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Bella's POV

Its' been a week since Jake left for a business trip and I already miss him like crazy. Ok wait…. I know a lot of people think we are a couple but seriously Jake is just like my brother from another mother thing. No romantic gooey stuff, it's just we're really close and when Edward left me he was there to help me move on.

Jake at a young like me is also a businessman, looks like it runs in the family since his parents are one. So now as his loyal best friend I am here waiting in the airport for his arrival.

Two flights have already arrived and finally Jakes' flight was announced, I survey the people around me and something caught my eye… hmmm.

Bronze haired boy, chiseled Jaw, fair skin, and sooooo handsome…. Can that be Edward?

Um… what he is doing here? Probably he's stalking me… wooh Bella thinking highly of yourself? I was about to approach him when…

"Bella, darling!" someone shouted

I turn around to see my oh-so-tanned best friend. I run to him and hug him. You see this is the reason why people think we are an item, he calls me darling or sometimes honey and I would hug him in public. But between us we're strictly friends, no crossing the boundary.

"Gosh, you're still… Tan." I chuckled

"Wow, nice greeting Bells." He said as he ruffle my hair.

"So how was the trip?" I ask as his hands snake into my waist. It's normal for us.

"Same as usual, meetings, and blah blah blah." He replied

We were nearing the parking lot when I remembered something or maybe someone.

"Um… Jake wait I think I saw someone over there that I know."

So we walk towards and him and BINGO I was right all along, it's Edward and he looks like he's thinking about something.

"Edward?" I asked

He look at me realizing he has zoned out.

"Oh, sorry" he grin at me but scowled when he saw Jacob

Oh my he must thought Jake's my boyfriend.

"Bella who's this friend of yours?" Jake asked.

"Jake I want you to meet Edward Cullen." I introduce

Knowing that Jake knows my history with Edward he decided to tease him. Oh please!

"Oh sorry Cullen I didn't recognized you. Nice disguise." He grinned at him. Nice one Jake!

"Yeah I'm Edward Cullen the actor." Way to reply Eddie boy.

"Edward" I growled beside him, I don't want any fist fight that will happen here.

"So who are you waiting for man." Jake ask, thanks for asking that by the way.

I was expecting Edward to stutter for being caught in the act but I was surprise when he replied casually.

"Oh I'm waiting for my parents but their plane hasn't arrive yet." I raise my brows… really! I don't think so!

"I see, anyways it's nice meeting you. Bells let's go!" Jake said

I saw Edward clenching his fist when Jake said Bells. Ah, he's being possessive right now.

"Jacob would please wait at the car." I saw Edward smirk, ok now he's being cocky.

I step forward and put my hands on his cheeks…. Ok Bella nothing personal or this is what you want?

"I don't believe you." I whispered

"About what?" he answered. Ah someone's distracted. Well still got the charms Bells!

"Seriously, you're parents coming, I don't think so." I smirk

"Ok, you caught me.I just want to know who this Jacob is." He pouted, gosh it's sooo cute.

I laugh and did the thing I wanted to do for a long time, I kissed his cheeks.

"You don't have to worry" I whispered and turn back heading toward the parking lot. I know I left him and dazed.

"By the way nice disguise!" I yelled and I swear I heard him chuckle.

As I was walking towards my car I saw Jake texting someone but I got closer he immediately hide his phone.

"Woah, a bit secretive are we?" I joke

He chuckled nervously, "Hmmm" he replied.

"So where do we go?" I asked him.

"Why don't we go the bar you know, have fun and all."

"That's cool, I think I'll invite Rose."

"Great , there's this bar called "Midnight Sun" according to my friend just a few blocks from my condominium." Jake suggested

"Okay, I'll tell Rose."

The car stop outside Jake's condominium

"Mr. Black, we're here." Felix, my driver said

"Oh, thank you for fetching me Bells, see you later." He then kissed my cheeks and when out of the car.

"Ms. Swan were to?"


Edward's POV

Yeah…go Edward it's my birthday… ah ah ah ah… yeah….. go Edward it's my birthday.

I was singing and dancing going to my best friends' apartment.

Emmett is like my-brother-from-another-mother! We've been friends since prep school and he's currently dating Rosalie Hale, Japsers' twin and also a good friend of mind.

"Hey Ems isn't it a good day!" I smiled goofily

He look at me suspiciously, "Oh my Edward I know life is difficult but you don't have to do this."

I look at him as if he's crazy. "What?"

"Look I'll accompany you to the doctor, we will schedule a rehab and then…."

"Woah, wait, what Rehab?"

"Dude you're high which means you're on drugs." He said looking at me with pity

It took me a minute to think over what he said and I laugh hysterically.

