Tuck and Rose made their way down the hill holding hands, they were talking intently. They hoped no one would care that they were together. When they walked into the camp it seemed to be empty. They could here gasping and spluttering from the area the beds were. Rose called "Hello!" her reply was from John, "Over here!" he sounded worried.

Rose let go of Tuck's hand and ran towards the coughing. She knew something was wrong. When she saw the gang sat around Allan's bed alarm bells rang in her head. Archer was holding the person-on-the-bed's hand and talking to them in a low voice. Rose looked around and couldn't see Victoria anywhere. Everyone sat or stood next to the bed either had an expression of worry or tears falling down their cheeks.

Archer looked up and signalled Rose to go to him. She walked to him and looked at the bed. Victoria looked so old all of a sudden. Around her were spots of blood. She was as white as a sheet and she was so thin, Rose hadn't realised how thin she had become.

"Rose." Victoria croaked. She put out her other hand for Rose to hold, Archer stayed where he was but was silent. "I'm dying Rose. I was like this before you came into my life. But you-" She coughed and blood covered her mouth Rose cried out "Oh God!". Victoria just wiped it away with the back of her hand and carried on, "You gave me a new reason to live. To teach you to be a better warrior and person than I ever was. Now there is only one thing I have to teach you."

Tuck then appeared above Rose and his face fell at the sight of Victoria. She smiled at Archer and he withdrew his hand. She then reached up and took Tuck's hand. Victoria smiled and placed it on top of Roses. She turned to cough away from the couple. Rose and Tuck looked at each other with the same look Allan and Victoria had given each other. "I want you to get married as quickly as possible. Life is short, me and Allan missed our chance. Don't make the same mistake." Rose stood up and looked into Tuck's eyes, he put his arms around her, almost to protect her, before they both turned back to Victoria.

Victoria took Archer's hand again and smiled, "Be strong cousin. I have someone waiting for me."

She closed her eyes, it was suddenly so hard to breathe she couldn't. But I came back to see you, for you. She had, had the same dream every night for the last few nights. It now made sense, But I came back for you. She could see Allan he was smiling at her telling her it was time to stop breathing. It was okay now they could be together forever.

The gang watched as Victoria struggled to breath and with a final gasp gave up. Each man and woman started to cry and Archer closed her eyes. They were all pleased they had, had the chance to say goodbye but they didn't want to have to say goodbye to another member so soon after loosing so many.

They had the funeral the next day making the grave next to Allan's. Every member of the gang said something including Much who just said "I'm so sorry for the way I treated you. You didn't deserve it. I'm sorry."

They put a white rose in her grave. While lowering they sang the song she had sung on the day she was almost killed by Isabella.

Rose stood looking at the gang. She wondered whether or not she should stay. Her mind was put at rest when Tuck walked behind her and said, "Stay. Please." and each member of the gang asked, "You're going?" They actually wanted her to stay. She smiled, "Of course not." Tuck hugged her. With many a wide eyed look from the other members of the group, they dragged the couple back to the camp. Ready for a new day, a new adventure, with their new friend.


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