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Chapter I

October 28 1990

Surrey, England

"BOY!!!!" A shrill voiced rang out through the house.


"Son of a..." The boy groaned as he banged his head on the ceiling of his cupboard.

The aforementioned 'boy' blearily opened his eyes and groped for his glasses. He sighed and then proceeded to look around his cramped surroundings. He sighed was brought out of his musing when his cupboard door was trashed open and he was violently pulled by the scruff of his collar, facing a snarling, purple-faced uncle Vernon.

"Are you deaf boy? Or did you not hear your aunt calling for you?" He hissed menacingly.

Schooling his features, making his expression blank, he replied in an emotionless tone "Sorry uncle Vernon." He inwardly snickered. 'that always freaks them out.'

Anger somewhat deflated by his nephew abnormal behaviour, "Good, go cook breakfast." Vernon said. Vernon shoved his nephew towards the kitchen while keeping his beady eyes on him, Vernon watched as his freaky nephew began to cook breakfast. He realized how eerily similar his nephew was to the kids in 'Children of The Corn'. 'No, no' he thought to himself. A worried frown marred his rather oval face. 'Best not think about such things' It was one creed Vernon stuck by; Ignorance is bliss. Ignoring his nephew and his freaky ways was the key to a happy home life in Privet Drive.

Harry Potter at ten years of age came to a conclusion that many others would face in their mid-teens, his life sucked. Well, it had its up and downs "Mostly down..." he muttered to himself. He ruffled his messy hair as he stared at his reflection on the refrigerator door, any attempts to flatten his hair was pointless, at least he'd be able to annoy his aunt with his 'grunge' look. He chuckled silently.

In school, Harry was at most an above-average student, while not exactly the advanced class level, one thing he prided himself in was that he was rather practical for a ten year old.

"Boy, hurry up with that breakfast, will you." His uncle said as he slipped back into his conversation with Petunia regarding his sister, Marge.

Harry quietly grumbled under his breath as he cooked. While the Dursley were not the most decent folks to live with, Harry realized that it could have been a lot worst, if they had refused to take him in. Though he grew up without much of a happy childhood, he at least appreciated their effort in taking care of him when he was younger. After an uneventful breakfast, one where in most days would find most of the Dursleys sans Harry bemoaning about forces outside their control, He politely asked to be excused from the house.

"Remember to clean up the dishes before you go, boy." His aunt Petunia's shrill voice echoed from the hall of the house.

Once safely outside the vicinity of the Dursley household, Harry found himself in quite a conundrum; he was ten, friendless, moneyless and well bored. Thus, in desperation, he looked towards the cloudy sky and asked. "Do you hate me that much?" He stood there for a moment before realizing that no one and/or being was going to answer him. Not that he was expecting an answer, but it would have been nice. He shivered slightly from the breeze before noticing his surroundings. He soon found himself to be the centre of the street's attention.

"Always thought that there was something wrong with that Potter boy."

"Didn't Petunia say that their nephew had some mental illness?"

"Does it look like it's going to rain later, John?" A man chuckled.

Amidst the whispering of the citizens of Privet Drive, he could hear them gossiping about him. He sighed and cursed his luck. Ducking his head down to keep the worthless masses from seeing him blush from their comments, he high-tailed to the local park.


Unbeknownst to Harry, he was under the surveillance of two men in a non-descript van.

"That's ze kid?" said thug number one with a heavy Italian accent.

"Si, Harry Potter." Thug number two replied. He began to shuffle through some documents on his lap and begun to recite his particulars. T-One guffawed. "Seems kind' of short for a ten-year old." He paused. A look of worry etched on his face. "Do 'you tink hiz guardianz ar' abu'zing him?" He asked his partner.

"Says in here' zat he's living with some Dursley family. Could be a possibility, better not rule eet out." T-Two said as he continued to observe the target.

"Does seem thin' for his 'age..." He muttered.

"Fottere, I can't believe zat ze heir's been 'living like some' muggle." asked T-One with a look of disbelief. T-Two sighed; the higher-ups aren't going to like this. 'At least we have found ze heir.' He thought. "Let's report 'back, we'll wait' for the Council's decizion." And with that, T-One turned the ignition key and started the van. With one last look at the black-haired boy, he shuddered. He remembered those green eyes of the boy, how eerily similar to the previous leader of the family.


