Takeya and Neneko are on their way to school. The silence is almost embarrassing, so Neneko decides to say something: "Nice weather it is today." She quickly looks down to the ground again, what and embarrassing thing to say to someone you've known all your life! "Sure is." Takeya responds, without removing his eyes from the road. "So..." She mumbles,"Ren-san is sick today?"

"She is." Takeya says. "I didn't know dears could get sick..."

"Somehow I guess it's possible." Neneko says, and lifts her glasses with one finger. "So it's nice that I still have you to walk to school with." He suddenly says. Neneko blushes, and the move that was suppose to put her glasses back in place spasses, and she drops them. "Oh…dammit." She sits down on the ground to find her glasses, and at the same time, without knowing it, she flashes her panties for Takeya. Takeya blushes, and then looks down. "Y'know, "he says and sits down to get her glasses for her," remember when I said that you have no sex appeal?" Neneko blushes, but keep looking for her glasses. "Y-yes…" Takeya picks up her glasses. "Well, I don't believe that's true, to be hornets." Neneko blushes even more and looks the other way. "Besides," he says and puts her glasses in her hand, "you look even cuter without glasses."

Takeya stands up and begins to walk again. Neneko glares at his back. "Don't stay to long on the ground!" he says and lift his arm. Neneko puts her glasses back on. She stands up and starts walking. All the way to school she walks behind him, looking down in the ground.

After school Takeya is about to walk home, when someone graps his sleeve. He looks and, and sees Neneko. "Will you…go out with me to but contacts?" She said, holding a little back. "I have to go and look after Ren." He responds without changing his expression, as always. "Oh," she mumbles. "Right..." She let's go of his sleeve, and he leaves. She stands at the school iterance, and watches him leave. Before leaving herself, she mumbles: "He is…he will always be the same. Takeya…an idiot." After wiping a little tear off in her sleeve, she heads home.