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10:56 pm
Hall closet….NOT hiding….

So. This is how it's going to be.

11:01 pm
Still in closet…still not hiding…

Would you like to know how He, the whipping boy, and Hermione arrived??

Portkey. A bloody portkey.

How un-dramatic is that?? Honestly!

11:06 pm

Mum is in a right state. She's in such a tittering frenzy.

EVERYTHING is about the three of them. ALL the time!

11:29 pm

Here is a completely and entirely real conversation that happened after the loons arrived:

Me: Mum, I'm starved. I have not eaten properly in years. Please, please, please tell me that we'll be having a proper meal at some point today.

Mum: ….

Me: Mum? Hello? It's Ginny. Your favorite. Famished. Near death.

Mum: Ginny? Did you say something?

Me: Nope. I was just standing here. Not speaking.

Mum: Have you seen Harry? He disappeared a few minutes ago…I better see if I can find him. He is obviously very important and needs lots of unnecessary attention. I will now begin to ignore you and only worry about the needs of other people that are especially not my children. Why don't you go up to the attic? I'm sure the ghoul would love your company.

11:47 pm
Bedroom…under the bed…

See? Totally a real and un-edited conversation.


1:37 am

Holy Shite! HE is definitely being an arse. That git.

1:46 am
Kitchen…very weak…

I need supplements. I haven't properly had a meal in a couple of days. Before HE arrived it was because of the wedding.

Now, it's because The Chosen Git and his bumbling idiot friends (minus Hermione), have come 'round.

1:47 am
Kitchen…laying on the floor…

Oh, and the wedding is today.

Merlin, kill me now.

2:04 am
Same bloody place…

I must compliment you on your hiding skills. You did a fine job, my chap, a fine job.

In a year's time when I glance back at my bloody useless summer, I want to be able to remember all the countless sufferings that took place.

2:07 am
Cold floor…

Anyways, back to my very dramatic story…

They just popped right in and made the rounds. I thought Mum was going to piddle with excitement.

I just kind of waved, grunted, and then made a beeline for the stairs where I preceded to fly up them. Well, not literally but you get my bloody point. I then locked myself in the loo.

For four hours.

I think everyone had a nice laugh about it when I finally came down.

I'm glad I can be the comic relief in times of my own turmoil.

2:23 am

I honestly believe that tonight will only end in shambles.

The shambliest of shambles.

2:25 am
Stairs…lovely spot…

I'm taking a leaf out of Crookshanks' book.

NOT the rogue leg humping, but just sitting here on the stairs.

I just happen to be sitting on stairs located very close to Ron's room.

2:31 am
Still on the steps…

I'm not lurking or anything.

I just very much care for the well being of my idiot brother and his infantile best mate.

2:46 am
Stairs…near death…

For the love of Merlin's beard!

I've nearly been trampled to death! Honestly!

2:57 am
Loo….safe at last…

So. I was just minding my own business, having a nice rest in the stairwell, when a giant troll came blundering out of Ron's room in a mad state of panic.

If it hadn't been for my exceptional reflexes, I would've been all crushed up by it's very large foot.

2:59 am

Also, by troll, I mean Ron.

3:02 am
Loo…still safe…

He moaned on and on for decades.

I blocked everything out. There's no use in listening to what Ron blusters on about.

Well, everything is just crap now. I've been banned from the hallway from Ron.

3:06 am

He's serious too. He attempted to put shields up. To keep rouge and dangerous wizards away, the ones who obviously have death wishes for the three of them.

Or, you know, me.

4:41 am

Sadly, there are far more horribly hideous things happening. There are so many people in this bloody house it's not even funny.

I'm sharing my room with Hermione, my mum, and Gabrielle---Fleur's haughty younger mini-me.

My mum is staying in my room because her and my dad had to give up their bed to Auntie Muriel and her "friend".

Dad's bunking with He, Ron , Fred, and George. It's like a mad circus around here.

Relatives are coming out of the woodworks. Quite literally.

4:55 am
Loo…safely hiding…

My Uncle Alastor flew right threw the kitchen wall when he lost control of his new broomstick.

I had quite a laugh.

10:57 am
Loo…freshly awoken…

Merlin's crackers.

Finally fell asleep last night. On the loo floor. Had to use a musty towel as a pillow.


11:39 am

Finally. Some momentary silence.

Everyone is too busy running about doing mad things.

It's just a wedding! I don't know why everybody is running around with their knickers' in a twist.

12:03 pm
Attic…only sane place left…

Well, it's finally happened. Mum shunned me to the attic, because she said I was taking up too much space on the stairs.

I highly doubt that.

And Harry keeps looking at me, whenever he comes out of his secret lair of secrets. In a creepy, "I'm looking at you" kind of way.

All three of them have been holed up in Ron's room hiding ALL day.

I know for a fact, because I had a bit of an eavesdrop on them on my way to the attic.

12:11 pm
Attic...almost time now…

Hermione must've put some REAL wards on Ron's room.

Because I couldn't hear anything. Or curse it. Or use extendable ears on it. Or get anywhere closer than 2 meters.

12:24 pm

Just realized not long ago, that I needed to put proper clothes on for today's festivities.

I can't stand up in from of my family, mates, and Harry in nothing but my knickers!

Well, Harry…NO!


12:37 pm


It looks like a giant ball of gold fluff exploded all over me. I'm a ball of exploding fluff.


I don't know if I can squeeze through the door.

However, all of this extra material will be used as a very excellent safety barrier. From Crookshanks. And his...habit.

1:09 pm

Yelling for help can really take it out of a girl. I yelled for like a billion years, and then someone finally came round to see what all the fuss was about. You'd think with all the people rolling about, SOMEBODY would've heard.

1:13 pm

Harry! He saw me in my God-awful exploding fluff ball. In all it's fluffy gold glory.

Why couldn't he have caught me in my knickers! That would've been far less traumatic!!

1:18 pm

Anyway, he had a good laugh before he sobered up and pulled me from between the door.

Then the "The Chosen Git" just kind of stared at me. In a thinking kind of way. Which made me think.

And because I was thinking, I got distracted. And then I was all by myself.


1:22 pm

Unless you count the gold fluff that encompassed half of the hallway and a large portion of the bathroom, hall closet, Bill's old room, and about ¾ of the stairs.

1:28 pm

The wedding starts in less than an hour. I can't believe I have to be a bridesmaid.

Moreover, I can't believe Fleur picked out this dress.

Or that it's gold.

And fluffy.

And could be hiding very mysterious things, that won't be located for months.

1:35 pm
Room…genius idea…

I've decided, since I have to cart this very large dress with me all night, I might as well put it to good use!!

Diary, you are coming with me! You'll be hidden in the folds of my dress, until I deem it an appropriate time to extract you from the depths of fluff you'll be buried in.

This ought to be interesting.

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