muscles tensing and relaxing underneath the sweet ministrations as the younger man tried to regulate his breathing.

"Relax." he whispered.

Jim nodded and brought him down for another kiss deepening it as the first long digit pushed past the ring of muscles and was then joined by a second.

He stole the breath from Spock's lungs as he panted for air.

The Vulcan's cheeks had turned a fresh grass green from the noises Jim made causing Spock to let out a rumbled growl deep in his throat.

The First Officer scissored his fingers making sure Jim was well stretched, giving his prostate a few good strokes that elicited shudders before sheathing his green, throbbing, cock in lube and directing it to Jim's entrance.

Jim somewhat shocked his Vulcan mate by burying the pulsating member inside with one swift movement that made Spock lose his breath.

"T'hy'la" he gasped. Legs were wrapped around his waist urging him to continue.

An arm adorned Spock's neck, tangling in his hair while the other hand grasped his tightly, always greedy for more of that extra contact.

There was love and lust thrumming pleasantly through both their frames from the mental connection.

Their pace was faster than usual, but precise and just as rewarding. Especially with the delectable sounds that the Captain made, and the shudders Jim evoked from his First.

Spock was about to push in again as he sucked on Jim's bottom lip when he was caught off guard.

He was rolled underneath the brash young man while being distracted by his pretty pink lips that had moved to his ear licking and sucking on the lobe before nipping at the tip.

Jim could feel it heat up between his teeth and knew it was that shade of green that he was so drawn to as Spock let out an alien sound that the Captain could never make.

With a grin he sat up. Spock's eyes opened halfway as he looked up at the man above him. Knowing already what Jim desired he raised his legs to support his lover's back as Kirk pushed himself up before letting gravity take him back down on the organ inside him.

Jim bit his lip and threw his head back as he continued. Spock's hands went to grasp the backs of strong thighs to lend more of his strength to Jim.

Helping him push up before he came back down, each time muscles clenching as it hit his prostate dead-on.

Jim grabbed Spock's hands with his own as he did all the work himself.

His cheeks were a dark pink and on a particular thrust he let out a cry. Yelling out Spock's name as he gripped his hands.

Kirk's cock bobbed on the Vulcan's stomach, leaking drops of pre-cum on his abdominals with each thrust.

Unable to stand it anymore he sat up, wrapping an arm around his love before pulling him in for another deep kiss, swallowing his cries as he teased the head of his hard-on.

Distracting the gasping Captain, he flipped them back over as he thrust into Jim. The Vulcan's eyes were open and filled with a longing and adoration he hadn't felt in a long while.

Chalk it up to a few good months of being unable to do anything remotely rough with the man underneath him that was currently writhing in pleasure.

Jim was on sensory overload from the feather light strokes to his shaft in contrast to the thrusting hips of his Vulcan hybrid.

He could feel the all too familiar heat coil in his stomach that was ready to spring.

Spock's skilled, rough tongue lavished him with open mouth kisses, but when they moved over the scar that ran down the side of his neck, he lost it.

With a loud moan he rolled his hips and purposefully clamped down on the throbbing member inside him.

They came together and rode out their orgasm in a desperate tangle of limbs, tightening their hold on the other.

Arms clasped around their respective mate as tightly as possible, enjoying the feeling of another body, of contact, skin.

Jim's chest rose and fell rapidly trying to get his breathing back under control. He buried his face in the crook of Spock's neck laying lazy kisses onto the skin.

Spock's head rested atop Kirk's as his eyes momentarily closed and was relaxed by the cool lips on his heated and flushed flesh.

His green tinted fingers trailed over Jim's back, careful not to linger on certain reminders and lightly trailed over others.

Jim shuddered slightly, from the touch, or the haunted string of consciousness that visited every once in a while Spock wasn't sure.

Spock stopped abruptly only to have his hand grabbed by Jim and to be placed on his back again.

Their hands connected telling him it was ok. "I'm fine." Jim sighed kissing his neck again, "but thank you" he added in a soft whisper a smile at the corner of his mouth as his eyelids fluttered closed again over bright blues.

Spock continued until Jim's breathing evened out his lips quirked upward at the light snoring Jim produced in his state of slumber. He carefully pulled out and laid him down on the bed, placing a kiss to his forehead making his face and nose scrunch up cutely from the tingling sensation before turning on his side.

Not that the half-Vulcan would ever admit that it was cute.

Spock retrieved a damp towel to wipe up himself and then Kirk who barely even stirred from the normally ticklish ministrations. Apparently he was worn out enough to fall back asleep from their activities.

Spock padded over to the chute and dropped the soiled cloth before making his way back over to the bed and pulling Jim close before covering both of them.

He looked over to the wall chronometer, numbers glaring back and knew for once he could rest easy.

After all.

Today was special.

With that last thought he was brought back to reality as Jim snuggled closer to his beau that made quite a nice furnace in the chill of the sheets.

With a small smile Spock pulled Jim closer and back onto his chest where he belonged and the young Captain amazingly stopped squirming.

The Vulcan refrained from rolling his eyes and settled for holding Jim's hand and fell back into a more peaceful slumber along with his lover.


The alarm rang out and as usual Jim slept through it while Spock took care of it, turning off the incessant and annoying beeping that was rather loud to his pointed ears.

The still slightly asleep zombie-like Captain pulled Spock back down and grumbled incoherently.

"Jim. It is time to wake."

Jim nuzzled Spock's slightly stubble cheek and rumbled rather huskily. "5 more minutes."

