This is based about a month after the third season finale. It is mostly about Tuck. It is the sequel to "Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice".

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None of the characters belong to me except from Rose and Victoria.


A chilling breeze ran through the camp. Much was again sat on his own mourning the loss of his master, Kate was practicing fighting with Archer again. John had vanished at he was wont to do and Tuck was trying to find a way to bring them together again.

Archer would often go and sit in a tree, he would think about both his brothers for hours. He had gained family for a few days now he had no one but a treacherous sister his cousin wasn't even here to comfort him.

Much had been thinking for hours about his responsibility to Victoria. She did not know about Allan. She had hidden away far away from Nottingham and they knew they would have to tell her sometime soon. He thought she should know about Robin and Guy too. But he didn't want to see her face when he told her.

There was always a strange hush over the camp nowadays. They suddenly heard a large rustle from the trees and could hear horses. John ran in shouting "She's back!"

Every man and woman stood up and looked towards the hill that John was running down. He didn't even stop when he got to the bottom. They saw two horses one was white with brown patches, a woman they didn't recognise was riding it, and another brown horse which they had sent Victoria away on, she was riding it.

"Is it true?" Victoria shouted she didn't even wait to get off her horse. "Are they…" She jumped off of her horse, she then chocked on her last word "dead?" No one said a word for a while but gazed at her. She looked more beautiful than they remembered and knew her face would crumple into sobs once they told her. "Much, please?" He nodded, "I'm so sorry. It was your father and Isabella." She shuddered and threw-up next to her feet. The blonde woman behind her ran up to Victoria and held her hair. Archer ran over and held her. He had saved her life a while ago but he could not save her from her pain.

The woman behind her told Tuck that her name was Rose and was Victoria's maid.


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