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I'm Keeping Him

A Mikaela/Wheelie Story

After many grueling hours of debriefing, taking breaks and more debriefing Mikaela Banes had mouthed "hallelujah" when she saw the plane touch down at Diego Garcia base. Sam, unfortunately would not be joining her, he had more hours of debriefing and that asshole Galloway wouldn't let him leave without notice from the President.

In other words, Mikaela would be enjoying her private plane trip alone.

A nudge at her foot brought her out of her reverie as she looked down to find the little Hummer transform, with an annoyed look on his face. From what Ironhide had told her the little Decepticon was named Wheelie and then a slew of cybertronian curse words followed. It was quite obvious; the little "fragger" wasn't exactly the Autobots favorite Decepticon.

She had to admit, despite his overall attitude and demeanor the little Decepticon was kinda cute.

"Hey…uhhh…Warrior Goddess…hows about fixing up my optic?" Wheelie asked, tentatively touching his left optic that seemed to be hanging by a thread.

Mikaela snorted as she received an evil glare from the Decepticon, "I guess Ratchet said no" she said, anxiously waiting to get home.

Wheelie's hydraulics hissed, "Sweet cheeks, look at me, your sweet Autobot medic would rather pull me apart for spare parts than fix me" he added, looking quite pathetic in his condition.

Mikaela frowned in thought as she analyzed the burned up optic, it was an easy fix…I can't believe I'm going to do this.

With a sigh Mikaela ground out, "I'll fix it" she watched Wheelie look up at her suspiciously.

"What's the catch?"

Mikaela smiled as she picked the little drone, "Oh you'll see" From the way her lips moved into a grin, as they walked towards the waiting plane…Wheelie could only imagine the pain he would have to endure.


Two Weeks Later

"Mikaela you can't be serious"

For probably the fifth time in their conversation Mikaela drawled out a frustrated "Yes" before hearing Sam go on again about how wrong it is to have a Decepticon living in her house…garage. Currently they were chatting via web cam, which was proving to be quite a remarkable experience.

"Where else was he supposed to go Sam?" she asked, leaning back in the rolling chair and crossing her arms.

"In front of Ironhide's mass inventory of weapons, then turned to a freaking Popsicle and then buried underneath piles of rock under the sea…" Sam replied with a goofy grin, Mikaela had to smile that could have been a good idea…probably would have been fun to watch.

"As funny as that sounds…I'm keeping, Wheelie " she said, a smug grin appearing on her features as Sam groaned into the web cam.

"Mikaela…it did a fucking marathon on your leg, do you know how awfully disgusting that makes me feel when I think about it?" he said, remembering the little show in Egypt.

"I said I'm keeping him and besides…" She said turning the web cam to another direction, "I'd loose the best maid I've ever had!"

There in the other side of the garage was a grumbling Wheelie with an oversized broom and a dustpan, all the little bot needed was maid outfit. Easily enough all of Sam's worries were eased, and all he could think to say was,

"Wait 'till Ironhide sees this"


AN: Poor Wheelie. Something that popped into my little ol' head when I watched Revenge of the Fallen, I just thought Wheelie was funny as hell on stick.