Note: I haven't finished 'Crossroads' yet but I was just itching to start on this story. Going back to my usual style - angsty with a bit of smut! Hope you'll enjoy!

Detective Michael Celluci was awake but his eyes were heavy and bloodshot with lack of sleep. It had been a long night, and an even longer morning. Empty beer cans were strewn around him where he sat slumped in his armchair. He was still wearing the clothing that he'd been living in for the last twenty-four hours - his suit now disheveled, his cotton shirt partly unbuttoned and hanging over his unbuckled belt and unzipped pants. The detective's tie had been tossed to the floor with the beer cans. Covering his clothing was also a variety of newly acquired stains - a mixture of dried blood, beer and microwaved pizza.

He swayed ever so slowly back and forth in the chair. Grabbing the already opened can of lukewarm beer that sat on the side table next to him, he took a mouthful and emptied it. With his fingers still clutched tightly around the empty aluminum can he began to replay the night's proceedings in his mind. Never had such a bewildering series of events occurred in such quick succession. Coreen had been possessed by a demon, a young girl had been kidnapped, Mike had lost his job, Coreen had died, Coreen had been brought back to life, Mike and the demon had saved the kidnapped child, the demon possessed a priest, but last but not least Mike had walked away from the woman he loved. It was all too much to comprehend.

Mike felt as if he had lost everything. His life was in a shambles. Squeezing the beer can he could only think of Henry Fitzroy - the vampire who had walked away with everything in his life still intact, and worst of all he'd taken Victoria Nelson with him. The fragile aluminum began to crumple under the detectives grip, crackling as it buckled under the pressure.

It's all his fucking fault. Everything was fine before that fucking freak showed up.

Mikehauled the can at the wall, but felt somewhat dissatisfied when it bounced and tinkered gently across the floor. He up-heaved the side table to expel some of his anger. The table clobbered and skidded across the living room, hitting the opposite wall with a loud thud that made Mike feel just a little better.

I'm tired of ending up second best to a fucking vampire. He think he's so freakin' great. If he was human he'd be nothing at all. He'd be the lesser man. Pretentious prick!

In a drunken stupor Mike began to form a plan. He'd find a way to make Henry human again. He'd make Henry suffer the ails of being a man - a simple, pain-filled, inferior creature. He'd make him suffer a mortal life.

Mike stood and staggered towards the front door of his apartment. He didn't know where to start but he was determined to find a way. The wheels of his plan would have spun into motion if not for his pants falling to his ankles. Mike tripped and fell to the floor in the hallway, and without the energy to pull himself back up, he closed his eyes, muttered "Fucking Fitzroy" and passed out.

Eventually waking in the late afternoon Mike gathered himself up from the floor, with a vague memory of how he got there. His head hurt like hell and his stomach felt as if it would erupt at any moment. Later as he showered he began to wonder if yesterday was just a dream, but the realization slowly hit him, adding to the pain in his already suffering gut.

Good Lord I walked over and kissed Vicki, then said goodbye. Why the hell did I do that?

He looked through his closet and habitually picked out a clean suit, then reminded himself he was suspended. No work today, and probably not any time soon - even though he'd redeemed himself by saving the kidnapped girl. One thing Astaroth helped with if nothing else.

"Don't be so quick to throw praise."

Flashing back to Fitzroy chastising him, Mike clenched his fist with quiet rage, remembering that in his earlier drunken state he'd concocted a plan. Sober now, Mike's resolve had not changed - it was time to follow through.

The detective got dressed in a collared shirt, slacks and a jacket then headed for the door.


Stepping through the red beaded curtain and in to the back room of the magic shop Mike began to wonder if that's what this place was even called. The old Michael Celluci would have scoffed at the silliness of all this new age bullshit. He'd never seen a need for crystals and potions and all that mumbo jumbo, or at least not before he had his eyes forcibly opened to the supernatural world. This time though, he actually had a use for it.

"Hello?" he called out to the empty room.

A sultry feminine voice responded from behind him. "Are you here for a reading?"

