Alright, my first attempt at a mutichapter Sky High Fic. I started this to relieve stress from my other current multi-chapter (I am so stuck it isn't funny). The rating is for the first part. The entire part in italics has to be the most sexual thing I've ever written. I'm such a virgin of M-rating, you guys, I was blushing while I wrote that. Maybe I can transfer some of that energy over to my other story cause I know the readers are in need of it (14 chapters in and no romance or sex, I'msoevilyouguys).

The idea of a super with powers that are actually hurting her kind of occured to me when I was running the other day (I write my stories in my head when I run). It seemed like something nobody had done before and I sort of like being the first one (in my mind, at least). This is a warning: There will not be ANY WarrenXOC of any kind in this story. If you get off on that crap, I'm sorry. If you're looking for solace away from that crap, here you go.

Summary: "It's your powers," my mom said, sober, "They're killing you."
Rating: Teen, for now. Maybe sex later, I don't know. You'll figure it out.
Pairing: Umm, ocXoc? M/W, W/L
Disclaimer: *grumble* I don't own Sky High or any of the characters assosiated. I do, however, own the sexiest black chick around, Violet, and her even sexier, former boyfriend, Hanley. And any upcoming characters, too.

"Violet, please?" Low almost growl-like rumble in my ear, turning bones to jelly. Hot perspiration dripped down my spine.

"No." Squeaky, unsure.

Hanley man-pouted, giving me this look like I just punched him in the face. And that made me even more unsure. It wasn't even like him to ask. He grabbed my hand, interlacing his fingers through mine (I instinctively checked to be sure my inhibitor bracelets were still on), and gave me a seductive smile.

"Why not?" Oh, shit. That voice? I didn't stand a chance.

I didn't answer. Instead, I looked away from him at the chain-link fence wrapped around the edge of the roof of his building, muscles in my stomach clenching. Leaning back against the brick wall of the little shed up here was one of the most comfortable things to do in New York. He leaned in and whispered, "Are you really afraid of that Bitch?"

I shook my head, and opened my soda. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a suspicious smirk spread across his face.

After I took a swig of my soda and turned to put it down, Hanley grabbed the chance to press a kiss to my ear, then to my cheek, slowly maneuvering to my mouth, breathing out a low "Why not?" over and over. It was pleasant, I had to admit, and by pleasant I mean "HOT", but also torturous to my control. I could feel the skin under my bracelets heating up as he reached my mouth. Hanley pulled the best move in his book (the one his ex girlfriends just couldn't stop talking about) and gave me a scorching hot but painfully slow kiss. I kissed back automatically and felt heat flush up and down my entire body, hot, sticky sweat trailing down every surface, blood completely diverting from my brain as the contact continued.

Hanley shifted so that I was between him and the wall, almost on top of me.

One of his hands skimmed the waistband of my jeans, while the other held mine. My skin felt on fire, no doubt his intended effect, and it suddenly felt completely unbearable to wear my sweatshirt, even though there was the possibility of ice or flurries.

His thumb pushed under my sweatshirt and t-shirt to rub it's callused pad against my hip bone. I immediately felt blood start pounding in that general area, thumping against my skin.

Hanley smiled against my lips, no doubt feeling it, and deepened the kiss. I felt my free hand twist up into his long, shaggy dyed-black hair and I started kissing back harder. He unlaced his fingers from mine and placed my hand on his shoulder, his own moving to cup my neck.

He pulled me towards him by the waistband of my jeans, helping my arching back, and then slowly moved his hand up to my stomach. Flames erupted in the pit of my abdomen, spreading slowly through my chest and through my limbs.

My bracelet beeped erratically, which almost wasn't enough to pull my attention off Hanley. Almost. Groaning, I pulled away, pushing him back.

"Hanley, stop," The words had just barely made it out when his lips connected with mine again, only harder, more needy. I enjoyed it for about half a minute before I turned my head, closing my eyes, and broke the kiss.

Hanley rested his forehead against my temple, his breath blistering against my neck. I was only distinctly aware of the breathy moan I released with him positioned like he was.

"Please, stop," I begged, trying with no success to push him away from me.

"Why?" He goaded, voice rough and low. "You can't hurt me."

"Yes, I can," I whimpered. He breathed out again and I felt the heat slithering across my skin. My bracelet beeped again.

Hanley groaned, moving his hand to wrap around one of the bracelets. "Don't you ever get annoyed by these?" He asked, and squeezed the device.

"Hanley! No!" I cried, just as the bracelet shut off.

