Title - Little Worries

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - anyone you recognize isn't mine

E/O Challenge word - time

AN - here's a dose of wee!chester for all of you. Hope you enjoy.


"Dea. Dea. Dea."

Bobby turned a page in his book, looking for answers.

Childish giggles.

John had left his boys with the older hunter for the week.

Baby babble.

Pausing in his work, Bobby looked down next to his chair.

Sam played with Dean's hands.

Over a year. Dean hadn't spoken a word.

John was worried. Bobby too.

Time was said to heal all wounds.

How long to heal a young boy's heart?

"Dea, Dea!".


Bobby froze. Did he just hear...?


"Sammy," Dean whispered.

A smile creased Bobby's face.

John's elder son was finding his way back home.

-= end =-