Naruto: Paths Cross

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Kakashi stared at Crimson as he slowly unraveled the cloth, the reforged White Fang gleaming in the light of the shop.

With reverence, he picked it up, one hand on the handle and another under the flat of the blade. "Magnificent. It's as if it was never broken. But what are these...?"

"Runes. A...'cousin', of seals you can say. It's basically a seal, only it is powered by my special kind of energy and not chakra. They're passive runes, and will help you quite nicely. Forgive me if I won't be helping you in finding the uses out." Crimson gladly explained.

Kakashi studied the markings, and frowned at its apparent amount. "How many are there?"

"Seventy-five." Was the bland answer, and Kakashi marveled at the number. "Generally, the power of seals and runes isn't dependent on its size. Writing them correctly is more important. People thought it was so because of the difficulty in writing it correctly on a smaller scale, resulting in mistakes, which resulted in decreased efficiency. I suspect you'll find the blade's new abilities to be quite satisfying."

Kakashi nodded in approval, and gratefully gave Crimson the hefty payment for his services. In all honesty, he had only asked him to repair it. The runes were an unexpected (but gratifying) favor. It was certainly more than one million six-hundred thousand yen could buy.

"Oh yeah! Now you can stop complaining about that stupid sword of yours! How about we have a spar and see which sword is better?" Anko proclaimed, a sheathed sword strapped horizontally across the back of her waist.

She had ordered one for herself, and the unsheathed weapon was a magnificent, curving silver blade of a kris, with a green, snake-style hilt, whose fangs bit onto the blade itself and had emeralds for eyes. The blade was sixteen inches long, with a seven-inch hilt, an overall length of twenty-three inches.

Venenum Regina la Vesica (Venom Empress's Blade) was one of his greatest work, and quite impressive if he didn't say so himself. The blade constantly sucked chakra from her whenever she reached a certain threshold, said threshold being when her chakra was above ninety-eight percent. It would store chakra that she could later access, and in truth, you wouldn't believe how much chakra senior ninjas actually generate. Its max storage level; four Kage-level chakra pools, would certainly give her an edge in a fight.

That, and its ability to create ANY kind of poison at the cost of chakra. Even his King would be wary of a blade that could produce Deathvenom. Though the production of said most powerful poison in existence required the chakra for a C-level jutsu for each drop. He would have to downgrade that later...

He yawned, idly reading another one of the black-banded books that he regularly procured from the storage blocks inside the cabinet. "I was up for two nights making that. I haven't slept in forty-eight hours, so if you two are going to argue or fight, do it where my head won't hurt from hearing anything."

Anko snickered. "You're too devoted to that schedule of yours that you'd stay up until it's time to close. And if you have energy to do something as boring as that, then you can watch us fight!"

Crimson sighed, before blinking at the window.

He stood up, closing his book firmly, walking to it and viewing Sally's shop on the other side of the street.


"It's a hundred thousand yen each, or nothing." Sally said with finality, grinning infuriatingly at the Hyuuga women as she lounged on a crimson sofa, dressed in a, erm... loose yukata that was dangerously close to slipping into immodesty.

Hyuuga Setsuna couldn't help but blush as she glared at her. The way Sally looked at her made her think of a panther as it looked upon a particularly-savory piece of meat.

Or a lesbian looking upon a specific kind of woman to her tastes...

She looked back at the beautiful clothes that she and her entourage had picked in the shop.

While some (ALL) of them were a bit too... daring for her tastes. (some of the clothes she had worn were too close to revealing her breasts and panties for her comfort) The beauty more than made up for it!

They shone marvelously, and were sown with such precision and skill she could see the individual feathers of one that bore the mark of a rising phoenix, or the each tilting curve of a carefully-sown rose, and many more. And the cloth it was made from...what cloth! It was incredibly smooth like silk, came in such vivid colors, and shone like the rays of the sun on the sea so much that the beings sewn into the cloth seemed alive!

But the cost! A hundred thousand yen for each article of clothing?! Absurd!

She thought about her cousin, Kasumi, the first Hyuuga to have met and bought from Sally, and how she had turned heads everywhere she went. She had undergone more than a change of wardrobe, if the sudden sensual swing of her hips and that damnable smile on her face that stirred the loins of men were anything to go by.

She had happily told them where she bought the clothes from, heck, she even had the address! But she couldn't help but wonder how carefree Kasumi had ever gotten along with the sensual seductress in front of her.

"You KNOW the price is fair. You've never seen this level of workmanship before, and the materials for the cloth..." She had a twinkle in her eye. "You have no idea how hard it is to acquire them." Indeed, acquiring webbing from Prima-Terrania's Amadeus Spiders' Queen was downright suicide. And the mandibles from the planet's monstrous cockroaches were the only things that could be used to make contraptions to sew the webbing into cloth.

They weren't just buying fancy clothes, they were unwittingly buying better armor than anything this world had yet to offer. She wondered how long it took for them to notice the durability of the cloth.

But these Hyuuga were so darn stuck-up she couldn't help but pity them! They had the goods, but their upbringing prevented them from showing them off!

Sally heaved a sigh, looking at her with something akin to...pity? She stood up with a flourish, her yukata dragging lightly on the ground, every step radiating sexuality and poise, and Setsuna blushed harder.

She stepped up to her, fingers curling at her chin. "Honestly, you look really cute with that blush of yours. But women your age shouldn't look cute." She licked her lips sensually, and Setsuna shivered. "Put a pout on that face, lean slightly a bit, show more of those lovely hips and strut when you walk. Men would be dropping left and right if you did that." Setsuna's face had reached a shade of red rivaling a tomato. Since when did she start giving out tips on seduction?

Sally sighed. "You Hyuuga are too prim and proper. You honestly need professional help." She held up two fingers. "Twenty percent off, and that's final. And the only reason I'm doing this is because I hate it when talents and god-given gifts are wasted." Setsuna was too embarrassed to say anything, but Sally took it as a yes.

