Me: I'm doing a Lemon story!


Ichi:Shut up Grimmjow. You made me Seme right, Alex?

Me and Grimm: ~smirks evilly~...

Business tycoon, Grimmjow Jaeggerjaques groaned as he entered the office. He really didn't want to go to work today, he was tired and horny like everyday. But no, Ichigo made him go into work, saying something like everyone needs to be responsible.

Damn his wife-meaning husband-could be so demanding sometimes! But he came into work because he had too, and Ichigo said he was going send him some kind of surprise, what it was he had absolutely no clue, but it must be something good because of the weird glint in his eyes.

Suddenly his pocket vibrated as he sat down at the conference table, at the very end. Pulling out his phone, it read: Video received. Would you like to listen with head phones? Grimmjow put in his head phones, and pressed the play button but gulped when Ichigo showed up on the screen wearing nothing but his over sized shirt.

"Hey Grimm," Ichigo sat on the bed, careful to not open his legs yet, "I promised you a surprise, and well here it is." With that Ichigo ran a hand through his bright orange hair and laid back on the bed, his legs spread wide so Grimmjow could see all Ichigo had. Ichigo moaned when he ran his own hand down his half-hard cock, his head thrown back.

Grimmjow growled silently, that little bitch! Now he has to do a meeting with a fucking boner!

Another moan brought him out of his stupor and Ichigo's fingers were then coated with lube, as his right hand trailed down to his tight entrance. Ichigo gasped when he slid the first finger in, spreading his legs wider for better position. A breathless moan escaped his lips as another finger was inserted in. He gasped a bit in discomfort, but ignored it and pushed them in and out.

His other hand pumping his member wildly, and he screamed Grimmjow's name when he came. He laid there for a moment, breathless before turning back to the camera, "ok, now enjoy work."

He growled loudly when the phone cut off, and ripped the head phones out of his ears. He stood up, thanking the gods for loose pants so they couldn't see his boner.

"Where ya goin' Grimmjow?' Nnoitra asked with a smirk mimicking Halibel. She tilted her head and repeated the question.

"I'm going to go fuck my berry hard and lifeless into the bed so he can't stand up for a month!" he growled. They all blankly stared at him, expecting the answer but not so angrily. "He sent me a sex video, fucking himself and on purpose to! Damn him!" with that he walked storming out the door, and out of the office, leaving all of the other espada in the conference room, laughing so hard it began to hurt, well except for Ulquiorra who had only a small smirk on his face.

Me: Next chapter is where Grimmjow screws Ichi into the bed!

Ichi:... I fucked myself and sent it to his cell phone?

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