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Chapter One: Waking Up In Vegas- Naked

Bella POV

I awoke to the feeling of summer heat on my body and a jackhammer in my head. Forcing my eyes to remain closed, I twisted in the sheets. This could very well be the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. I nuzzled into the soft pillow seeking the perfect position. As I twisted and turned I noticed a difference. A difference in the way I usually felt waking up. One eye opened to observe. My senses were immediately assaulted by the strangeness. My hands quickly patted at my body. Wait, what?? My body shot up and the sheet fell to reveal my naked breast. In panic, my head shot side to side to see who was there. What. The. Hell.

Alone. Naked. In what was easily a $10,000.00 bed with the Las Vegas skyline watching me through floor to ceiling windows that replaced three of the walls. Looking further I saw a plush, leather sofa, decorative palm trees, and a beautiful cherry armoire. How is this possible? I was surrounded by overindulgence, and overindulgence was not my thing. My brain searched for the memory. Nothing. Wait, there's something. I vaguely remembered the craps table. Hmmm… Maybe I won. Doubting my luck, I began further evaluation. Sliding my feet from the billowy comforter I noticed something shiny underneath. I reached to pull it out and…. No, no, no, no, no. Not possible. I dropped it as if it were on fire as my head went into my hands and my body heaved in a hyperventilating motion. A condom wrapper.

A condom wrapper that ensures two things:

At one time there was a condom in that wrapper.


b. In the very recent past a condom was removed from said wrapper.

Combining this knowledge with the fact that I currently see one of my shoes beside the sofa, my lacy bra hanging from a palm tree, and the dress Alice forced me to wear in a puddle on the floor confirmed that I had not slept alone after hitting it big at the craps table therefore allowing a room upgrade.

My mind raced as it tried to recoup some memory of last night. My chest tightened in panic. Where had I been? Who had I been with? How did I get here? My phone! I needed to find my phone. I would call Alice and she would fill in all the blanks. I stumbled from the bed in a hurry, my feet getting caught in the sheet and as expected, I plummeted to the floor. I jerked my feet under my body and quietly cursed gravity. Phone, phone, phone. Where are you? I began crawling across the floor. Aha! Not phone, but panties. That's a start. Put those on. Bra overhead- put that on too. I stood and made my way through the suite searching for my phone. Suddenly I stopped.


Someone is in the shower. Holy shit Bella! I cursed my own stupidity inwardly. Of course you wouldn't be lucky enough for whoever brought you here to have left you to make a safe and less humiliating walk of shame. Hearing the shower turn off, my body stilled. I stood virtually naked on the hard wood floor staring at the closed door that housed the lost memory of last night. No time to escape, no time to think. I consecutively heard and saw the doorknob turn. Involuntarily, my body lurched behind the nearest palm tree, which undoubtedly did not provide very much cover. My eyes caught a glimpse of bronze hair, pale chest, chiseled stomach, and towel covered waist. As my eyes met his very green ones his lips curved into a crooked grin and my mind was flooded with memories.



Body shots.






























I reeled in the memories and snapped my jaw shut as he cleared his throat. His half grin appeared cockier as he shoved himself from the doorframe. His smile disappeared as he flippantly tossed an object on the floor in front of me. The first words from his mouth were harsh and cold. "Good Morning Mrs. Cullen".