Sally glanced at the other blushing Hyuuga and shook head. "That's it. I am going to be visiting you sometime. Count on it." She gave a look to Setsuna and the flushed branch house Hyuuga immediately wrote a check with the signatures from all of the other five Hyuuga.

Sally gave her an unnervingly sensual smile, before taking it daintily from her fingers. She smiled. "Done." She said, a closed fan in one hand as she snapped her fingers.

Four vaguely humanoid shapes rose from the shadows, standing at attention. "Kindly help my valued customers with their new clothes."

The Shadowmen obeyed, carefully folding and readying them for transfer. They stepped out of the shop, and seemingly glared at the sun before dutifully packing the newly-bought clothes into the Hyuuga's carriage. They faded back into the shadows after their job was done.

The Hyuuga stared at her. She gave them another mocking grin. "Shadowmen. They're good workers, carries enough individuality to think for themselves but are subservient enough to obey everything you say. They didn't help with the sewing though. I did that all by myself."

"Who are you?" One woman asked.

She snapped the fan open to cover her mouth. "I am but a simple seamstress with extraordinary talents." She finished ominously.

A shadow passed over them and they suddenly found themselves back in their carriage.

They looked out the window and saw Sally winking at them from the shop's door. Then, as she faded from view, they noticed the weights on their laps. There was a red-wrapped parcel on each of their laps. As the carriage drove back to the Hyuuga compound, they opened the parcels...

And blushed profusely at the contents.

It was a box full of skimpy, silk and lace lingerie. The kind that would leave you better off going around buck-naked rather than wear them.

Along with a letter filled with detailed tips for each of them.

One profusely encouraged the one next to her to wear clothes with plunging necklines to show more of those 'magnificent breasts'.

The lipstick mark at the end of each letter didn't exactly reinforce Setsuna's beliefs that Sally wasn't a lesbian either.

Exactly HOW Sally knew their sizes she didn't know.

And she didn't want to find out either.


Crimson tsked at Sally, appearing via Doorway. "Did you HAVE to do that?"

Sally nodded seriously. "Of course. They have such great bodies and raw talent and stupid Hyuuga breeding ruins it all. I'm not going to let such an adversity continue. And besides, you messed with the clan leader right?"

Crimson sighed, giving up trying to understand why she considered such things so important. "Anyway, I heard some news of Bryan in Mist. It may be Krado or Martin, but I doubt it."

She nodded. "It could be anyone of them. Bryan feels for the bloodline users, Martin would revel in such a genocide, and Krado is a human weapon of war. But Krado is making a name as a bounty hunter somewhere else, and Martin is laying low, so it's most probably Bryan. Good to know he isn't so hung up about being separated from his mate."

Crimson agreed. "You can never be sure about the guy. He doesn't know how to show emotions in human form remember? But then again, we're talking about the fate of his entire race here."

She shrugged. "He takes things on logically in human form. He logically knows that there exists a universe where he wouldn't be separated from Nidala and his species will continue."

Crimson tilted his chin in agreement. "Then let us hope he doesn't transform any time soon." He looked at the clothes. "I didn't know you were traipsing around in Prima Terrania in your free time."

She grinned. "It was pretty hard to catch one of the Queens EXACTLY when they were weakened completely." There could be only two Amadeus Spider Queens in the entire universe. The current queen and the newborn queen. Each newborn Queen was trained to be the best, and at her peak, would challenge the old Queen in a fight to the death for supremacy. This way, the spiders would always keep on breeding stronger and stronger Queens.

Crimson blinked. The animals that lived on Prima Terrania's harsh terrain were as powerful as, or more so, than a devil. The only way to win was to use your intelligence. He could easily imagine the amount of work needed to formulate a successful plan to catch one Queen as they neared the end of the deathfight. It wasn't easy work.

Sally giggled. "Come on, you know I'm not some dumb everyday bimbo."

" have a Queen right here with you?"

She nodded.

He shook his head. "You're lucky they're comparatively easy to maintain." The things could eat anything that had been turned to edible mush by their corrosive venom. Even hard rocks would do. He shook his head again. "Still, giving them such armor so publicly...are you sure that's wise?"

She smiled. "I do things not because it's wise, but because it's fun." She looked at him. "In your case though, it's because I care."

"I have no idea how strapping me to a chair and forcing me to watch a porn video, or actually doing the act with several succubae and incubi right in front of me is a caring act."

She grinned at him, fangs showing. "It's to make you skilled enough that your first time would be awesome. Remember that time I convinced-" blackmailed "-you to pleasure three women? You didn't use your dick but your skills with your tongue and mouth we're enough to make them, quote: 'think nothing of other men and fantasize only about your magical hands and the time you choose to lose your virginity on them'." She giggled.

Crimson's eye was twitching again, and there was the faintest trace of a blush on him. While she had grudgingly accepted the fact that he would never be blackmailed (no matter how bad the dirt was) into losing his virginity, she would milk the loopholes for all they're worth. One such loophole was forcing him to pleasure women, even if he wouldn't use his tool.

He had started hearing a voice in his head encouraging him to let loose after that week. A long ritual consisting of a shitload of killing intent and enough energy to blow up a planet to smithereens killed that voice.

Swearing heavily under his breath, he disappeared into a doorway.

And stepped back into his shop, stomping to his chair before sitting down and going back to reading.

Anko snickered at him. He turned the page roughly, scowling.

Kakashi coughed. "Ano...Crimson-san, what is it that you're reading?"

Crimson raised an eyebrow, before slowly closing the book. "...My journal."

"A journal?" NOW Anko was interested.

"Yes. A journal. All of those black books you see me read are journals. My family orders all members to write everything that has happened in our life in great detail. And they do mean EVERYTHING. I just tend to read back on good times in my life." He smiled as he thought of the (relatively) peaceful times of his training, both as an Avedon and as a Lacroan.