Harry absent-mindedly ran his finger on his scar; he never knew how he got it except for the very vague 'accident' he was told he was in which also took the lives of his parents. The Dursley refused to elaborate any further and would often retaliate with the only way they knew how, "IN THE CUPBOARD, NOW!" He soon found himself standing in front of the gate to the park; it creaked eerily as Harry pushed it open. His feet took him to the nearby swing set. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't realized how long he just sat there until he heard his cousin's voice.

"Well, well, well if it isn't the little freak." Dudley said giddily. Harry groaned. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Dudley and his motley crew of idiots. The idiots behind him were snickering. Harry sighed; he hated dealing with his cousin and his friends. He had somehow become the object of hate among the neighbourhood kids especially the boys.

He wondered what he had done to deserve this fate and again stared at the sky waiting for an answer. 'Damn, maybe I was an accountant in my previous life.' He mused, completely ignoring the people in front of him.

Dudley was slightly nervous when he noticed the change in his cousin's demeanour and again tried to rile him up by insulting another aspect of Harry's shortcoming. He and the rest of his cronies chortled at his insult.

"Don't laugh Dudley, when you laugh your whole body jiggles and it just errghh-" Harry scrunched up his face in disgust. "I mean, it's not exactly pleasant to see a man jiggle, just ask Polkiss, he knows." Dudley reddened in embarrassment before facing Polkiss, silently daring him to agree with his freak cousin. Pier Polkiss just backed down in response, shuffling to the back of the group.

Turning his attention on Harry again, he pounded his hands together, a grim smile on his face. "Looks like we're gonna have to teach the stupid little freak a lesson." Dudley said as his minions mimicked his actions.

"Oi, I resent that, I'm not short." Harry shot back. It had been an Achilles heel of his, he hated how short he was, and then again he was only ten. Harry backed away slowly as the group advanced on him. 'Thud' He felt his back pressed against a tree. At the corner of his eye, Harry saw green-coloured snake resting near the ground and just within his reach. In one swift move, he grabbed the snake by the tail and clamped his hand over its neck.

'Do snake even have necks?' He pondered. (Well anyway, he clamped his hand just behind its head) Its mouth open as it bared its fangs to the group.

'Stupid human.' He heard something hiss. 'Let Isis go.' he heard the voice again.

Without a second thought, he begun to advance slowly on the group, his hand firmly gripped on the snake so that it doesn't wriggle out of his hands and try to bite him. Actually, the snake was harmless; he usually saw one in the backyard of the house when the Dursley gave him chores to do. At least he guessed that it was harmless, 'Not exactly a herpetology expert.' He reasoned. Fortunately, Dudley and his gang didn't know this so it was pretty much fifty/fifty for them.

"Come any closer and the snake bites, Diddykins." Harry hissed, knowing that the use of his mother's nickname for him would enrage the boy. The group cowered and screamed.

"It's poisonous, one bite and you'll..." He left the sentence hanging, leaving the threat of death in their minds. Technically; he didn't threaten them with death by snake, much more like hypothetically speaking if he were to hold a snake that was about to bite and Dudley was indeed too close to the snake, he could possibly die.

'See, all he did was hold the snake if it bit those idiots, it's their own fault.' His logic reasoned.

Harry found a sadistic pleasure in watching the Dudley cower in fear of him especially when he ran away screaming for his 'mummy'. He knew that he'd get it once he returned to the house but it was worth it. Slowly, he put the snake down on the grass muttering a quick apology. He noticed that the snake looked shocked at something.

'Can a snake look shocked?' He pondered again.

'Stupid human.' he thought he heard the snake say as it slithered into the bushes. Harry stared at the spot where the snake disappeared. He shook his head. 'Damn the heat must be getting to my head.'


Somewhere in Rome, Italy

(The following conversations are in "Italian")

In a dark-lit spacious room, several people crowded around a long table. People were conversing with one another in low, hushed voices. 'Morale is high' Alphonso Zanetti thought. Alphonso had seen a lot in his seventy -five years of living and never regretted his decision that eventually led him here. He smoothed out his greying-white hair, once it had been a thick brown, flowing and curled at the end. He longed for those days back then. Now, he felt old, his face cluttered with wrinkles and a long scar marred the left side of his cheek. Alphonso sat at the end of the table and banged his hand on the desk. "Silence" His voice carried through the room, effectively ending all conversations as the people seated gave him their full attention.

"I have called the Council together to discuss an urgent matter." He started. "We have just received a report from our people in England." He paused. "As you have heard the rumours these past weeks, it seems that the heir has indeed been found." As Alphonso scanned the room, he saw the relieved faces of the Council members that were called in to this meeting.