"Hahahaha…. Look at…..hahaha…..your face it's….hahahahahaha…so pricelessly…. You…hahahahha…are so dumb I'm…..hahaha….not on durgs…..hahahahahaha….I'm just high…..hahahaha..be—bebe-because I saw Bella Swan." I was clutching the chair so hard I might fall on the ground.

"You doofus, I was just worried." Emmett then smack my head with a pillow. "Oh"

"So you met Bella Swan huh." He when into the fridge and got two sodas

"Yup and she kissed me!"

He spluttered the drink he is drinking. "What the…"

"Hahaha… it was just on the cheeks but then."

"Whatever man you look like an idiot smiling goofily."

I was about to retort when his phone rung.

"Sexyback" was playing. I mouthed "seriously?"

"Hey Rosie" Emmett said

Ah… girlfriend dearest is calling.

"No, we're free tonight." I nodded

"Yup Edwards okay with it."

"Midnight Sun, sure."

"See you later dear."

"Bye, love you"

He switched his phone off.

"We're going to the bar tonight with Rosie and guess who?" he was smiling evilly

"WHO?" I asked

"Bella Swan." He answered simply

"YES!... hahaha…it's my birthday…woah woah.. go Edward yeah it's my birthday." I was doing my victory dance

"Hey, it was Rose who invited us, Bella doesn't know."

"Oh, but still she'll be there."

Suddenly Ems' phone rang.


"Bella… Bella Swan" I look at him, why is Bella calling him

"Really, that is great." He looks like he's trying so hard not to laugh.

"Thanks Bella, it's nice to hear from you. See you tonight."

I can't wait but ask him."What was that all about?"

"Your dearest Bella just invited me to go to a bar."

"But… how? Why not me?" I pouted

"Bella and I are still friends Ed and she decided to surprise me with a blind date." He smiled goofily.

"What's the catch?" I finally ask

"She arranged me with no other than my very own girlfriend, Rosalie Hale." With that he laugh

Bella Swan is really an extraordinary girl and very beautiful….

"Shopping for labels, shopping for love." Played

"Oh shoot its' Alice.

"Hey Al, what's up?"

"You going home? Great"


Just then the doorbell at Emmett apartment rang.

"Wait Al I just have to open the door."

"Okay!" Alice is a bit perky

I open a door , when a pixie tackled me to the ground.

"Oh Edward, I miss you brother." Alice exclaimed

"You're here?"

"Why, don't want me?" she pouted

"Nah, so where's Jasper?" I ask as I help her with her luggage

"I'm here." Jasper called

"Hey man, long time no see." I bumped his fist

"Em guess who" I yelled

"Who, what, what, when, where?" Em ask

"That is stupid." Alice said

Emmett look at Alice then at Jasper

"Woah, welcome back guys." HE hug Alice and clap Jaspers' back.

We all went inside the house.

"So who thought of this idea?" Em ask

"Do you have to ask, of course Alice." Jasper replied laughing.

"Yup its' my plan, hey by the way do you have any plans tonight?" alice ask

"Yeah, we're going to the bar with Rosalie annnnnnnnnnnnddddd BELLA SWAN." Emmett yelled

"WHAT!" Alice screamed

"When did this happen, details, I need bloody details."

"Well, remember the concert I was telling you. Bella is my producer."

We have to cover our ears when Alice scream again.

"This is so good, so you made a move on her? Knowing you."

"Yup! But she's a bit stubborn."

"That's okay. As of now at least you're both at peace."

I thought of what Alice said, she's right at least Bella and are friends… but soon we'll be romantically in love.

"Looks like someone is day dreaming." Alice said grinning like an idiot

I glared at her knowing it was obvious to her what I'm thinking about.

"So what did I miss?" Jasper who happens to just finish bringing all – I count the luggage - 15 luggage, WHAT!

"We are going to the bar tonight and by the way what's with the er 15 bags?" I replied

"Well you should have realized by now that pixies thou small needs a massive number of clothes in order to survive in this world." Jasper said laughing

He instantly receive I smack from his girlfriend.

"Ouch, that hurts Jasper." My dearest sister pouted.

"I was just joking dear." He start to lean on her

"Oy." Em shouted

"We're sorry." Alice grinned sheepishly.

I decided to leave to sleep or to get a beauty sleep- wait I'm becoming gay- guys don't go for beauty sleep, ah having Jessica as your publicist makes you a very odd person.

"Hey Eddie, make sure to get your beauty sleep for tonight's gathering." My sister yelled with that she and Jasper when to the guest room living Emmett with all the bags.

I smiled, time to get your beauty sleep Edward.

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