Which was quite comical compared to the cuddly actions of the badass Captain.

Spock rather enjoyed the feeling and the sentiment of such a small action and nuzzled back in the privacy of their bedroom.

But only here.

The Vulcan placed his hands on his lovers hips and moved them up his flanks making him shiver.

Jim was now fully awake as he squirmed in Spock's strong hands that had a gentle hold.

"It would be imperative that we see Doctor McCoy as early as possible for your evaluation."

Jim pouted and rolled off his lover to scoot up next to him. The Vulcan's hold on his hips never leaving.

"I thought you might have missed the command chair, didn't think you'd be so willing to give it up." his hands moved over Spock's squeezing them lightly.

The Vulcan leaned in for a soft lingering kiss that was of the utmost care and respect.

"It is the Captain I miss." He responded in a low tone after Jim opened his bright blue eyes.

Fingers traced the scar on the side of Jim's neck before cupping it, making the blonde man lean into the touch with a sigh.

"I've been visiting the bridge. Not like I've been holed up in my bunk all day."

"There is a difference between your mere presence and you acting as Captain. It is something that I had grown accustomed to and am in need of again. The balance must be restored. " He added the last sentence after illogically letting what he truly felt slip past his lips.

Jim gave a wicked grin. "Oh you like it when I command you Spock? Do you want to be dominated? Is that it?" he purred.

Jim had boldly moved to hover over the Vulcan, straddling his narrow waist and could see the twinkle of amusement in Spock's dark eyes that he got the joke.

He could have easily overtaken Jim, being the stronger of the two, but let the man have his fun as he kissed down the hybrid's stomach and back up to his lips.

"As much as I am…enjoying this. It is urgent that you see the Doctor."

Jim gave a sigh and a final kiss that was returned eagerly defeating what Spock had said.

"Shower with me?" he asked softly, almost hesitant.

"Of course." he answered wrapping his arms around Jim and carting him off to the bathroom.

Their shower of course was interrupted and took longer than if they had done it individually but Jim still had an aversion to water, and Spock was okay with that.


Jim's legs swung easily as he sat in the bio-bed and put back on the colors of his Captaincy.

Bones had been in his office for some time and Kirk was starting to get fidgety and nervous.

His back tensed up and his shoulders gave a slight twitch before warm hands were placed over them.

Spock couldn't tell Jim not to be nervous because it was perfectly understandable he just had hoped by now the skitters of muscle spasms would disappear.

They had already, immensely.

It was still hard to see.

"Sorry." Jim whispered feeling the guilt through the contact as his hands covered his worried Vulcan's and he tipped his head forward to lay his fore-head against Spock's lean stomach and let out a long, heavy sigh.

He stared at the familiar blue fabric as he spoke,

"I'm just nervous," he answered, lips twitching with a sheepish smile.

"Indeed. It is quite reasonable, and surely the results will come out in our favor."

"Yeah I hope so, but Bones has been in there for a long time."

"The Doctor is more than likely 'double-checking' everything. He would not wish to make a mistake in such a big decision."

"I guess you're right."

Spock simply placed a hand on the back of Jim's head, supporting him mentally and physically. His fingers scratched at the nape of his neck lightly, where his hair ended and skin began as he looked down with his deep black eyes and felt worry and nervousness thrum through the contact.

He laid a kiss to the top of Jim's head as the whoosh of a door made them both jump and pull apart, as if shocking the other.

McCoy paid no mind as he made an attempt to hide his emotions which would clearly make his face break into a shit-eating grin. Which would match Jim's own after he stopped worrying and paid attention.

"You've made on helluva recovery Jimmy boy! Granted you're still kinda' twitchy, but that's manageable, it's not severe."

Jim smirked and nodded, " Really bones!? That's great!" His face did break into said rin, before more worry returned, furrowing his blonde brows, "But what about…mentally? I mean, am I really ready for this sort of thing?"

Bones let out a sigh and looked over at Spock.

That damn green eared bastard was the reason why Jim was doing so well. If Jim didn't have him for his support system he could have easily gone insane…or worse. Bones didn't want to voice it. He didn't want to dwell on the fact that Jim could've been gone.

But no.

That did not happen.

In a way, he needed to give Spock a big thank you for doing what he might not have been able to manage on his own had the Vulcan been absent or left Jim…that would have broken him and he could've kissed his captaincy sayonara.

He let out another gust of air and gave a shrug. "You're ready enough." He continued in his drawl. "Darlin', some things take a long time. I know we originally were expectin' you to get back in the chair after a month or so, but we didn't know the extent of the damage back then. Eventually you'll be back to your chipper ol' self, but I trust you enough to not let what's goin' on in yer head to interfere with your commandin' of a ship. Plus, you've got quite a crew to back ya up." Bones explained casually in his languid drawl.

Jim nodded enthusiastically, trusting his good friend and doctor. "Thanks Bones." he answered, clapping his friend on the shoulder. "I'm glad I can count on you." Such a simple statement was infused with sincerity and honesty in his words and bright blues.

"Always." Bones answered his good friend, and gave another genuine smile. Kirk slipped off the bed and grabbed Spock's hand to bring him into the conversation, rather than observing like an exotic wall flower.

"I'm gonna' head to the bridge and let everyone know, you two coming with?" He asked a large smile illuminating his tanned skin and his true blues filled with the same light of his smile, looking more like a god than a Captain in gold.

Spock had to clear his head as it filled with nothing but Jim. They both had the decency to blush as his awe and adoration was clear through their connected hands.

