Hello everyone, I'm back with a new story. Last night after doing my homework I decided to listen to the music stored in my phone. I played "Breathe" by Taylor Swift and I story popped in my mind. So basically "Breathe" is my inspiration.

This story is practically different from the usually Bella and Edward story and so I hope you would all like it.

Summary: What will happen if two people; The Perfect Bella Swan and the Gorgeous Edward Cullen meet again after three years? Nobody knew that she's his ex and vice versa. Will the couple who once was broken be again…. UNSEPARABLE? (All human…. Canon pairings)

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, the amazing Stephanie does.

But I do own this story!

Let's meet the characters:

Swann Family:

Bella Swan – 23 yrs. Old, producer/businesswoman/model

Charlie Swan – 53 yrs. Old, top and country's riches businessman/ owner of several hotels

Renee Swan – 50 yrs. Old, interior designer/ businesswoman

Cullen Family:

Edward Cullen – 24 yrs. Old, musician/model/Hollywood's raising actor

Alice Cullen – 23 yrs. Old, famous fashion designer/owner of "Alice in Wonderland"

Carlisle Cullen – 55 yrs. Old, top and country's outstanding celebrity doctor

Esme Cullen – 51 yrs. Old, interior designer/ owner of "Luxury Cullen"

Hale Family:

Rosalie Hale – 24 yrs. Old, twin of Jasper Hale/super model

Jasper Hale – 24 yrs. Old, twin of Rosalie Hale/musician/model

Stregone Hale – 56 yrs. Old, lawyer/ restaurant owner

Lillian Hale – 53 yrs. Old, lawyer/ manager

McCarty Family:

Emmett McCarty – 25 yrs. Old, model/ car shop owner

Charlotte McCarty – 50 yrs. Old, dentist/ movie producer

Peter McCarty – 55 yrs. Old, doctor/ owner of "McCarty Agency"

And now the story…….


By: Penelope25

Bella's POV

I see your face in my mind as I drive away

'Cause none of us thought it was gonna end that way

People are people and sometimes we change our minds

But it's killing me to see you go after all this time.

Okay why my dream does suddenly became musical….. Hmmmmm I know that song….. Oh crap!

I open my eyes and look at the clock, 5:30 a.m. Who might be calling at this time? With that thought I immediately look for my phone. Where did I leave it, come on, come on, come on. Then under a pile of paper I saw a light blinking, my phone. I run towards my desk afraid that whoever is calling might hung up. As I reach for my phone I wasn't aware of the comforter around my legs and since I'm being me I topple down just as I reach my phone. Way to go to start a day!

"Hello" I muttered. My ankle is aching and I don't know what to do.

"Well hello Bella." Angela, my personal assistant, said

"Oh, Angela sorry for the late answer." I told her as I struggle to stand.

"Hmmm let me guess you tripped onto something or you fall from your bed." She teased me

"Take your pick" I replied sarcastically.

"I fall not from the bed but because a stupid comforter wrapped its' self around my leg." I told her

She is now laughing so loud that I have to tell her to stop.

"I'm really sorry, it's just soooooo funny." She said

"Whatever, anyways what made you call at this time of the day not that I'm not use to it." I said

"Well as your loyal PA I'm here to tell you your schedule for the day." She said in a businesslike manner

"Shoot" I said as I open my laptop to write everything she will say.

"Okay, you will have a meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Uley at 7:30 this morning. Then the production marketing will have a meeting at 10:00 for the concert of Mr. Jasper Hale in Europe. After that you will have a lunch meeting with Mr. Eric Yorkie at Clinton Restaurant in 648 S Broadway. Then at 3:00 p.m. you will have a photo shoot for the cover of Vogue."

"Think you can handle it?" She ask me

"Of course, nothing I can't handle" I replied in my business tone

"Anyways, what does Mr. Eric Yorkie wants from me. Isn't he the owner of Yorkie Agency?" I ask

"Yeah he actually own that Agency. He wants you to be the producer of a concert for one of his talents." Angela said

"Oh, Okay." I replied.

"So see you in a few hours?"

"I'll be in the office early, I need to finish the plans regarding Mr. Hale's European concert." I told her

"Ah…. Same old Bella, see you later alligator." She laughs and hung up

I also laugh, that's our corny joke since high school.