Kakashi nodded in understanding, before reading his smut.

Crimson frowned at it. "You know Kakashi, you should really stop reading that trash. If you're going to read porn, at least read the good ones."

Kakashi froze, before glaring at him evilly. "Trash?! Icha Icha Paradise is-"

Crimson interjected him. "It. Is. Trash. There is hardly any plot, just impossible situations where the protagonist somehow gets laid. And the descriptions aren't even sub-par." He shook his head. "I read better porn in my journals."

Kakashi glared at him, eye twitching. "Prove it."

Crimson raised an eyebrow, before looking at his journal.

Journals were one of the most private and personal effects of an Avedon. They didn't let anyone read it, on the threat of painful death, castration, or worse. But protocol was hardly needed when you've lost all contact to your homeworld, and no one was there to appreciate your dedication to it.

He sighed once again. If he did what he was thinking of doing, he would ruin a near-century of training, not to mention his alternate-universe self (one where he and his comrades hadn't been blasted into the Naruto Dimension) and company might just watch this universe and see him doing it.

'Ah, who cares! The bastard can cast a Divine Curse on me for all I care. I've already joined in the Apprentice Race, so I might as well have my own fun!' He finally decided, grinning maliciously at Kakashi, who felt a cold shiver run down his spine as he did.

Still grinning, Crimson answered. "Oh, I will. I promise you that. Just keep a close eye on the bookstore you one-eyed bastard." The demented giggle that sprouted after the last sentence made Kakashi wonder if he had finally cracked. (Yes, yes he has)

The door opened, and Itachi Uchiha walked in. He blinked at the scene. He raised an eyebrow. "Is something the matter?"

Crimson quickly sealed the journal back in storage. "Nothing much. Kakashi has just made me make a choice that will ruin the dynasty of Icha Icha." He answered dryly, and Itachi simply gave a shrug before stepping into a newly-formed Doorway.

Kakashi stared after the cabinet's contents; wondering what was inside them that could make Crimson so confident.

Anko just shrugged, not minding at all the possibility of Crimson having gone insane, going outside to do what she usually did.

Kakashi glanced at Crimson, before dutifully leaving, knowing that he closed his shop everytime he disappeared to train Itachi.


(Scene after Crimson left Sally)

Sally chuckled at Crimson's expense, before tapping her butterfly brooch, bringing out another Yukata, this time an azure blue, with the scene of a cherry blossom tree on top of a mountain sewn on the back. Another tap brought out a simple bamboo umbrella.

She took off her yukata, showing that she wore a set dark red, nearly see-though lacy silk thong and bra. Indifferent to the possibility of someone barging in on her, she dressed into the blue yukata, tying a purple obi securely at her waste, then stepping into a pair of white wooden sandals.

She strode out of the shop and walked through the streets, hips swaying seductively in full view due to the wide slit of the dress, her generous breasts nearly slipping out of the plunging neckline, her umbrella open and leaning on her shoulder, shielding her back from the sun.

She felt the eyes upon her form as she sashayed through the streets, dumbfounded men and women staring at her as she passed by up until she got into the park she and Crimson had fought in.

It had been repaired, and the only difference was the great iron oak that stood proudly at around the south of the park.

She touched the part that she had sent a cutting crescent through. It had healed, and she could feel the low, low pulse of mercury (mercury is the metal trees' sap) running through its veins.

She spun suddenly, turning into literal, liquid shadow and appearing in a crouched position on top of a branch in the canopy of one of the trees on the edge of the park, right in front of a Cat-masked ANBU.

Yuugao gasped in shock at the unexpected appearance of the Devil, nearly falling over the tree herself.

She blushed as the corners of Sally's mouth turned slowly upwards as she looked her body over, giving extra detail on the breast and hips, before nodding in satisfaction.

Sally seemingly rotated on the branch, her feet sliding across the wood until she was upside down, before dropping to the ground and flipping to land on her feet. She gestured for her to join her, and the female ANBU tentatively jumped down, blushing at the way Sally continued to look at her.

"The Hokage sent you to spy on us didn't he?" She asked bluntly. "Honestly, doesn't he trust us?"

She narrowed her eyes, defensive of her village. "Crimson yes, but you? Considering the fact that you kill with minor provocation and without remorse, it's hard to trust you."

Sally leaned to the side slightly, her umbrella still open and on her shoulder despite the sun being blocked by the foliage. She waved her hand disapprovingly. "Ah, yes, the moral code again. Hard to believe coming from the mouths of assassins."

"We kill for the sake of our village." She countered.

Sally grinned. "And I killed for the sake of my family and because I love the feeling of steel cutting through flesh and bone."

Yuugao frowned behind the mask at the rather brutal confession.

Sally huffed at her. "Most lives are cheap, Neko-chan. Few are truly important to the world at large. Those that I killed? They're worthless. But since you don't share my understanding, I won't lecture you."

Sally stretched, the movement causing interesting ripples of flesh to course through her body, and the kunoichi couldn't help but blush deeper at the sight. Honestly, didn't this woman have any normal clothes?

Sally continued talking. "You, however, are fairly significant, and will just grow to be more so the more you interact with Outsiders." Yuugao flinched when she put her gaze upon her, a hungry smile on her face.

The female devil moved, her body shifting in and out of sight, and before Yuugao knew it, she was pinned to the tree, Sally uncomfortably close to her, her mask falling to the ground.

She shivered as Sally hooked a leg around hers, curling closer to her, their bodies touching lewdly. The assassin breathed, her unnaturally warm breath ghosting over the ANBU's face.

"Hmm, nice and supple, and your legs are pretty toned." She leaned her head close, ghostly kisses moving up from her neck, to her ear, where a warm, wet, tongue slid across it sensually, and she felt the breathy purr of her lungs, vibrating against her own.

Sally's knee suddenly hiked up, grinding against her sex with agonizing slowness, and she couldn't keep the throaty moan from her mouth.