McCoy cleared his throat awkwardly.

Once gaining both of their attention he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned a hip against the bio-bed Jim was occupying a few seconds earlier.

"I would like to speak to Spock for a minute or two. We don't wanna' spoil yer moment. Go bask in your glory, give that chair of yers a good sit." he let out smiling and his hazel eyes bright with enthusiasm and care for his best friend.

Jim nodded eagerly and practically sprinted down the hall like an excited puppy that finally got to go outside and play.

Bones let out a chuckle while shaking his head in fond exasperation. The good Doctor looked over at Spock and caught the upturn of his lips and the adoration that showed in his eyes, better than it would have on his face.

McCoy's usual scowl softened making Spock catch his eyes and school his face back into neutrality.

The Doctor cleared his throat and nodded his head toward his office in a gesture for both of them to move in that direction. Once inside they sat in their respective chairs and the CMO lounged back for a moment before pursing his lips and leaning forward, he slowly slid open the top drawer of his desk to pull out a box while he spoke then slid his hands in the form of a steeple before speaking.

"I just got it back from engineering this morning." He drawled as Spock eyed the gold satin and blue embroidered package before hesitantly-a mere millisecond's hesitation- picking it up and carefully opening the lid to reveal the ring he had picked out for his love months ago nestled in a sea of blue.

"Scotty did the job himself." McCoy answered as Spock lifted the ring out of the box to insepct it, holding it delicately in his fingers.

The titanium band shining back as the square diamond in the middle that wasn't small, but wasn't extravagant either. Just the right size to slip out of view from prying eyes. It caught in the flourescents of the office gleaming brightly.

He caught sight of the inscription in an elegant font. Reading it to himself the words "T'hy'la, ek'wak." inscribed on the inside of the ring.

He gently rested it in the blue satin lining and closed it, releasing a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

McCoy's eyes softened as he carefully studied the subtle changes in the Vulcan. He figured now was his chance to say what's been on his mind because it was rather important in pertaining to what was dear to both of them.

"Are you sure about this?" He asked.

Jim above all else was his friend. The Doctor was not going to allow the young man he cared for to have his heart broken.

"I can assure you doctor I am as prepared as I can be. Though, I must confess in using a colloquial Terran term as "butterflies" residing in my abdomen."

Bones shook his head and gave a chuckle. "Well it's just nerves Spock, and that's understandale. Just if you're not sure about the person-Jim- I mean, then I may have a bone to pick with you." He answered, crossing his arms and face becoming serious.

"I honestly have never been more sure about someone in my life than I am of Jim." He answered back, his voice full of confidence, compared to the suggested butterflies.

"Well, good." he said with a sharp nod before continuing, "Jim's one of those people that may act like an arrogant, cocky, self-centered, brat on the outside, but internally he's way more complicated than that. Course, you should know this by now, but honestly I'm not sure I could've helped him as a friend in the ways you did this past year." He pursed his lips and looked the Vulcan in the eye, "He hasn't ever been dealt the best hand in the deck, and he needs someone to reassure him and care for him."

Bones took another breath. "He'd probably would have gone completely insane if you hadn't been there to help him through it Spock. So really this old counrty doctor is just tryin' to convey his thanks for saving his best friend." Bones ended his speech, a heat spreading though his neck and up into his cheeks as he tried to scowl.

It was defeated by the blush.

Spock gave a nod and slipped the box with the ring into his pocket as they continued to have a chat and give Jim some time to get re-aquainted with the bridge and his crew.


He stepped out of the turbo lift getting nods and smiles from passing ensigns, but the skeletal crew members turned in their chairs, attentive in hearing the verdict of Jim's checkup.

He schooled his face much like his Vulcan First Officer, Spock would be proud…if Vulcans ever felt such a thing.

Which was probably illogical anyhow, but the anxious crew looked on not saying a thing until Sulu Spoke up, "So uh, what's the news Jim?"

Jim leveled him a mock glare, "That's Captain Kirk to you helmsman." he said, unable to keep a straight face and broke out into a smile.

Sulu smirked back and gave a mock salute, "Yes sir!"

Jim gave a nod and walked over to check out their station as Sulu continued to smile and Chekov's big puppy dog eyes looked up at his Captain and he too could not help the wide smile that lit up his youthful face. "Eet is good to hawe you bak Keptan." He said, words heavy with his Russian accent.

Jim gave a smirk back, "It's good to be back," he responded with feeling. He laid a hand on each of their shoulders clapping them on the back before heading over to Uhura's station.

Jim leaned a hip against her console as she turned toards him, ponytail swishing in the air behind the movement. "What about you miss Uhura? Did ya' miss me?"

She gave a shrug but couldn't help the smile that spread because Jim was grinning like an idiot.

It was infectious to say the least. "Yeah, I guess." She leaned in for a conspiratorial whisper, "But I know someone who missed you more." She gave a wink to a flabbergasted Kirk who had the decency to blush.

Kirk motioned for her to follow him into the turbo lift so no-one could overhear, and once inside he spoke his piece.

He spluttered out a reply in quiet tones, "I-I- uh…was it that obvious?"

She shook her head, "not really, just…interesting, but there's nothing to worry about. You're uh, secret is safe with me. Not like I'm going to rat you boys out or anything."

"You're not mad?" He asked big blue eyes still vulnerable, and unsure.

When the Communications Officer looked at him she could read between the lines, partially because she was good at her job and could decipher any language. That included ones of the bodily sort. She imagined some of the things the Captain had been through.

