A Decision for All

Larry Daley proceeded to the redhead, not even realizing where his feet were taking him. The woman looked up from the pamphlet she was reading on…

Was that a pamphlet on Amelia Earhart?

Larry almost bumped into the woman, startling her from her place.

"I…uh…here," Larry stuttered while helping her pick up her few belongings, "I'm sorry miss, are you by any chance related to Amelia Earhart?"

The woman looked awkwardly at Larry, "No…I'm afraid not, and I could only wish that I was related to her."

"Oh," Larry looked down, shifting his feet, "You just look a bit like…never mind." He scratched the back of his head, thinking about how uncomfortable this young woman must be. Suddenly, Larry extended a hand.

"Larry Daley, I'm the night guard here at the Natural History Museum."

"Nice to meet you Larry," The woman's hand reached out, shaking his gently, "I'm Amy."

"Well, Amy, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Actually, yes," Amy retracted her hand from his grip, "Does this museum have any exhibits on Amelia Earhart?"

"Yes, right this way." Larry showed her down a hallway, past the Hall of African Mammals, to the Aviation Room. Larry walked in, making sure Amy was behind him, and pointed Amelia out. Sitting beside the Wright Brothers exhibit, Earhart stood proud and tall, a glint of moxie in her sapphire eyes.

Suddenly, an unknown pang hit him. It felt as though his heart was being torn out. It was his love for Amelia that had blossomed only a few hours ago. A tear formed in his eye and rolled down his cheek.

"Larry, are you okay?" Amy asked, concerned.

"Yes, I'm-," Larry questioned if he was really, in fact, well. This affection seemed so deep, yet he knew, sadly, that his love with Amelia would never be able to progress.

"Larry?" Amy tapped his shoulder gingerly, wanting a straight answer.

"Yes, I'm fine." Larry sighed, miserable from the pain within his heart. Amy glanced at him with knowing blue eyes, they looked just like…

Stop it Larry! You know this is never going to work, just stop!

Larry was so mad at himself for letting his relationship with Amelia get to this point. Amy looked at him again, questioning the situation. Larry knew Amy knew absolutely nothing of the whole 'museum coming to life at night' thing, so he couldn't ask her for relationship advice, could he?

He bit his lip, holding back tears. Amy attempted to comfort Larry, pulling him into a much needed hug. She didn't quite know what else to do, even though it felt a little awkward embracing someone she barley knew. Amy slipped her business card into Larry's back pocket; she wanted to get to know this man better; he seemed like a nice friend to have around.

"Larry, I gave you my number. Call me if you ever need anything, okay?"

Larry sniffed, "Thanks Amy…"

The redhead stood up, gently kissing Larry on the cheek. He smiled, confused. She barely knew him, why was she taking the situation to the point of kissing him on the cheek? Amy walked away from the night guard, heading towards the Amelia Earhart exhibit.


"Akhmenrah, is there some sort of, I don't know, spell that can turn a mannequin into a real, living, breathing person for an entire lifetime?" Larry wanted so badly to have Amelia as his lover; she seemed the right girl for him.

"Yes, Larry," Akhmenrah took him by the shoulder, pulling him farther into the depths of his tomb exhibit, "But 'tis a dark magic, and once the spell has been cast, there is no going back for the model. They will remain living for the rest of a full human life."

Larry jumped into the air blissfully; Amelia was going to be able to experience life! Joy spread through him, coursing through his veins.

"Thank you so much! But, do tell me, how does one cast the spell?" Larry asked, wanting to read up on this 'dark magic' stuff.

"You must…well…um…" Akhmenrah thought for a moment, attempting to remember the steps taken to fulfill this task, "Oh, right. One must first have their subject locked in a room. By themselves. Do you want to write any of this down?"

Larry paused for a moment.

"Yeah, that would probably be a good idea." He said, taking out a small post it note pad and a pen.

"Continuing, the one casting the spell, in this case, you, remain outside the room. Spin the dial on the tablet three times to the left, and once to the right. You should hear a faint humming, and once that stops, the transformation should be complete." Akhmenrah was satisfied, he had remembered the steps in performing the spell. Giving himself a mental pat on the back, he gave Larry some last warning, and walked out of the tomb to resume his watch on the museum.

"Thanks Akhmenrah..." Larry sighed, not hearing a response from the pharaoh. Larry ran to the Aviation Room, seeking out Amelia.

"Mr. Daley, whereabouts are you taking me?" Earhart asked, a little shocked for the fact that she was usually the one to drag Larry somewhere.

"Amelia," Larry suddenly stopped, turning around to look into her eyes, "If you had the chance to remain a living, breathing person like me, would you want to be that way?"

"Of course! Why wouldn't I?"

"You have that chance as we speak; I just have to get the tablet from Akhmenrah."

"Wait, Larry, slow down for a moment. I can be real?" Amelia was awestruck. Now she'd be able to go out in the sun, without fear of turning to dust. She'd be able to feel Larry's touch on her lips when he kissed her.

"I'll do it. Just tell me what to do."

"Okay, first you need to go in here," Larry pointed to the supply closet right next to them, "and wait. I'll knock on the door before we start the transformation okay?"

"Good. Good. Now, am I going to feel any pain while I undergo this transformation, Mr. Daley?"

"The most you should feel would be a little vibration, I would guess."

Larry rushed off to find Akhmenrah, not giving Amelia the chance to ask any further questions. The pharaoh was sitting on a stone bench, petting Dexter.

"Akhmenrah, can I have the tablet?" The pharaoh handed the tablet over to Larry, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Larry, what are you going to do with that?" He asked, a little wary.

"I'm going to change Amelia…" Larry was unsure now, for the fact that the pharaoh was becoming testy.

"Okay…can I remain by your side while she changes?"

"I don't see why not!" Larry rushed back to the supply closet, with Akhmenrah close behind him. Larry knocked on the door; Amelia knocked back, saying she was ready. Larry took out the note pad with the dial combination on it.

He spun the dial on the golden tablet thrice to the left, and once to the right, hearing a faint humming once he'd cracked the code.


Amelia heard the last click of the dial. Now what? She thought, a bit unsure of what was to happen next. Suddenly, Earhart felt a small vibration start in her feet, working its way up through her body. It tickled a little bit, but the vibrations gradually went away. Just when she thought the change was complete, a blue light blinded her, knocking the woman to the ground.

"Ow," was the last thing on her mind before Amelia blacked out.


"Amelia? Amelia, get up! You're real!" Larry shook her again and again, trying to wake her.

"Wha- Where am I? What happened?" Amelia awoke, a little raspy.

"You're not a mannequin anymore!" Larry was beaming.

Amelia looked down at her hands. They weren't waxy. She took one of her hands, running it down her face. Not waxy. Amelia tugged at her curls. They didn't come off. That's when she saw light streaming into the supply closet.

She kissed Larry then, absorbing herself in the awesomeness of the moment. She was real. She, Amelia Mary Earhart, was a living, breathing person. She saw Larry close his eyes, running his thumb on her hand. All seemed at peace.

"LARRY DALEY!" Dr. McPhee was steaming, seeing his nightguard on the floor, kissing some unknown woman that shouldn't even be in the museum.