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She walked in as if she owned the place. The way Lily had acted on the intercom, it was if a thug had threatened her. But this pixie of a girl adorned head to toe in five shades of red was anything but. She smiled without making a wrinkle on her porcelain cheeks.

" Hello!" Foggy exclaimed a little louder than he should have, " I'm Franklin Nelson!" The woman looked at him as if he was a cute but pitiable teddy bear and extended her hand to shake his.

" I'm Anna Fidel." she offered. Natasha had spirited out of the office just then, leaving Matt as the only un-introduced person in the room.

" Matt Murdock." He stated with a polite smile. She took his hand and shook it gently, as people often do when they realize the person they've just met is blind. She took a moment before taking a seat and waiting for the lawyers to face her from behind the desk.

" I've heard of your work from a client of mine. She was adamant that you two are the best lawyers in all of New York."

Foggy laughed happily, " Well, that's very kind of her. But, what brings you to us today, Ms. Fidel?" Matt heard the whizzing of a very, very small reconnaissance camera. The Widow was watching.

Anna pulled out a manilla folder and flipped if open with a soft fwooph.Franklin leaned closer as Matt sat contentedly with his arms crossed.

" I'm sorry about this, Mr. Murdock. If I had known, I would have brought a copy of this in Braille." Matt smiled at her and stated that it was no problem at all. Anna placed a pair of reading glasses on her nose before pulling out a few pictures from behind the paperwork.

" This, is the Millon building. Mr. Don Millon is my boss, and he funds all of my medical research." She flashed the first photo with a flick and pulled out the next one.

" This, is my son." Anna stated ruefully. Foggy looked at it closely, trying not to gag. In suspended animation was an eleven year old boy, sporting an ashy blonde mop not unlike his mother's. Covering his body, various forms of cancer.

" He has 3 different forms of cancer, some of which has deformed his visage. But, he's my son, and I can't give up on him yet."

" Hence the suspended animation." Matt said, following along just nicely.

" Yes..." Anna said in mild awe. She mentally shook herself out of her stupor. Millon had told her about him, warning her not to be struck dumb by the power he possessed. Anna pulled out the next photo, a lone flower of brilliant pigmentations. Red and white expertly woven into it's petals that lead to a sturdy stem of greenish-silver.

" The Maximoff Bloom. A flower with the organic magnetic properties of the mutant Magneto. Our theory is that is could draw out the cancer if studied. But, the hitch is that there is only one known specimen."

" We are supposed to support the extinction of a plant?" Foggy asked skeptically. Anna smiled graciously, holding up a hand of reassurance.

" The organic magnetism makes it possible to find more of it's kind."

" A remarkable plant indeed." Matt offered. She took the pictures and placed them back in the folder, sliding it across the desk to the partners.

" My card is on the inside. Please call me if you are keen on representing me." Anna shed her glasses and clasped her purse shut. With a swift handshake to each, she left the office as confidently as she came.

Foggy leaned back in his chair, his rotund belly humorous in the brown argyle of his sweater vest. Matt readjusted his tie, feeling rather queasy.

" Plants." Foggy muttered.

" Plants." Matt answered as Natasha dropped out of the ceiling quietly.

" Plants." She affirmed, sitting herself contentedly in the chair Anna had just occupied. Foggy stood, grabbed his coffee cup, and sauntered out of his office for some much needed liquid energy. Matt leaned heavily on his cane, the great need to heave overwhelming the back of his throat. That breakfast Natasha had made didn't sit well after his morning commute. She moved to his side and supported his softly.

" You need an antacid." She commented softly.

" Or a garbage can." He burped before moaning. She pulled him over to the wastebasket in the corner and force him to his knees with a lover's gentle persistence. He wretched and shuddered, but nothing was giving. She held his bangs back, remarking internally on their copper sheen.

" I'm sorry, 'tasha..." he said weakly, gripping the can. She ruffled his hair and gave him a light peck on the cheek.

" Stop talking, start vomiting. You'll feel better."

" But...the food you made me..."

" I can make more. It's your stomach I can't duplicate. Throw up." So, Matt let himself vomit. And Foggy either heard the commotion or just knew that when the two of them were alone, he needed to give them space.

Matt leaned back after he was sure his stomach was empty. Natasha rolled her head around, aligning her neck with practiced efficiency.

" Suspicious, wasn't she?" Matt commented, wiping his chin with a tissue he had in his pocket by chance. Natasha nodded, her throat emitting a soft " mmph."

" Should I take the case?"

" You'd be committing suicide if you didn't. She has to be linked to this woman killer." Matt nodded softly, bangs covering his eyes. She passed her hand across his damp forehead.

" Think about it, Matthew. She's suspicious."

" Is this a Widow thing, or a woman thing." he asked in amusement.

" A little of both, love." The pair laid back on the slightly worn carpet of Foggy Nelson's office and intertwined their hands. It wasn't much, but it showed them that they were there for each other; the costs be damned. In the afternoon, they were going to work. For now, they enjoyed the silent equanimity of each other's company.

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