Once at the apartment complex, Larry opened the glass doors to the lobby, Earhart thanking him kindly and stepping in. Larry walked up to the elevator and pressed the 'up' button.

"Larry, what is this contraption?" Amelia asked, eyeing the metallic doors as she stepped in behind Larry.

"It's called an elevator. It's a faster way of going up instead of using stairs." Larry clicked the button with the number three on it to take them to his floor.

"So, press a button, and it takes you somewhere?" Amelia asked, perplexed. Suddenly, she started pressing more buttons. Finding that pressing one at a time was taking too long, she ran her hand from top to bottom, catching every floor's button. Larry slapped his forehead, shaking his head with shame.

"Why did you do that?" Larry asked, pointing to all of the lit up floors.

"You said it was faster than taking the stairs, Mr. Daley." Amelia giggled deviously as they rode up to the third floor. Larry hopped out quickly, apologizing to oncoming people as they saw what the damage was that had been done. Larry strode quickly with Amelia behind him to his apartment, taking out his key that he had under the welcome mat.

"Now," Larry heard the click of the lock as the door swung open, "You need to go and try on the clothes you bought today. You can go in my room to change, or you can go in the bathroom, either one is fine with me…" Larry scratched the back of his head, silently scolding himself for thinking about accidentally walking in on Amelia.

Earhart slipped into the bathroom, humming an unfamiliar song.


Amelia gently took off her flight jacket, feeling the tan leather squeak under her soft fingers. She noticed the wool on the interior, setting it down on the off-white tile floor. Her shirt underneath was a light blue shaded button-down blouse, she swiftly took it off to expose her abdomen. Amelia then took out the shirts in one of the shopping bags that she had taken home. She'd picked out a quarter sleeve green v-neck that bunched at the bottom, a light/ dark purple with cream striped sweater with a yellow tank top, and a rich blue silk blouse.

Fortunately, all of the shirts fit, and she put on the green top again, and then took off her boots and pants. Amelia took out the few pairs of pants that she bought, two pairs of fitted dark wash jeans, and a pair of tan khaki dress pants, just in case she had to go anywhere important. Amelia put on one of the pairs of jeans and took out a couple of shoes to try on. The high heels she got were none too comfortable, and the low heeled moccasin boots seemed to fit better anyways. Amelia had also gotten a pair of sneakers that she'd put to good use later on.


As Earhart stepped out, Larry stared, jaw dropped. She looked amazingly normal for just starting out in the real world. She smiled, rolling her eyes at him as if it were no big deal that he should stare. Amelia was one of those women that didn't care what people really thought of her appearance, Larry liked that. Suddenly the phone rang. Larry ran to catch it before it went to voicemail.

"Daley residence," Larry said, neutral.

"Hi, is this Larry? It's Amy, I was just wondering if you wanted to come grab a cup of coffee with me in a few minutes?" Amy's voice came through the phone, cheery and joyful.

"Hi, Amy! Yes it's Larry; I'd love to grab a coffee with you! When do you want me and where?"

"Just meet me at Serendipity, and we don't necessarily have to get coffee if you know what I mean…" Amy smiled on the other end of the phone. Larry laughed, knowing she probably was thinking about sharing a frozen hot chocolate. That's what Serendipity was famous for!

"Okay, I'll see you in a few minutes! Bye!" Amy hung up the phone, and Larry did a little jump at the fact that he was making a new friend.

"My friend Amy just called and wants to go to Serendipity for a little chat. I have to leave you to explore the apartment a little bit. The clicker for the T.V. is right here," Larry tapped the remote with his fingers to turn it on, "and there's food in the fridge. You can get tap water from the sink, and I've got soda. If you need me, call me on my cell phone. The number is on the fridge. Okay, I have to go bye Amelia!" Larry kissed her gently on the cheek before shutting the door. Amelia sat on the couch and sighed. Now what was she supposed to do for God only knew how long?


"So, how long have you been working at the Natural History Museum?" Amy asked, curious.

"I've worked there for at least a year now; it's really a very fun job watching over the exhibits." Larry was scared he would accidentally let it slip that those "people in costumes to be the exhibits" weren't in fact actors.

"How so?" Amy slurped at the whipped cream on top of the frozen hot chocolate. She giggled.

"Whoops," she smiled.

"Well, I uh, pretend they have personalities, like they're real. Does that make sense?"

"Sort of. But I feel like you're trying to hide something from me…what is it?"

Larry sighed. Amy seemed good at reading him like a book. He took her by the hand and led her back, out of the way of other people, so they wouldn't hear what was about to be exposed. Larry turned to face a petrified Amy.

"Don't be scared or be cynical as to what I am about to say. I am telling the absolute truth when I say that those "actors" you see running around the museum, pretending to be exhibits, are actually wax exhibits. The museum comes to life at night Amy. I speak the truth."

Amy looked suspiciously at Larry. Was this man insane, or was he really telling the absolute truth that the exhibits actually came to life at night…