To see such a thing, and be put through so much, but that was quickly dismissed. He was a big boy.

"No, of course not. What he and I had… wasn't meant to last. I wasn't so much a convenience, but just, I gave him a different comfort and love from what he needs now."

Jim took it all in and nodded his head. "Thank you." he whispered.

She nodded and hesitantly squeezed his shoulder which jumped under her touch.

Uhura's brows furrowed slightly but Jim shook it off with a smile. "Don't worry about it."

She nodded and opened the door to the lift to exit back out onto the bridge. Jim followed, settled into his chair with a sigh and leaned back to lace his fingers on the back of his neck. "Good to be back." he murmured.

"Sulu, uh Status report?"

"Everything is in the clear Captain. Nothing has happened and we're to reach the starbase in the next week or so, sir."

"Alright, Thank you." Once again a big grin broke out onto his face as he relaxed further into the chair and his eyes fluttered closed momentarily before opening at the sound of the turbo-lift opening.

There was a presence at his side as he opened his eyes again and turned to look at his First Officer.

"Is everything well Captain?"

Jim's heart swelled at the sound of his title, even if he preferred Spock call him by name.

"In working order Mr. Spock."

He inclined his head and stayed by the chair, eyeing him carefully wanting to make sure he wasn't "bullshitting" as humans put it.

Or it could've been the fact he was possessive and over protective no matter how illogical it sounded.

The first shift back went off without a hitch. Jim asked what was needed, filled out his paperwork, and took the necessary breaks-only because Spock reminded him- All-in-all it wasn't a bad day.

He let out a sigh as he began to head for the turbo lift at the end of his shift, "Alrighty then Mr. Su- Wait, Spock…Your shift ended as well." He didn't want to sound suspicious but it would help if his First Officer left with him like normal.

"I will join you for our routine chess match in a moment, Captain. There is a few more forms that require my attention."

Jim shook his head and sighed, "Whatver you say. You know where to find me." With a confirming nod from the Vulcan Jim enterred the turbo lift and ordered to go to the observation deck instead.

Still on the bridge the crew huddled around the science station.

Sulu crossed his arms with a smirk and bumped into Chekov, "So operation: Surprise slash Welcome back party for the Captain is a go?"

"That would be a correct assessment Helmsman."

Chekov also broke out into a smile as he spoke, "Tonight in ze mess hall correct meester Spock?"

"That is the plan. You may finish preparations while I occupy the Catain's time until Dinner."

"Sounds like a good plan to me." Uhura chimed in with a nod and a smile for Spock. He nodded and "left them to it." While he went to find his Captain, hand fiddling with the box in his pocket.

Once he reached Jim's quarters and there was no trace of the man he had his mind set on, there was an inexplicable feeling of panic in his chest as his heart felt as if it thudded harder in his side, rattling his rib-cage.

He went to the nearest wall unit, ordering it tell him the location of Jim. If Spock were human he would have slapped a palm against his fore-head for not thinking of such an obvious location.


Jim stared out at the vast expanse of space and let out a small sigh. The day was long, but rewarding to know he could spend it in command of his bridge and his lovely lady.

He barely heard the doors to the lift opening and soft footsteps echoing in the quiet of the deck as Spock gently wrapped his arms around Kirk from behind, careful as not to startle him.

The Captain laid his head back on a strong, lean shoulder and let out another gust of air. "Hey." He answered simply, hands covering the ones possessively holding his waist.

"Hello," Spock responded laying a lingering kiss against the human's neck, skin prickling with goosebumps.

"There is a matter I wish to discuss with you." the Vulcan added, voice low and soothing as it washed over Jim, making him lean into the man that held him.


There was a nod against his shoulder before strong hands turned Jim around to face the hybrid. Spock searched his eyes for a moment, and could feel the love and wonder in Jim from splaying his hands on the younger man's hips.

"I am sure you know what today is, and I do not mean the star date."

The Blonde male's eyes widened. "Of course I know." He he said lowly, eyes reverted to the floor.

Spock took Jim's chin in his hand so their eyes met once more. "How can I forget the day you saved me? It wasn't exactly the most shining moment in my life, but it was memorable." He explained eyes sad and lips starting to turn into an upsetting smile.

This was not going the way Spock planned, he brought Jim in for a soft kiss, lips encouraging and delicate against the pink pair, open and savoring the other. They slowly pulled apart, Jim taking a few gasps for air and arms tensing slightly.

"I… hope that now you will remember it for a different reason."

"What is it that you want to discuss with me Spock?" Jim's voice was strained as emotions bubbled up from the well just underneath his skin. He grabbed one of Spock's hands and held their fingers together.

Slowly Spock tilted that hand in his own until their palms touched and fingers were splayed against the other, before tangling those hands together and seeing into those bright blue eyes.

Spock's breath caught in his throat for a moment, from looking at Jim with the stars as his backdrop, skin a light flush and hair in a well thought out dissarray.

He caressed one of Jim's cheeks before getting on one knee and meeting the floor.

Jim's head tilted in wonder and his brows came together.

Sometimes the human could be so dense.

"T'hy'la." Spock breathed the name, deep black pools meeting blue.

The hand connected to his humming with nervousness. Jim's eyes widened, "Spock?!"