Well I better get ready. Today's going to be another hectic day. I fix my bed and immediately take a shower. I nice hot bath before a long hectic day is very relaxing. After my bath I open my walk-in closet. Actually I don't mind having a simple or in my words normal closet but my best friend Alice Cullen insisted on placing a walk-in closet in my condominium. So here I am facing hundreds of clothes not knowing what to wear.

After a debating with myself for almost half an hour I decided to wear my new dress, specially made for me by my best friend Alice. I chose a short yellow one shoulder braided strap printed dress. It looks so beautiful; leave it to Alice to make something so sexy yet formal. I put on my Christian Dior shoes; it's a golden heeled shoe with intricate design. I look at the clock to see that it's already 6:45 in the morning. Hmmm I never knew fixing myself can take me that long. I pick my purse and cream coat and headed towards the parking lot. Gosh I love my car… it's a gift from Charlie and Renee last year.

I headed to our office, Swan Corporation. The guard smile at me.

"Good morning Ms. Swan." He opens the door for me

"Good morning." I replied politely.

I headed to my office which is located at the buildings highest floor. My father insisted that my office should be on top since I'm the head of the corporation. I don't care if my office is just on the ground floor because I'm afraid of heights and the thought of going inside the elevator everyday makes me shiver. I'm claustrophobic not to mention clumsy. So you see being claustrophobic and clumsy is not a good combination.

I was relieve went I reach my office. To my surprise Angela is already there. Seating in one of the chairs inside my office, grinning.

"I beat you." She said playfully

"Like, whatever." I replied giggling

"So we have exactly 25 minutes left before your meeting with the Uley starts." She informed me.

"Okay, can you get me a coffee from Starbucks? I need to finish this." I said as I open my drawer looking for the file about Mr. Hale's European concert.

"Sure. What do you want?" Angela asks, as she gathers the file need for today's meeting.

"Um… just a Frappe." I replied already absorbed in my paper works.

"Right away." And with that Angela left.

I check the clock; it's already 7:20 a.m. 10 minutes left before my meeting. Better prepare the papers before the Uley's arrive.

Then the intercom buzzes.

"Excuse Ms. Swan, the Uley's are already here." Leah my secretary said.

They're early. Ah, of course businesswoman and man never go late.

"Okay Leah, tell them to come in." I reply after making sure that my office looks neat.

The door open and a middle aged man and woman entered. I stand up and extend my arms.

"Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Uley. I'm Isabella Swan but I prefer to be called Bella. Welcome to Swan Corporation." I said putting my best business smile and voice.

My father taught me how to be a good businesswoman like my mom.

"Good morning to you Bella, I'm Sam and this is my wife Emily." Mr. Uley said.

"Please take a seat" I said indicating to the seats in front my table.

"So before we start do you want anything, probably coffee." I ask

"Oh… a coffee would be lovely." Mrs. Uley exclaim

I smile; they are good businesswoman and man.

"Okay" I press the intercom button.

"Yes Ms. Swan." Leah answered

"Um… Leah I need you inside my office." I told her.

The door of my office open.

"What is it Ms. Swan." She ask

"Mr. and Mrs. Uley wants coffee do you think you can get them some?"

"Of course." She said

"Madam, sir what do you want." She said with a smile.

"I would like to have an Espresso Con Panna, what about you darling." Mr. Uley said then turns to Mrs. Uley.

"Iced coffee."

"Thanks Leah." I said as she went out of the office.

"So….." I said turning back to my clients.

After my meeting with the Uley's and a drinking a Frappe I believe this day would be a good day. No tripping, no falling, no tripping, no falling… I chanted on my head.

The meeting with production marketing also went well, I'm so proud with my staff. They're all talented and come up with the best ideas. It's just 10:50 but I decided to go to Clinton's Restaurant to meet Mr. Yorkie. I called Angela to inform her about my decision.

"Hey Angela." I said

"What's up?" she ask

"I'm on my way to Clinton's Restaurant for my meeting with Mr. Yorkie. Can you come; I forgot to bring one of the files it's on top of my table."

"Sure, I'll be there in no time."

I park in front of the Restaurant.

"Good afternoon madam." The guard said.

"Same to you." I said with a smile.

I went to the lobby.

"Good afternoon I would like to ask if there's a reservation for six under the name Swan." I ask

"Yes there is, over there." The girl pointed at a door.

I thank her and immediately when inside. Angela's smart enough to choose a private room especially since Mr. Yorkie mentioned that the model will join us.