"How is the boy?" One of the Council members asked. Alphonso cleared his throat.

"Earlier reports are inconclusive; however, it seems that our associates in England commented that the boy seemed rather thin for his age. We have reason to believe that the boy is being abused by his guardians." The Council members were instantly on their feet, outraged that their heir was being abused, members shouting at Alphonso to act immediately. It took several minutes to calm the situation so that the meeting could proceed.

"Do we know anything about the boy's guardians?" Another asked.

"Yes, it seems that he was put under the care of one Vernon and Petunia Dursley, a blood relative of his mother, one Lily Evans. They appear to be a normal muggle family. However, our associates have dug up some rather unsavoury remarks about the husband, a mid-level employee at a drilling company, Grunnings." Alphonso paused and began shuffling through the report. "It seems that our Vernon here has several sexual harassment complaints filed against him by several female employees. More so, it seems that these complaints mysteriously vanished and the women sacked." He chuckled. "Blackmail material, wouldn't you say?" He finished the sentence with a dark smile on his face.

"Al, how exactly are you going to convince these people to give up guardianship of the heir?" His long-time friend Omero Gustav asked.

"Why..." He paused and chuckled. "I'm going to make an offer they can't refuse" The Council members laughed at the running 'Godfather' joke.

"What's his name?" One Council members asked amidst the laughter. "Ahhhh, I was wondering when someone was going to ask me that."

Alphonso paused. "Harry James Potter, soon, Harry Potter-Vongola."

Silence descended on the room, many have heard of the story of the Boy-Who-Lived. A supposed baby who was able to defeat one of London's most feared Dark Lord whose influence until now bring fear to the wizards and witches of England.

"Ah, yes...." He stopped and looked at his watch. "I'm afraid we have to cut the meeting short, there's a lot of work to be done." With that he left the room, leaving a stunned Council to absorb this new information.

Alphonso let a small smile grace his face. Soon, the Vongola family will rise again. He was brought out of his musing when he heard hurried footsteps trailing after him. "Guus, something you'd like to ask?" He said with a quirk on his lips.

Omero 'Guus' Gustav at one point in life was once revered as the best at 'getting things done' in the family. Despite reaching seventy-two this year, many knew better than to cross with that 'Crazy Russian'. He had a muscular build and was at most 5"11". Gustav had a square face with high cheekbones, his white hair was cropped but what was most striking was the long scar that ran from his forehead to his left cheek, and the eye-patch covering his left eye.

"Al, we have been friends since the 40s, there is nothing you can hide from me. Now spill, old man."

Alphonso chuckled. "Three years, good friend, three and you're calling me old." He sighed. "I believe that there will be resistance if we try for the full guardianship for our young master, especially, the magical guardianship, we can't get it without alerting some rather prominent figureheads which I rather not get into right now."

"Hmmm....the glorified schoolteacher? Dumbledore?" Gustav let out a booming laugh. Alphonso smiled at his long time friend. "Yes, a schoolteacher he may be but his influence runs deep within England's ministry. If we were to fight him in the court of law in Britain, we would lose and our young master will be further from our grasp." Alphonso finished with a faraway look in his eye.

Gustav chuckled. "You want me to rub him out?" His grey eye twinkling.

Alphonso let out a strangled cough. "Not quite, old friend, however, there is an alternative. We could perhaps gain the muggle guardianship and bring him to here to for his 'rite-of-passage'. Wait until he reaches of age and then, perhaps make his return to England."

"Rather devious Al, as long as it rubs the older coot the wrong way, it's a fine plan in my eye." Gustav said.

"Good Guus, contact Gerard in England. Tell him the latest development and ask him to start with the muggle custody papers. Inform him that our young master is to stay at his manor until we are ready to bring him to Rome." Alphonso ordered.

"It shall be done." Gustav replied and with that, he walked away.


Surrey, England

November 1 1990

Harry Potter was not having a good week. The look on his uncle's face when he returned home after the now infamous 'snake-incident' (which was known throughout the neighbourhood) was terrifying.

The Dursley rarely abused him physically but he admitted that that night had been one that sent shivers down his spine.


As he slowly pushed open the door to the house, he could hear hurried footstep rushing towards the door.

Vernon immediately gripped his feeble arm, slammed the front door and dragged him to the living room. He tried to squirm out of his uncle's grasp but a menacing glare from him scrapped all ideas of resistance.

"After all we've done for you-"He hissed dangerously as he kept a firm grip on his arm "you had to spit back in our faces didn't you?"