Sally capitalized this, taking her mouth and slipping a tongue in, the appendage exploring the wet cavern with abandon as her hands groped the ninja, slipping beneath her clothes and grapping a breast, squeezing it and tweaking her nipples while her other hand snaked around her waist, keeping them together.

Their nipples hardened, rubbing against each other, and she felt her heated sex moisten, and apparently, Sally did too, as the hand around the kunoichi's waist slipped downward, fingering her wet pussy, expertly pleasuring the ninja.

Her fingers delved deeper, slipping inside her panties and rubbing against her clit, before suddenly pinching it.

Yuugao's eyes widened, feeling the orgasm about to burst from her.

Sally slipped away, her mouth separating from hers with a pop, and the sheer speed of her removing her arms and legs produced enough friction for her to feel excessive heat.

The female shinobi fell to the ground, panting heavily, saliva dripping down her lips, and her pussy throbbing painfully from being robbed of its release. She stared at Sally imploringly, a hungry gleam in her eyes. "Wh-why...did you stop?"

Sally kneeled down to her, her face expressionless. She caressed her face almost lovingly. "You haven't had release in a while." It was a statement.

Yuugao nodded dumbly. She hadn't found any men she liked. There was this jounin skilled with a sword, but she hadn't actually talked to him or tried anything.

Sally removed her hand, and Yuugao groaned from the loss of contact. Sally spoke up. "You want release. I can give it to you, but not right now. And although I know you prefer men-" She gave a catlike smile "-I can do better than the best of them. Who knows, you may just find out you're bisexual."

She leaned down, kissing Yuugao's forehead. "If you want it, go to my shop at ten' o'clock tonight. I'll be waiting."

Once again, she turned into liquid shadow, and disappeared.

Yuugao breathed deeply, her lust slowly abating, and noticing for the first time how perspiration covered her skin and hair, and how wet her clothes were from her secretions.

Accepting the offer was stupid and irresponsible. Not to mention the woman wasn't even human!

She shuddered, remembering the feeling of Sally pleasuring her flesh.

She couldn't resist it...


The Root ANBU turned around, getting ready to leap away back to base to inform Danzo-sama of his acquired information when the near-silent sound of steel sliding out of a sheath was heard.

He fell to the ground, arms and legs cut off at the shoulders and thighs, leaving him completely vulnerable.

Sally slowly sheathed the hidden blade back into the umbrella.

She huffed at the ninja, kicking him painfully on the face, several bones cracking from the blow. "Fool. You underestimate my skills. You are as obvious as a clown in a congress meeting. He's all yours, my servants." She turned around, fading into the shadows.

The dismembered ANBU looked up, just in time to meet the Shadowman face to face.

He didn't have time to gasp as it revealed a single distinguishing feature of its race. It opened its mouth, a large maw that literally reached ear to ear, and the void that was its gullet swallowed the root ANBU.

No one spied on an Assassin Avedon and gets away with it.


Itachi blinked at the sight of their location.

They had appeared on a deserted island, about a dozen square miles large. It had an average amount of wildlife and treelife, but the center was dominated by a large plateau made entirely of a grayish rock. This was where they had appeared, and the things on top of it were what REALLY caught his attention.

"Beautiful, aren't they? And they're alive too." Crimson commented, smiling at the rows of trees on the rocky ground.

The trees were unnatural, seemingly made of a single substance entirely. One shone like pure gold, another like silver, one on the far end was made entirely of a shining transparent crystal, another one looked like it was made entirely of gray iron.

He blinked, before turning his sharingan on and studying them closely, gasping in amazement at what he found out.

"Yes. They're alive. Amazing isn't it? They can be planted only on solid rock, and they need sunlight too. Finding a place like that that wouldn't be visible to the rest of the world was hard work, but it was worth the effort." Crimson placed a palm on the golden one. "Though they only produce seeds and leaves, but they grow a lot faster than normal trees do. And the raw material you get from them is perfect. No separating them from raw ore. You just have to let the mercury or plasma to bleed out then voila, pure, undiluted metal."

Itachi looked in amazement at the trees. There was one for every kind of metal or crystal, one and no more. But as he looked at the number of leaves each one had, he had to admit that one for each was enough. If their apparent growth speed was anything to go by. "Incredible! If we mass produce this, Konoha can be the leading power in trade and weapon-making!"

He stood stock-still when he felt a blade at his throat. He looked up to see Crimson's grim stare.

"And that is exactly what you shouldn't do. Konoha is a shinobi village, a HUMAN village. Its few noble citizens will not be enough to keep it from making the same mistakes the humans of my world did."

Itachi frowned. "What mistakes?"

Crimson looked up, seemingly lost in memories. "They mass produced the trees, and made millions of weapons that could destroy a city with a single shot." He continued despite Itachi's disbelieving stare. "It was a grim time. Within a year, they had used Lacroa's gifts to further their own designs, and terrorist groups ultimately managed to get their hands on seeds, and a war erupted."

He closed his eyes. "We...the Lacroans and the other higher races stopped time itself." (Not exactly true. Sure, MEMBERS of the other races were with him, but Crim did pretty much all the work) "We killed every single one that used the trees for their own gains, and took back our gifts. We erased their memories, and left them with leaders and criminals dead, and cities ravaged beyond repair overnight. With no recollection of our existence, they suddenly had genocide on their hands with no explanation. It was chaos."

He glared at Itachi, whose face was stuck in a mask of horror. "While this world has yet to achieve the military might of any of my home world's countries, a sudden tilt of power in the favor of Konoha would promote a war that can be just as destructive as the one I told you about." He narrowed his eyes. "No. Humans have yet to show themselves deserving of another chance."

Slowly, Itachi nodded. While he had some questions, he had no doubt Crimson wasn't exaggerating the truth. Making a meteor fall on top of a sea monster told him that.

The battlemage sighed. "Just help me here. There are baskets for each tree. I want you to pick out each seed you find and put it in the basket, along with any leaves that have fallen to the ground."

