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"Bella! Bella! Isabella Marie Swan! I knowww you can hear me." The annoying voice from hell awoke me...at 8 am. ON A SATURDAY!

I just wanted one freakin Saturday to spend by myself! Was that so bad? I had done what she wanted for the last 4 weekends. I was tired of going out. I was tired of shopping. I was tired of seeing chick flicks. I was tired of being dragged to parties after being forced to become Bella Barbie.

"Alice, shut the FUCK up, and go back to bed. Leave me the FUCK alone, cuz I don't want to do this right now. Go the FUCK away because FUCK you if you think I'm going to go FUCKING shopping again." I yelled, whopping a pillow in her glaring face.

"Woot! You tell her Bella!" I heard Emmett's booming voice shout from the hall.

I knew I was going to regret spending the night with Alice. Don't get me wrong, I loved her. Girl was my best friend. But she had been as clingy as hell since Jasper's been away. He and Rosalie had gone to Los Angeles for a couple of months to visit their biological grandparents, they had just found them a few years ago.

"Bella." Alice's eyes watered, and I suddenly felt guilty.

"Alice, please." I moaned,"You know I love you. I just want to stay HOME. Please Al. I promise you can play Bella Barbie with me tonight if you want. Just let me sit on my ass today."

She huffed, which was a good sign.

"Why play Bella Barbie tonight? If we aren't going anywhere?"

"Why do we need an occasion?" I asked. I knew she liked showing me off, but god, it's not like it ever gets me anywhere anyway. I'm still plain.

"No one will see you! What's the point?" She screeched.

"Okay." I shrugged. I hopped off my blanket bed on the floor, heading out into the hall and down the stairs.

"Okay?! Okay what? You'll go shopping?" Alice's face cheered.

"No Al. I meant, 'Okay, so don't play Bella barbie with me tonight, that's fine.'" I plopped my pajama short wearing ass on the couch beside Emmett who was next to Edward. My arch enemy. Ughh. Why did he have to be the brother of my four good friends? Alice, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, and I were practically inseparable. But Edward...well he never liked me. I returned the emotions.

"Bellakins." Em ruffled my hair, I punched his shoulder. I think I broke my hand.

"Swan." Edward grunted.

"Cullen." I sneered.

Like I said, we hated each other. But I tell you, boy is smokin'.

"Bella I want to play with you! Please! I don't care if nobody else sees you." Alice bolted around the corner.

We all three bursted out laughing. I mean, how could you not, Bella I want to play with you?

"What!?" Alice huffed, folding her arms.

"Alice, you sound like a five year old." Edward chuckled.

"Do not!" She stomped her foot, which left us in another round of giggles.

"She want to play Bella barbie again?" Emmett asked.

I sighed. "Yeah."

"Oh god. Going street walking again tonight Swan? No one will buy THAT, even all dressed up."

"Shut up Cullen." My face contorted. Told you, we hate each other.

"You look like you just sniffed sour panties Swan." Edward smirked.

"Yeah, I did, was Tanya here?" I shot back.

"Good one Izzy!" Emmett high-fived me.

Edward left, walking into the kitchen, grumbling.

"ALICE! NO." I said firmly. I was NOT wearing that, especially just to have dinner with Em and Cullen.

"Come on Bella, you said I could do whatever I wanted! As long as it wasn't pink." She whined.

I sighed in defeat. I did say that.

Alice squealed, happy to be able to force me into the atrocity she was holding up. A dark blue, strapless dress that hit mid-thigh. With heels. Not my choice. Ever.

After she slopped on some eyeliner, shadow, blush, and a wee bit of gloss, and curled my hair, I was deemed acceptable.

"You know Bella, you should really wear these things more often. Blue suits you."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, okay Alice. I'm beautiful. Can I go down now? I'm hungry. I want some of that lasagna!"

I felt so stupid walking into the dining room. Emmett and Edward would surely have a good laugh. Ridiculous Alice, ridiculous.

I heard a loud whistle as I walked into the room, "Whew! Bella! You're on fire girlfriend. Look at those legs! Who knew Bella Swan could look like sex on a stick?" Emmett guffawed.

My face flushed bright red, and I tried, unsuccessfully, to pull down the dress. I sat next to Alice, across from Emmett...and Cullen who was looking at me strangely. I looked down, picking up my fork, I just knew I'd get teased later.

A few minutes later we were all laughing at something Emmett had said, and I was trying to deal with the annoying wedgie I had. Not really a wedgie I guess...it was a 'thong'. Because Alice thinks that I must have 'sexy' underwear on to complete the look, even though nobody ever sees my underwear. Thongs are a complete waste of money. Ugh. Just pull your panties between your cheeks. Works just the same.

"Whats wrong Swan? Trying to get off ?" Edward voice chuckled darkly. I flushed.

"Bella. Stop wiggling around. It's just a thong. You look like it's torturing you." Alice said.

Edwards smile dropped, and something flared in his eyes, but I looked away before I could tell what it was.