I check my watch it's already 11:45. I have 15 minutes to compose myself. At exactly 11:55 a flushed Angela arrived.

"What's the commotion? " I ask her

"The girl in the lobby pointed me to the wrong room." She said angrily

I just laugh, typical Angela.

"Well looks like it's your day today." I announce

"Yeah, I like whatever Bella" she glared at me but after a few seconds she also laugh.

Our laughter was interrupted by the opening of the door.

I young man probably just few years older than me enters and a girl followed him.

"Good afternoon Ms. Swan. I'm Eric Yorkie of Yorkie Agency and this is Jessica Stanley one of our publicist." He said.

I shake hands with him and also with Jessica.

I look at them. Eric is just the guy who can manage these raising stars. Jessica on the other hand looks like a gossip queen. No doubt she got her job as a publicist.

"So I heard you want me to be the producer of a concert." I said

"Yes, I heard so much about you and I believe you'll be the best producer for this concert." Mr. Yorkie said

I blushed at that complement. "Thank you sir."

"So can you tell me who's this star and what exactly are the details of this concert?" I ask, excited.

But before Jessica could reply, I heard the door open. Since my back is facing the door I need to turn around to see who arrived.

"Sorry I'm late." I froze. That voice, the last time I heard it was three years ago.

I turn around and there he stood in front of in all his glory. The man I spend three blissful years of love.

"Ah you're here." Mr. Yorkie said.

"Ms. Swan I want you to meet..."

"Edward Cullen" I hissed. Edward Cullen/model/musician/Hollywood's raising actor/my ex-boyfriend.

Edward's POV

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

Argggghhhh my stupid alarm clock! I reach for my alarm clock and press the stop button. I look at the clock, 9:30 a.m.

I must have slept the whole morning. Last night I slept late because we need to finish shooting some of the scenes in my upcoming movie. Being a model/actor/musician is one hectic job in this world. I was about to go back to my slumber when my phone ring. Call it coincidence.

"Hello" I replied rather sleepily.

"Well hello Eddie boy!" I screeching voice came out from the speakers.

"Jessica, what." I said. Jessica "Jess" Stanley is my publicist. I must admit Jessica is one of the best publicists of today's generation. Gossip Queen.

"Well I think you need to like wake 'cause like your commercial with Abercrombie and Fitch is like going to be aired in like a few minutes. So can you like open your television like right now?" She said rather excited.

Wow, six likes in a sentence. Totally Jessica.

I begrudgingly open my television and puff… my gorgeous face appeared on the screen. I heard Jessica squeal on the other side of the phone. I sigh.

After the TV commercial I put my phone back on the desk and decided to sleep for another half hour when I heard someone screaming from my phone. What the …..?

"Edward, are you still there? Like hello I'm still here. Your Publicist J-E-S-S-I-C-A S-T-A-N-L-E-Y. "Oh shoot I forgot Jessica while watching the commercial.

I quickly grabbed the phone and made an apology.

"It's okay Edward. I actually called to tell you that the board and Mr. Yorkie approved your concert." She said

"Yes, thanks." I was so happy finally I'll have my own solo concert.

"So Mr. Yorkie thinks it's good if you come with us this lunch. We'll be meeting the producer of your concert."

"Sure, were will this meeting be." I'm too excited to go back to sleep.

"It's in Clinton's Restaurant in Broadway. I'll send Ben to wait for outside the restaurant. Some might be waiting for you there."

I sigh of course she already tipped the paparazzi that I'll be there. Publicist.

"I'll be there." With that I hung up.

10:10 a.m. wow, time flies. I decided to call Jasper; he needs my luck before he starts with his European concert tour. He's lucky to be able to have a European tour; I hope the producer Eric picked is a very good producer.

"Hello, this is Jasper Hale. Ordinary person yesterday raising musician today and tomorrow. I'm so sorry I can't answer your call. It's either I'm asleep or I'm busy preparing for my concert. Just leave your message after the buzz."

"Hey Jasper man. I would like to wish you a good luck for your concert. Well hope you'll enjoy Europe and good luck with Alice." I chuckled at that thought.

Alice Cullen is my sister and Jaspers' girlfriend. Alice is 100.00 % shopaholic; I don't know how Jasper stands her sickness. He must really love her. Since Alice also has a European tour for her lunching of her new line in Europe she decided to go with Jasper, talk about love.

