"Miss Galinda, you look ill." Elphaba murmured as she reached over to feel her roommate's forehead.
"I'm fine!" Galinda snapped, swatting away the approaching green hand. In truth, she did feel odd, but she equated every interaction with the green girl as a drop in her popularity status. "What do you care, anyway? Afraid you won't be the only one with artichoke-colored skin?
"No, you pretentious thing." Elphaba responded, emphasizing the last word as if Galinda wasn't even a person. "I just don't want to have to clean up the innards of your stomach." Not that it would be anything new, she had cleaned up for Papa and Shell enough, and occasionally for Nessarose when Nanny was out running errands. But, she rationalized, I love those people, even if I don't like them. Her annoyingly optimistic roomie, however... Well, they were anathema to each other. No way would Elphaba risk the pain of water for that princess.

As all this flashed through the brunette's mind, her blonde companion lay down weakly on the dark, drab bed opposite from her own.
"I don't really feel well, could you fetch the nurse?"
"Urgh. Okay, just try to make it to the toilet if you need to purge."
"Here, barf in the trash bin. I'll be right back"

On the return trip to their dorm, Elphaba and Madame Daae were greeted by the sound of retching, and girls heads popping out of dooorways to investigate.
"Oh, dear." Breathed Madame Daae, hurrying.
"I really hope that's going into the trash can and not on my bed." Elphaba muttered under her breath. When she had forced her way through the sea of girls crowding the doorway, she saw Galinda. She was kneeling in front of the trashcan, her golden curls damp with prespiration. She seemed shaky, and had her eyes closed while answering Madame Daaes questions. Elphaba shut their door and locked it, so they could diagnose in privacy. She then knelt down to assist the nurse. Elphaba hoped Galinda wouldn't open her eyes, the pampered girl might not take well to being cared for by a Chimpanzee.
"Look out." Was all the sick girl could manage before her mouth was involuntarily filled. Elphaba flinched, looking away and holding her breath as the nurse gently tied back golden ringlets and got out a thermometer. They got Galinda a large glass of water to rinse her mouth, then took her temperature. More accurately, Elphaba did these things as Madame Daae stayed out of Galindas line of sight.
"One-oh-three point four." Elphaba announced upon retrieving the thermometer from Galindas mouth.
"Miss Thropp, perhaps we could talk in the hallway?" Elphaba had informed Madame Daae of her roommates misunderstanding of Animals on the walk to the dorms, and they were both wary to expose the fact (that Madame Daae wasn't human) to Galinda.
"Yes, of course, Madame." Elphaba set the water on a low chair where it would be less likely to spill, then followed the nurse into the hallway and shut the door.
"Now, this illness came on quickly?"
"What symptoms were there?"
"Let's see, she was paler than usual, appeared to be unsteady on her feet, and needed rest more often."
"When did these symptoms start?"
"Only about fifteen minutes prior to your arrival."
"Yes, I believe Miss Arduennas has a simple 24-hour stomach bug. Nothing to get upset about, just try to maintain her temperature and keep her hydrated. Nothing heavy, mind you. Only soup and carbonated juice."
"Yes, ma'am. Madame Daae, is this contiguous?"
"Not particularly. Just be sure not to eat out of the same bowl, drink from the same cup... common sense, really. Anything else I can help with?"
"No, ma'am. We'll be fine." And with that the green girl was left to take care of her ill, popular roommate.