He put a finger up to prevent him from speaking and Jim placed a hand over his mouth. "As you know quite well, I am not one for human traditions and extravagant ceremonies. For you though, this is one I wish to perform. I am asking for your hand in what is deemed as marriage on Earth, but as a life-mate in my own foreign land. I wish to be with you…forever. However long that may be for the two of us. I realized this when I nearly lost you. I cannot bear the fact that we do not have a deeper mind link, and that would have been a way to find you sooner."

Jim's body gave an involuntary shudder, but Spock squeezed the hand he was holding so dear in ressurance.

"James Tiberius Kirk, will you accept my offer? A hand in marriage as well as a commitment to being my bond mate, for life." Spock, despite earlier trepadtions said the words with feeling, the words he'd rehearsed for months in his own head, and in front of friends to be sure he got them right, The box was effortlessly pulled out of his pocket, and flipped open to show the ring resting inside in a sea of blue.

The blue that matched Jim's eyes, which were now on the brink of spilling over with tears.

"Spock-I…I don't know what to say."

The Vulcan returned to full stature and brought Jim close, pressing into him and kissing his forehead as Jim looked at the ring in disbelief. "If you do not wish to take this step in our relationship…I will understand. We can remain as we are, but I wish to fix these ties which we have severed. To mend them, make them stronger."

Jim watched tears uknowingly plip onto the box that was held under his chin.

"Yes." He whispered, looking back up at his First Officer, now turned fiancé. "I'll marry you Spock. I'll also be your bondmate, for however long we'll live." His broke out into a smile.

Spock's own face, for the first time in his life, was widened by the full onset of his smile, white teeth shining and lines crinkling at the corners of his eyes. Jim was in awe and was grinning even wider as he pulled Spock in for a kiss.

Maddening chaste kisses being pressed to the grinning lips, hands clasped as they broke away and Spock fumbled to put the ring on Jim's finger, being overwhelmed with postive emotions he couldn't quell.

He didn't exactly want to either. This was Jim, it was perfectly logical to be emotional when it came to Jim. To see him happy, and breathless, and crying tears of joy. That was what made him cherish his human half, and made him thank whoever controlled the universe that he did not undergo kohlinar.

He would have never been able to love this man the way he does. He was brought back out of his internal musings as Jim brought them to the floor with more kisses. "I love you Spock." Jim breathed, "So much. Thank you. For. Everything." each word punctuated with a kiss or a brush of lips.

"I love you as well Jim." He murmured black eyes alight with a smirk that slowly faded as lips met once again. "and you are quite welcome." He kissed him again, making Jim sigh softly and tangle a hand in the hair at the nape of Spock's neck.

Jim pulled away again to stare at Spock, wanting to fill all of his senses with nothing but his lover. "T'hy'la." Jim tested.


"Wh-what does a a Vulcan ceremony entail…What do we have to do?"

He bit his lower lip, blue eyes unsure.

"We can complete the first part tonight. It is a rather…intimate activity."

Jim's cheeks heated to a bright pink and he gave a nod.

Spock wrapped his arms around the Captian's waist anr brought them both back up to stand again.

The Vulcan was about to make an excuse to visit the mess hall, when Jim's stomach made one for him, gurgling and making the blonde shake his head with a flush.

"Guess I could go for a bite to eat."

"Indeed, the mess hall would be a sufficient facility for such an activity. We may also couple this with a game of chess?" He added with the lift of a sleek brow.

"Sure, Spock." Jim answered back with a nod, biting his lower lip that was still breaking out into a grin.

Kirk covered his hand over his mouth. "I'm sorry. I just…I can't stop smiling. I would be upset today, but this…what you've given me." he walked forward into welcoming arms that practically beckoned him and spelled out the comfort of 'home'.

He took refuge in Spock's embrace, a hand gently cradling the back of his head while the other was secure around his waist.

"I understand what you mean. It was my intent to ease some of the pain. I do not wish to see you in such a state, I care for you deeply." Spock confessed, running his hand through Jim's hair. Jim nodded and sighed as it lasted a few more moments, before they both slowly pulled away and headed up to the rec room.

Sulu and Chekov were finishing up the streamers and Uhura was setting out the food while other ensigns and yeomans chatted quietly amongst each other, the room buzzing with excitement for the return of their Captain.

"I sink we hawe done enuff." the young whiz kid claimed in his Russian accent. Sulu helped him off the table the gold shirt stood on, the Russian nodding an approval.

"Everything's set up, all that's left is to hide." Uhura commented

McCoy walked over to them drink already in hand

A young brunette yeoman was at the door keeping watch. She told everyone to duck down and keep quiet.

The crew got into position and the lights turned out.

Jim was too wrapped up in his First Officer to notice, hands intertwined for once. Which was only logical, especially since they'd have to notify Starfleet of the status change. Kind of hard to walk around with an engagement ring on and no fiance to show for it…yeah.

Spock called out to turn the lights on, "Computer, lights seventy five percent."

The automated response was never heard over the roar of more than a hundred crewman shouting; "SURPRISE!" all together.

It was a wall of sound that made Jim's eyes widen in well earned surprise, clasping his hands over his smiling face and bending in half in laughter.

"Oh man, no way! I-I can't believe you guys." he put fists on his hips and shook his head with a chuckle. "Thank you." he responded, looking into the smiling faces of his crew members. Eyes were shining back with the same happiness and glee.

"You're our Captain, and we've missed you." Yeoman Rand voiced, getting plenty of head nods and voiced agreements.

Jim broke out into another giant grin. "I'm just in a bit of shock is all." he added McCoy parted the crowd and stepped forward with a knowing smile.

