Ronon's Experience

Ronon walked into the break room cautiously. He was just now exploring his new home in-depth, and he knew that it could bring unexpected surprises, since his new friends were not from around here, and because they had their own technological surprises.

On a counter along one of the walls was a strange device. Ronon had no idea what it was, and he approached it cautiously. A button, large and black, stuck out from it. He pressed it and the door hit him in the chest. He jumped onto the table behind him, busting it and falling with it, his gun drawn at the sudden "attack". He looked around embarrassed and walked away carefully, quietly telling the device that they would meet again. They did.

Ronon entered the room with Colonel Sheppard, who was talking about God only knows what. Ronon ignored him most of the time, but he watched carefully when he approached the device from before, the device that had come up on his and tricked him into pushing its buttons so that it would attack him.

"So, what are you eating today, Ronon?" Colonel Sheppard asked.

"Um…we'll see," Ronon replied quietly, watching as Colonel Sheppard placed something inside the device. "No! Wait!" Ronon bellowed. He approached the device, gun drawn, and he examined it. "What is this?"

"A microwave oven," Colonel Sheppard replied. "It cooks food easier than a fire, or oven."

"I thought it was something else. It attacked me yesterday," Ronon whispered, embarrassed at his own ignorance. Colonel Sheppard laughed.

"This attacked you? Is it a transformer or something?"

"A what?"

"A transformer," Colonel Sheppard replied. He then groaned. "I forgot, you aren't around what I was around. It's a robotic being that can turn into anything, from a microwave to a car. It's from a comic series, and from General O'Neill's updates I think they're making it into a movie. I'll ask for some copies next time we make a supply run."

"That isn't necessary," Ronon whispered.

"Oh, come on! You'll love it!" Colonel Sheppard smiled. "Can you be here alone with the microwave? I forgot about that report we had to turn it."

Ronon said nothing, but gave him the look of pure hell as he walked away. Ronon then turned back to the 'microwave'. He pressed the button and watched the door open. He smirked. He thought it was funny that this scared him.

Suddenly it began making a strange noise. Ronon had closed the door and had accidentally pushed another button. He didn't wait to see what it was doing. It seemed to get bigger as he ran out of the room. It made more noise than ever before, and Ronon swore that it grew a face, but he never told a soul about his experience. The only thing anyone else knew was that he refused to eat in the break room, and that he was quieter that day than ever before, and maybe, just maybe, he was a little paler, but no one can tell you. No one at all.