Ode to Suspended Disbelief

The characters and situation mentioned are not mine and are strictly borrowed.

Um . . . movie-verse (.

The screen goes dark -

A moment brief

Your mind is flooded with relief.

The world's not gone

It still is here

There was no reason for your fear

No hidden hand did come and tugged

From beneath your feet the rug

Reality is firm and real

And it's all before you still

No reason for childish thoughts

You're still here, there is no doubt.

But do tell - though the words ring false

Weren't you just now. somewhere else?

It seems

A dream

Has overtaken

Your mind, till it has forsaken

All the pains and slips and strife

Of the so-called normal life

In your comfy movie chair

Suddenly you too were there!

Have you not tasted bitter dust?

Felt the rising battle lust?

Have your not feared the Great Eye's might,

Tracked down Isildur on flight,

Have you not, in the mountain's core

Sat for what seemed forevermore?

Were you not there when years passed by?

Did story wings not let you fly?

Yes, it was real, now you recall -

That "one Ring to rule them all"

Music and food on Hobbiton

As the tale goes on and on.

You too went out to face the road

At the side of heroes bold

Battled Saruman the White

Spent a fearful hidden night

By Strider's side, until at last

The old magic danger passed

You too fled the Ringwraiths Nine

Walked an ever-thinning line

Between life and fearsome death

Have you too not held your breath

At the council? Have you not

Wondered how the Ring be brought

To the flaming Mountain Doom?

Have you not watched romance bloom?

Yes, you too have shared a trip

With the fabled Fellowship

Alongside humans, Dwarf and Elf

Yes, you too - yes, you yourself!

You were there, in the mines' dark

You were there, to see Sting spark

You were there to battle brave

You were there, narrowly saved

You lost a friend to demons' wrath

You wished to turn back, but had faith -

You did all that! And suddenly

The screen goes dark and all you see

Is blackness - and your mind is free

And then you starts to wonder still

If all you've seen and done was real

To this, friend, I have no reply

And do not think you can do better

But let me tell you one thing - I

Honestly think it doesn't matter

For courage, chivalry and trust

In every world are a sure must

Friendship and a quest are too

In every world both good and true

No matter your place of birth

In this Earth or Middle-Earth

Those wonders that you have seen there

Can be taken anywhere.

And let me say - before we part -

That is the mark of all true art.