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Hey Chicago, What Do You Say?

Part 1

Baseball season's under way,
Well you better get ready for a brand new day,
Hey Chicago, what do you say?
The Cubs are gonna win today.
They're singing…
Go Cubs go, Go Cubs go,
Hey Chicago, what do you say?
The Cubs are gonna win today.

"It's going to be overcast in Chicago for the next couple of days," Alice said, dancing to my side.

I gave her a puzzled look and then looked to Bella. If Alice was up to something sneaky, I'd found Bella was usually in on it. But she seemed just as bemused as me; she shrugged delicately before going back to her book—though I did notice a strange glint to her eye.

I looked back over to Alice, trying to pick up her thoughts but she was eerily silent. I sent another glance over to Bella who half smiled at me while I glared. Her shield was both amazing and annoying. It was really only annoying at times like these when she and Alice used it to their advantage.

"Why does the weather in Illinois matter?" I queried, giving in.

"Because you and Nessie—and whoever else wants to go—are going to Chicago tomorrow!" She chirped, clapping her hands together, her eyes dancing.

I stared at her skeptically, "Why would we be going to Chicago?" I asked. Not that I didn't want to visit the city I was born and raised in—but I only ever returned there once every decade or so.

"Because!" Alice said exasperatedly, tugging on my arm, "Don't you want to go see some baseball?"

My eyes widened, "It's going to be overcast, right?" I pleaded, trying not to get too hopeful.

"Yes," she giggled, "overcast but absolutely no rain. So no rain delays, no wet vampires, nothing!"

I laughed, swinging my sister into my arms and resting my chin on the top of her head.

Bella giggled from her perch on the loveseat, "Edward, I know you love baseball but what are you so excited about?"

"Because, my sweet wife," I said, not able to contain my excitement as I swept over to the small sofa to pull her into my arms, "I haven't seen the Cubs play since '84 and I miss my team."

"Your team?" She asked her butterscotch eyes playful.

I chuckled, "They're not technically my team, but I've been a Cubs fan for a very, very long time."

"How long?" She asked, still always so curious about my past.

"Let's just say that I saw them play their first game as the Chicago Cubs," I said with a slight smile.

"Haven't they always been the Cubs?" She asked, fiddling with the hem of my button-up. She would need to stop that—I couldn't concentrate about useless baseball knowledge when she did that.

"No, they haven't always been the Cubs, they were still the Orphans when I was born," I said, staring at a fixed spot on the wall above her head so that I could continue my train of thought and not get lost in her eyes.

"When did they become the Cubs?" She asked, her fingers linking into my belt-loops. Infuriatingly distracting woman.

I shook my head of all the cobwebs, "They became the Cubs in 1902—my father took me to their first home game at West Side Grounds."

She nodded and shifted into my lap, "So you don't remember your first Cubs game?"

"No, not really. Even with the dull human memories I doubt I would remember a baseball game my father took me to see before I had even turned one."

She giggled, "I would have liked to see you then."

"I'm sure I was a fairly unremarkable baby," I said, "you have this strange view that I was always as I am now—believe me, I was a troublesome child."

"You, troublesome? Never," Bella said sarcastically.

I raised one eyebrow at her and shook my head, she was so odd sometimes. She giggled and rested her head against my shoulder. "So you and Nessie are going?"

"Yes," I said, excited about passing my love of baseball to our child, "do you want to come along."

"You know I only ever appreciate baseball if you're playing it." She said, tracing her fingers across the contours of my chest through my shirt.

"So is that a yes or a no?" I asked, stilling her fingers. She was so much bolder these days.

She thought for a moment and then shook her head, "You and Nessie go, I'll stay here and hold down the fort, you two deserve some time together."

"Are you sure?" I asked, staring into her brownish eyes—a mix between red and yellow.

"I'm positive, Edward," she asserted, pecking my lightly on the lips.

"What're you positive about, Bell?" Jacob asked coming into the room. He looked completely at ease, Nessie balanced on his hip.

"Edward and Nessie are going to go Chicago tomorrow to see a Cubs game," Bella said, walking around the back of the sofa and taking Renesmee from Jacob.

Our baby fit perfectly in Bella's embrace. She wasn't so big now—maybe the physical age of a four year old. But she was so intelligent. She had such deep, knowing eyes.

"Oh sweet!" Jacob interjected, "Who're they playing?"

I actually had no idea, I looked to Alice who gave me a mental image, but was blocking the final score from my mind. I smirked, "The Dodgers."

"What's a Dodger?" Nessie asked from her place in Bella's arms.

I laughed, "The Dodgers is a baseball team from Los Angeles."

"Oh," she said, thinking over the new information.

I turned my attention on Jacob who was rather envious about our upcoming trip.

You should invite him along. Bella's thoughts sounded in my head.

I stared at her, horrified. Don't look at me like that. You should invite him along, Edward. Look at him—he's hoping you will, isn't he?

I didn't want to admit that Jacob was practically begging me in his head to bring him along. I wanted it to be just a trip with Nessie and me; but Jacob was bound and determined to shoot that plan to Hades.

"Yes, Jacob, you can come along," I sighed in resignation. Bella thanked me and Jacob's thoughts were so euphoric that I could barely stand it. I could see Jasper in my peripheral vision leaning against the banister of the staircase, feeding off of the positive emotions.

"Thank you, man!" Jacob said, giving me an awkward, one-armed hug. I chuckled; it was hard to dislike him when he was so boyishly ecstatic.

Nessie climbed into my lap and smiled, "We're going to go see a baseball game?"

"Yes, you, me and Jacob," I said, trying to keep the sordid tone from my voice when I said the latter's name. I was suddenly very overwhelmed by the idea of being in Chicago with the werewolf and my little hybrid daughter.

Bella, sensing my agitation, instantly thought of a solution. A solution far worse than the original predicament.

You could invite Charlie to go with you—he could use some son-in-law/granddaughter/werewolf bonding time.

I sincerely hoped she was joking.

She wasn't.

Alice danced in the room smiling. "Oh, you and Jacob and Charlie and Ness are going to have such a great time!" She gushed. And I groaned.

"Grandpa Charlie's coming?" Nessie asked.

"Sweet, Charlie's going!" Jacob exclaimed, neither of them noticed that I was having a slight panic attack. The human, the werewolf, the vampire and the baby all walk into a baseball stadium…

There couldn't have been a worse joke.

But it wasn't a joke.

First off, if you hate the Cubs, keep your comments about that to yourself. I hate arguing with people about baseball teams. The Cubs are my FAVOURITE team, just because people don't agree on that, or they think the Cubs suck or whatever gives them no right to bash me for what I like. Ok, I'll get off my soap-box now and explain why this goofy little story.

I started to think back in the spring about what I wanted to write over the summer...and I couldn't think of any long, epic stories...just one-shots and stuff and then this short story just hit me. I was watching a Cubs game with my dad, because we're devout Cubs fans, and I though: "Gee, Edward's from Chicago...what would it be like if he were a huge Cubs fan...?" So that's where this story came from. It has three parts that I'll be posting over the course of this week. It's short and sweet and kind of silly--but I still like it.

The song at the beginning is called Go Cubs Go and is played in Wrigley Field every time the Cubs win a home game. I know all the lyrics...and sing it when the Cubs win. I'll post a link to a YouTube video of the song on my profile so all you non-Cubs fans can go listen to it if you want.

Oh! The old Cubs info that Edward spews at the beginning of this chapter should be pretty accurate. I wikipedia'd it. [laughs]


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