"It is torture Alice. And thanks for telling everyone what kind of underwear I have on." I rolled my eyes.

I felt a foot on my chair, sliding up my leg, causing me to jump. Em and Alice looked towards my direction, "What?" She frowned.

"N-nothing. I just got shivers. It's cold." I lied. I knew who's fucking foot that was. Edward. Grrrr.

I glared at him, and he just pretended to be interested in his food until Alice and Emmett continued their conversation.

His foot went higher, now under my dress completely. I had my legs firmly closed, clenching my jaw. He now smirked across the table, watching my eyes cloud as his foot ran over my lacy thong. My legs started parting without my permission, eliciting a moan when his toes foot ran over my clit.

"Are you okay Bella?" Alice quirked an eyebrow. Shit, she noticed.

"mmmhmm." I nodded. I wouldn't have been able to form a coherent sentence.

What was he doing?! God, so this was how it was going to be? He was messing around with me. Probably for that Tanya comment from earlier today...or the one yesterday...or the day before that....or just from 17 years of hating each other. Well, , two can play at that game.

I quickly kicked of my heels, slowly tracing up and down his leg a few times. His smirk faltered a little. My foot made its way between his thighs, running up and down a few times. His smirk left. His eyes clouded. Finally my own toes ran across the bulge in his pants. The very big bulge. Holy shit. His own foot stopped, and his breath quickened. Which Emmett took notice of.

"You okay Eddie?"

Edward let out a loud moan as my whole food rubbed against him. He realized what he did, letting out a few coughs thinking he could cover it up, "Yeah, um...My stomach kind of hurts." He mumbled.

Suddenly his big toe pressed right into my clit three times fast, causing me to moan so loud you could have heard it up the stairs.

Everyone turned to me, Edwards smirk back in place.

"Y-yeah. Mine, "I coughed,"hurts too. I think it was the food."

"Really? Em and I seem fine." Alice looked curious.

"Well, we both had milk, right Bella? Maybe it was rotten. No good. Spoilt. Gross. Yucky."

"Hmm. Suppose it was." I glared.

'When you're gone, pieces of my heart are missing you. When you're gone, the face I came to know is missing too...' Alice's phone rang. Ahh. Jasper.

"Hello?! Jazz!" Alice squealed.


"You are?"


"Rose too?"

"What about Emmett?"

"Okay, I'll tell him."

"Bye, love youuuuuu."

"What the fuck Al? You busted my drums." Emmett grunted.

"Jazz and Rose are home! They came back for tonight, to see us. In Seattle though. So they can catch their flight back to Cali tomorrow."

Edward still hadn't stopped his attention under my dress, and I hadn't stopped mine on him either. I chanced a look at his face, which was contorted into what looked like a cross between pain and pleasure. Probably how I looked. What were we doing?! God, I hated him, but right now all I wanted to do was throw him down on the floor and ride him!

Was I having feelings for Edward?.....Nope. Still hated him. I just wanted him to sex me.

I looked to my right and remembered that we weren't the only ones here.

Emmett was currently mimicking Alice, jumping up and down squealing in excitement.

"I get to see Jazzy!!!"

"I get to see Rosie!!!"

Yeah, they were related.

"Ar-a-rrre," I took a deep breath, suppressing my moans,"Are you going to Seattle then?"

"Yeah, but we're coming back around 3 am....Will you be okay without me?" Alice looked guilty now. She knew I couldn't go home right now because Charlie was getting the house sprayed for bugs, and she also knew I hated being alone with Edward.

But right now ALL I WANTED to do was get him alone!

"Sure Alice. Go see Jasper. I know you've missed him." I encouraged.

I saw Edward grin evilly from the corner of my eye, rubbing faster now, causing me to pant like a whore.

"I think I'll just go to bed...stomach." I squeaked.

"Okay...." Alice eyed use funnily, "Don't kill each other."

"I won't hurt her.....to much." Edward chuckled darkly.

Alice sighed, perhaps in annoyance, running with Emmett out the door into the garage.

As soon as we heard the screech of tires, we were up.

I ran around to his side of the table, him pushing me roughly against the wall.

I didn't even have time to think before his lips were smashed against mine moving at a ferocious pace. Edward had my face between his hands, pulling my up to his level, while mine rested on his biceps. He bit down on my lip....hard.

"Oh god!" I groaned. And he growled...actually GROWLED!

"Fuck that was hot! Do that again!" I shouted.

He pulled away and looked over my body, lust and desire clear in his emerald eyes.

"Fuck Bella, that dress...those legs. Emmett was right. You should never wear pants again." He growled, making more moisture pool between my legs.

I yanked him by the collar of his shirt back towards me, attaching my lips to his again. My hands trailed up into his hair yanking roughly causing him to groan into my open mouth.

His hands gripped my lower back, pulling me towards him and pressing our chests together which caused more moans to fill the air. Whether they were mine or his, I couldn't tell.

Edward's hands then went lower, suddenly grabbing my ass. He pulled me up, still against the wall, and I automatically wrapped my legs around him. His bulge was now aligned with my center and I couldn't help but thrust my hips into his.