He reached out to stand by Kirk and squeeze his shoulder. "Welcome back Jimmy." he whispered near his ear. Jim just kept the big grin plastered to his face.

"I think you've got good news for these folks as well." He added in a low murmur.

Jim nodded not entirely surprised, "You knew?"

"How could I not? Besides, a certain green-eared bastard had been planin' it for months." the good doctor continued.

"I don't know what to think anymore…I just…"

"Go on Jimmy, they love ya, I think they deserve a speech from their fine Captain, and a bit of the truth."

Jim gave an affirmative nod and lightly brushed his fingers against Spock's before heading to the center of the room and clamboring up on a table eyeing his first officer, signaling for him to join his side…he was nervous.

He cleared his throat, but people still chatted he was about to give a holler when the young science officer that kept watch from earlier gave a whistle.

Everyone'svoices cut short and with a slight blush she presented the Captain who was scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "Uh, thanks, yeoman…?"

"T'Loren, I'm new sir."

"T'Loren," Kirk repeated with a small smirk before turning back to the crowd. "Alright folks, I'm not one for big grandeur speeches, so this is a rare opportunity. Plus I kinda have a surprise as well…" He let the sentence die off before clearing his throat nervously and starting again. "I just wanted to say thank you to all of you wonderful crew members. You guys seriously are awesome. No joke, I mean. I wouldn't trust just anyone with my ship, and the fact every one of you is here to celebrate my return…that's something. It honestly wouldn't have been possible without your help and support."

He took a breath and fiddled with the ring on his finger. "So anyways I'm no good at this speech giving shit and I was just trying to say thanks more or less. As for my uh, surprise. I'm uh…" Jim looked over at Spock, who sensed his unease and gracefully leapt onto the table, poised and right next to his Captain, his fiancé.

Jim's blue eyes were fierce as they steeled with determination, still elated with laughter and joy, an endorphin-induced happy high. "Right. I'm… well, I'm engaged." He told the room.

Some were broken into smiles while others wore puzzled expressions. "And exactly who are you engaged to, Jim?" A man's voice asked as he stepped through the sea of people, silver hair gleaming in the lighs of the room and blue-gray eyes filled with the same warmth and amusement.

Boy, coud this day get any more overwhelming?

"Admiral Pike, sir…"

"Relax, Jim." He said with the wave of his hand both Spock and him visibly slouched a bit, well, maybe not Spock. But Jim could pretend. Kirk knew he was tense because of the impending court date coming up for his murder trial…

The Captain let another wide smile grace his lips to reveal pearly whites as he purposely reached to grab one of Spock's hands and squeeze it in his own.

"I'm going to marry Spock." He said boldly, eyes daring anyone to speak up about it. "If any of you are uncomfortable with this then speak up, otherwise I don't wanna' hear it." Jim felt his stomach began to gnaw at itself in worry and he chewed on the inside of his lower lip.

He was brought back to the present as Spock's hand squeezed his back. Finally the crowd broke out into what seemed to be a rather jovial sound, Pike began to clap which was followed by McCoy then joined by his other senior officers and the rest of the crew broke out into a roar of applause and laughter, as Scotty shouted "Finally!" in fond exasperation.

It was almost as if half of them knew already…which really wasn't that surprising, but damn. Jim thought they'd done a failry decent job of hiding it for the time that they did. The tension eased out of him and he knew this time it eased out of Spock as well.

He looked over at his science officer with a smaller, coy smile playing at the corners of his lips. "Would you object to a public display of affection mister Spock?"

"I believe one is permissible at this time, Captain Kirk." Spock agreed, lips twitching upwards at the corners.

They connected for a chaste kiss which earned whoops and hollers from the crowd. Jim's cheeks were painted a light pink when he pulled away. Which was sooooo not kick-ass- Captain-who-saved-Earth-from-going-kablooey. It screamed teenage schoolgirl, but he was too happy to really be miffed by the impression he was leaving at the moment.

He was in love.

Love did weird shit to you.

Bones waved his hands around and shooed away some of the folks as Spock leapt off the table and held his hand out to aid his fiance.

"Alright, alright people, time to disperse, each one of ya will get a chance to talk to the boy, now just mozy on over and enjoy yer time off." He groused.

No wanting to anger the doctor that was for once in a good mood, they did as they were told and displaced themselves about the room in small groups as Uhura cranked up some music, a mix of old and new as people loosened up and enjoyed themselves.

Jim was crowded by his senior officers, each one of them with a smile of some degree and some patting him on the back, and others awaiting their turn to give him very manly hugs, (with the exception of a certain eager sewenteen year old) It was better he was back.

"So…" he trailed off.

"We all kind of already knew." Sulu finished for him.

"ah." Jim nodded in acknowlegement, Spock once again stood by his side, just enough for their shoulders to lightly brush against each other and to feel the heat radiating off the warmer body.

Jim shuddered when he pulled away and Pike enterred the circle putting a hand on Jim's shoulder and giving a squeeze. "Can I steal you two away for a moment?"

Jim looked at Spock for some form of confirmation, which he gave in beginning to step away with his hands firmly clasped behind his back. Jim followed the two until they were a good distance between them and everyone else.

"Sir, I know that we're probably breaking a ton of regulations, but you can't tell me this hasn't happened before, and besides I'm sure ther are-"

"Jim! It's alright, calm down." Pike cut in with a chuckle. "There's no need to worry about your engagement. I back your decision one hundred percent."

Jim's eyes widened and his jaw opened reflexively to say something, he'd automatically gone on the defensive and really there was no need to because this was Christopher Pike he was talking to. A man who had become somewhat of a father figure in his life.