"But uncle Vernon-"Harry stuttered.

"BUT NOTHING!" He roared. Immediately, realizing his mistake, he looked out the window fearfully, hoping the neighbours didn't hear his outburst.

"Petunia, close the curtains, Dudley, go watch the telly." Vernon ordered.

"But, Daddy I wanna see you beat up the freak." He whined pitifully.

"GO!" He hissed at Dudley. Seeing Dudley yelp as he fell from the couch would have been funny if he wasn't facing this situation right now.

"What did I say about your freakiness boy?" He snarled "Dudley and his friends saw you hissing at that snake! Like some sort of evil voodoo mumbo-jumbo." he half-shouted. "That Pier kid's father just called me, saying that you threatening his son. He's thinking of pressing charges against us boy"

"Technically-"Harry tried to counter weakly.

He was cut short when his uncle backhanded him across the face, again and again. He could hear his shoulder pop out of place by the tight grip Vernon had on his arm when he stumbled back awkwardly.

Finally, after ten minutes, he was unceremoniously dumped in his cupboard.

-End Flashback-

Getting smacked around by his uncle had left some nasty bruises on his body. This led Aunt Petunia screeching about how he was not allowed outside lest he be seen in his current state. (It wouldn't be good if the neighbours knew the Dursleys were child abusers.) Thus, Harry was locked up in his cupboard without proper food & water or even medical attention. He was pretty sure that he had dislocated his right shoulder since it was swelling so badly. He gritted his teeth. The pain was unrelenting, throbbing and it was getting insanely itchy.

'Must not scratch-' as his conscious repeated the mantra for the last 3 days.

"Fuck it all." Harry cussed, which was bad because he rarely cussed. He was sure that without some medical attention, it could become some sort of infection.

He snorted. 'Probably what they want, death by fungus.'

He was brought out of his daydream on the various ways that he could torture his relatives by the doorbell. From the cupboard, he leaned his ear against the door to hear what was going on outside. He heard only muffled voices and snippets of the conversations.

"FRIENDS-" he heard aunt Petunia shout. Throwing caution to the wind, not particularly caring either he was going to be rescued or die by the hands of his uncle; he did the only think he could think of.

"MOLEST! MOLEST!" He screamed at the top of his lungs while using his legs to bang against the cupboard door.


Gerard Greengrass stepped out of his black SUV and stared at his surroundings. He mentally blanched 'Errghh...suburbia.' and he shuddered, expelling the thoughts.

He was not a happy man. From the report given by the acting head of the family, he was sure that the young heir was being abused by his relatives. The extent he was unsure of; but abuse was abuse. He would not stand for it.

Gerard was a man in his late 30's. His age was never discussed among his associates and colleagues; one thing he disliked was feeling old (like his wife Astoria Franscesca-Greengrass, she had initially refused to take his surname) and right now, he was feeling it. Two weeks before, he noticed a strand of white hair in the sea of his golden blonde while he was shaving. He was depressed for almost a week after the incident.

His intense blue eyes and strong jaw complimented his outstanding physique. Wearing a simple dark blue suit with black wing-tip shoes, 'Gerard Greengrass looked good.' He inwardly thought.

He rang the doorbell and prepared a false smile on his face, politely greeting the horse-faced woman who answered the door. He smiled disarmingly. Horse-face blushed. Inwardly, he snickered 'Still got it.'

"Hello, Petunia Dursley?" He inquired.

"Yes, I'm Petunia" Horse-face said.

"My name is Gerard Greengrass and I'm with social services. We've received a complaint from an anonymous source stating there's been a disturbance with your nephew, one Harry James Potter. Nothing to worry about, just a routine check" Gerard explained.

Petunia paled considerably and stammered "I'm sorry, he's no-tt in right no-oww, he's playing with his fri-ieends, YES! Friends" She half-shouted.

Gerard looked unconvinced "Really?" he drawled.

His next sentence was drowned out by shouts of "MOLEST! MOLEST!" and bangs coming from under the staircase.

Gerard paled and turned his attention to horse-face who know look like death had warmed over. His eyebrows furrowed and a look of anger rising across his features. "My god." He gasped as he put the pieces together. He turned back to the official representative of the social service department standing a few feet behind him. "Come" he hissed dangerously.

As he entered the house, a rather whale-like man tumbled down the stairs "What the ruddy hell are you doing just barging in my house like this." The man roared, his voice slightly louder than the young boy's screams of 'MOLEST'. He pushed past him (which was a feat considering Isaac Newton's law of gravity and inertia) and dashed towards the small cupboard. "Harry, is that you Harry?" His voice carried a worried tone.