Mike turned to look at the beautiful woman with smooth skin, big brown eyes and waves of brunette hair that softly framed her face. She wore a long free flowing dress with a low cut neckline to revel a hint of beautifully contoured cleavage. "No, but I'm hoping you can help me. My name is Mike Celluci."

"I know who you are Detective. You're the infamous third wheel of the Vicki and Henry show." She walked past him and sat at a desk in the center of the room.

Mike's eyes followed her around the room, unable to help himself from checking out her perfectly formed ass as it walked past. "It seems my reputation precedes me" he said, finally making eye contact.

"Well it's nice to meet you Mike Celluci. I'm Sinead." The woman crossed one leg over the other, her skirt sliding back to revel a smooth, tanned knee and calf.

Mike put his hands in his pockets and took a step towards the desk. "I know.....Vicki told me all about you."

"Oh I bet she did." Sinead replied with a snide tone.

"She never told me you were so beautiful though. I should have known.... given Henry's taste in women."

"Flattery will get you everywhere Detective. What can I help you with today?"

"That depends...... on how you feel about Henry Fitzroy."

She looked up at him knowingly with a sly smile. "Perhaps I am a jilted lover seeking revenge..... after all.... isn't that why you're here?"

"You're more insightful than I realized."

Sinead picked up a handful of ancient runes and scattered them on the table in front of her, studying them for a moment. "You want to make him human again."

"Correct." Mike was impressed.

Sinead was shaking her head but still smiling. "Hmm....I cannot help you with that Detective."

Mike studied her expression. "Can't... or won't?"

Sinead stood and shrugged. "I mean it is simply not possibly. At least not with any of the magic I can offer."

"Then I will find someone who can." Mike turned and began to leave.

"There is an alternative though... if you are willing...." She called out to him.

"I'm listening." Mike paused, and turned his head slightly.

"I may not be able to make vampire human again, but I have a means for you to put his consciousness into another human body."

Mike turned and stepped back towards her, folding his arms as he stared suspiciously at the witch. "And why do I get the distinct feeling that there is a catch somewhere here?"

"Well Detective... it has to be your body. Henry enters your body, you enter his."

Mike rubbed his chin. "How?"

Sinead opened a small chest on her desk and removed a small quartz crystal shard that was entwined in a ribbon of silver wire. She held it up for Mike to see. "You take this crystal charm, place it between your flesh and his, and recite the words that I will give to you."

"So I'd become Henry?" The detective scratched his head as he tried to fathom the outcomes of the spell.

"In body only... not in mind." Sinead tried to reassure him.

"But I'd be a vampire?"

"And Henry would be human..... isn't that what you want?" She gave Mike another demure and convincing smile.

"And what about the spell? Can it be broken when I want my body back?"

"Of course. Come back and see me you are ready and I will get you back into your own body."

"OK... I'm interested. What do you want from me in return?"

Sinead stepped in close to Mike, pressing her body against his. She toyed with his collar and seductively rubbed her cheek against his. "You forget Detective... that I too would like to see Henry suffer. All I ask is that you come back and see me when you have his body. Perhaps you and I may have a little fun?"

Mike awkwardly put his hands back in his pockets as he looked into those dark brown eyes and smiled. "We'll see."

"You will need my help learning to control a body of a vampire.. " She stated confidently. "...and it's a body I know intimately."

Taking a deep breath Mike reluctantly agreed. "Fine. You have a deal. Tell me the words I need to know."

Sinead placed the crystal in Mike's hand then closed his fingers around it and stepped away. "All you need to remember is transfero mentis ut corporis vice versa." She wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it to him. "Here you go Detective. I do hope I'll be seeing you as Henry real soon."

Mike stared at the words on the sheet of paper and recited the words in his head, needing only the courage to follow through with his convictions. Was he ready to be a vampire? Could he become the blood sucking creature he despised most of all? The detective took a deep breath and left the magic shop with a renewed sense of determination. He only hoped he'd get to Henry before he left town.

The detective smiled, knowing that Henry Fitzroy would soon find out exactly how it felt to be Michael Celluci.