Itachi looked at each 60 foot tree and nodded. He needed something to distract him from his thoughts.

They continued this for an hour, before Itachi sighed and jumped down to the ground. He was about to say his thoughts before Crimson cut him off.

The battlemage had already landed back on the ground, setting his basket next to the three. "You're agitated, frustrated, and impatient for something. Training, I expect?"

Itachi nodded, not at all surprised since Crimson had already told him he was empathic. He couldn't read minds, but he could sense emotions. "Your powers...I've seen them. They're incredible. You can rain death upon your enemies and shatter the very earth. Your skill in the art of Edge Dancing is impeccable. I cannot doubt that. But..." He scowled.

"...You have told me that I cannot learn any of them. I need this 'magic' for your 'spells'. And Edge Dancing requires a natural flexibility and agility to use. Not to mention the fact that it takes centuries for the most talented to master!" His closed fists shook furiously, his nails digging into the skin and drawing blood. "What CAN you teach me? You have mentioned bits about a turning me into a 'true' assassin, but what is that?"

He was practically shouting now. "We ninja can scale any wall, avoid detection even if we're right in front of our enemy, summon mighty beasts, and use the elements to destroy our enemies! What is it about being a 'true' assassin that would be better than that?"

Crimson closed his eyes, before opening them in an unnatural movement that seemed inhuman. Itachi's eyes widened.

Royal purple had been replaced with icy azure, and every action he made was with an unnatural grace and manner that was simply NOT human.

He held an arm pointed to the ground, standing idly, and pulled.

A blue pentagram appeared, and from it, rose a simple silver book. He grabbed it, reverently unlocking the clasp that kept it locked. He whispered, and even the intonations of his words were inhuman. "The Tome of Eternity and Infinity. A book that contains nearly all of my magical knowledge, skill, and power." He closed his eyes, as if savoring the moment.

He opened them. "Drop to the ground and cover your eyes Itachi. The release of power will blind you."

Itachi hastened to obey, and the moment Crimson opened the book and whispered "Release", all that he saw was white.

A roar of magical power erupted, the sound spanning infinity, and the world seemed to...bow to him.

He couldn't explain it. He just felt as if him and the universe had found something completely beyond them, and had chosen to kneel before it.

Then, everything stopped.

The light was gathered away, leaving him staring at his hands, and (despite how impossible it was) the sound itself was dragged back.

Itachi turned around, staring at Crimson.

The Lacroan hadn't changed, save for the fact that his eyes were brilliantly shining beacons of bluish-white light, trailing smoky incandescence as if they were flames. He was holding the light and sound inside a sphere of blue energy. Said sphere froze in a transparent ice, before a flick of a finger shattered it, and the pieces disappeared from existence.

Crimson glanced at the sea, and they were suddenly there inside a box, with no plausible reason to it. The Spell-Lord raised an eyebrow at the depths, before an indefinite expanse was encased in energy, and everything in it changed, until Itachi found himself inside a forest at nighttime, with several ANBU frozen in time. He looked imploringly at Crimson. "You wanted to know what a true assassin is?" He closed his eyes, and a form appeared beside him.

It was Crimson, only different.

He was younger, a lot younger. Seemingly around nine or ten and was dressed entirely in black, leaving only the eyes open, the suit clinging tightly to his body and showing every muscle as he moved, and aside from the rows and rows of serrated, curving silver knives on his chest, he was armed only with a simple katana. Regular length and all. The copy's scarlet eyes stared into his with an intensity that shook him to the core of his soul, and he turned his gaze away, shaking as a primal fear of the newcomer screamed at him to run.

Spell-Lord Crimson nodded at the assassin, and the gesture made the killer disappear. The mage turned on Itachi. "You will find yourself on a mission to kill an individual; a copy of my past self that no one else can make due to the unique mind of an Avedon. He will not know any of you. All that he will know is that he is on a mission to kill you all, while you have the advantage of knowing your target. I even let you have powerful teammates for this." His lips curled into a mirthless smile. "You shall comprehend the truth of The Assassin."

He found himself jumping from tree to tree, with his twelve companions.

"Weasel, you okay?" Bear asked, turning his head at him.

Itachi gave a nod. He wasn't an ANBU. Not yet, but apparently, in this created world, he was. The ANBU seemed satisfied with this and continued on.

He sighed, a feeling of foreboding settling in the pit of his stomach, and he glanced at his allies.

His eyes widened. "Where's rat?!"

There was a soft sound, like smooth metal across ice, and one ANBU fell, beheaded, the two pieces making an arc as they crashed to the ground, as if they had suddenly been flawlessly separated in mid jump. Sharingan eyes glanced at the last branch the fallen ANBU had jumped on, glimpsing a receding shine that may have been nothing.

He fired a goukakyou, but no one was there, but the corpse was obvious on the forest floor.

"W-what happened?" One stuttered, shocked at the sudden death.

A knife shot into his throat, and he gurgled imperceptibly.

The remaining nin looked at the direction of the throw and three immediately jumped there.

They were met with a black form nearly imperceptible in the darkness. The assassin hopped from his branch, on a trajectory with one of the Leaf nin, and his blade cut horizontally across his chest, bisecting the unfortunate ninja. The assassin pulled on something, and he went taut in the air, the two halves of the corpse falling below him, and he slammed into the tree, before rappelling downward with his invisible rope.

The ninja started throwing jutsu at him, and he avoided these by letting go of whatever was holding him up, letting him fall too fast to be hit by any of the attacks. He slammed his katana into the tree, the blunt backside used to cut through the wood instead of the impossibly sharp edge, and he scrunched to a halt several feet above the ground.

Despite the pain and numbness that would have come with such a jarring stop, he immediately dropped, jumping into the foliage and disappearing.

The ANBU on the ground chased after him, but as they prepared to jump in just as he had, he leaped back in. It was an unexpected move, and as they were posed for a chase, they were unable to react accordingly, and one was instantly beheaded while another found a knife embedded hilt-deep on his chest.