Fumbling with the locks, he hesitated to use his wand to cast the unlocking charm, however, he had that damn 'Statute of Secrecy' to deal with.

Finally, he managed to open the locks placed on the outside of the door, he slammed the door open to find a young boy with the most striking green eyes. Those intense eyes that could see the very soul of a man, the eyes which reminded him of the late Vongola leader which held the respect of so many men in the family. He pulled his eyes away from those striking green and noticed the bruises that littered his body, he gasped.


Harry stared at his saviour who was kneeling and staring at him slightly agape. "You could help you know." Harry hissed at his saviour while clutching his injured shoulder.

That seemed to shake the man back to reality. "Sorry, there Harry, you reminded me of someone I once knew. Let's get you out of here." The man cradled Harry in his arms slowly as not aggravate his injuries, especially his swelling shoulder. He slowly got him out of the house passed a stunned Dursleys and some guy he didn't recognized.

The last thought in his mind that he hoped that he wouldn't have to return to the Dursley again especially after the events that particular night as he passed out.


Gerard Greengrass was slightly shocked by how frail the boy was. Slowly placing him in the backseat of his car, he was slightly relieved to see the innocent look on the boy's face as he slept.

'Hehe.' he mentally chuckled 'Cute kid.' He allowed a small smile to grace his lips.

All the more enraged, at how somehow could possibly harm such an innocent child, he stormed back to the house to begin the custody battle. A dark grin on his face, 'this is gonna be fun' he thought. He was going to show these muggles why he was chosen to be one of the Vongola's consigliere and why he was known as the best attorney's in Europe. (You'd have to be one of the best with the number of cases that were compiled against the family.) The next ten minutes turned out to be one that Gerard found a sadistic pleasure in watching the Dursleys squirm.

'This is pensieve-material.' He snickered darkly.

He began rattling of over twenty offences that the Dursley had broken while 'caring' for their nephew. Some offences he was pretty sure he had made up on the spot just to spite them.

Vernon was cycling through various shades of colours ranging from light red to the current purple, with each passing minute. Petunia was already bawling and wailing a few minutes into his speech and started raving about how they were forced to take the boy by the cursed old man. Gerard composed himself before speaking.

"I suppose you were forced into this situation." He sighed and pretended to sympathize.

"But, I'm sure if you just sign these custody papers, all your problems will go away?" He added as he slid the papers towards them.

"We can't!" Petunia said. Vernon looked livid "I don't bloody care about that old man, we could get rid of the Potter brat once and for all." He shouted.

Petunia looked reluctant. "He could use his thing on us." She hissed all the while trying to avoid eye contact with Gerard. Vernon paled.

"I suppose..." Gerard paused for effect. "You're talking about Albus Dumbledore?"

That had the desired result. Unsurprising, Gerard found himself thinking why he didn't consider acting for a career. Eerily, both heads turned in unison to stare at their guest. "You're one of them?" Vernon spat.

"Yes, I am. Albus Dumbledore is of no consequence. The man is a school teacher, not some ministry official; he will be dealt with....eventually. All I ask is for you to sign and you'll never see Harry again un-"

Gerard abruptly cut his sentence as Vernon had already begun to sign with gusto. Apparently, the promise of never seeing his nephew had been too much of a temptation for him. Gerard sat there quietly watching as they finished signing the custody papers. He inwardly smiled, everything was going according to plan and soon, Harry would be safe in Greengrass Manor and later in Rome.

"Done." Vernon exclaimed happily "Never again, never again." He continued to babble. The looks of delights on the three Dursley sickened him. As he and the official headed towards the door, Gerard suddenly stopped and smirked.

"As I was saying before, you'll never see Harry Potter again unless of course he were to come back willingly for-" he lowered his voice and hissed "retribution."

"A good day to you, Dursleys." He smiled disarmingly and he walked out of the house, towards the car.

"Here." Gerard said as he handed the custody papers to the official rep. "You know what to do with it." He smirked. "It's been a pleasure working with you good sir." It had been ridiculously easy to bribe the social service department into a 'sanctioned' visit. Apparently, a social worker didn't earn a lot of money so did the entire department.

"And to you, Mr. Greengrass." said the official as he walked away.

Gerard sighed as he looked at Harry through the rear-view mirror of the car. "Let's bring you home, Harry."