"And then what happened?" Dr. Ross, Empath and psychologist, asked.

I opened my eyes to look up at her ceiling. After examining the patterns in the paint, I just turned and looked at her. "Then I killed my boyfriend."

Dr. Ross looked down at the large yellow note pad in her hands. It was slightly creepy to consider she'd written down every detail of my first near-sexual encounter. Dr. Ross pushed her stylish reading glasses up the bridge of her nose and asked, "Why did Hanley think you couldn't kill him?"

"He was a metahuman," I answered. "Super strength. His body was more resistant than average so he didn't think my power would harm him."

"But it killed him?"

I nodded, sitting up and fixing my gaze on my folded hands.

Dr. Ross must have sensed my soberness or something because she changed the subject with a surprising rapidness.

"How are you adjusting to Sky High?"

"It's fine," I mumbled. "But they can't seem to grasp that I don't want to become a Hero or a Sidekick."

"You're only taking control classes, right?" Dr. Ross asked.

"Yes, but the classes are wrapped around the principle that everyone is going to go on to become a Hero or Sidekick," I replied.

"Your mother said you're duel enrolled with the State University," I nodded, "Well, how are your classes? What are you taking?"

"Engineering and Art History."

"Sounds interesting," Dr. Ross tried. She failed and I think she realized this. "Listen, Violet, I know this must have been difficult, and awkward, to do again since you already talked to another doctor about this issue back in New York. I only asked you about it because I don't like going off the opinion of another doctor."

"No, I understand," I said.

"Have they reinforced your bracelets against that sort of thing?"

I "pssh"ed and waved my hand nonchalantly. "Of course they have."

Dr. Ross stood up and placed the notebook on her desk. She helped me up from the leather couch and handed me my coat. "That's all for today," She said, leading me to the door of her office and opening it. "Same time next week."

I thanked her (for not coughing uncomfortably when I went into detail) and walked down the hall to the elevator. Pressing the down button, I started pulling on my jacket. The door to an office down the hall opened and a woman with long brown hair with a teenage girl with short red hair stepped through it. They walked down the hall towards me and stopped right behind me, waiting for the elevator as well.

I watched all of this out of my peripherals, noting that the room they just came from was a briefing room, soundproofed and no doubt filled to the brim with maps, desks, and computers all stocked with secret intelligence.

The elevator arrived a second later and we stepped into it. The woman and teenager were murmuring to each other lowly. I noticed that they had the same brow line, eyes, nose and chin. The teenager had softer cheekbones and a stronger jaw that the woman, who I guessed was her mother.

The teenager had focused her attention on me and was furrowing her eyebrows like she was trying to place my face.

I shifted uncomfortably. "Umm…Hi," I said.

"Hey," the teenager said, absently.

"I'm Violet," I offered.

"Layla," the girl said. Vague recognition dawned on her face. "Don't you go to my high school?"

"…Sky High?" I asked. I would have been tense about asking that if I hadn't been in a building filled mostly with Super Heroes.

Layla looked rather "Ah-ha!" at that moment. "I knew it! I just knew I saw your face somewhere!"

She faltered. "But I never see you at lunch."

"I leave before lunch," I replied. "So I'll make it back to Maxville in time for my classes."

"I thought you looked a little old for high school," the woman said. "You're required to take extra classes at Sky High, right?"

I nodded.

"Which ones?" Layla asked. From her tone, I'm guessing she thought I was a newly-licensed Heroine who screwed up and had to go back to take a few hero-citizen interaction classes.

I shrugged one shoulder lazily and absently scratched behind my ear. "Control Aid."

Both Layla and the woman had their eyes focused on the shiny, shiny silver band on my wrist that was exposed when the sleeve of my coat pulled back a little. I quickly put my arm down, shaking the sleeve down.

The elevator doors opened on the lobby floor.

"I'll see you later," I muttered stepping out and walking briskly to meet my mom, who was waiting, car keys in hand.

"How'd it go?" My mom asked, a warm smile spreading across her features when I neared.

"As well as can be expected I guess," I muttered. "Dr. Ross said Dr. Robins talked to you about my results."

At that moment, my mom found her fingernails extremely fascinating. "You mean they didn't tell you?"

"Obviously not, mom," I said, "They're going to try to fix it before they'll tell me."

"They said," My mom started, "that it's reverse effects of your powers that's making you feel bad. The inhibitor bracelets cause the power to build up and now it's effecting you."

"You mean-" I started but couldn't finish, not quite understanding.

"It's your powers," my mom said, sober, "Your powers are killing you."

Well, this suck ass.