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"But," Draco murmured, "I still don't understand."

"That's a real shocker." Was Hermione's scathing retort.

"Oh shut it, Granger." Malfoy threw back, turning towards Harry again. "I understand that it's a saying, but, why do I have to wear them?"

"You're the most womanizing guy in the school, Malfoy," Harry told him, his head buried in Hermione's trunk, "it would be more fitting of you than Ron or I."

"Oh." Harry's comment hit home, and had the effect he had hoped for. Harry could almost see Draco's ego grow as he took in his comment.

"Here," Harry caught Draco's attention again, tossing him a few articles of clothes. "These should fit, if they're too small, Hermione can alter them a bit."

Next day:

Snape refused to meet the eye of any male student in the class, or, any female student for that matter.

"This is NOT the correct meaning of the phrase the muggles use!" He mumbled, hand clasped over his eyes, making sure to keep the offending image out of his line of sight. "This is not what muggles mean when they say all a guy wants is to get in a girls skirt, Malfoy!"

"But, Sir-" Malfoy began, but was cut off, quite quickly by the highly agitated, and embarrassed, professor.

"OUT!" Snape all but herded the class from the room, slamming the door behind the last student. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and rested his forehead against the closed door, which was promptly thrust back open, crashing into Snape's head, throwing him painfully to the floor.

Snape caught a quick glance of Draco Malfoy standing in the doorway, staring down at his teacher, and head of house, with a look of utter shock at what he had done before Snape passed out. It wasn't just the blow from the door, however, that cause the aged man to fall back, and black out. No, it was the young blond boy, standing in the door way, dressed in a pair of high socks, and a plaid skirt, in lieu of his usual uniform pants.