A constant.

He sighed and did as he was told by relaxing a bit. "I'm here to congratualate you on your return to command and to deliver a bit of news.

"Good or bad?" Jim offered. Spock would have norally protested to this comment, because news was news. But he settled to stand a bit closer to Jim. An unconscious act of course.

"It's about the impending trial for Spock." Pike continued.

Jim's eyes steeled and tightened, the cobalt blue once again determined and trying to remain strong. He also made an unconscious act and stepped partially in front of the Vulcan, as if to shield him from phaser fire.

Said Vulcan stiffened and eyes were fixed on the Admiral. Trying to remain blank, ready for an execution.

"You boys can once again relax. It's good news. The case has been dropped. They didn't find enough evidence or something." He said with the wave of a hand to swat the invisible words away.

Jim didn't want to push his luck, but he could have very easily attempted to squeeze the life out of Spock with a death like grip of a hug.

"I'm not sure I want to ask…" Jim offered.

Pike easily finished for him. "I took care of it. That's all I'm going to say on the matter," mature face breaking into a fond smile, for two of his favorite officers.

Jim wasn't sure if this day could get any better. He couldn't remember the last time he'd felt so happy when he should have been miserable.

Pike's gravelly voice brought him back to the present. "I just wanted to welcome you back Jim, and let you know the good news. One less thing to worry about," the admiral finished with a smile.

Jim nodded and swallowed a bit, inching closer to touch shoulders with Spock. "Sir, you're really alright with Spock and I getting hitched?"

"Of course Jim." He responded with what seemed like pride in his eyes. "I… well, You're the closest person I've ever had for a son, and I couldn't have picked anyone better, and please call me Chris." He looked over at the Vulcan whose skin was turning a light green.

Jim nodded, "alright, thank you si-Chris."

He smiled one last time and shook both of their hands, pulling Jim into a hug and setting about to mingle with the other crew members he'd come to know when he commanded the silver woman known as Enterprise.

Jim turned to his fiancé a more genuine smile that didn't split his face held in place.

The Vulcan's breath couldn't seem to fill his lungs with his T'hy'la looking at him in that manner. "Is everything alright, Jim?"

"I believe everything is wonderful." he answered. Jim moved in to circle his arms around the Vulcan's waist, but was snatched away by his helmsman Sulu to be swung around.

"First Officer Spock can't have you to himself the whole night. Everyone else wants to see ya'." Jim was carted off with a laugh as he shot a glance at his First who nodded in acquiescence.

It started off with Sulu which was joined by Chekov. The only seventeen year old who would show him some traditional Russian moves, way beyond this time, but a tradition still alive and well.

He then ended up around Uhura's vicinity. She surprisingly had a dance with her Captain.

"I knew." She simply reminded him.

"For how long?" He oferred as he dipped her low and pulled her back up, that effervescent smile contagious and making her grin back.

"Before you returned to the ship."

"Ah." He twirled her out and snapped her back in, "enough said."

"Not exactly," She countered as she mirrored Kirk's previous move. She took a moment to stare into his bright blues, ridiculously bright blues and couldn't see the playboy she once knew. Only the strong man that lead her and the rest of the crew.

"You really love him, don't you?" she added.

"With all of my heart."

His eyes were still honest and his words infused with such sincerity it almost hurt. She nodded and danced the rest of the song with him in a companionable silence.

The Captain continued on in this fashion, sharing laughs and fond memories with friends. Congratulatory handshakes, and drinks, toasts for the engagement and his return.

Towards the end he was handed off to his best friend. "Hello, Bones," He offered.

Eyes starting to droop a bit with fatigue but his feet still moved to the somewhat slower song.

"Hey Jimmy, darlin', how're ya feelin'?"

"Just dandy doctor." Jim laughed out and shook his head before resting a chin on his best friend's shoulder.

"Thank you Bones." He whispered.

"Anything for you." McCoy replied with a smirk, hugging Jim tight before loosening his grip again and swaying to the beat of the music.

"It's good to have you back. Jim, I was so worried about you…"

"I know, but I'm getting better."


"Bones? Ar-are you…?"

"What!? NO dammit! I-I had something in my fucking eye."

Jim pulled back to look at his long time partner in crime to see his eyes glassy with tears that threatened to spill. "I'm just happy for you is all Jimmy, don't worry about it. You've just…this is gonna' sound like a load of shit but you've grown up so much…and the fact you're serious about Spock."

"I know. I mean…I understand what you're getting at."

The normally frowning CMO nodded with a smile rather than it's upside-down counterpart parting his lips.

Jim smiled back and again pulled his friend into another macho hug. "Couldn't have done it without you." Jim offered in a low voice.

"I know." Bones nodded, he pulled away to give Jim's cheek a gentle pat.

Another presence lingered in the Captain's peripheral. Both men turned around to spot a very stiff looking Vulcan.

"Would it be permissible to 'cut in?" Spock offered with a lifted brow.

"Sure thing Spock, he's all yours." Leonard offered with one last knowing glance before settling with a few medical personel and holding light conversation.

They stood there like they were kids at a high school dance again. Jim staring at his feet and biting his lower lip.

"Would it be acceptable for me to dance with my fiancé?"

It sounded like something out of some teenage flick, but Spock saying it set something on fire in Jim's veins. He nodded and offered out a hand all for the taking.

The Vulcan took Jim's hand in his own, twining their fingers together as he lead them in a traditional slow dance, simple steps that was as soothing as being rocked to sleep.