"Well I think that's all. Good luck again and enjoy." I hung up my phone.

I decided not to eat breakfast and since we don't have any shooting for my movie I decided to hit the gym. The gym is actually inside my own condominium. Jessica said it's better if I go to a public gym for publicity but I told her I want my own private time even just for a few hours.

After exercising I hit the shower and prepare for my meeting this lunch. After dressing up thanks to my sister Alice who changed my wardrobe every season.

I look at my phone to see a text message from Jessica.

Hi Edward

You'll have a photo shoot this afternoon at around 3 with a model for the cover of Vogue. You think you can make it.

See at lunch.

-Jessica, world's best publicist.

I laugh at that… Yeah she's the world's best publicist.

I texted her telling her I'll be up with the shoot. When my phone ring.

"Hello?" I ask

"Edward, my dearest brother, how are you?" Alice my sister literally screams

"Okay, I know you love me but why so excited." I chuckled

"Hahaha… your second, Jasper's the first. Anyways I called because I want to tell you that your outfit for the photo shoot is already okay. I made sure to check it so you wouldn't look stupid."

"Thanks, Alice. So did Jasper receive my message?" I ask

"Yeah, he did. He says thank you and sorry if he can't reply his busy rehearsing right now."

"Tell him I said Your Welcome. I've got to go." I said looking at the clock, 11:30

I don't Eric or Jessica getting angry at me because I'm late.

"You're going somewhere?"

"Yes, I have a meeting with Eric and a producer." I told her.

"Producer…. Producer for what?" she sound so excited.

"Oh my tell me Edward, why do you need to meet the producer?"

"Sorry Alice, can't tell you." I chuckled, I love having secrets.

"Aw, come on Eddie if you wouldn't tell me I'm going to change your wardrobe every month." She snickered

"No way!" I yelled

"Find say goodbye to your clothes." She said, I can imagine her smiling evilly.

Evil pixie sister.

"Fine, fine… I'm going to have my first solo concert. Happy" I said smiling, even though I'm annoyed I still love my sister.

"Oh my gosh, this is going to be exciting. I need to think of clothes you'll be wearing. Well I don't want you to wear something so shiny, just simple but classy. Well I know you'll going to pick me as your designer come on I'm Alice Cullen." She just rambles.

"Um… Alice calm down. You'll be my designer." I covered my ears because I very loud squeal followed.

"Oh thank you Edward. Well I've got to go, bye." With that she hangs up.

I practically run going to my Volvo it's already 12:00 and I'm late of meeting. Great start Edward, what a good impression. I arrived at the Clinton's restaurant at exactly 12:10. I saw Ben, my bodyguard, waiting at the door.

As I step out of my car…….

"Oh my it's Edward Cullen"

"Mom, it's him."

"Help me I think I'm fainting."

"He is soooo hot."

"Edward, marry me."

People were screaming and teenage girls were calling me. It's sometime annoying but I still love my fans without them I wouldn't be who I am today. I smile at the girls and I swear I saw one girl faint. Really pathetic. Paparazzi were taking my picture until Ben and the restaurant guards stop them from following inside. I followed Ben until we reach a private room.

As I open the door I saw a girl seating on the table taking down notes, probably the producers assistant. I also saw Eric and Jessica talking to another girl. I followed their gaze and I froze. I just saw the perfect girl in the universe. Even though she's not facing me I can tell how beautiful she is. He long curled mahogany hair, does beautiful curves, smooth fair skin and she suddenly laugh… I froze again. That laughter is so heavenly… wait I know that laughter.

They must have notice my presence because they stand up and the girl face me. I can't speak. Oh my God. This is just a dream. I look at the girl, I can see she recognize me the moment she saw me and I saw emotions flash in her beautiful doe eyes; pain, anger, hatred and love?

Eric introduced us to one another. But Bella finish the introduction with my name.

"Edward Cullen" she hissed at me. Ah even if she's mad, she's still cute and sexy. But I remembered the reason why she's acting like this and immediately I felt my temper raise.

"Isabella Swan" I sneered back. After doing that I felt bad. But she started it; I know how she hates the name Isabella because she prefers to be called Bella.

Speaking of which, the gorgeous woman in front of me is the world's top young businesswoman/model/ producer/my ex-girlfriend. This is going to be the longest lunch in my entire life.

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