He pulled away from my lips roughly, "FUCK BELLA!" He screamed, closing his eyes.

Oh, I guess he liked that. So I did it again. This time both of us moaning as we rubbed against each other.

His mouth started going across my jaw and down my neck, leaving open mouth kisses. They weren't meant to be sweet. They were rough. Filled with need and want. Desire and lust.

So quickly, I didn't even understand what was happening, he had me thrown over his shoulder running up the stairs. His room appeared in sight, and I smirked at it.

A big sign read in huge red letters, "NO SWANS ALOUD. I'll clip your wings." I guess he didn't know much about swans....

"Edward, I can't go in there." I breathed.

He stopped walking, setting my down on my feet. He started pinching his nose, a sign of irritation.

"Why the fuck not Swan? I swear if you just got me all riled up for nothing...."

"Edward, your sign." I said pointing.

A look of annoyance crossed his face before kicking the door open. He snatched my hand, pulling me in. His lips crushed against mine with even more desire than there had been in the kitchen. God, if I wasn't certain before, I was now. We were gonna have sex.

"Bella, strip. Now." He growled while ripping of his own clothes. I quickly yanked down my zipper, but only got half way. By now Edward was in his boxers. Impatient as ever, he ripped my dress in two. We stared down at it for a long time before shrugging. Like I fucking care. I didn't even like it.

I didn't even know I was airborne before my back hit the mattress, Edward shortly after hitting me. He pounced, looking like a predator about to eat the poor helpless prey.

I didn't have a bra, seeing as how the dress had one built in. So here I was, in a royal blue lace thong...in front of Edward fucking Cullen of all people.

He stared at my boobs for a long time before finally taking them into his palm.

I moaned against his ear, causing a him to twitch against my thigh. His hot mouth wrapped around my right nipple then blowing on it. MMMMM, god that felt like heaven.

His leg was so conveniently placed between mine, so I took the liberty of rubbing myself on him. I needed release. This was ridiculous. I didn't need foreplay, my pussy was already fucking wet enough.

"Edward, this is ridiculous. I don't need foreplay, my pussy is already wet enough!" Uh oh. Brain filter alert, brain filter alert. Total and complete mental failure. But I guess my brain wasn't in charge of me at this moment anyway...or I wouldn't be rubbing myself against my enemy.

That obviously made Edward realize that enough was enough and he just needed to shove it in me.

My thong was ripped, much like my dress, and I watched as he lifted it to his nose.

"God Bella. You smell so good. I know what you want, I want it too, but I have to taste you."

And he did.

I moaned, every expletive known to man kind leaving my mouth, as his tongue swirled along my slick folds.

It dodged down to my entrance, causing me to buck my hips.

"uh uh uh Bella. Don't make me tie you down." Edward grinned.

Yeah, he'd probably get a kick out of that.

So slowly it was torture, his tongue flicked over my clit, then gently taking it into his mouth sucking on it.

I felt the pressure in my lower belly, and apparently Edward could tell I was close because he stopped. HE FUCKING STOPPED!

"What the hell!" I screamed, leaning up on my elbows.

Then I sat there stunned. Because his boxers were off and there IT was. The most magnificent dick I'd ever seen. Mike Newton and Jacob Black had nothing on this boy...no, this MAN.

In almost a dreamy voice I told him what I wanted, "Fuck me Edward."


He thrust into me, and my legs wrapped themselves around him.

He held on for just a second letting me get used to him. Well, woopty fucking doo, Edward had some manners. Who knew they'd come out when he was fucking with me? Literally.

"Bella, your so tight. So warm. Mmmmm." His eyes closed, obviously in loads of pleasure.

I was too, but it kind of hurt. He was so big.

I just needed to shift this way and- oh yeah! There we go.

"Ohh!" I moaned, shutting my eyes tightly.

He started off slow, suppose making sure I was okay. God Edward, I'm not a virgin. But when he noticed the slightly exasperated look on my face, he doubled the pace. In,out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in-"Oh fuck Edward! Do that again!"

He shifted up, again hitting my g-spot.

"Come. Now. Please. God Bella. I can't go much longer." He breathed, slipping his hand between us. He rubbed my clit furiously, sending my over the top.

Fireworks burst in my head, my belly split open, my heart pounded, my breathing quickened, my toes curled, and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

As I clenched around Edward, he spilled his satan spawn inside me. No worries, I was protected. He knew this. No little Cullen for me...well at least 99% sure.

As I came down from my high, and he his, he collapsed beside me.

When my breathing was normal again I got up and pulled on his button down shirt. I was about to walk out the door before I turned around. "Oh Cullen, I still hate you. This doesn't change anything."

"Swan, don't humor yourself. Why would I WANT things to change. I hate you too."

I smiled, "Great, see you tomorrow."

"Get out of my fucking room."

"You weren't saying that a minute ago." I sang.

"Yeah, well, that was a minute ago."

"Pshhh, I know! You're tellin' me!" I scoffed.

Yeah. We were good.

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