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Chapter Eight

Kiss me, Kiss me

Mai stormed down the dimly lit hallway in a blind rage and busted into the great hall where Bakura was waiting. "You son-of-a-bitch!"

"And a good evening to you too Lady Mai." He replied with a chuckle. "You were there weren't you, yet you didn't lift one goddamn finger to help me you asshole!" Mai roared grabbing Bakura by the shirt. "What a dirty mouth on you, heh. From my point of view it looked like you were doing fine on your own. I didn't want to get in your way. Hahaha, but I never would have thought you would have that much trouble on your own."

"Well that little bitch wasn't alone, that stupid white knight was with her! What should we do now albino!" Brushing Mai's hand aside; Bakura sat back down on his chair. "We will just get rid of the White Knight, without him, the princess will be lost and easy to defeat."

Of course, I won't let you kill him, because I want him for myself…but you don't need to know that.

"And how do we take that stupid knight out?" annoyance filled the she-devil quickly. The albino's lips lifted into a smirk, "By using his one weakness." Soon the hall was filled with Bakura's maniacal laughter.


Joey floated through darkness, wondering in a daze, not knowing up from down.

This must be a dream…well if this IS a dream, then I should be able to wake myself up!

The blond slapped himself repeatedly, causing his cheeks to become bright red. Finally coming to the conclusion that slapping wasn't working; he began to yell with all the force his body could muster. Sweaty and out of breath, Joey found himself lying down on the cold, dark floor, or space, or whatever it was. He felt weak all of a sudden; weak like the time he had his accident not so long ago. Flashes of both Kaiba and Yugi invaded his mind like a tidal wave. The best friend, or the sexy crush, which one would he choose? Joey felt like that Bella chick from that one vampire movie (w).

The hyper blond could feel the dark princes' cold hands move across his bare arms, slowly beginning to lift his Red Eyes night shirt. He opened his mouth, after feeling Yugi's lips brush over his, for his White Knight to rub their tongues together in a heated kiss. Soon the prince latched onto one of the Princess of Destruction's hard, perky nipples, sucking like he just couldn't get enough. The older tri-colored man yanked down the blonds' Power Ranger boxers, revealing a twitching cock surrounded by cute little blond curls. Joey's breath hitched when he felt Yugi take him into his warm, waiting mouth whole. First the sucks and bites were soft, but soon they became harder, more forceful. The White Knight's nostrils filled with the scent of green apples(1), coming from Joey's freshly washed cubic hairs.

"Aaaaggghhh! K-kaiba! Yu-yugi! M-more!" what was once silence, was now filled with Joey's screams of undeniable pleasure. He didn't care about how wrong or unreal it was, all Joey wanted was to feel Kaiba and Yugi's touch upon him.

As Yugi ate Joey up, Kaiba covered two of his fingers with his saliva and pushed the digits inside the blonds' tight hole.

"O-o-oh g-g-god, aaaa, y-yes! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Bakura smirked, watching the princess moan and call out in his sleep. The albino had penetrated Joey's mind and created the pleasurably steamy fantasy. Bakura embraced the smell of the blonds' sex in the air, it was extremely intoxicating. Something just pulled him towards the boy. It might have been the beautiful blond hair, it might have been the adorable baby face, and it might have been the fact that the kid had the sexiest body the albino had ever seen. Whatever the reason, Bakura wanted him and he wanted him NOW!

"You make me tingle you know." Closer, he needed to be closer.

"What do you taste like?" closer, closer.

"Let me kiss you."

Joey stirred, "P-please. K-kiss me. Y-yugi…K-kaiba!"

Bakura leaned over, his lips inches away from the blonds'.

"Kiss you, kiss you. Is that what you really want? If it is, then I won't ever stop." Bakura pressed his cold lips on Joey's warm, soft ones. The kiss was different then any kiss he ever had with the little demon. When their lips met, the albino's whole body shook with delight. He wanted more, he NEEDED more. His pale hands caressed the tan skin lovingly, dipping into Joey's underwear. He moaned in his sleep as Bakura stroked his erected member.

"Princess." The sound brushed against Joey's lips as Bakura continued the kiss. The blonds' eyelids slowly lifted open, his chocolate brown eyes glazed over with lust. Bakura's own red eyes started down into them.


Mai looked around through the dark, mucky cave she was currently waiting in. Her eyes had already adjusted to the darkness; it was the furry rats scurrying around that irritated her.

"Where the fucking hell is he! How dare that bastard send me down here with a, "Don't worry I have a plan"! If this is some stupid joke, the punch lines' pretty fucking weak!" the she-demon stared down at her paint-chipped nails. "I mean, I could so be getting a manicure right now. Don't you agree sweetie?" Mai asked the gagged girl chained to the slimy cave wall. Serenity cried softly as she hung, naked and bleeding, all alone in the darkness.

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