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Edward was telling me why he was so good to me, and why he was my best friend. I sighed... why would he always be my best friend, why couldn't we be lovers? But that wasn't so difficult to guess, Edward was beautiful, sweet, caring, had gorgeous golden brown eyes, had magnificent hair and was, after all, my best friend. He was the one that saved me all those years ago... he was the one that took care of me all those years. He probably just thought of me like a sister, but certainly not a possible girlfriend. And let's face it, I was plain.

When I looked around I saw something on the ceiling that definitely caught my eye...

Directly above us was a small stem of mistletoe. I fixed my eyes on it and gasped.

"What's wrong Bella?"

"Uhm, do you know that we're right under the mistletoe?" Edward looked up. A small smile escaped on his lips, and another emotion panged through his eyes, was that relief?

He brought his own head back down, joining me at eye-level. "Merry Christmas, Bella."

He brought his face much closer to my own, and I don't think I could describe the feeling in my head if I tried. Mostly, the thoughts that occupied me were along the lines of, "Oh my god. Edward Cullen is going to kiss me. Edward Cullen!"

The texture of his lips hitting my own wasn't the first think I noticed. It was that damned current again. So much stronger this time, and I urged for it to last. But, as soon as it began, he pulled away, leaving me slightly speechless.

My mind had the time to process what had just happened. Edward Cullen, the guy I'd been fantasizing over for so long, had just kissed me. Brief as it was, I loved every fraction of a second of it.

I needed more.

And today, I was feeling oddly confident.

I lifted my left hand to his head and weaved my fingers through his hair, whilst pulling my face closer to his. When our lips met again, the electricity was back and I smiled into the kiss. I'm kissing Edward Cullen. The words circled in my head over and over as our kiss deepened. I swear I almost fainted.

His hands were very lightly pressed against the small of my back—lightly, I assume, because of he didn't want to hurt me. Our mouths seemed to fit together perfectly, and I just loved the warmth that radiated off his face. I smiled into his kiss, resting my hands on his shoulders. We remained that was for a while, only breaking away for air every so often. Until—

"Am I interrupting something?"

I pulled away from Edward with a start, looking over his shoulder to see Alice. My face seemed to catch fire as I pulled my hands from Edward. He looked shocked, not knowing why I pulled away with such a force. I smiled at his expression; he looked like a lost puppy.

"I'll see you inside, Alice." I stated, looking at Edward.

She shook her head, walking toward us. "No, He'll see us inside. I need to talk to you…"

I rolled my eyes at her 'subtle' enthusiasm. My face never lost the blush, but I did somehow manage to flush an even darker red when Alice started talking.

"Oh. My. God,"

I smirked down at Alice, knowing the same words would escape my lips if I dared to speak.

"You just—but you only—and he—?"

I simply nodded with the smirk refusing to leave still plastered onto my face.

"Oh my god!" Alice squealed, pulling me into a hug. Then the taunting began. "So Bella has finally kissed my brother, has she…?"

I shushed her with a grin forming on my face. "Alice, I'm a bit of a traditionalist. And there was a mistletoe."

"Hey, does that rule apply all year round or just at Christmas?" Alice mused, more to herself than to me.

My blush started to fade as my confidence took over. "…All year round."

Alice quirked an eyebrow, "Really?"

"I don't know" I shrugged. "But a girl can hope and dream." My mind was telling me to change the subject, and as much as my heart was thriving on the conversation. "Are we going inside?" I asked her. "OOOOHHHH... can our little Bella not longer without her Edward?" she cooed. "Aliiiice, you know how I feel about him and maybe he still doesn't like me in that way. I mean, he had to kiss me, because we were under the mistletoe". "Come on Bella, if he didn't want to kiss you than he would have pulled away after like what 2 seconds or something, so please stop saying that, I know that Edward likes you, even loves you. He loved you from the first second he saw you, Bella" Oh my god, was that really true, did Edward really love me, even when I was a baby, a toddler? "Alice are you serious right now?" I simply couldn't believe it. "Yes Bella!" she assured me "so now we are going inside and you are going to tell Edward that you love him!"



I just kissed the girl of my dreams! I really can't believe it! I just kissed Bella, my best friend, my sister and the love of my life!

She was talking to Alice now, I really hope she likes me, cause I love her to dead! She could make my cold heart beating again.

When Bella came back inside with Alice she had a huge smile on her face. She came to me and asked me if she could talk to me for a minute, but she smiled and I could hear her heart beating really fast, so I hope that's a good thing!


I was going to tell Edward how I felt about him. So I went to him and asked if I could talk to him, he followed me and we went to the meadow. Well, he ran and I was on his back! I really enjoyed it. When we arrived he sat me down.

"Edward, there is something I wanted to tell to you for a really long time" I began "I hope that you feel the same way and I don't know why I am so confident right now, but it's been bothering me my whole life, so I really need to tell you"

He looked at me with such a worried face, so I quickly began with my explaining. "When we kissed, I felt so good, I felt whole, I was happy. I'm happy right now, and that's because you're with me Edward, I trust you with whole my heart and you're the most perfect and most caring person on earth! I don't care that you're a vampire – cause I want to be one as well – but I really LOVE you Edward! I really really really love you!" there I said it. I looked into his gorgeous golden brown eyes and I could see the love in it.


Bella just said that she loved me. "I love you too, Bella!" and I bent down to kiss her. While kissing, I held the tiny black box in my hand in my pants. I really hope she says yes.


The kiss was so amazing

"Bella, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, sure"


He knelt down to the ground, got out a ring and said"Bella, you're the most beautiful person I know, inside and out, you've been my best friend for 13 years. I knew I loved you from the second I found you. Bella, I really love you and there is one thing I really want to ask you" I was almost in tears, but don't get me wrong, they were happy tears. "Bella, do you want to marry me?"

"YES, hundred times YES" I was so happy right now!

On that moment the whole family came to congratulate us. They must have known what Edward was going to do, thanks to Alice's visions.

I hugged everyone, and then I kissed Edward, my soon to be husband!

"Merry Christmas Bells"


Sometimes dreams come true !


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