Finally responding to the threat, the others jumped back out of his reach, surrounding him in a loose circle four meters in diameter.

The black figure simply crouched in a predator's crouch, scarlet eyes red as blood staring at them unnervingly.

"That our target?" Bear asked.

"Yes." Itachi answered gravely. He couldn't predict the guy's movements with his sharingan, and yet, he could see past the clothes in the inferior x-ray vision of the sharingan. That could mean only one thing.

He had no chakra. The sharingan could see greater than normal like the byakugan, but its range of sight was lower, yet it could see chakra more clearly, and predict the enemy's movements due to that. Without chakra, the only thing the sharingan did was make him see farther than normal, and see underneath someone's clothes.

He forced his breathing to return to normal, and wondered how was it that someone could be that fast without any kind of aiding energy.

The assassin picked up the knife from the chest of the corpse on the ground, cleaning it on the dead man's chest, before leaping at the smallest gap in them all.

The ANBU fired jutsu after jutsu after him, confident he would be unable to dodge them all at such close range.

They were wrong. And Itachi marveled at his discovery.

He avoided every jutsu with unnatural reflexes. He wasn't faster than them when they were pumping chakra through their veins, but he reacted right after, and sometimes BEFORE they even made the move. He predicted every move they made with a glance, his eyes unblinking even as a bright lightning bolt passed a hair's breadth from his face, or when earth spikes stopped millimeters from piercing his body.

The two ANBU he was heading for pulled out their ninjato, meeting him in combat. He swiped at them at the highest possible speed his body could ever achieve, and the two fell down without their arms, their blades sliced apart and their chests spurting blood.

He escaped into the foliage, but this time, they were on his trail, easily keeping up with him.

He dived sideways, avoiding a too-large fireball, and cleanly sliced a tree at its base as he did so.

The remaining five ninja leap back from the falling structure, and an ANBU managed to bring his sword up to block a strike from the killer as he assaulted them once again. The ninjato was slashed clean through, and the man turned into a halved block of wood.

Itachi met him in combat, reinforcing his blade with chakra, and almost sighed in relief when the blade held. He slashed at the assassin repeatedly, keeping him on the offensive, but it didn't last long. The killer let himself fall to the ground, his hands keeping him aloft as he mule-kicked Itachi with a fluidity found only in a thousand mastered repetitions of the move.

The assassin capitalized upon the force the move gave him and jumped to his feet, which he turned into a leap on the man Itachi bowled over. The knife sunk cleanly into his forehead, and Itachi knew the man was dead.

A pillar of earth slammed into the killer, and he was thrown into the forest depths. Bear helped him up, a Monkey and Hawk-masked ANBU the only survivor besides the two of them.

"Shit. Who is this guy? We hit him with all we've got and he avoids them all. Not to mention that sword of his. Where the hell do you find a sword that can cut through anything?" Bear swore. "Hey, why weren't you able to dodge that attack? Your sharingan should have seen it."

Itachi shivered, rising steadily to his feet. "My sharingan doesn't work on him. He has no chakra."

Shocked silence surrounded the three.

Hawk chocked, shocked. "You have got to be kidding me."

He would never say anything again when a figure crashed onto him from the air, and Itachi glimpsed the sword piercing his heart. He fired a goukakyou, hoping that it caught the assassin. When the smoke cleared, there was a single charred corpse and an unblemished katana.

Something dark flickered at the edges of his vision, and he managed to call out enough of a warning for Bear to backpedal, avoiding the killer's knife-swiping form. The ANBU casted a mud flow, and the assassin jumped to a tree, climbing up with surprising speed with only his hands and feet. It wasn't fast enough to outrun them.

They followed him, scaling the tree with their feet, and each cast their own jutsu at him. He let go, using the same tactic he previously used, up to the jarring stop using two knives. He didn't expect Bear to crash on top of him though, the two slamming to the ground with vengeance.

Itachi heard bones creaking, but the assassin didn't even groan, kneeing Bear on the groin in a near instantaneous reaction. The ANBU gasped, stumbling backwards, and the killer leapt at him, a knife flashing in the moonlight. The assassin abruptly changed trajectory, slamming the knife sideways and into Itachi's fist approaching fist. The Uchiha's eyes widened and he yowled in pain.

Bear made use of the distraction, punching the black-clad figure with a chakra-reinforced blow, and Itachi dimply heard teeth shattering, followed by Bear kicking the assassin off of him and standing up. The Uchiha yanked the knife out, pushing down the scream that threatened to erupt from his throat and stared at the assassin.

He stood there, his stance in the predator's crouch, and despite the fact that he probably had a broken jaw and teeth, there was no tenseness or any indication of pain on him. Slowly, he walked backwards, blank red eyes gazing at them steadily.

Bear appeared behind him. "Oh no you don't!" He stabbed at the assassin.

The killer spun around before Bear had even appeared, and he grabbed Bear's sword arm, his other arm snapping up on the elbow. Itachi heard the sound of bone breaking as the blow bent the appendage upwards, a position an elbow was never made to be put into.

The assassin followed this with the same elbow to the neck, and Bear's head snapped at an unnatural angle. His neck had been broken.

The assassin turned on Itachi, slowly stalking towards him, eyes unblinking and unnervingly calm.

The young nin gulped, before shaking his head free of thoughts and charging the assassin, his blade reinforced by chakra and his other hand doing one-handed seals. Crimson threw a sphere on the ground, and smoke obscured them both.

Before Itachi could react, he was bowled over, and he glimpsed the killer, the recovered katana held high over him. It struck.

Itachi popped into smoke. A shadow clone.

The killer looked around him, before jumping into a shady area and proceeding to locate the two survivors, fading from sight as he did so.

Inside the hollow trunk of a large tree, Itachi breathed deeply, nodding at Monkey to tell him the killer had disappeared. "He's gone."

