Title: Time Heals All Wounds
Challenge: Time
I do not own supernatural. If I did the show would end with sammy having a peg leg and dean a patch over one eye.
A/N: Over one hundred words, but inspired by all the shit that's happend to me tonight and the challenge word. So the first stanza, was me. But the rest is Dean. *SPOILER ALERT* set after the season finale.

When it all falls apart
I'm standing in the rubble
And I find its hard believe
I've caused so much trouble.

Time heals all wounds,
But these scars run deep.
If this is meant to save us
Why do I feel the need to weep?

All I've ever had- is undone.
I lost myself to save a friend
Who has unwittingly
Betrayed me in the end.

I didn't listen to warnings
And when an the angels ask
I guessed I am bound to do
Their one last task.

But when it's over, really over,
Good riddance, I'm through
The world has seen enough
Of what havoc I can do.

My only brother perfectly
Fits with a monster described
But I'm the one who really
Has a beast clawing inside.