Our One-Hundred Themes
By Sileny

Summary: A series of oneshots and drabbles exploring how Seigaku, Hyotei, and Rikkai Dai go about with the different themes of life. Various Pairings.
Disclaimer: I own no one… 'cept for a few OC's as they pop up. *sighs*

Theme 1 – Introduction
Pairing: TezuFuji (and Fuji with the general public)

It sometimes amazed Fuji at how much feeling could be conveyed with a simple greeting and introduction, depending on the person or party being introduced. Really, it amused him greatly.

For instance, when he introduced himself, he would simply say, "Konichiwa. I'm Fuji Syusuke," and accompany it with a sweet, angelic smile. Occasionally, he'd put in his school and his grade, but most of the time he ended it with those five words that left everyone guessing at what kind of person he was. It gave him a hint of mystery and power, which Fuji quite liked.

When Fuji introduced his family to others, his voice would be warm, although tainted with a hint of suspicion and over-protectiveness. In times like these, it was like Fuji was openly challenging anyone to hurt his family, and promising that they would meet a painful end if they rose to the challenge.

Then there was him when he introduced his favorite freshman, Echizen Ryoma. His voice would be cheerful as always, although there would always be a note of pride in his voice. He was telling everyone that Echizen was the best, that they, as the Seigaku Boys Tennis Team, were the best.

He was never wrong.

When introducing Eiji to someone (when Oishi was busy and Eiji simply begged to be introduced to someone or another and didn't want to do it himself), Fuji would assume a most cheerful expression. Even with his eyes closed in that everlasting smile, one could tell that his eyes were twinkling. He'd chatter aimlessly about whatever was interesting after stating his and Eiji's names, occasionally animating his conversations with hand gestures, much to Eiji's happiness (Eiji would then join him in his antics).

On the rare occasion that Fuji had to introduce someone he absolutely hated (like that purple-wearing, hair-twirling Miluki or whatever his name was) his whole body would radiate his unhappiness, so that everyone would know that he was not pleased with his current predicament even before he opened his mouth for the introductions. When he spoke, his voice would be carefully guarded, although he would always be sure to let poison drip through his words as a further indicator. But, thankfully, there were few people that Fuji greatly disliked, so he rarely had to do that kind of introduction. Eiji was right when he said that frowning takes too much energy…

Last, but certainly not least, there was him introducing Tezuka Kunimitsu. His Tezuka Kunimitsu.

Whenever he was introducing Tezuka to someone, his voice was both prideful and humble, warning others to stay away and inviting them to come closer, full of warmth and at the same time holding wrath for anyone who dared to try to steal Tezuka away from him.

Yes… it did greatly amuse Fuji on how he could convey so many different feelings into a simple introduction. So now, as he walked into his first period class, on the first day of high school, as a new transfer student, he smiled sweetly, his head tilted gently to the side in a cute gesture.

"Ohayo. I'm Fuji Syusuke."

And he left it at that.

A/N: I know there are a lot of 'theme'-based fics out there, but I really really wanted to do a 100-theme challenge. I have all the themes out and am now busy fighting writer's block. ^_^ The reality of the matter is that this was supposed to be a drawing challenge, but it's more fun to write (or draw, depending on the day... XD)

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