Monkey nodded, shaking as he did so. He spoke, fear plain in his voice. "D-did...did you see how young he was?"

Itachi cringed, before nodding.

The Nin shook harder. "He's just a kid Weasel. A damn kid. But whatever someone did to make him into...into..." He scowled behind his mask. "Into THAT must be worse than anything we've ever imagined before."

The revelation shook Itachi to the core.

He was right. This copy was just a kid. A KID! How skilled must Crimson be now? How much more training or experience had he gained since that age?

The Uchiha prodigy didn't have time to contemplate this any more when a knife slammed into Monkey from outside the tree, piercing the bark and into the back of his head. Itachi immediately shot out of the tree, looking everywhere for signs of the killer.

Twin knives slammed into his ankles, and he fell with a muffled shout, and before he could even cast a jutsu to save his life, he found his arms separated from his body.

The pain mounted to something akin to raw magma flowing through his veins.

He was roughly turned around, and he met the scarlet eyes of the assassin. The katana fell, too fast for him to do anything.

A blast of blue energy collided with the assassin, and Spell-Lord Crimson appeared, energy gathered in his palms. The assassin didn't even flinch at the sight of him, giving only a raised eyebrow at the Spell-Lord. He charged, and Spell-Lord Crimson fired an encompassing half-dome of invisible kinetic energy, slamming the assassin to a tree, where bands of wood kept his arms in place. He turned to Itachi, examining his injuries.

The assassin merely gave the wood a superficial glance, before leaning forward, and Itachi cringed at the sound of bone dislocating.

The assassin pulled free, his arms and fingers hanging limp from their sockets, yet showing no outward emotion whatsoever. With a sickening crunch, he pulled them back together and charged.

Crimson, having turned towards Itachi, had only the young Nin's cringe and the unnatural sounds of dislocating and relocating bones to warn him, as the assassin was soundless in his steps. He spun around, facing the assassin, and his arm shot out, intending to make the blade slide harmlessly across the cloth.

The mage flinched when the assassin countered him with unnatural precision, forcing the blade to not change direction, and he cut Crimson's arm at the elbow.

The Spell-Lord narrowed his eyes, and a burst of power sent the assassin slamming once again into the tree trunks. He pointed his remaining palm at him and tendrils of magical energy erupted, covering the assassin completely. He chanted words in an ancient tongue, and more than three dozen spheres and cubes encompassed each other in an effort to keep the assassin in.

He breathed deeply, not out of exhaustion, but rather out of shock. "I forgot how obsessed an Avedon can get." He shook his head, and a snap of his fingers brought his arm back. He smiled grimly. "Unfortunately, I'm not done with him yet." He looked at Itachi. "He won't be getting any rest, but I wonder, how long will it take before you can finally take him down?"

Itachi found himself in a throne room of a daimyo, completely healed, and twelve jounin with him, including Kakashi with a reforged White Fang, Anko with an unfamiliar blade, and others. Kakashi was explaining that they were the team sent for the bodyguard mission to the lord.

Itachi felt cold lightning run down his spine, and he remembered the assassin, the nonexistent reaction to pain, and the deadly efficiency in which he acted.

He was going to protect this man from THAT?!


After the first four days since Cross's appearance, Naruto had settled into a schedule. He would wake up, eat breakfast, train until lunch, eat lunch, train until dinner, eat dinner, then sleep, where Lacroan would lecture him or make him read mental books to keep his education up to par, with daily necessities in between and talking to one of his few friends before, after, or during eating times.

It was a healthy life, and now, after just a week, Naruto had lost the malnourished look he had, and he constantly had a happy smile on his face.

That was going to be wiped off pretty soon.

Currently, he was the training 'room', holding Chryxalis, Trilithon, and the fingerless glove that held Damnation and Salvation.

He thought he was finally being allowed to use them.

He was going to hate them all.

"So! Am I finally gonna use them?!" He all but shouted, both mentally and physically.

Unnervingly, he received no answer from Lacroan, before the weapons he held started glowing brightly. He dropped them in shock, and the silver, black, and white glows exponentially increased, while the green veins on the blue bracelet that was Chryxalis seemed to pulse erratically.

He raised his arms to block the blinding glow as they reached their peak, accompanied with the unnerving sounds of crystal or ice rapidly forming, metal sliding lightly across something smooth, and steel grinding and grating heavily against steel.

He opened his eyes, and stared.

No one told him his weapons had human forms.

Damnation was a hulking brute of a man, a seven-foot high colossus. He turned burning red eyes at him, the black and red mangled, hellish armor producing the grating sound with each movement, and the eight-foot long jagged greatsword gleamed darkness instead of light. "Think you've got what it takes to go up to me, kid?" He growled in an unnatural voice that had much in common with most big, feral predators.

Salvation, a beautiful pale blonde five feet and seven inches tall with radiant blue eyes scowled at her dark counterpart. She sighed, her white robes flapping in a nonexistent wind, and her wooden sandals clacking across the ground. "The first time you're upright, and all you think of is fighting."

"I live for fighting bitch." This rewarded him a painful kick on the shin, and amazingly enough, the pitted armor bent inward from the blow. Naruto made a note to avoid pissing her off.

He looked at the next figure.

Trilithon's form was a silver-eyed, silver-haired man in light metal and crystal armor. He had a face that was all sharp angles and predatorial steely smiles, and his hair was tied in a ponytail that reached to his lower back. His lithe, five-foot-ten frame was leaning comfortably on a large blue crystal outcropping.

Naruto blinked, before turning his gaze upward. The outcropping wasn't an outcropping. It was Chryxalis.

The elemental was large, about twenty feet tall. His shape resembled a thick, rising spiral, which widened at eight feet until he had the upper body of a gorilla, his overly large, crystalline arms two feet short of reaching the ground. He had a moderate neck, but his head resembled a crested dinosaur's (like a Queen Alien from Alientm) only without a mouth, and the eyes were where the nostrils would have been. Twin, pulsing, teardrop-shaped emerald stones.