"You require rest very soon." Spock laid his head atop Jim's own.

"Something like that." Jim answered eyes closing for a bit longer than they should have.

"Been a busy bee tonight." he added with a disloyal yawn, body going against his brain to stay conscious.

"Another colorful earth phrase?"

"Of course, Spock."

"Perhaps we should retire for the evening to you quarters?"

"Sounds good, but what about the…the" Jim's face was screwed into the most adorable expression brows furrowed in concentration, lips set in a slight pout, cogs in his brain turning with the word he was looking for.

"The bonding. Only if you are able to stay awake on our way back to your quarters."

"Alright." Jim sighed a bit breathily against Spock's cheek, then kissing it sweetly.

The couple slowly untangled from each other and said their goodbyes. Sulu and Chekov promised to have the place picked up once everyone left.

After leaving they walked the empty corridors on closer contact than normal, Jim leaning against Spock and bumping into his hip every so often, fingers brushing aginst the others to illicit shudders of pleasure.

Once inside Jim's quarters there's a growl from one or both parties as theyonce again turned into a tangled mess of limbs on the bed, pulling at clothing and mouths finding purchase on any available piece of flesh left open to terrorize and pepper with colorful bruises.

Spock became less of a jumbled mess as his kisses were as precise and calculating as his mind. Jim couldn't display as much control if he tried, his very human emotions letting him moan and grip at the Vulcan's shoulders.

Kisses slowed to something languid, bodies rolling into one another, Jim letting out soft cries and frustrated sounds, wanting more contact, trying to remove the last bits of clothing that stood in their way.

His pleas were answered as skin was slid against skin and Spock rolled against him once more. Leaving Jim crying and clamoring for more contact.

"Oh Spock." He cried out, eyes half hooded and mouth open as he gasped for air.

Spock grabbed Jim's left hand to kiss the ring on his finger. "May I enter you mind?" he asked, with dark eyes full of the love Kirk knew was for him, and only for him.

The blonde Captain gave a nod and reached to caress Spock's cheek. The Vulcan tenderly took Jim's hand in his own, and placed it in the meld points on his face, mirroring him to do the same to Kirk.

"My mind to you mind…

My thoughts to your thoughts

He echoed in the shared head space. His silver armor encasing Jim as he fell into it, soft as silk to the touch, but as resistant as steel.

"What now, T'hy'la?" Jim voiced.

"Now I bind us deeper, so you will be bonded with me, eternally. If that is your wish. "

The steel shimmered as Spock wavered in indecision, wondering if Jim's judgement was too clouded for such a heavy decision.

"I more than wish it…I need it. I need you."

"Are you certain?"

"Yes." The beam of sunshine radiated light and affection, Spock crossed what little space there was to once again embrace it in his folds of silver that shifted to the night sky, their forms actually taking the bodily shapes of their exterrior forms, still swathed in night and sunlight.

Jim's heart raced as he seemed to float in the hold the Vulcan had on him, mind opening up to new pathways as shapes and images floated into the shared space. Memories of both Spocks and his head began to pound like a dam that would burst.

"Spock!" He panicked,

"Be calm, T'hy'la. This is a very strong emotional transfer, do you wish to stop?"

"No, but I, I need you. Come here. Please," he pleaded, the second skin of sunlight glimmering around him.

The desperation in Kirk's voice making Spock step closer until Jim's memories of his capture flashed before.

Spock also could not help but feel heat rise when anger colored his silver shell, making it hot and pulsing with red. He pushed Jim away as the memory passed once again, before pulling him close once he cooled off and convulsed back into the starry night sky, black and twinkling with lights.

Their bodies now having an actual form Jim was able to truly see Spock in the meld. He ran light fingers over a dark cheek in wait. His face was pulled upwards for a kiss that surged throughout his veins and made his soul sing.

"I love you, T'hy'la, forever." Spock breathed against his lips.

"I love you too." Jim breathed, breathing his fiancé in, stars flickering from where his lips touched against Spock's.

They were brought back to reality, Spock's eyes opening to reveal deep pools of black, that still held the stars. Jim came around bright blues content as he tried to gasp for air and his face was in an array of shock and elated joy.

The Vulcan hybrid tested the connection, he removed himself from Jim for a small moment before speaking.

Are you able to hear me T'hy'la?

Jim's eyes doubled in size. He was about to speak aloud, when Spock prodded him through the link.

I-yeah, how did you…

This is one of the added luxuries of a deeper connection, and being truly bonded to one's life mate.

Ah. This, everything you've done…

Spock once, again closed the distance between them, folding the Captain into his arms.

Jim burrowed against his neck. "There is no need for thanks, Jim. It is something we have both…desired. It is I who should be thankful. For finding you. Again." The Vulcan spoke honestly, with no mask in place, words still articulate and precise, but with affection directed for the one man he could whole-heartedly say he loved.

"I truly am unsure if I would have not attempted to follow you if you perished a year ago from this day."

"Spock-" Jim was cut off, chin tilted upward to look into those dark eyes he never quite grew tired of.

"That is unnecessary to think about, for you are here, and we are now together for…ever."

"Forever." Jim repeated as he leaned in for another kiss to seal the letter of Fate.

He'd been stolen, tortured and returned, broken but growing stronger each day with the help of his crew, best friend, and this man. Vulcan or Human it didn't matter.

Spock was Spock.

Who accepted Jim for being Jim.

For this love, he was certain.

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