Naruto felt small just looking at him, and when it turned its gaze at him, he had the sudden urge to go hide under a rock.

Trilithon grinned an edged grin at him, a blue-bladed, green-hilted shamshir appearing in his hand. "Nope. We're just here to go and teach you how to use weapons." Damnation gave a screeching laugh, while Salvation held out her hand, a beautiful broadsword made from pearly white steel in her hand.

As white and black energy that reached to the heavens burst from Salvation and Damnation respectively, Chryxalis reared back his arm, which grew to even more epic proportions.

Trilithon appeared in front of him in a silver flash, the shamshir glinting eerily, raised for a downward slash. "Survive for at least a few minutes, will ya?"

Aw crap.


Naruto shuddered as he lay in a fetal position on the apartment's floor, having made several discoveries he would rather not have.

Salvation was pretty brutal despite being the greatest weapon of light.

Trilithon liked cutting things...A LOT.

Chryxalis was a walking titan of malleable crystals of death. The literal tidal wave of incredibly heavy crystal was proof of that.

But Damnation...

He shuddered.

The guy didn't know how to hold back. Did he even know the word?

Lacroan decided to answer him. 'Indeed. Damnation is too violent for his own good. But then again, you can't expect any less from one of Crimson Forolastardei's weapons.'

Naruto frowned at the name. 'Forolastardei?'

Lacroan gave a nervous chuckle. 'Someone you'd rather not know. All that I'll say is that Lacroans aren't the only ones with the possibility of becoming Hybrid Kings. Unfortunately, the only other race with the capability was as far from good as you can possibly get. Thank Destiny Damnation isn't evil. Just inherently violent.'

Naruto gulped. 'Okay. Let's not talk about him again.'


He looked out the window. "I think I'm going to visit Crimson-san after some Ramen."

'Yes. Let's."


After making himself presentable and a dozen orders of ramen, Naruto happily walked to Crimson's shop, before blinking at the 'closed' sign.

He pouted. "Aw man, I forgot, this is one of the days he trains Itachi-san."

"Oh! You know about that?" A sultry voice spoke behind him, and he turned around, wary.

Sally grinned at Naruto. "From what I know, only three other people besides me know about that. Who might you be?"

Naruto gulped, sensing something unnatural from her. Lacroan's dumbfounded emotions weren't helping. "N-Naruto Uzumaki."

She raised an eyebrow, before looking him over. She smiled in realization. "Ahh, Cross's apprentice huh?" She giggled, and kissed his forehead, eliciting a startled gasp from the boy. "You'll be a looker when you grow up, and you'll probably drive girls crazy." She gestured to her shop. "While those clothes are adequate, they aren't what his successor should be wearing. Now come in! I haven't forgotten the Lacroan designs!"

Naruto blinked in surprise, happily followed her, deciding that anyone that knew Cross-oniisan and Lacroan fashion COULDN'T be a bad woman.

Somewhere, in a space under the deep sea that had been turned into a facsimile of several locations around the world, Crimson felt a shiver run down his spine.

Later, Naruto would leave the shop with several scrolls full of clothes, and a smile on his face.

He couldn't believe his luck! To have Crimson AND his sister in the village with him!

Even later, when Lacroan tells him about Sally, he would be too close to the female Devil to bother.


Sally lounged on a couch, turning her head at the sound of near-silent footsteps. These ninjas never did master the art of silent movement.

Yuugao shyly made her way to Sally, saying two words that made the temptress smile. "I accept."

She slowly stood up, walking around Yuugao like a predator.

Her hands ghosted over her, and she felt her stop behind her, hugging her from behind. Yuugao shivered in delight.

"One last thing before we do this." Sally breathed deeply, her breath on her ear sending tingles down her spine. "What's your name?"

The ANBU froze, remembering protocol.

The temptress caressed her, her hands flowing smoothly up and down her body. "Don't worry. I'll never take advantage of you. Never." She promised.

She calmed, leaning into her embrace. "Yuugao." She answered.

Sally purred. "I like it."


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So...that's pretty much it.

Omake: Cross's training methods.

Gaara stood at the edge of a cliff, the wind howling all around him. He turned around to face Cross. "Umm...why am I here again?"

The Damned Devil grinned. "Simple. I'm gonna make you learn how to survive falling off high places!" Gaara didn't like where the conversation was going. "And everyone knows there's no better teacher than genuine experience!"

Gaara's eyes widened in realization, and he tried to run away.

Cross wouldn't have any of that. He proceeded to push Gaara off the cliff with a kick.

He walked to the edge. "Whoa. He falls pretty fast..."

Zakara palmed her face at her boyfriend's stupidity.


Gaara started to sweat as Cross finally brought out all of his weapons.

The devil grinned. "Now, the purpose of this exercise is to help you develop reflexes for dodging." He finally finished setting up the machine gun on its tripod. "Try not to get hit."

Zakara sighed from the benches. Honestly, didn't Cross notice that this was a child who had never even had to move in a battle before?

Gaara felt the early stages of hyperventilation as Cross counted down. "1.2.!"

The killing intent on its own was almost enough to kill him. The barrage of bullets from the machine gun could very well do so.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" The sand Jinchuuriki proceeded to scream, running around the field as Cross peppered the place with bullets.

The devil thought that he wasn't doing enough. He suddenly hefted two rocket launchers. "Boom baby!" Twin rockets shot out of them, and Gaara's eyes shrunk.


Gaara felt stars spinning around his head after the explosion, but retained enough sense to know that the two even newer weapons Cross was carrying weren't good news.

Cross pulled the trigger, and fire started smoking from the barrels of the weapons. Specifically, flamethrowers.

Gaara gulped. "Mommy..."


Ain't Cross insane? Yes he is...

Poor Gaara, stuck with the most bloodthirsty bastard in the team.

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